Moon Power Calendar Poster- 2017


$10 – Email Attachment

 $15 –  Moon Power Calendar Poster for 2017

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Email me – bluneborg@gmail.com

Richard Denny Tornado hit Uruguay that what it was suspect measure show EF-2. They studied and suspect that show EF-2. I am happy with my “moon power” calendar that you send me few months ago. Now, I understand clearly. I started check my moon power calendar before I go somewhere else. Again, thank you for send me that moon power calendar. Satisfied!!!

Irma Azrelyant – I have been follow your calendar and it is amazing how accurate is your calendar. Thank YOU, Britt Luneborg

Stacey Latkowski – Tues. Jan 5th my 7:40 pm flight was canceled due to mechanical problems and flew a 10pm flight homeward safely…thankful for wisdom

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