UPDATED* March 1 to 4 Guidance and Forecast

March 2, 2012 – Mercury enter Aries- With the planet of communication and transportation pass through the aggressive sign of Aries, watch out your quick temper, a challenging attitude and your speed. On a more positive side, your intellectual potential will restore with new studies. A good chance of launch a magazine or any form of study involving personality and view of life. Whoever born with this celestial signature will be extremely competitive, talking, gossiping, dairy writing are part of your personality. They will need to discipline their minds and learn to listen to others, not talk about yourself. A great communicators to make an impact how other people see you as speed and communication the way that you present yourself.

THU, FRI, SAT, SUN – MARCH 1, 2, 3, 4
RULERS – Gemini (Conversation) Cancer (Changing life):

Soon we are on the way to face a Full Moon periods in next few days where it will be progressive and may force you into many changes; no matter how stressful it may seem or current life situation may be changes are for the best. Don’t worry about. Life need some change anyway. A good chance of using Mercury’s mental continuously gather information to spread the words or new idea. You still have time to write up a journal to track your daily thoughts and ideas. Mercury will continue to keep you busy with text or email all day. Stay active and be mentally alert.Mercury will continue to be a challenge for us all. Some of you have stressful and painful but move on is better to do than stuck in old pattern because future has always better to offer. keep your head up and you have some work to do to become more productive Some people will have to experience a regenerate of their relationships. Whatever happened, it’s happened with good attitude. life is a constant process of change and it always seems to be for the better. Mercury is transportation and communication, so expect family members to get a place to stop by. With the planet of love, some will be invited to enjoy great cooking at their friend’s homes. “The talking head” loves to talk and throw jokes all over, but first make sure you make online reservation, as the local restaurants will be crowded. Surely you will have a good time to enjoy with family circle and children. With the planet of love may want you to experience the beginning or ending of important love phases in your life. Don’t talk too much about yourself. Just be listening. Use your positive thought about life in general. Good grab for you good time with your partner at some place to eat, drink and play.Not much good news to from your email or text, but do not expect from them. You will get invited to a party, be yourself and happy, enjoy with your friends. Don’t let them affect your relationship unless your wish come true, better wait till new moon, you start impress others. Your joy will bring you a trip if you well-participate a bit more with others.

Universal Precaution: Moon forced the thousands of people to relocate during type of celestial plan where it impact the people’s live as you expect to see or heard the news about quakes, volcanoes, floods are highly risky. Be safely and watch out with the road before you drive under destruction weather.

7 killed as storm system slashes central U.S.

14 dead as ‘enormous outbreak’ of tornadoes tears through U.S.

Many well-known people will walk in or walk out of the situation, business or a bad marriage. Moon is expect new beginning/changing time or end of important in people’s life.

Davy Jones: Loss of an idol – May God Bless Your Soul

Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart dead at 43 – May God Bless Your Soul

Rumor: Snooki pregnant or not?

Justin Bieber turns 18 today

Ohio suspect may face charges today

Analysis: N. Korea deal is promising

Rare peek inside Iran campaign rally

Syrian army moves into Baba Amr

March 5, 2012 — Venus enters Taurus: whoever born with this celestial gift will need material security at all times. Unless the partner is serving your own personal security needs about a swift break. Great ability is often found in moneymaking schemes, the arts, poetry, writing, photography and drawing. With the planet of love, and lucky with money, diplomacy and diplomacy is often found with this position or also marry wealthy and launch an artistic environment due to revamped from old one.

Rihanna backlash should focus on Chris Brown

When Mars is in charge usually a lot of anger, aggression and violence drama will expose the news while the Chris Brown as woman-beating jerk, ruled by Mars is totally unaware of God signs many woman-beating up met with their reality of violence in the name of their rich, famous ignorance and unwilliness to respect

Editor’s note: Lyndal Khaw is an assistant professor of family and child studies at Montclair State University. (CNN) — On the eve of the Grammys in 2009, when news surfaced that singer Chris Brown assaulted his girlfriend, Rihanna, the cruel reality of violence against women came to the forefront. Police reports, narrative accounts and photographs told a chilling tale of what happened that night.

Britt Rebuttal: Lyndal Khaw’s knowledge have absolutely NO CLUE of the Law of the Moon where it effect-directed on him automatically produced by Lord the Plutonic of what happened that night. Moon has been long associated with human psychosis even crimes of violence increase at the full moon. What worse the police have absolutely NO CLUE of the Law of the Moon that need upgrade their knowledge before got hurt themselves and others too.

In the ensuing months, Rihanna’s responses to the violence she received faced public scrutiny. Everyone hoped that she would do what most of us believed was the right thing to do: Leave the relationship. When she did eventually leave, there was a collective admiration for her ability to move on, which sent a clear message that violence against women is wrong. She was lauded as a role model to women and young girls, and became a celebrity symbol of strength and survivorship. Fast-forward to today. Rihanna is collaborating with Brown again. Some people are mad and disapprove of her decision to let Brown back into her life, especially given the “role model” status that had been assigned to her. Personally, I am not outraged. Before you think I’m a fan of Brown (I’m not), here’s my rationale: Rihanna did not ask to be a role model, no more than she asked to be abused.

Britt Rebuttal:
Indeed rich, famous does not mean being intelligent and Rihanna simply fell for her deceptive karmic stars. She is responsible for her own destiny and fate. Did Lyndal Khaw check on the DOB of Rihanna to find out what’s mean to be human? if she don’t, all she can do is assume about her without investigate her natal or hidden Dragon where it’s producing such clearly reveal as much about her but again she have no clue the relationship with the stars so now the question… When will she finally realize its direct relationship with the stars?

In the United States, one in three women experiences violence. Rihanna is unfortunately one of these women. Like other abused women, she is being judged unfairly for her relationship with her abusive former partner. One of the first things people ask after learning that a woman has been abused is, “Why don’t you just leave?” While this is a seemingly innocuous suggestion, it really isn’t that simple. When a woman leaves and then returns to her partner or tries to stay on amicable terms, she can elicit a backlash. No wonder some people have commented that Rihanna must “enjoy being abused.”

Britt Rebuttal: Bullying, discrimination on other races due to lack of God’s divine guidance from both teachers & parents. We need to be taught guidance in order to pass it on, but the main thing is Teaching the God’s divine creation will make a HUGE difference. Note guns don’t kill people bullets do. Learn about gun control before it start and very important to be awareness that the planet of Mars is responsible for violent behavior in an individual. Mars is called a red planet that’s why somebody got anger and destructive.

I don’t know anyone who enjoys being abused. What I do know is that domestic violence is a vicious cycle. Leaving an abusive partner is a process that can take months, if not years. One woman I know stayed in her relationship for almost 25 years before she was able to finally leave.

Britt Rebuttal: Mars rules anger, aggression and violence that’s main reason why it has to stop ‘vicious cycle’ of domestic violence. Note whatever Venus/Pluto it resides in your chart, you might attract intense relationship which that have love-hate themes as a result. Venus rules relationship and self-esteem that indeed lack of self-love or lack of self esteem right after a break up. That’s why many women stay in their relationship due to the feelings of love and attachment that lead to intense relationships. Lyndal Khaw know nothing about the Venus Planet of Love and Mars Planet of violent behavior unless this energy is channeled properly but it’s not case it would result in violence and fight.

Moreover, most women leave their partners more than once. Studies have indicated that a woman leaves her abuser an average of eight times before leaving permanently. We cannot be certain, but it is possible that Rihanna is still in the process of leaving. Thus, the fact that she and Brown are working together now after the incident of three years ago is not surprising.

Britt Rebuttal: Due to her natal Venus in Scorpio where the line between love(Venus) and obsession(Pluto) with Chris Brown. There is absolutely no chances for our traditionally educated psychologists to understand what’s the depth of human mind that impossible for them to explain why people act as they do. Yes, Venus/Pluto or Mars relationships are always likely dramatic and intense relationships and yet many today who think that science of astrology has no values and all they do is give you dangers of prescription that can be made even worse.

However, the bigger issue is Brown’s lack of accountability in all of this. Even in a society where many of us would agree that violence against women is wrong, we hold strong patriarchal values where males are seen as more dominant and privileged than women. We hold Rihanna fully accountable as a role model and place her decisions under harsh judgment. Yet Brown is not held accountable for his ability to influence young men. Granted, even though he issued a public apology to Rihanna a few weeks after he assaulted her, his motives are less probed (certainly not by the same people who believe that Rihanna likes to be abused).

Britt Rebuttal: Yes, Chris Brown is a woman-beating jerk who hasn’t taken public responsibility for his public behaviors but Did Lyndal Khaw check on the DOB of Chris Brown to find out what’s mean to be human to women-beating up? if she don’t, all she can do is assume about his without investigate his natal or hidden Dragon where it’s producing such clearly reveal as much about his but again she have no clue the relationship with the stars so now the question… When will she finally realize its direct relationship with the stars?

So the question everyone is asking should not be: “Why is Rihanna going back to (or working with) Chris Brown?” Rather, it should be: “What kind of messages are we sending our children when we focus on and denounce the decisions of women who have been mistreated but spare perpetrators the same level of scrutiny?” This blame-the-victim mentality has got to stop somewhere.

Britt Rebuttal: Again, Note her natal Pisces is one of most difficulties of the Zodiac. What worse, Neptune/Pisces rules deceiving, addicted, confused, illusion where it’s producing such clearly reveal that she’s going back to or working with Chris Brown. Did Lyndal Khaw knew about the planet Neptune such deceiving? None. Who will be there to advice many people like her to aim in the right direction before started seeing somebody else? None.

“And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:”
– Genesis 1:14 in King James Version of The Bible

FEBRUARY 25 to 29 Moon Guidance and Forecast

SAT, SUN, MON, TUE, WED – FEBRUARY 25, 26, 27, 28, 29
RULERS- Pisces (hopes) and Aries (War/action)

This weekend will have good lucky during waxing moon but the aggressive of planet could upset your plans. Use your manner with others at work; Be smart and don’t let your boss act “automatically respond” under Mars’ impatience and aggressive. Think opportunities this weekend that when you will get it soon. Neptune may make you unclear for you to not concentrate these days. Try to be serious and more discipline in your endeavors, important Invite money into your life think and think about it. Keep communication with your coworker at work and watch the Moon. You should tell your partner about Moon Guide and explain what going on with the stars. Using your power of intuitive to solve the situation, but forget about complaining and Keep mind action is speaking loud than words. Be ware of the destruction of planet and be cool and clam down. During waxing moon, Neptune rules sleep and it’s possible for people have some problems sleeping. Playing with the children in nice way; Mars want to keep contiune them up late. Enjoy your love and delicious food with excellent service provided by family and friends who really care for you. Grab your spend time with the kids; teach them love and respect but Mars may make them play rough. Remember dangerous Mars dont care about us and with Neptune nearby, watch out for water damage or downing. Keep away from intense Marstain anywhere you go with lover; support, love and respect will take you miles. Use Neptune’s soft values to apologize to someone you deeply care for and control your imagination. Offer a present or some flowers; this always works.

Universal Travel and Communication: Be aware of your speedy nature. Mars don’t care about your affect to others. Be responsibilities on your own and watch out what you’re driving on the road. Others dangerous drivers may crash your truck. Don’t drink and driving, under Neptune’s Power.

18-wheeler flips on a Dallas freeway

Universe Precaution: You may see some Mars’ accident and Neptune’s blanking, expect sad news from religious, water and oil. Watch out for Mars’ destructive from outside and in the water.

Nations want ‘tsunami wave’ of pressure on al-Assad

Fire at Antarctica station kills 2 Brazilian sailors

Oil tank explosion causes huge fireball

Universal Personalities: Move on with your Life that will be always the process of change, and like many of us, famous figures must also accept the sad reality of death due to problem with alcohol.

Comedian Tom Arnold’s secret addiction

Former NBA player recounts struggle with drug addiction

Universal Precaution: No matter what happened on waxing positive Moon, because the power of Mars rules fires, destruction, violence, war and nature’s devastating forces at work are on the agenda. Watch out for Horrible weather including explosions, tornadoes or flooding may affect some of the states.

Official: Assailants attack buses in Pakistan, kill 18

Tanker truck explodes in fiery crash

Death of 10-year-old involved in school fight declared a homicide

Cops: Hubby killed wife with AK-47

North Korea: Ready to go to war with U.S., South Korea

Student shot at Ohio high school dies, police say

78-year-old shoots teen intruder

5.9-magnitude earthquake strikes southern Taiwan

Jeremy Lin, race and lessons learned

I hope the sport rules have changed due to ethic sensitivity issues raised with beginning of Jeremy Lin. The Universal Dragon Head in Sagittarius(learning/foreigner) & Tail in Gemini(communication/common sense)’s lesson learned is to exercise greater caution, to consider all the consequence of what we say about him. Let me explain about him and his fate.

Jeremy Shu-How Lin (born August 23, 1988) is an American professional basketball player with the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association (NBA). After receiving no athletic scholarship offers out of high school and being undrafted out of college. In February 2012, he unexpectedly led a winning streak by New York while being promoted to the starting lineup due to last February 10, Lin scored a new career-high 38 points and had seven assists, leading the Knicks in their 92–85 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers. He outscored the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, who had 34 points.

Why this young soul is so lucky and why is he so successful and popular during led a winning streak and scored a new career-high 38 points? Incidentally he born with the HIDDEN Dragon’s Head (luck/growth) in Scorpio (power/magnetic) and his Sun in hard-working Virgo making his work and service to the world. Virgo rules the planet of Mercury- rules speed, fast, service, hard-working, discipline and dedication, but To me, Leo/Virgo cusp, he born in August in the constellation of the Sun/Lion as fame, fortune, and power. He is now most famous Asian American NBA player.

Note Jeremy was born with Mars (war/aggressive) in Aries(impulsive) conjunct the Universal Uranus(surprised) in Aries(individual) making his very successful leadership and new warrior. What sports talking heads, basketball recruiting analysis, journalism do not know is all communications and all moving parts of the human body and talking heads are rules the planet called Mercury. Currently the Tail(negative) of the Dragon is afflicting the sign of Gemini(funny jokes/class clown) making fun and racial slur of Jeremy Lin such used the term “chink in the armor” in reference to New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin, an Asian, while on air as a ESPNEWS anchor. He was suspended 30 days. Boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. wrote on his Twitter page, “Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.

Jeremy will gain more of the NBA exposure because his natal Uranus(surprised), Saturn(career), Moon(emotion) in Sagittarius (luck) conjunct the Universal Dragon also in Sagittarius(luck/published/marketing/journalism/learning/foreigner). The Associated Press called Lin “the most surprising story in the NBA”. Bloomberg News wrote that Lin “has already become the most famous Asian American NBA player”. He appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated with the headline “Against All Odds”, which The New York Times called, “the greatest tribute”. He also made the cover of Time in Asia; Forbes wrote, “Congratulations Jeremy. You have now made the cover of Time the same number of times as Michael Jordan. Linsanity reigns on.” Lin’s story was also on the front-page of many Taipei newspapers. And more published over the internet and exposed by the newspapers over the world so now Linsanity is becoming a global phenomenon.

The Stars and Fate of Bobby Brown

Robert Barisford “Bobby” Brown (born February 5, 1969) is an American R&B singer-songwriter, occasional rapper, and dancer. Note Bobby was born a Aquarius faces the world as Leo (fame/fortune) and already set by his DOB to own the stage of fame and fortune. But what makes him yet another successful Leo is that he followed his natal Dragon’s Head in Aries (Leader) located right in his 3th house of communication, songwriter, outspoken, singer.

Remember the stars are not responsibilities about your decision-making, your logic or your intelligence, your romantic, your deceiving religious doctrines where your responsibilities to find out what your weak karma. Human Performance is simply response to the pull of the stars, where it’s totally unaware of the reflecting on the strengths and weakness in your chart. Another words Bobby” Brown are simply the “automatically respond” of his own stars. Most important is you must understand your karma and make it avoid from bad habit as bad pattern! You better find out what your past lives tell you about this one with me. You can see clearly your old habits and attitudes that are holding you back.

Sun 16Aqu01 (1) The self – Soul’s purpose – Original, Inventive, Independent, Humanitarian
Moon 14Vir26 (8) Death – Corporate Endeavors – Pay Check
Mercury 02Aqu10 (1) The self – intellectual freedom, Unique opinions, Original, Inventive
Venus 02Ari40 (3) Mind- communication, songwriter, outspoken, singer.
Mars 20Sco12 (10) Career – Public Standing – Accomplishments
Jupiter 05Lib41 (9) Education- tradition religious, foreign lands, codification of thought
Saturn 20Ari33 (3) Mind- communication, songwriter, outspoken, singer.
Uranus 03Lib39 (9) Education- tradition religious, foreign lands, codification of thought
Neptune 28Sco33 (10) Career – Public Standing – Accomplishments
Pluto 24Vir42 (8) Death – Corporate Endeavors – Pay Check- Service to the world

Dragon’s Head – 02Ari46 (3) Mind- communication, songwriter, outspoken, singer.
Dragon’s Tail – 02Lib46 (9) Education- tradition religious, foreign lands, codification of thought

RULER OF CHART: Pluto (Drama/Death/Sex/Corporate Endeavors/Pay Check)
PLANETARY HOUR LORD: Mercury (Communication/Songwriter/Outspoken/Singer)

Brown was diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder(Mercury) when he was a child; in the early 2000s he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder(Mercury).
Mercury rules fast, speed, transportation, chatter, talking head, broadcasting, radio and Communication, but Mercury is located in the sign of Aquarius(abrupt/ assertive) and also his Sun’s ruler, both the Sun and Mercury being connected with Aquarius/Uranus which it make difference such erratic behavior, rebel, naturally seeks an exciting, and social environment.

Again with no “automatic self-evaluations” may not give good signal on himself. Bobby Brown does not know why he acted so erratic behavior. Why? Aquarius rules Friend and Wish and the 11th house of friends where a man will create something his wish come true, but with Mars(drive/sex/aggressive) conjunct Neptune(Drugs/Alcohol) as a result, Brown’s legal and substance abuse troubles threatened to overshadow his music. Brown was arrested for misdemeanor battery, allegedly for striking Houston while shouting epithets. In February 2004, Brown was arrested and jailed in Georgia on a parole violation related to a previous drunk driving conviction. There are no accident his wife(Leo) attract his husband(Aquarius) are opposites of each other and their manifesting Love is based on ‘opposites attract’. Why? It has to be balanced in their relationships.

Bobby Brown’s Dragon’s Head (luck) is located in the sign of Aries (Leader) and the Mars can either destroy him or empower him that need to break new ground can lead him into anywhere to go. With Pluto (power/drama) and Moon(emotion) in his perfectionist are behaving like a religious poisoned soul that’s why he went to Israel with his wife to visit friends and family among the Black Hebrews, an African-American community that moved to Israel a long time ago.

Why we’re making a map of the brain

Allan Jones is chief executive of the Allen Institute for Brain Science. He holds a bachelor’s of science in biology from Duke University and a Ph.D. in genetics and developmental biology from Washington University School of Medicine.

(CNN) — The brain is one of the last great frontiers of science. For all it does for us — driving our thoughts, actions, perceptions and making us who we are — we understand very little about how it works, its underlying biochemistry.

Britt Rebuttal: His knowledge have absolutely NO CLUE of the working of the stars/planets where it already produced by the stars design the Universal Mind/brain. DNA is not code to design such Stars* 12 zodiac of the signs. Only give you physical plane related to your family genes based on the looks etc….Outside of the box where universe mind is automatically directed to you automatically produced by the Stars* 12 zodiac of the signs.

We know a fair amount about what parts of the brain are involved in particular functions from studies that track blood flow to reveal the locations of brain activity during certain behaviors or processes. We know that the back of the brain, the cerebellum, keeps us upright and is involved in coordinated movement.

Britt Rebuttal: What you look at the brain, It’s nothing else to say and yet it’s easy to recall in same function, same structure, same weight as the brains of others but right now, you look at fleshy brain is actually such a “computer mind” where it downloaded from planets/stars automatically produced by the Stars* 12 zodiac of the signs that when first download of breath into the body right after you deliver your baby at the hospital. Sad reality, Your describe the part of the brain is nothing else such physical plane than describe the spiritual plane is connected with Universal mind that is manifested a lack of awareness about the stars.

We know that the sides of the brain, the temporal cortex, is involved in primary auditory processing, allowing us to hear words and send them into higher language processing centers. And we know the area toward the front of the brain is where complex thought and decision-making occur.

Britt Rebuttal: Do you know idea what the planet of mercury is about? Mercury rules learning processing, writing, communication such decision-making? Get with the program already! what you learn is nothing benefit to other people, even me…is totally Wasting too much time at college without knowledge the planet* Mercury is a misleading, false and deceptive teaching.

But taking a deeper look into the brain, beyond these broad areas of function, there is a great deal that is far less understood. The brain is incredibly complex, with about 86 billion nerve cells, called neurons, forming about 100 trillion connections, all working in concert to drive our thoughts, emotions, reactions and interactions with the world around us.

Britt Rebuttal: No, you need take a deeper look into universal mind/brain, beyond the level of education you already possesses, there are many astrology books you can find answer in the stars related to the subject of thoughts, emotions, reactions where it’s actually outside of the box “written in the stars”, not inside the box “brain”.

Each neuron is largely unique, driven by fundamental properties of its underlying biochemistry — proteins controlling everything the nervous system has to do. All these proteins are encoded by our genome, comprising roughly 25,000 genes encoded in our DNA. The nature and activity of a given neuron is dictated by which of these 25,000 genes are turned on and to what level. How does it all work? What are the roles of each neuron and how are they connected to our ultimate experience with the world? To answer these questions, we are seeking to understand which of our 25,000 genes are turned on in the brain, and where.

Britt Rebuttal: your approach has proven me that not just for new learning, but false information. Note DNA is not code to design such Stars* 12 zodiac of the signs. Only give you physical plane related to your family genes based on the looks etc….Outside of the box where universe mind is automatically directed to you automatically produced by the Stars* 12 zodiac of the signs.

To this end, we have created a free online resource accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime: the Allen Human Brain Atlas. The brain mapping process is complex and visually captivating, starting with a fresh, whole brain in the lab through to the molecular magnets that detect activity, or expression, of individual genes, and the subsequent informatics used to render this information into a meaningful piece of software that can be used to analyze the brain in more detail than we have ever had access to.

Britt Rebuttal: It’s refection of your manifestations chart is very strong earth element where you like to dig in the ground such physical plane. Like modern scientist, NASA, tradition psychologist have no clue about it. Now it’s time for Allan Jones to learn explore divine manifestation where it’s written in the stars. I already little ahead of him as his knowledge what it’s mean to be human.

In 2006 we completed a map of the mouse brain. The mouse is the most common model for studying the mammalian brain, with the same basic parts and organization. The Allen Mouse Brain Atlas is used every day by thousands of scientists around the world. Creating this atlas put us in the unique position to tackle the challenges inherent in mapping the human brain. Our laboratory receives fresh human brains that satisfy strict criteria — no history of neurologic or psychiatric disease, no drug or alcohol abuse, and no brain damage occurring at death, among other criteria. We collect 3-D, MRI-based images of each whole brain to serve as a “scaffolding” from which we later map the gene expression information. Brains must be evaluated, imaged and frozen within 24 hours after death to preserve the signal we need to measure.

Britt Rebuttal: Lalaalalala….Get with the program already…seriously.. It need to update, upgrade of your knowledge. pick up a book and get new studies about how’s working of the stars/planets where it already produced by the stars design the Universal Mind/brain.

The brain is then sliced very thinly — 25 micrometers thick, thinner than a human hair — and sections are transferred to microscope slides, which are stained and analyzed for clusters and distributions of brain cells that provide a reference, kind of like a rough road map, to identify distinct regions in the brain. We then take samples from each of these distinct regions (more than 1,000 of them), purify the RNA — the signal indicating if a gene is turned on — and obtain a readout of the level of activity of each gene for each area. This method gives us roughly 50 million data points for each human brain. We put all that together into a single interactive database with meaningful search and visualization tools that are all freely available online at human.brain-map.org.

Britt Rebuttal: Lalaalalala….Get with the program already…seriously.. It need to update, upgrade of your knowledge. pick up a book and get new studies about how’s working of the stars/planets where it already produced by the stars design the Universal Mind/brain.

The goal is that this database will speed discovery, launching us into a new era of understanding of the human brain. Direct applications will be fruitful in areas like drug discovery, enhancing efficacy and reducing side effects of drugs for mental illness and disease. Further, we can start to connect the “what” to the “where” of gene expression in the brain, elucidating common pathways and beginning to unravel the mysteries of the inner workings of the brain’s underlying biochemistry.

Britt Rebuttal: Gee, I really look forward to seeing everyone finally getting a truth from Vatican church when released secret of the comic code secret in next 50 years due to Pluto(death/rebirth) in Pisces(religious) via New Age of Aquarius or another new “wikileak” leaked documents alleging government/church that publishes submissions of secret Mysteries of the science above the stars. That’s when you all will finally speed discovery, launching you guys into new concept of human brain under the stars where you find the truth what mean to be human Why? it’s all in the stars because everything in the brain is written in the stars(lights).

Sean Penn Has Opinions; Prince William is a Pirate

Actor Sean Penn says the world won’t tolerate “ludicrous and archaic commitment to colonialist ideology” as he backs Argentina over Britain in Falklands’ row. Sean Penn is very open and has been active in supporting several political and social activism (including humanitarian work). I really admire this guy for his courage and honesty. Naturally, actor and global ambassador for wool Sean Penn has invited himself into the conflict. Well Sean is doing all he can do with what he was given by the planets and the stars at birth -“incredible investigator/master in communication/health conscious” usually found in all souls born with a Virgo Dragon’s Head. Indeed Virgo represents any form of work involving health, cleansing or purity. At the time, his humanitarian work in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the 2010 Haiti earthquake was honored for all his humanitarian work. Sean Justin Penn (born August 17, 1960) had a conjunction of the Sun and Uranus(genius/future) in Leo – he was born to be leader, fame and light shone brightly (Leo) and the presence of Uranus typically bestows humanitarian and the ability to interact with others in a original way.

On Monday, Penn met with Argentine president Cristina Kirchner and rankled British feathers when he referred to the Islands by their preferred Argentine name, “the Malvinas Islands of Argentina.” He also criticized Britain’s claims of ownership as a

“ludicrous and archaic commitment to colonialist ideology”

and, on Tuesday, accused Britain of neglecting “the great emotional sensitivity both of mothers and fathers in the United Kingdom and in Argentina” by sending Prince William into the disputed territory.

Note Britain and Argentina fought a 10-week war over the Falkland Islands in 1982 after Argentina invaded the South Atlantic islands, which the Argentines call Las Malvinas. So That’s why some Argentinians are upset that Prince William moved (troops) into position for military action into the Falkland Islands. Sean Penn feel must stop that situation and speak up his opinion when it comes to armed conflict due to Britain’s long history of colonialism, racism, and claims of cultural superiority. In addition, His natal Mars(aggressive) in Gemini(talkative/quick wit) and Jupiter in Sagittarius has a powerful need for intellectual and philosophical which conflicts with the Saturn/Capricorn England opposition’s pressure to tell to do what you are ordered, and Penn’s Mars/Jupiter tendency to be high-minded and vocal about his opinions where it reflected the planet of Uranus is in Aries now where it encourages us to fully expresses our own individual drive(Aries) for best lives.

Universal Heart

I was talking to a friend of mine about Valentine’s Day and was surprised when he … who feel down on V-Day and claimed was no special woman in his life. All I can say is be your own Valentine’s Day and keep spread your love and love yourself first. I tried to explain about the planet Venus, love and relationship related to self esteem and self-worth. Let me explain a little bit about Universal love itself..

The Universal Heart’s intended to bring forth your consciousness of the the planets/stars where the subject of love and how the love of the planet Venus interacts with the human psyche and focuses on the strengths, weaknesses, emotion, self esteem and more. Know what? Everyday is valentines day for everyone. Don’t be waste your love waiting for it to change. Keep spread your love. Use your power of Venus, Goddess of love to spread love. Make her or him love you. you don’t have to feel the need to be handsome to get some love. you don’t have to feel the need to be ugly to get some love. you don’t have to feel the need to be rich to get some love. you don’t have to feel the need to be whatever you want to get for some love. Know what? you don’t have to feel the need to be prefect. Just be the right one. so Now lets get back to the point, as the planet of love and values, you already have your own Venus love in you so that meaning you must love yourself first before you love somebody else. you can win 3 millions dollars lottery tomorrow but money can’t buy love. How can you help or love others without love yourself first? That’s why Many celebrity end up committing suicide.. Blame who? Blame Government? God? Devil? Family? you can blame whoever you call it. but your responsible is you. Yes, To building your own awareness with universal celestial language where the planet Venus love that affect you and others and how you treat the people who you love than anything in this world.

Universal is too much busy listen your pray but you must ask God for the answers are in heavens where you suppose to see God’s signs(stars) It’s all about ask, seek, knock like What is the Venus and how does it influence our love lives? What is Astrology and how can it help us find true love? Many people have love interests, some not requited. Can Astrology bring back a lover? How can we tell if someone is right or not right for us? Sun signs, Rising Signs, Moon signs….what does it all mean? Is there a relationship between Mars and Venus, the different houses in our charts? What is attraction between human?

For examples, my natal chart of Venus(the art) is in the 2nd house of money where I must spend resources learning and mastering the arts before earn through client relationship from the investment/financial in future. This planet will affect my self-esteem and self-worth because the planet rules money and love where it’s capacity for diplomacy to make living in the life of the subject that will lead to marry a partner with well education to build my personal wealth.

Whitney Houston Vicitm of the Dragon

(CNN) — The news broke on the eve of Grammy Awards, the music industry’s biggest night: The woman with the pitch-perfect voice who once reigned as the queen of pop at the awards show had died. Whitney Houston was found dead Saturday by her bodyguard on the fourth floor of an upscale Beverly Hills hotel where only hours later she was to attend a pre-Grammy bash hosted by her longtime mentor, Clive Davis.

Whitney Elizabeth Houston (August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012) was an American recording artist, actress, producer, and model where she once shined on stage as the Leo Queen, it seemed her only relieves pain, cures disease to any choice of her own; her drug use and marriage to Bobby Brown who introduced her to it. Last Saturday evening, She found dead in a hotel bathtub this weekend which it’s apparently drowned in her bathtub while taking Xanax for anxiety and depression, but had been drinking a lot at the same time before the music industry on the eve of its biggest night. Note Whitney a Pisces in the 8th house was a Pisces swimming downstream- Chemicals, Chemicals, Chemicals. Due to Dragon’s Tail Capricorn(career/status) in 6th house of heath and work where it impact her health, stress, anxiety, addiction, accident of a fatal disease. Her natal Mercury(mind) in Virgo(health freak) she was so too much concerned her health and she will do anything for doctor’s order. This is similar with Micheal Jackson’s situation. That’s purity native and innocent to follow the doctor’s order or deceiving medication as Xanax for relieves pain.

Sun in Leo (1) (self/soul’s purpose) Whitney Houston was born to own the stage, giving a proud, warm, creative such famous American recording artist, actress, producer, and model where her natal celestial speak for itself and set to aim for voluptuous beauty, the stage and God blessed her a wonderful voice and a magnetic personality.

Moon in Aries (9) (Philosophy) Moon in Aries gives fire and aggressive of the zodiac making Whitney more energy and fire to the nature making these individuals quick, confident, impulsive, and impatient and not exactly into philosophy work or looking the truth, but gospel-oriented choir at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, where she also learned to play the piano. Her first solo performance in the church was “Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah”. She is one of many people who must have had a lot of compromising to do around her impatient domineering bossy Leo/Aries fiery nature.

Mercury in Virgo (2) (finances) Mercury in Virgo produce people that are very much into details, health and more capability. It may be sensitive and observant, and can be highly critical or analytical making them well suited to complex or detailed work. She may be too much concerned with health and she will do anything for doctor’s order and easily deceiving medication for curse.

Venus in Leo (1) (self/soul’s purpose) Venus (love/beauty) gave Whitney her attractive to the opposite sex and added more artistic creativity and a serious magnetic presence on stage.

Mars in Libra (3) (The Mind/communication) Whitney was both very aggressive when confronted trying all she could to control herself into Libra* Justice/Relationship while Leo/Aries ego and aggressive where She will face others up with their desire to balance everything.

Jupiter in Aries (9) (foreign grounds/religion) Aries is powerful need for self-assertion sign of the Zodiac when Jupiter blessed her with an international presence and deep religious faith.

Saturn in Aquarius (7) dignity (marriage) This is the 7th house of contracts, marriage and how she faced the public. Saturn is a very depressive planet while Aquarius is impersonal and humanitarian making her really concerned for women’s freedom and liberty.

Uranus in Virgo (2) (Finances) Uranus rules television and technology, Whitney was set by the stars to make money in an original, artistic, technological way helping extremely large in amount her CD sales.

Neptune in Scorpio (4) (home) Neptune the planet of drugs, alcohol, religions, deception, medications, addictions where she drowned in her bathtub while taking Xanax for anxiety, anti-depression. It’s manifested secretively(Scorpio) she did abuse prescriptions(Neptune) for only relieves pain, cures disease to any choice of her own; her drug use and marriage to Bobby Brown who introduced her to it and imposing his weird sexual fantasies. Note where ever Scorpio resides in your natal chart, Death and the police will enter your life so be aware about Scorpio’s location.

Pluto in Virgo (2) (Self Esteem/finances) Pluto (death/drama) in the 2nd house of money rules supreme wealth and with Virgo, a intensely critical and analytical types who who strive for ultimate purity and perfection in all thing when two planets are conjunct, Mercury (the thoughts) and Pluto (death) produce new beginning/rebirth ways to work, eat, or exercise and takes an interest in the environment.

Dragon’s Head in Cancer (12) (Subconscious) The natal positive Dragon’s Head in Cancer made her extraordinary feelings or emotions, sensitive to the moon’s fluctuations influence her life. What worse, her fate of the unconscious is indeed direct relationship with the Moon(moody/crabby/depressed) where her drug use(medications/antidepressants) has on her subconscious mind for cures her disease. That’s situation make it worse on herself.

Dragon’s Tail in Capricorn (6) (health) This is 6th house of health and work, sad enough the victim of Dragon’s Tail took her life. 6th house of heath and work where it impact her health, stress, anxiety, addiction, accident of a fatal disease. Her natal Mercury(mind) in Virgo(health freak) she was so too much concerned her health and she will do anything for doctor’s order. This is similar with Micheal Jackson’s situation. That’s purity native and innocent to follow the doctor’s order or deceiving medication as Xanax for relieves pain. Whitney Houston did not have to kill herself but sshe will do anything for doctor’s order and easily deceiving medication for curse.

Are depressed kids bully magnets?

Keep in your mind that Traditional school teaches you nothing related to the subject of Astrology where it forbidden teaching by past teaching of the Vatican Church Yes, It’s true. Pope being taught astrology by the Vatican council in the past. Now What worse, Today Psychologists has no clue the human mind is directly related/connected to a planet called Mercury where it classified mental processing, mental disorders, communication and negative-thinking patterns which these children were subjected may have a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem they had of themselves. The Psychologists can only make up the stories and are totally unexplained to the reasons including signs of depression and mental disorders.

(Health.com) — Psychologists, not to mention parents, have long observed that kids who seem depressed tend to have trouble getting along with — and being accepted by — their peers. What the experts haven’t been able to agree on is which comes first, the depression or the social difficulty. Most researchers have supposed that kids who are excluded or bullied become depressed as a result (rather than vice versa), while others have suggested that the two problems go hand in hand and are all but impossible to tease apart.

Britt Rebuttal: The answer is Saturn is a depression, negativity and fear principle of planet where ever located in your chart that’s result of rules your life so you must remove depressing thoughts. Yes, The power of the Saturn is far from affecting only you, but affects all of children and including the parents.

A new study, published this week in the journal “Child Development,” provides some of the strongest evidence to date for a third theory: Kids who cry easily, express negative emotions, and show other signs of depression ultimately suffer socially because they are shunned by their peers and attract the attention of bullies. “Bullies target youth who are unlikely to fight back,” says lead author Karen P. Kochel, Ph.D., an assistant research professor at Arizona State University, in Phoenix. “Youth who are depressed really have the potential to appear vulnerable, and are easy marks for victimization, unfortunately.”

Britt Rebuttal: The answer is Pisces is worse cry baby of the Zodiac because it rules the feelings and emotions yes, the fact that it gets worse and worst emotional roller coaster where ever Neptune/Pisces resides in your own natal that’s result in emotionally out of control as instability in your life so you must learn to be tough. Use your power of Mars’ aggressive and competitive where developing your inner strength will help you to overcome your sensitive. That’s God’s manifestations forces into own chart where you can find the strongest evidence to show that indeed come from the stars. Gee.. It’s amazed me to see how ignorance Karen P. Kochel, Ph.D., an assistant research professor at Arizona State University where she never learn outside of the box. Bullies target youth who are unlikely to fight back,” says lead author Karen P. Kochel. If your child don’t have enough by aspect of Mars(fight back/aggressive/stand up) , Your very behavior can not challenged by the war. It may a lot of water(emotion/sensitive) with a bad aspect of Uranus(social/peers) it may be alone…
Research, reason, investigation, and discipline is a must be thinking outside of the box which is the right way to find the truth.