POSEIDON – Lord of the Sea and Lord of the Drugs

Real World’ star Joey Kovar found dead May god bless his lost soul Joey Kovar appeared on ‘Real World’ and ‘Celebrity Rehab’Kovar battled drug addiction for years.

Reality TV star Joey Kovar, who starred on MTV’s “Real World: Hollywood” and VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab,” was found dead at a home in Chicago, Illinois, on Friday, authorities said.

The 29-year-old appeared on the MTV program in 2008, but left mid-season to enter rehab.Kovar later appeared on VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab.” According to the show’s website, Kovar admitted to abusing massive amounts of alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy, and meth. He also admitted using steroids when he was a teenager. Authorities do not suspect foul play in Kovar’s death. MTV released a statement: “MTV is deeply saddened to learn that Joey Kovar of “The Real World: Hollywood” has passed away. We offer our sympathies to Joey’s loved ones, friends and fans.”

Unfortunately, the stars again do not lie and for Joey Kovar(born July 24, 1983) to end up “working” for MTV program and using his fame and drugs are not accident with hidden circumstances that resulted in his life and fate. Joey was found dead at home. He was an another lost young soul.

so I’m here to expose his natal chart to make clarify why he did this based on his “subconscious” desire to succeed must be recognized his fame on the stage. Kovar battled drug addiction for years. Neptune is played the most difficult role with alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy, and meth that take his life away while Dr. Drew knew nothing about his karmic chart. That need to be re-introduce to God’s sign/Astrology to have the patient to be astrologically diagnosed in the show of “Celebrity Rehab” so they can understand/awareness about themselves before release from Rehab. Note Joey is a Leo(heart) born with a Dragon’s Head in Gemini, leading him full speed to use his heart and not with his head in order in need to wake up to avoid the drugs since Leo rules heart/children/fame/romantic/playful/entertainment/party while Gemini rules communication, speed and curiosity where it end up with wrong friends due to Tail(negative) of the Dragon conjunct Uranus(weird/wish/friends) and Neptune(drugs addiction).

On part of his bodybuilding, Yes this is what Joey was born with the Dragon’s Tail in his 6th house of health, service and working of his physical bodies where he invest his time and energy into his bodybuilding. With his the planet of Love Venus in Virgo making him to desire a good looking body and to maintain a perfect abs. He also admitted using steroids when he was a teenager and had come very close to death through an overdose(Neptune).

Diana Nyad swims Saturday off Havana, Cuba, as she begins a trip across the Florida Straits to the Florida Keys.

Havana, Cuba (CNN)– Diana Nyad is making good progress in her latest attempt to swim to Florida from Cuba, her crew said Sunday. “There’s no stopping her now,” the crew said on her blog. After jumping into the waters off Havana on Saturday afternoon — a day earlier than originally planned — Nyad made it 21.7 statute miles in 18 hours, putting in 50 strokes a minute, her blog reported. The full distance to Key West, Florida, is 103 miles, a trip expected to take Nyad 60 hours if the 62-year-old is successful in her attempt — her fourth.

Incidentally Diana Nyad is Leo(leader/successful)(August 22, 1949) born with the Tail(past life) of the Dragon conjunct and Neptune(Lord of the Sea). Note to this similarity, Reality TV star Joey Kovar both exact same karmic Dragon’s Tail which is also found right in the conjunction of the Neptune- Lord of the Drugs making impossible to do good for society at large and go through an overdose(Neptune) but…With her Mars the “Lord of War” conjunct Uranus the “sudden release of energy” in the 12th house of subconscious/water/ocean/Lord of Seas/feet/toes/swimming where its desire principle is to complete and deal with both air, fire and water. Pisces needs water and regenerates from magnetic field of the earth.


My life with schizophrenia

Elyn Saks is a professor of law, psychology and psychiatry at USC Gould School of Law, a MacArthur Foundation fellowship winner and the author of “The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness” (Hyperion, 2007). She spoke at the TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh, UK, in June.

(CNN) — I am a woman with chronic schizophrenia. I have spent hundreds of days in psychiatric hospitals. I could have ended up living most of my life on a back ward, but things turned out quite differently.

Elyn Saks (born Oct 3, 1955) is a professor of law, psychology and psychiatry at USC Gould School of Law, but she had a schizophernia and spend a lot of time in psychiatric hospital. Note Elyn Saks born with Mercury(mental processing) Conjunct Neptune(confusion) and Dragon Tail in Gemini(splitting of mental functions) and Mars in Virgo(service/health) in 12th house of that rules all subconscious affairs such as hospital and mental institutions specializing in the treatment of serious mental disorders. You can see why she was managed to stay free of hospitals for almost 30 years. Why? Libra rules law/psychology and there are no accident for her accomplishment in psychiatric career. She is one of many unconscious psychiatric and performed out of her karmic stars and it such an obvious fact that her own inner strength certainly helped her deal with her illness – but what truly made a difference for her was her support group of caring family and friends due to her Moon in Aries(warrior/leader) in 7th house of relationship/partner. But, even more of them are simply innocent victims to these make-believe and destructive and ignorance about this situation. We should be ashamed of ourselves for not doing more to help the millions of lost living souls will have to face that kind of common disorders. Anything/everything comes from universal natal chart that will give you clear answer where it starting with early environment, the education, the experiences.
Gee…Where is true teacher?

Same thing with Dr. Drew’s “mild mental health issue” when it comes to an obsession with a certain activity. It amazes me how unconsciously Dr. Drew born under the sign of Virgo and part of the “mental health generation” is actually comes from his DOB.

The Stars and Fate of James Holmes

So What made James Holmes turn to violence on the night of July 20, 2012 that lead the horror of his deadly act due moon in cancer. End of life, forced to relocate and new beginning w concerned with gun control and it is a combination of all the above the stars via Dragon Tail in Gemini(mind) and pull of the currently transiting Scorpius(drama) Dragon. Shortly after the incident, police arrested 24-year-old James Holmes, who was wearing gas mask and body armor at the time. He had also dyed his hair red to resemble “the Joker,” a well-known Batman villain. He has no known prior criminal record.

Born December 13, 1987 San Diego, California


Sun……20Sag25………(1)(self/soul’s purpose) His soul to being dealing with the truth, lecture, higher education, foreigners, traveling, and publishing his works, his fate to aim for learning and teaching of advanced knowledge for the good of mankind and that’s reason why he was pursuing a Ph.D in neuroscience at the University of Colorado and pursue further education.

Moon…..15Vir05………(10)(career)This position make his very observant, very much into details and health, gives a need for order and logic and very able in the world of work as career. Obviously, he was also much too concerned with the brain and nervous system.

Mercury..14Sag42………(1)(self/soul’s purpose) Mercury in Sagittarius produce people that have a great thirst for knowledge, codification of thought and higher education due to from his academic abilities and excellence in science. His Sun also conjoins Uranus which is accented in his chart due his studying in neuroscience(Uranus) from the University.

Venus….18Cap32………(2)(finances)Venus is the planet of devotion and his position indicates his responsible and in control. He impress people by his wit, his focus on his goals, and his smarts, but Capricorn is very cold, snobby and is not very expressive about love.

Mars…..12Sco22………(12)(Subconscious) Mars is called in Greek Mythology (the Lord of War) and He have extremely strong will power, sexual desire, and an intensely physical. James was born with Mars in Scorpio are known for a destructive actions for against others as a result, this typical kid turned into a violent killer, Scorpio rules death and fearless due to his subconscious.

Jupiter…19Ari47………(5)(love/creative) Jupiter is called in Greek Mythology “The Lord of Luck and expansion”. Jupiter rules all forms of traveling, education and brought James gained a scholarship to the University of California at Riverside from his academic abilities and excellence in science. James was a very competitive mind.

Saturn….23Sag15………(1)(self/soul’s purpose) This is the house of self/soul’s purpose where he need to work on his self esteem but He feel like he won’t get what he want from life, but then, he often don’t ask for jobs and He was unable to find any work. He also gained a master’s degree in neuroscience, but could not find a job in his field of study. Saturn is a very depressive “loner” planet meaning He decided to move back to his parents’ home where he found a part-time job with McDonald’s restaurants. His mother decided it was time for him to earn an advanced degree so she sent him to the University of Colorado.

Uranus….26Sag31………(1)self/soul’s purpose) Uranus rules science and technology, James was set by the stars to study and graduated with a bachelor of science in neuroscience(Uranus). He was “The Joker,” and dyed his hair red in an apparent attempt to imitate that classic villain. The Joker from the movie Dark Knight is very famous accomplished lost soul that Holmes may have identified/reflected with the Joker character. He wanna be “The Joker” as famous status(Uranus).

Neptune…07Cap05………(2)(Self Esteem/finances)Neptune (film/photography/dream/illusion/addictions/Jail) in the second house of money induce finances with Capricorn, a practical as well, calculating and manipulative due to accused of killing 12 and injuring 58 in the darkened theater(Neptune).

Pluto…..11Sco26………(12)(Subconscious)Pluto is called in Greek Mythology (the Lord of Death) and He have extremely strong will power, sexual desire, and an intensely physical. James was born with Pluto in Scorpio are known for a destructive actions for against others as a result, this typical kid turned into a violent killer, Scorpio rules death and fearless due to his subconscious.

Dragon Head..28Pis10…….(4)(home)Do you think it is an accident for James Holmes to pick a THEATER to commit his crime? Yes, Neptune rules religious imagination, the art, deception, drugs, the MIddle East, poisoning of the movie theater.
Dragon Tail…28Vir10…..(10)He was making it impossible for him to service humanity progressively and constructively in career/public standing due to without Facebook or Twitter account, Holmes has essentially no online footprint at all.

Report: Holmes’ psychiatrist reported behavior to colleagues
The psychiatrist treating the accused Colorado theater gunman was so concerned about his behavior that she reported it to her colleagues, CNN affiliate KMGH reports.

She know nothing about the badly aspected by Pluto (destruction) or Mercury (mental processes) or Neptune(confused) from his natal chart via above the stars and dragon’s tail with everything is interacting the energy where it’s happened by “accident” but it’s not accident. I find it laughable She claim herself to be a professional and Twelve people lost their lives in part due to an imperfect system and she defend how imperfect it is? And then put down the general public? Come on now, if she really work in this astrological field and learn more about the stars, she would make a different for future. If i were her, I would know the advance time due to under cosmic circumstances while James Holmes quit school. I would talk to him in person and suggested to him that he might need a rest so the university might discharge itself of any responsibility. Calling a local police department is not the best solution either as few of them are equipped to make a judgement call on the sanity and danger level of a subject. Reading his natal chart is the best solution to get a clearing his mind/body and soul for such assessment might be in order. This information must also be able to spread across state lines if a serious subject is on the move, but history repeat itself and it has to be stop already. Now is the time to education with astrology and learn more about God’s sign such tools to use as sign.