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The Philosopher Plato said : “Perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it, and having seen it, to find one in himself.”

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Nice animation video to watch but lack of translate the universal hieroglyphs at work!

This ‘Supermoon’ Total Lunar Eclipse on the Dragon’s Tail will affect both the aggressive and firepower sign of Aries (conjunct Uranus) is seriously urging us to take inspired action / to stand up and be seen/heard for our opinions in relation to what is going on in our world but without cosmic consciousness, lead to expect more disturbing developments with the Middle East and more accident on the road often end up in hospital (and also Mercury retrograde about to induce all sorts of accidents!) Because Aries rules very impulsive and usually do not think before they act.

Astronomers and skywatchers are looking forward to the event this weekend but never offer this cosmic phenomenon in translate at work. Others religiously poisoned see it as a signal of the apocalypse. Without the Cosmic Consciousness, we would be back in the dark ages so enough already, I am sickened to the point of it being both ridiculous apocalypse prophecies and doomsday forecasts which it comes from religious people talking heads.

Learn more lunar eclipse cosmic phenomenon with a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny is a very benefits of a safe, healthy and productive to regenerate your spirit. This is a only translate the universal hieroglyphs with all the wisdom in the past (disappeared civilizations knew how) to communicating, pay attention to; take notice of God’s cosmic sign that identified celestial objects with gods, spirits and divine.

Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries — 09/27/2015:  Controlled by the planet Mars, always will be tough for many people, indeed Mars is very strong cosmic wind these days and will bring about serious hostile or argumentative meeting or situation between opposing parties, explosions, fires and the possibility of war. Don’t be victim by Man’s most destructive power.  With next shift Dragon Tail in Pisces ’s religious and expect more disturbing developments with the Middle East. These will be negative, pertaining to oil spills, explosions and more ISIS terrorist activities in the near future. Be ready for devastating forces producing destructive weather and flooding in different parts of the world. Do not lose faith in the solar eclipse cosmic phenomenon, as we all must go on. The stars are a reflection of God and his divine plan for all of us and we must go through it.

Crazy Scenes in Brazil as Referee Pulls Out a Gun on the Pitch

Wife of Dolphins’ Brent Grimes arrested before game after allegedly headbutting a police officer

Bryce Harper and Jonathan Papelbon Exchange Words, Brawl in Dugout

LL Cool J’s son, Najee Smith, arrested after restaurant fight …

Referee, Wife of Dolphin, Harper and Papelbon, LL Cool J’s son cursed by their personal negative cosmic biorhythms. They are totally unaware and unable to make sense to this “act of God” or Lunar Eclipse in Aries (anger/guns/brawl/headbutting) not knowing “There are NO accidents” but, only cosmic circumstances at work science and humanity are not yet able to assimilate and use at their advantage… but Ignore the power of moon and pay the penalty.

“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they understand the voice of heaven.” – Matthew 13.13

Lava from volcano threatens to cut off Hawaii community

NO atheist agnostic skeptic and bible head, its not everyday that volcano but under specific windows modern science has not yet uncovered, there are NO accidents only uranus circumstances producing those “threatens!”  Note Uranus rules volcanoes, aeronautics , explosions and airports too!

There are 12 signs of zodiac in order in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for specific windows- uranus circumstances as signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years where you see the heavenly bodies to show you “signs” of His intentions , and those signs are there for anyone to read, if they would only learn how to interpret them. This is manifestation of “the hand of God” at work.

Cosmos/Nuke/Weird/Surprises/Explosions/Shocking/Quakes/Volcanoes/Tornadoes/ NASA/Aeronautics/Electronics/Lightning

Prediction- September 6, 7, 8, 9, 2014                                                                                 Rulers- Moon in Aquarius (shocking) and Moon in Pisces (Middle East)

Travel and Communication– Start explore the stars and seeking the knowledge to realize how the moon effect upon all of us. For astronomy curiosity, now is the time to look for them in anywhere and remind you please bring a telescope with you all the time. Enjoy your faraway closed those they love however you must watch out the road due to flooding. If you’re flying for vacation but expect something wrong or error with airplane

Environment– Uranus always with us with this specific dates so watch out the surprising news about the weather- lighting- volcano – weather destruction- earthquake- tornado-hurricane- explosive

    • Hurricane Norbert

      Visible satellite image of Hurricane Norbert on Sep. 6, 2014. (NASA)- Hurricane?

Sept 28, 2013 – Moon in Cancer- New beginning of life- principle of growth and change in nature that required to the process or act of change in form, structure, appearance, etc. This is no accident for US, Iran leaders talk for first time since 1979 due to reflecting emotional responses to life. I doubt very much that both political leaders fully aware of the power of the moon is already plan for them to talk on phone in first conversation between them.

(CNN) — U.S. President Barack Obama spoke by telephone Friday with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani — the first direct conversation between leaders in Washington and Tehran since 1979 — raising the possibility a deal can be reached over Iran’s controversial nuclear program.

Indonesian volcano predicted on Moon in Aquarius- Jan 29/30/31, 2014

Aquarius rules earthquake/VOLCANO/hurricane/tornado/shocking/surprised

Mount Sinabung fills the sky over Karo, North Sumatra, Indonesia, with smoke and ash as it erupts on Saturday, February 1. The volcano has been erupting since September.
Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN) — The 15 victims simply couldn’t outrun the searing debris that billowed out of Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung. Plumes of ash had spewed more than a mile into the sky Saturday and descended in superheated clouds. Scalding ash up to 700 degrees in temperature raced down the slope in just two to three minutes.

Make life more stable with happiness and focus your life.

Order New Moon Star Guide 2014!

The fact is animals like human are responding to the stars but sad enough Dianna Hanson and Sheriff’s Department don’t know how much about the moon.

Elephants escape circus in St. Louis, damage cars in Shriners’ lot

Watch this video

Dianna Hanson was killed by a 5-year-old, 350-pound African lion inside a cage

White tiger kills zookeeper as tourists watch

Tiger kills 1, injures 2 at zoo

Leopard killed after mauling six in India

Lions Attack Humans When the Full Moon Wanes


4 teens badly hurt in attack by brown bears in Alaskan wilderness

Cat on the loose in France isn’t a tiger after all, police say

This is good example about how moon power response – Note the moon is today 11/14/2014 in the sign of Leo, Leo rules not only France but also certain animals like Lions and Tigers… Is this another accident

Lions Attack Humans When the Full Moon Wanes …

Python kills security guard in Bali – It’s NOT everyday- esp. Moon in Scorpio

Watch this video

Yes true dog, elephants, lion, tiger and other wild life including human are unconscious act respond pull of the the stars and become agggressive, depression, easily influenced by feelings or emotions during a waning moon especially pluto energies where I gave the specific dated. Why can’t they learn about moon phase to avoid “accident” during waning or full moon or avoid any negative such as danger in wild life? No, It’s not ‘accident’ unless be aware and respect the Moon phase and God’s sign. God have mercy on unconscious ‘Outdoor Leadership’ organizers.

A Life without God’s Celestial plan of awareness is a biggest mistake of ignorance that will cost you more wasted of money, emotion, mental and life. It may look impossible, but the stars can do anything possible. Just because you aren’t trained to translate or read the stars properly, doesn’t mean nothing has happened until you understand completely how the stars operate of its magnetic energies



“And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:”
– Genesis 1:14 in King James Version of The Bible.

Spooky Moon

No matter what happens during your lifetime, you must watch the moon. during waxing and waning moon and use daily moon schedule for your productivity plan such as causing and growing than becoming a victim of the moon and that can result in a death or an accident, it’s all based on ignorance. Once you have moon consciousness, you can be independently plan in advanced of time and have more emotion stability with spiritual and life. You may not know why things happen the way they do, but you can subconsciously knows what’s moon schedule look like and be awareness.

Halloween took place after Full MOON (negative) and the result can only be negative.

Car hits people in NYC; trick-or-treaters among victims …

(CNN) — A Halloween party erupted in gunfire that left several people wounded at the University of Southern California at Los Angeles, campus officials said.

(CNN) — Three young women are dead and two are in serious condition after being crushed by a crowd at a Halloween party in Madrid early Thursday, police said.

Moon Cycle – The Moon is quite responsible for daily fate upon the earth and rules all individual’s hidden emotion and shadowy within each of us. The moon represents our needs, emotions and the moods. The Moon rises as a new moon through the full moon to the next new moon each night as it gathers and reflects the solar light upon earth; thus it is receptive and passive in reflecting emotional responses. The secrets of the Moon and her effects on earth color events, emotions and moods by its changing position as it moves through the 12 Zodiac signs. The Moon cruises through the 12 Zodiac Signs in 28 days, spending 2-3 days in a Zodiac sign pouring energies (positive or negative) found in that sign over our emotions. A subtle energy is produced by the Moon’s mystical rhythm as it passes through the 12 Signs and House. The rhythm can reflect a pattern of emotion responses to the changes for each month to follows one cycle of the moon in one year. The light of the Moon gives insight on accurate predictions and why things occur when they do. Tune into the cycle to know what to expect. The random, chaotic effect resulting from a Full Moon or a Moon aligned with a Three Window (Scorpio, Aquarius or Cancer energies) is easily seen. The location of the Dragon’s Head and Tail has an impact too.

lets talk about spaceships | via Tumblr on We Heart It<br /><br /> http://weheartit.com/entry/69372979/via/ecoops

Positive Period: The waxing time, NEW MOON to FULL MOON, the light is green. During this time initiate ideas or projects, plant seeds for life to yield a harvest, socialize, meet people, visit family and friends, go out, get engaged or married, buy a car, sign contracts, take short trips, travel to another country.

Negative Period: The waning time, FULL MOON to NEW MOON, the light is yellow. During this time slow down, reflect, be cautious, release and cleanse, clear up, get rid of the old, clean the house, fight depression, prepare ahead.

November 14,15,16 (new beginning or *end of life*, forced to relocated, destructive weather) This is a example or a translation for the days that produced the END OF MARRIAGE OR “END OF LIFE” by followed up to Moon phases in Cancer since last Monday till end of day on Wednesday/Thursday(today).

UPDATED- November 17, 2011: CNN- Demi Moore says she is divorcing Kutcher

SCANDAL*- Penn State president removed, Paterno out immediately
DEATH NEWS*- turkey-earthquake
MAFIA* James Murdoch called a ‘mafia boss’
MOB*- Notorious Rio drug trafficker caught
SEX*- Sexually provocative’ Dakota Fanning perfume ad banned in UK
DRAMATIC DEATH NEWS*- Occupy Vermont: Ex-soldier ‘kills himself’ in tent shooting


EXPLOSION*- 7 killed and dozens injured in explosion in China
TECHNOLOGY*- Hackers shut down Palestinian Internet network
AERONAUTICS*- Newark flight makes emergency landing in Poland
WEIRD*- Amish beard-cutting attacks uncover suspected cult
SHOCKING*- Video: Did ‘Family Guy’s’ domestic violence episode cross the line?
SHOCKING/AERONAUTICS*- Mexican police arrest suspect in flight attendant’s slaying
UFO*-UFO At NFL Game: TV Camera Captures Strange Object In Flight During Broadcast

“It is the wise man who rules his stars, and the fool who blindly obeys them” Paracelsus

2 dead, including police officer, after Virginia Tech shooting incident
Police: Denver-area officer mistakenly shot, killed by fellow officer
Three suspects in custody after Colorado officer killed responding to cal
Man, 64, killed after opening fire inside Michigan police station

During Moon in Scorpio(secret/finances) and it’s good time for you to investigate scam artists in the wake of devastating storms or dig into your bank account and see any fraud activity. 99.09% of Americans do not check to find out where their donation money goes if you behave like a real detective and you will find out where it goes. Use your Pluto’s manifestation to realize your strengths and your weaknesses or be reminded soon.

(CNN) — As the Northeast digs out from a second major storm in little more than a week, experts say Internet scam artists are preying on generous Americans who want to donate to the victims of Superstorm Sandy.

If you really want to donate, pick a family, ask them what you can give or do for them directly and stop using a middle men, these charities are like the brokers of wall street. These scammers are no different than politicians telling us they will cut the deficit in half then doubling it in 4 years putting thousands of dollars of debt on the American public. Scorpius are known as con-artists. That kind of money and greed are everywhere.

“We have no idea who these people are,” Johannes Ulrich, president of SANS Security told CNN from his home in Jacksonville, Florida. “And what we notice is that they do register hundreds of these domains, in part, trying to trick people who go to these domains and then donate the money.”

Producing Pluto’s manipulation can be found in almost any culture or society in the world, but what is it and why has it become so widespread. Why? Without greed one can’t simply survive which it’s pretty manifestation that it produces everywhere and it’s just part of human nature. Sad enough unconsciously Johannes Ulrich president of SANS Security did nothing to save those victim of a scammers and many more will produces Pluto’s manipulation when the moon crosses the sign of Scorpio due to accurately “read” potential on the criminals and terrorists seem to be what destroys society such as secret, sex, famous death, CIA, FBI, Police and Finances. Here are the MOON GUIDE dates for 2012: During these dates be VERY Warning of what you say, where you go and what you do because this is where the Lord of HELL will be in charge and where many unaware souls will pay the ultimate price and lose their precious lives. Please Watch the Moon VERY seriously

Now on to those DEADLY Plutonic Energies dates for 2012.

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March 2 (#) Plutonic
March 15 (#) Plutonic
March 30 (#) Plutonic
April 8 (#) Plutonic
April 21 (#) Plutonic
May 8 (#) Plutonic
May 22 (#) Plutonic
June 2 (#) Plutonic
June 29 (#) Plutonic
July 12 (#) Plutonic
July 26 (#) Plutonic
August 9 (#) Plutonic
August 23 (#) Plutonic
September 5 (#) Plutonic
September 19 (#) Plutonic
October 2 (#) Plutonic
October 17 (#) Plutonic
November 12 (#) Plutonic
November 25 (#) Plutonic
December 10 (#)Plutonic
December 23 (#)Plutonic

Jan 3/4/5 – Jan 17/18/19/30/31
Feb 12/13/14 – Feb 26/27/28
Mar 11/12/13 – Mar 25/26/28
Apr 8/9/10 – Apr 21/22/23
Special Month May 5/6/7 – May 17/18/19
Jun 1/2/3/ – Jun 16/17/29
Jul 12/13/14 – Jul 25/26/27
Aug 8/9/10 – Aug 21/22/23
Sept 4/5/6 – Sept 18/19/20
Oct 1/2/3 – Oct 16/17/18
Special Month Nov 11/12/13 – Nov 25/26/27
Dec 9/10/11 – Dec 22/23/24

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