New Age of Aquarius

New Age of Aquarius has arrived with its beginning in the wake of the first nuclear bomb to kill humans exploded over Hiroshima, Japan in 1940 which the planet Uranus, or the Sign of Aquarius (New Age) is now influencing the entire world. For the pervious 2,000 years, our planet was under the influence of Neptune (blind faith), ruler of Pisces (religions). Note that astronomical phenomena (Astrology) processed counterclockwise. Aquarius rules fixed air sign, highly vibrant, and spiritual where Pisces (Old Age) rules a mute and submissive sign. This still remain under the influence of the force of Uranus with progress remains going on with the new space plan. Aquarius is automatic response to new mental challenge and rules original, sudden change, inventions, the future, Astrology, the incredible UFO phenomenon, space travel, electricity as a whole will experience this opportunity to become reborn into collective awareness as brotherhood as global oneness alone can save this world.  Iran and Chinese both go into the secret space program. Aquarius is all about discovery and curiosity, for examples, already witnessing exciting discoveries about the planets like earth- NASA discovers Earth-sized planet that may sustain life and Study: Tens of billions of planets out there are like Earth, study finds. Aquarius has a strong self-awareness, socially responsible and awareness of others as cosmic consciousness that become aware of the increasing number of natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, occurring during this past decade.

In AstrogeologyChina / North Korea / Japan is an Aquarius country (technology/genius)

Obama punishes N.Korea for cyberattack – CNN Video – Be prepared, be warned for Next Dragon Tail (negative) in Aquarius (shocking/explosive) in 2017 / 2019. Note USA born with Dragon Tail (negative) in Aquarius.


Joan Ceciel Quigley (April 10, 1927 – October 23, 2014)

Joan Quigley, astrologer who advised Reagans, dies at 87 and Why Donlad Regan- Chief of Staff was eventually forced to resign? (Read More)^

Joan Quigley discussed her relationship with Nancy Reagan in a book, titled What Does Joan Say?. Quigley wrote, “Not since the days of the Roman emperors—and never in the history of the United States Presidency—has an astrologer played such a significant role in the nation’s affairs of State.”

Kim Kardashian’s game makes $700,000 a day and I work for Free!^

Yes, I have to work collectively cosmic prediction since start with my website-articles since 2008. My goal is to keep working with values of information referred to intellectual collective devoted to the enlightenment of the masses, atheist, agnostics and religions people. This simple documents are directed to curiously souls and advanced souls to follow up this divination of  stars newsletters. Please begin with your mental exercise with open-minded. Note the next advanced intellectual generation will catch up above of you. Why? The power of curiosity is everywhere. Age of Aquarius will grow and expand of astrology, networks, technology and information. More curious souls will seek and find truth while Age of Aquarius will not recognized to Twin brothers David and Jason Benham’s beliefs and US reduces money to Uganda over harsh anti-gay laws. The stars don’t care about your political and your religious beliefs because it’s no longer written in Age of Pisces anymore due to new time and new space in the new light- that moved and shifted into the constellation of Aquarius, thus beginning the Age of Aquarius.

UFO”s Are Very Real  –  And So Is The Legacy! – What Did They Do To Me?

200,000 more gullible people has signed up to live on Mars

One-way ticket to the Stars, not Mars

Splicing Human DNA Leads to ‘Terrible, Terrible Things’ the obvious omen of the “Atheists Monster Generation” – Read more!

Cosmic God, Astrotheology, AstroArchaeology and Cosmic Code Studies

Second baby possibly ‘cured’ of HIV –

Inspiring & medical discoveries are the blessings of the Aquarian Age. It’s all about future, revolution, science and create better medical innovations and medical technologies to help humanity. Because Aquarius is the sign of Intellectual genius. This is the sign of everything new, unusual, bizarre, and impossible while religious deceptive archaic teaching just doesn’t get what the true message of Lord of genius* Uranus is about.

H.R. Giger poses with two of his works at the art museum in Chur, Switzerland, in 2007.

The Stars and Fate of Hans Rudolf Giger^

The Arab Spring is a remain under influence New Age Aquarius for revolution, (both non-violent and violent), civil wars in the that began on 17 December 2010.

File:Info box collage for mena Arabic protests.png

Read more.

Aquarius rules social media, equality, the need for groups and network.  Aquarius rules curious, an open-minded, unconventional, cause-involved, and futuristic sign.

Age of Aquarius rules futuristic and oriented humanitarian freedom.

(CNN) — Not long after Michael Sam became the first openly gay player drafted to the NFL, some made clear his reaction was not welcome. Shortly after learning of his selection by phone, a visibly emotional Sam turned to his boyfriend and kissed him.

Google Glass that can shoot photos/video(technology/future)

axon cop camera

Cameras on cops: Coming to a town near you(technology/future)

Strap on your Oculus Rift and get ready: Interactive porn is coming

Virtual reality and the future of sex | ExtremeTech

Watch this video

Amazon’s drone delivery: How would it work?(technology/future)

Introducing the "Martin Jetpack," the brainchild of New Zealand inventor Glenn Martin.

Futuristic Flying Machine

First ever wing suit flying above skiers

Nintendo warns of loss as Wii U sales tank(technology/future)

Batman meets Iron Man in this high-tech armor (technology/future)

This a new suit of high-tech armor named after the armor worn by the Roman legions. It’s made of a blend of lightweight, flexible materials and comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a point-of-view camera, a microphone and 52 pressure sensors that send data to an external computer program. It’s built by an Australian company that had real-world warriors, not superheroes, in mind. New High-tech armor is similar with Roman army in a ancient time. Unified Weapons Master has developed a high-tech suit of armor is presents to new technology, future, innovation age of Aquarius Australian company Unified Weapons Master has developed The Lorica, a high-tech suit of armor they hope will be used in weapons-based martial arts competitions.

Iran claims 2nd launch of monkey into space and back(NASA/future)

This is the second time Iran has sent a monkey to space. The first one, pictured, was sent to space earlier this year.

Chinese moon rover launched successfully(NASA/future)

Watch this video

NASA’s new spacesuit

This is the original Z-series spacesuit. The Z-1 was great for picking up rocks.

Crop circle spotted in California- 12/31/31(UFO)

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