Scorpius Dragon news

99.09% of the unconsciousness sportswriters have no clue what had happened after an increased bad behavior in the fans, attacking on the players. The Dutch Teen soccer players are charged for a deadly beating on a referee. All the while, in this current transiting of a Scorpius Dragon that rules the criminal activities/criminal minds/sweet revenges.

Note this, in the generation Pluto in Scorpio (1983/4 to 1995)- who were born under Pluto in Scorpio, contain very strong plutonic energies such as intense emotions/criminals/sex activities/secrets/fearless, while the older generation of Pluto in Libra (1972-1983), had more guts/gangs/group relationships against the another. Now you see, this is not a new ‘dark age’ for English football with that violent behavior- nor a ‘new dawn’, Who cares? Football is just a plain boring game that lacks of intellectual knowledge to use, and not even a newsworthy. Its more of an outlet emotion in thrill as an entertainment.
Only cosmic circumstance is not yet understood that needs some serious reformed spiritual educational values in England, otherwise, in the future, that would make it all worse in this country ruled under the Queen of England, since after the death of a nurse for the young royal couple, which is a very serious negative prophetic sign in the situation to come its way to UK.

(CNN) — Racist abuse, fan violence, attacks on players — on the face of it, English football seems to be experiencing a return to the dark days that led to its clubs being banned from Europe in the 1980s.

Truly, the word of a racism itself has been a calling card to get pity being victimized and recorded, that doesn’t mean anything to any human anymore. It’s all the stars, but the consciousness knowledge is missing in sportswriters and broadcasters’ heads.

(CNN) — Members of Ukraine’s newly elected parliament came to blows Wednesday amid accusations of changing political views, and the mayhem prevented the election of a new prime minister and speaker.

When Adolf Hitler was being elected for Germany, an extremely deathly mistake to make a vote  by the gullible voters due to lack of God’s celestial guidance to identify his cosmic fate from his natal chart. So, anyone can use the those astrological signs to avoid any dangerous mistakes. In the future, Elected future President’s cosmic fate is a must to identify for anyone to know what is in universal natal chart with his/her motivation, intention, and action to recognize. If you don’t, then his/her fate could become your life as destructive and so is the rest of the people by its impacts.

For many centuries now, Astrology has been removed by the societies and religions, like I have mentioned…God’s Celestial stars have all the answers, so we can develop to use our cosmic language knowledge as a tool to have a better understanding from the present, past and future for everyone to access to read easily to choose for the better results. These children do not have to die at risk. Worse, ALL unconsciousness egoistic in political leaders walking around on Earth are totally deaf while God’s Celestial speaks through them in daily life while the politics, police, and borderlines that were created by men as a result of the fighting to have the power or the fate of dysfunctional political could process further with useless violence in Ukraine.

Atheist/agnostic/skeptics/religious deceptive archaic teachings don’t understand how important God’s celestial has power through the stars upon each and every human being under the stars.

You have to remember that there’s a saying, you can lead a horse to a barrel of *Cosmic water or turn away. You can give someone the opportunity to learn or do something, but will you drink it? The choice is yours. Universe Bottle pours a cup of divine water to give the celestial cosmic answers.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.”

~Albert Einstein

Jacintha Saldanha’s Cosmic Fatal Fate

A nurse for Kate Middleton of British Royalty had committed suicide by its *Scorpius Dragon(suicide/death news) in manifestation as you know there are no accidents. This is a serious negative prophetic sign of a situation to come for this young royal couple being pregnant, the British Royalty and the UK citizens. Sad reality, this unconscious hospital employee and two Australian radio DJs have no clue how powerful those stars above the heaven that triggered this “accident” in the form of a public humiliation, embarrassment and guilt.

Jacintha, the nurse, unluckily picked up this ill-fated phone call, as far as she was concerned, it should have been screened. She was only trained in caregiving and not in security for the royalty. Who’s the blame? Remember this, astrologically, Hospital is ruled by one of the Neptune energies which is also included such as religious leaders, monks, gurus, televangelists, priests. All those Neptune-minded ones can do is to rely on faith and obey the religious teachings. So this nurse can’t tell if it’s true or a prank call, she ‘believes’ as a dutiful caregiver to take what is true. You don’t classify the depression as a mental illness, but only God’s celestial identity and explanation of the causes, the consequences and into the light on the solutions. Note this act of Prank is not the main reason as a result for a committed suicide vicitm. Only her celestial identity has shown it all, due to a very highly sensitive nature in hers which had a specific cause where it resided in her action as in a translation from the Universal Whole to this individual as a nurse.

London (CNN) — A nurse at the hospital who was duped by a prank call from two Australian radio DJs concerning Prince William’s pregnant wife, Catherine, has apparently committed suicide, the hospital confirmed Friday.

Nurse Jacintha Saldanha (January 1, 1966- December 7, 2012) The energy is still there, but why did Nurse Jacintha Saldanha commit suicide? Be aware of the planet Pluto(death) and the planet Mars(accident) both are currently in the sign of Capricorn and the planet Mars(accident)where it conjuncts right on her natal sun. Jacintha was born in January in the constellation of Capricorn… Note her tail of the Dragon (negative) is in hidden Pisces(hospital/prison) and her Mercury location (critical thinking)in 12th house of fear/subconscious/imagination and also her Saturn(fear principle) in Pisces(guilt and depression) that position where the work for hospital/red cross and the feeling of guilt/sorry for the person who is feeling sick or dying.

London’s Metropolitan Police said they were notified around 9:35 a.m. (4:35 a.m. ET) on Friday that a woman was found unconscious. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Police are treating the death as “unexplained,” they said. Of course, Police have no clue what stars have store in her that where its lack of spiritual celestial solution.

She was born in the generation of Pluto in Virgo, that generation also rules a service-oriented, work and health field in general as hospitals, clinics, and medical practice. Nurses are often naive and gullible because they believe what others tell them what to do. Neptune rules hospitals and nurses while Mercury rules mind/think/writing/’talking head’/tease/prank. Now you see that Sydney radio station itself rules under Mercury. This Hospital employee committed suicide for Kate Middleton of British Royalty, it is the same with wars, terrorist acts, murders, and suicides that have occurred to their faithful acts in the name of Jesus/any religious belief. Keep in mind, Neptune rules sacrifice to something personal and emotional that blurs the mind.

U.S. had the plans to nuke the moon?

It is amazing how a few selective team in the government and the military can decide to play with the nuclear bombs for what? They are clearly in need of a serious mental upgrade. The unconsciousness of the liberal/conservative parties have no clue what they are doing. Why do Americans seem gullible to the liberal/conservative people in the White House and force the government to keep silence about it? Even Football is practically a religion on every Sundays. Gee how more stupid these religious poisoned-minded Americans can be? Bombing on Moon is just an experimental entertainment to the eyes of mad scientists. It’s time to occupy NASA. That would have been one of the dumbest choices if they went through with it.

CNN- It was a top-secret plan, developed by the U.S. Air Force, to look at the possibility of detonating a nuclear device on the moon. It was hatched in 1958 – a time when the United States and the Soviet Union were locked in a nuclear arms race that would last decades and drive the two superpowers to the verge of nuclear war. The Soviets had also just launched Sputnik 1, the world’s first satellite. The U.S. was falling behind in the space race, and needed a big splash.

Why don’t they(USA) nuke their own mother and see how that feel. Same thing with your own mothers who gave the birth to children. so Respect the mother Earth, the only one place we have right now to live in for a long time for our generations to continue. So, stop making our home Earth a dirtier place. The point is that the Moon is not owned by any country. They already blew up several nuclear bombs on Earth before 1950. They had nothing to prove, but just a plainly insanity. Space Race? A race to see who can destroy space first or try to own a land on the Moon, Mars and Venus? Yes, the Age of Aquarius may seem a little crazy. Aquarius also rules Science and Space exploration.

Why has the Middle East been a mess

This is clearly the act of dying age of Pisces on its way out to replace for the New Age of Aquarius to take over. where it will get the ‘brotherhood’s demand to get included other countries of the world to work together. That is a lot of work and patience in a long run.

(CNN) — Have you looked at the Middle East lately? It’s a giant mess, with civil wars, massive popular protests, cross-border fighting, armed insurgencies, exploding car bombs and on and on. And that’s just in the past few days.

‘Ancient Wise’ knew the negative power of the planet Mars. Since Mars rules war/warrior/animals instinct that breeds with power in the planet of the Neptune(religious/poison/drug/alcohol/depression/misinformation) which took Middle East’s fate. Problem? Religious leaders and people in Middle east really cannot think for themselves independently. Schools and universities have done an excellent job in brainwashing young people into believing that they all came from Islam because it’s not required to a serious critical thinking. Note Knowing that the Arab world was once the leader in math, science, and progressive logics in history. It grew economically and was considered the most progressive region in the world. What happened now? The one-word answer is the religion. It destroys the freedom. They all can do is to rely on faith and obey in religious teachings, such this ignorance leads into more ignorance to the point of no return without some sort of miracle wake-up call. That’s not Aquarius attitude. This dangerous poisoned mind where it has lost of spiritual celestial values where it must come from within, but to be led and controlled by a political/religious reformation movement.

Politicians/religions, Authorities both are ruled by Saturn and is always a little bit scared… especially now that Saturn is in Scorpio. Scorpio rules secret/sex/hidden which brings a light while Uranus in Aries- the individuals uprising and protesting that interacts with Pluto in Capricorn-the Police using the force in order to cause a break up with the protestants. so that the ones in power continue performing their unpopular, largely illegal deeds.

Hong Kong (CNN) — When architect James Law looks in the mirror each morning his reflection is not all that greets him — he can also see the weather report, e-mail messages and his heart rate.

We’re all glad that China is attempting with the innovation, meanwhile Japan is the leader in the world of robotic technology. But seriously, the effect of economic globalization on civil war/religious war could compete. Yes, right now, the problem is Economy/Money/Currency is obviously the fact that has a struggle in Taurus Banking/Financial Dragon’s Tail that rises of global Currency Wars due to US Currency which has weakened since the world trade center attack, and the impact of European economic crisis that results the currency war. recent Cyber attacks on U.S. banks has continued this week from Iranian suspected hackers. That’s why UK and FRANCE are supporting Syrian rebel groups against Al-Assad’s forces via behind Iran.

(CNN) — For months, the rebels fighting to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad were considered by the global community to be unorganized. But that appears to be changing, after the leaders of various fighting units agreed to move forward in lockstep with a uniform military plan. And now France and the United Kingdom are giving help to those rebels and their unified opposition organization.

Scorpius Dragon will bring out more bloodly war and death news, and the struggling Taurus Global Currency Wars turn against other worlds. That will be going on during Obama administration and will face serious currency wars issues and wealth victims over the next four years and will face big wars in ahead of the 2014/2015. Why? Mars rules chaos, fire and destruction and death while Venus rules peace and diplomacy, but its trouble will push too far(Dragon Tail in Aries).