The minds behind the Brain Activity?

Neuroscience and genetics will NOT change the face of human society. It’s a manifestation that Ed Boyden has a very narrow minded of the his own world/education with a very strong ground in rationality thinking which is not clearly understood or not capable to express such beyond of metaphysical/astrological knowledge. This is nothing to do with his incredible intellect, hard work through his knowledge to be classic. Seriously, we don’t need more Ed Boyden. Where are all the thinkers and visionaries like Paracelcus and Nostradamus? Why is it that these days all we see are the nagging voices of the ignorants? What happened to the past of the old science and true spiritual values that manifested the wisdom and spiritual qualities recognized on earth? Banning the astrological books, burning the metaphysical books and preaching that the only books are needed due to the controlled religious texts that have caused and continued a widespread ignorance as a result of nothing, is explainable or definition of how to get the perception of human behavior from inside the brain.

For instance, knowing that James Holmes enrolled as a Ph.D. student in neuroscience at the University of Colorado, who brutally murdered 12 people at a Colorado movie theater that is a manifest of himself being victimized by his karmatic natal chart. He had no clue how his fateful astrological caught himself at worst, where it could be avoided. Seriously note, the universe is a “brain” where it rather focus than a physical matter of a human brain. What on Earth the unconsciously human civilization is going on?
130327165059-brain-title-story-top(CNN) — Ed Boyden tilts his head downward, remaining still except for his eyes, which darts back and forth between blinks for a full 10 seconds. Then, as if coming up for air from the sea of knowledge, he takes a breath, lifts his head back up and begins to speak again. During these contemplative moments, you have to wonder what’s going on inside the head of this young scientist who, at age 33, has already helped to invent the influential technologies in the study of the human brain.

The spiritual energy is controlled and authorized by the stars, where the energy downloads from stars. How did Albert Einstein become so genius? All you need to do to check Einstein’s universal natal chart in astrology where it rules his mind and emotion that resides to discover what his genius is all about. Worse, Ed said that he have 86,000,000,000 neurons in his brain. What’s different between my brain, murder’s brain, your brain compared to Einstein’s? All have same design size and shape of brain, but only difference is natal chart(spiritual side) that is able to find your gifts, talents and abilities somewhere within you.

I believe that in time we will be able to dig more and more about how to explain something clearly to your direct destined relationship with the universe works, but sad reality, we don’t have the advanced spiritual academic that provides the new challenge insight to understand the stars and the planets. Gee..We’re just a small part of a great universe that we know nothing about except a lot of hypotheses and assumptions. The uncertainty in science nowadays are the most terrifying thing of all. But if we continue the hard work to reach cosmic consciousness with a huge possibility we may reach something that can help the children of future. in this case,  If I had to make a list of all the people in the world who are inventors in astrological, I think he’d be on the top of it, not neuroscience or genetics at all, period. 130326114352-summly-nick-daloisio-2012-story-top(CNN) — Silicon Valley giant Yahoo is turning to a 17-year-old to boost the company’s mobile development by acquiring the teenager’s tech start-up in a reported multi-million dollar deal.

Here is his real business impact of information technology world, Yahoo, to buy teenager’s brainy child that many mobile app developers are now considered geniuses. so now my question is How did Nick D’Aloisio become so genius? I will explain more starlight secret behind Nick D’Aloisio that is not related to his neuroscience, genetics and academic education that nothing is explainable or definition of how to get the perception of human behavior from inside the brain. Here is the only lead by the stars based on his lucky natal chart.

Nick D’Aloisio (born November 1, 1995) is a British-Australian entrepreneur, computer programmer and designer who created Summly that is based on a summarization technology he developed with SRI International. D’Aloisio has been recognized as the youngest person to receive a round of venture capital in technology at just 15 years of age.

He was born with Moon in Aquarius to feel in need to change or made sudden change the information technology that find new ways to govern/plan/build/organize(Uranus in Capricorn) the application that shortens the longer web articles into three concise paragraphs, making them easier to read on the screen of a smartphone. Uranus (mobiles application developer and web computer) in Capricorn that rules the planning, engineering, science, details in its strengths.

What is interesting about Nick’s horoscope is that the Sun (fame) conjunct with Venus(love) and Pluto (power) are also located in the sign of Scorpio that brings him a huge passion, extreme depth to see what is inside the computer, loves to explore inside of mobiles application.

Mars(desire) conjunct Jupiter(learning) in the fire sign of Sagittarius. He has such adventure intelligence and his desire to reach through his mental challenge/exploration where his abilities to grow better for technology apps and company while his Dragon Tail (karmic) in the pioneering sign of Aries. Aries rules the head and the brain reflects that his brilliant idea is God’s celestial manifestation.

so that has to do with universe natal chart that will give you clear answer where it starts with early environment, the education, the experiences, not based on neuroscience or genetics with a such waste of money. Start invest in the stars, not Ed Boyden.

Why is the pope washing prisoners’ feet?

In the medical aspect of astrology, Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, traditionally, rules the feet. Pisces governs the asylum, hospital, church and prison. It’s also a mute energy, it has no voice of its own. Submissive by nature, Pope makes a symbolic gesture of humility and goodwill, all people can do is to praise and make positive statements. Perhaps some see it as a honor, however it is a tradition dating back to what Jesus did the washing of his twelve apostles feet during the Last Supper. Note the twelve Apostles were fishermen, the symbol of the fish has also been used to symbolize Pisces.
Understanding, the Catholic church has since controlled with narration from the time Francis was selected, and have managed the news in cycle repeating itself accordingly during Age of Pisces…which I would notice that most advanced spiritual people have failed miserably at this with Francis; thus his inability to read the signs above the stars in regarding to such scandals of the priest abuse or North Korea Crisis, and such.
Where are his divine values, divine security in brotherhood, unity and integrity? Why is that, is because he’s following the archaic religious materials, or to choose and follow the divine celestial’s signs above the stars?

599296_598115465633_860527_n(CNN) — Pope Francis washed the feet of 12 prisoners, including young women, at a youth detention center in Rome as part of a Holy Thursday Mass ahead of Easter.

The media keeps repeating about how “humble” this Pope is, and at the end of the day, feet washing, public transportation, and forgoing palatial residences are largely symbolic gestures with no real impact on anyone’s lives. That is not act of faith, it is the act of deceiving for the profit to himself. These “sacrifices” don’t actually help anyone but the Pope himself for his reputation. The church is the richest organization in the world which also is the biggest child-molesting ring in history, hidden by the priests because they are worried about their flow of cash.

Note, I’m one of many thousand children who are ADD sufferers, with very strong curiosity, which can be a mental challenge in school, and when in church as a kid, didn’t follow their rules, behaved as a mischievous rebel. My subconscious told me something off going on behind the church teachings. My Dragon Head(lucky/growth) in Libra have a strong sense of motivation by the justice principle being able to catch something wrong with their archaic religious teaching system in conflict with the issues, and at the same time, my Dragon Tail in Aries brings me a passion of self-discovery which is so important to have. If I do nothing with ‘spiritual food’, the worst thing could only happen to me. Seriously, those new generations really need real ‘spiritual food’ to find their celestial identities to understand themselves better, they are different than their own parents, teachers, co-worker, boss, friends, as much as yours today. Simply seek the light of God’s face(zodiac) to find your identities. God gave you the stars to interpret, so you can find out about yourself. That is your true celestial identity. Your sign is reflecting God’s light, not just to wash a criminal’s feet as an act of faith. That is so primitive ritual thing,or could be even a superstition practice from the Middle Ages. Bottom line, It’s all about seeking the light of twelve signs of zodiac, essential part of your spiritual lives.

Lastly, Pope Francis washed the feet of 12 prisoners, including women and Muslims. Why 12? of course, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 apostles, 12 hours. 12 months. 12 tribes of Israel. No wonder the fruit from the tree of knowledge was forbidden so that you are not allowed to be taught with the truth of astrology, every Sunday at church. Everything you see in the photo is in hidden symbolism.

How to raise a child to be a winner

This is so much more behind the logic of this interesting article that explains how to raise your child to become a winner. If you have children, you must know what secret that makes a winner behind his/her soul purpose with universal gift hidden in their natal chart, to know what house, sign and planet to determine that applies to your child in a lifetime.

Seriously, CNN needs to hire an astrological journalist to consult the unconscious writers who have no clue what causes for the child to get shined on with fame and fortune? The authors Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman who wrote that book, may not confirm for every child with different natal charts. Children cannot be forced or trained being born with cosmic destiny. Its much easier to get a cosmic vision by using 12 signs of the zodiac on a child to recognize the characteristic traits in nature by observing on a spiritual plane, not on a physical plane itself alone is impossible to find the real cosmic answer. it leads to the logical conclusion that is impossible to find the ways of how to raise a child to be a winner.

130320122751-girl-swimmer-story-top(CNN) — Authors Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman have made a habit of slaying the sacred cows of parenting in their writing on child development. The pair made headlines two years ago in “NurtureShock” — their first book together — in which they criticized the way many parents choose to raise their children. Bronson and Merryman have just released their newest work, “Top Dog.” In two interviews, they shared some thoughts with me on strategies parents should follow to best ensure their offspring are (broadly defined) winners, not losers. I imagine many parents will find validation in their advice, while others may argue their definition of success is far too narrow. Please use the comment section below to discuss your take. How do you measure your child’s success?

Q: You say parents have a common misconception about their role raising children. Can you explain that?

Bronson: Parenting is not just about safety and security. It’s about expanding your child’s comfort zone. For example, a child needs to know he or she is safe, but after that, it’s OK for a parent to make their son or daughter feel unstable. Meaning, children have to get used to the frustration and jealousy that come from competition.

BL Rebuttal: Note, Im one of many thousand childern who are ADD sufferers and, at the same time, with very strong curiosity, can be a mental challange in school, doesn’t always follow their rules. I always behave as a rebel since birth. But in sad reailty, unconscious parents easily believe, trust in the traditional academic education system written by men. Once you understood your Universal Celestial language to acknowledge that “ADD or ADHD” sufferers are controlled by the planet Mercury which rules by Gemini, that also has been ruled with the respiration, the brain, and the entire nervous system.

Q: What do you mean exactly?

Merryman: We have placed too much focus on the importance of comforting children. There are still too many soccer teams that don’t keep score and give trophies to every player. Kids aren’t fooled when adults don’t keep score. They know exactly who got what goal and who missed.

BL Rebuttal: In essence, The physical plane as they observe it with their own limited of five senses done to their “in-the-box thinking” is not possible to explain. There are so much astrological teachings with the childern behavior in a human nature by the magnetic stars. Also,  Parents have become gendered obsessed in our society today, where it lacks of spiritual perception on this little young girl/boy that has a hidden certain spiritual Mars within her.his body.

Q: Why is competition so important?

Merryman: Research says what makes an individual successful is the development of agency. Agency is that inherent belief in yourself — the ability to have a vision and know you can go for it. The alternative is to look over your shoulder to get your friends’ approval.

Bronson: Healthy competition also teaches kids to stand up for themselves. They learn to be vocal. They learn to be comfortable getting attention. When they can be successful, competition also teaches children to circumvent the desire to quit. These are all precursors to what happens when they get older.

BL Rebuttal: Wherever your Martian’s spiritual warrior resides in your natal chart, you get automatically aggression to be motivated leader, competitive, fearless, courageous, or athletic in some sorts. Yes, children are born with martian nature, and it’s in the fire sign and masculine. Aries is attracted to dangerous endeavors related to dangerous sport. Many children are born under this sign. All due to their “daredevil” personality, Aries people are ‘doers’ rather than ‘talkers’. They are turbocharged, act first, not bother to ask or doubt. Leading with head is more recognized than any other sign of Zodiac, but your explaining leads to the logical conclusion that it is not possible to understand your child in first place.

Q: Not all children enjoy competition. Some kids shy away from it. What do you say to parents of these children?

Bronson: Parents can wire their children so they are ready to compete. One way is to make sure you never put your child in a competition they don’t have a fighting chance of winning.

Merryman: Competition is not just about athletics. Competition could be a science fair or a spelling bee. In any competition, parents can help their children by asking them the right, open-ended questions: Do you need to work harder next time? What could you have done to produce a different result? The most important lesson for parents is to encourage their children to work through challenges in a problem-solving way.

Bronson: Competition can also come from sibling rivalry.

BL Rebuttal: Seriously, those new generations really need real spiritual food to find their celestial identities to understand themselves better, they are so different than their parents, as much as yours today. Genius can be located in Uranus aspect if your spiritual achievement with such manifestation that leads to raise your child to be a winner.

Q: What does that mean, though, for only children? Are they at a disadvantage?

Bronson: The simple answer is yes.

BL Rebuttal: No, the truth is everyone are not created equal. Everyone have their own kind in the universal gifts, talents and abilities somewhere within with a cosmic purpose, a cosmic destiny.

Q: Is there anything parents of only children can do to counter the vacuum of not having a sibling to compete with at home?

Bronson: Parents of only children should focus on group play. Instead of having one kid over for a play date, have two, or four, or more. This doesn’t mean parents always have to approach play dates this way. It’s not a rule they have to follow. It’s simply important to know about. It’s a great way to supplement what may already be working in a family.

BL Rebuttal: Recognizing them in the children behavior, those issues within a child is to detect in the stars that would make a good use as a scanning tool for any behavioral troubles or social skills by using sports,and many more for an outlet.

Q: What are some of the gender differences you’ve discovered? What do parents of girls need to know?

Merryman: Girls tend to develop friendships in pairs and believe relationships are threatened when there are winners and losers. Because of this, girls tend to play games that encourage taking turns, that foster sharing, that encourage feeling equal to one another. It’s especially important for parents of girls to make sure their daughters have enough competition in their lives.

Bronson: Girls can also get competitive experiences just by playing in groups at home. Instead of having one girlfriend come over to play, invite a few.

BL Rebuttal: They havent discovered yet, still is unknown the power of mars resides in her daughter who is able to encourage to challenge one another. Understanding, Not all of them have same martian nature reside in their natal charts.

Q: What should parents know about their sons?

Merryman: Since boys grow up in groups, they live in an environment that automatically encourages competition and differences of opinion and ability. The challenge with boys is that they’re overconfident and they don’t pay attention to the likelihood of being successful. They ignore odds. Parents can help boys by teaching them to understand competition better — that often winning will only come from working hard, not just showing up.

BL Rebuttal: They are still clueless about the power of mars that resides in his son who is able to encourage that challenge to one another. Understanding, your son may not challenging due to Venus aspect that weighs in that makes him to attract the cooking in the kitchen or become an aritst.

Q: Finally, to raise a “Top Dog,” what’s the worst mistake a parent can make?

Merryman: Doing too much for your kid and protecting children from failure.

Bronson: Parents who think they’re helping their children by keeping them safe from losing may be inadvertently creating kids who are less capable of competing as adults. Parents must allow their children to fail. Children should be given the opportunity to connect the dots between winning and losing and that winning takes effort.

BL Rebuttal: Best thing to do is introduce to the true meaning of the stars and divine essence of the celestial. Teach your child what it means to be human being with own personal astrological make-up that applied to raise your child to be a winnter. 

The secret behind David Beckham

The reason Beckham has been a huge success of the field is the point to the fact that you must know what his stars brought the light to the secret that was given to him by the host of heaven as blessed. I will explain more starlight secret behind David Beckham that relates to his popularity, sportsmanship and disciplinary that lead by the stars based on his lucky natal chart. I had been doing numerous astrological readings, exposed by thousand of people such as the filmmakers, actors, musicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, educators and people from all walks of life. Naturally, there are several ways to investigate whether the celestial identifies are shown everything according to the stars. My vision is clearly capable to rise beyond the unconscious sports journalist, explaining on surface physically, pondering how to explain the secrets behind his successful european footballer and appealing image. Note, this Taurus soul, David Beckham faces the world as a Scorpio (sexy/wealth/power) while this Universal Dragon Scorpius in active is currently empowering his 7th house of public directing the exposure his highest-paid footballer in the world. Understanding, his 7th house of contact and relationship that recently joined Paris Saint-Germain on a five-month contract. His million dollars contracts are just manifestly cosmic consequence of his skills and attitude.

130319114953-beckham-psg-rich-list-horizontal-gallery(CNN) — David Beckham is the highest-paid soccer player in the world, according to prestigious magazine France Football.

David Robert Joseph Beckham, (born 2 May 1975) is an English footballer who currently plays for French Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain. He has played for Manchester United, Preston NorthEnd, Real Madrid, Milan, Los Angeles Galaxy and the England national team for which he holds the appearance record for an outfield player.

The Planet Jupiter(Lord of Luck) blessed him in an aggressive, energetic, and self-confident sign of Aries that helps David to succeed in his sport. Jupiter rules foreign lands, international and publishing when he became the Los Angeles Galaxy captain immediately upon joining the team before the move to America. Aries must be recognized himself with the power within where it easily drew thousands of foreign fans to watch him play on the field with a refreshing entry as the fans cheer on. Aries rules the energy of the first movement of spring and ready to be challenged as possible.

David Beckman’s natal Dragon’s Tail (karmic) is located in the dual sign of Gemini that leads or forces him in a variety of movements with a quick mental challenge. Gemini rules hands and arms, while in his Dragon’s Head in Sagittarius that rules wild, wide-open space with plenty of adventure to roam. Note, Sagittarius rules the hips and the thighs that makes him a good soccer (football) player. Archers represent the constant desire to aim for a score and the chance to shoot the “Robin Hood” stunt to win the game. He had scored much more goals in his career.

davidVenus rules the Beauty and Arts, the Constellation of Taurus

30 Sexy David Beckham Hairstyles

Please click above and you may see David Beckham with manifestation in growing a reputation for various kinds of stylish hairstyles, also modeling for fashion statements, and many consider him as a hairstyle icon. His natal Venus rules the beauty and the arts in the various, multiple personalities in the sign of Gemini that manifests his hairstyles as adaptable as to be recognized. Gemini rules the communication, magazine, radio, television,etc. there is no surprise for Beckham hairstyle and model documented everywhere in magazines and newspapers. He had done many experiments with his hair and all of them have been well inspired by his fans as well as the fashion guru where he has the financial blessing poured on him, and the fans must see his beauty nude in magazines that is something to acknowledge him for the blessing in the Venus world. Plus, his Aquarius Rising makes him look rebelliously fascinating, excited, and unique which it has manifestly huge part of this lucky man’s success.

Are Mental Illnesses Being Over Diagnosed?

Uranus rules the freedom and the expansion of awareness, anything that deals with the future of mankind will be in face to face. You are going to get a taste it by going so fast soon, as we are shutting down the Age of Pisces of the deception, the religion and the drugs. This age is nearly dying, moving towards into the Age of Aquarius. That is the new Age of future that speeds up to the light, but further, in transit of Neptune in Pisces that may bring more expansion and urgency of awareness in the pharmaceutical industry that produces more drugs. It will urgently bring questions about the mind, body, and spirit. Sad reality, People have become medicated-instituted in our society today, where it lacks of spiritual perception on human nature with hidden certain astrological factors within the mind/body.

120716123644-pills-drugs-in-man-s-hands-generic-story-top(CNN) — To ease the heartache of her first child’s stillbirth, Kelli Montgomery chose rigorous exercise, yoga and meditation over the antidepressants and sleeping pills that her physicians immediately suggested.”You need to be on this medication or that medication.’ It was shocking to me that that was the first line of defense,” said Montgomery, 42, director of the MISS Foundation for Grieving Families in Austin, Texas. “From the time I was in the hospital to when I was seeing my general practitioner, that’s what they were insisting on.”

This is the generation of ignorance, self centered people who would not invest their time and emotion on their families (parents and children) and expect somebody else to provide quick fixes. Plenty of unconscious people easily believe, put trust in archaic religious material or traditional academic education written by men. Once you understood your Universal Celestial language to acknowledge that “ADD or ADHD” sufferers are controlled by the planet Mercury which rules Gemini, that always has been ruled with the respiration, the brain, and the entire nervous system; small changes, big results in “traditional academic education” where it may have big impact on the group of psychiatrists, psychologists and clinical social workers from around the world to be realized the suffering of ADD or ADHD is not disorder. It’s a God’s gift.

Picture 1(CNN) – The American Psychiatric Association announced this month approved changes in its official guide to classifying mental illnesses. Among the major announced revisions to the manual, known as DSM-5, is that Asperger’s syndrome will now be included in the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder “to help more accurately and consistently diagnose children with autism,” the association said in a statement. But the group made another big change that did not make as many headlines, though it is considered by many to be important. The new DSM eliminates the term “gender identity disorder,” long considered stigmatizing by mental health specialists and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender activists. That old diagnosis meant that a man who believed he was destined to be a woman was considered mentally ill. No longer so. The new DSM refers to “gender dysphoria,” which focuses the attention on only those who feel distressed by their gender identity.

It is disappointing to see all of ignorance in mental health specialists posted with labeling the “gender dysphoria” there. Realized that this is another biggest change for everyone to be aware , related to these articles. Note knowing that life is a constant process of changes from “old knowledge” psychologists to “new knowledge” psychologists that the manifestation get replaced by universal understanding through the Old Age of Pisces to the New Age of Aquarius * Universal Awareness where it could change and remove the  world standard opinion on the homosexuality, meanwhile the Universal Scorpius Dragon is currently in full structure  with sexuality awareness, yet changing the facts is a full of restructure of science, but a long way to go for the “new school” psychologist to catch up with serious issues here where it lacks of universal celestial sign to comprehend what means to be gay. Note being transgendered is not a physical disorder, nor a mental disorder. Every signs have each feminine and masculine sides in everyone, either way with one with loaded of femininity or loaded of masculine in natal chart with hidden signs too. That is article based on the physical scientific perspective without spiritual astrological perspective.

Searching for God’s Creation?

Just like the government to throw a bone to unconscious scientist! don’t you think the government money should be spent in more productive ways such as educating the people. Seriously, spending billions of dollars on science is not worth it.

Scientifically, when they talk about the dark matter, couldnt continue all this time because there’s nothing left to say, and now they come up with a new research,  saying that everything that holds together that has to do with the dark matter. They call it the ‘god  creation’ particle because scientists couldn’t find the conclusive evidence  for a long time. Worse, the organized religions tend to slow down the movement or the advancement of science manifesting their purpose of controlling the masses without delivering more divine guidiance that should included a depth astrological divine tool. Where is cosmic consciousness in all past and future pope? Nothing happened for over 2,000 years to deliver this valuable, ancient spiritual knowledge. This deceptive archaic system altered the teachings into controlled religion practice, has long oppressed the truth of astrology knowledge.

so they can use $10 billion of taxpayer money to make an excuse on discoveries around light particles to call it as  “god creation” that manifests.  they don’t dig into the universal structure or universal astrological where you start to point to the universal astrological mechanics, people will come with realization or awakening to find that they are going to get a lot of answers through the astrology, especially what it means to be human through the stars energies. For your record, We are  behind, but the future of children will intellectually discover  much more advanced than our times. We need to invest in our future, our children, and our quality of life before we rebuild our spiritual education system to provide educational access astrologically.

120704114742-higgs-boson-4-horizontal-gallery(CNN) — Just in time for Albert Einstein’s birthday Thursday, scientists delivered exciting news about how the universe works. Last summer, physicists announced that they had identified a particle with characteristics of the elusive Higgs boson, the so-called “God particle.” But, as often the case in science, they needed to do more research to be more certain.

It’s not time for Albert Einstein’s birthday. It’s time for everyone to pay attention to Einstein’s quote on Astrology.  Supposed to deliver the cosmic news more often related to how does astrology work. “Ask and you shall receive” then you will enter the golden door right there, asking questions with answers. Learn from this divine language that will lead and build on your cosmic consciousness.

“Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things, and I am greatly indebted to it. Geophysical evidence reveals the power of the stars and the planets in relation to the terrestrial. In turn, astrology reinforces this power to some extent. This is why astrology is like a life-giving elixir to mankind.” ~ Albert Einstein

They still have a long way to go to know how the universal astrological mechanics are at work, the stars operating with its magnetic energies. Worse, Every single pope in the last 2000 years, kept denying to admit with the awareness of astrology, and refused to allow the public to look into the astrology library in the Vatican due to ‘Illuminati’ religion that isn’t trained to  people how to translate or read the stars properly, doesn’t mean nothing has happened until you completely understand the secret of the stars.

The Power of Mars

There are so much astrological teachings what it means to be human being in a human nature. Sad reality, People have become gendered obsessed in our society today, where it lacks of spiritual perception on this little young girl that has a hidden certain spiritual Mars within her body. The Planet Mars rules Lord of War, aggressive energy, action, and desire that rules under the impatient sign of Aries. I wish i knew her DOB where I could expose her to explain what makes her with a soul purpose to become a football player. Too much teaching, not enough learning. Sad enough, we have busy lives to be distracted ..Too many Talking heads out there…

130213123157-caroline-top-story-topPhiladelphia (CNN) — Caroline Pla just won her fight to get back on the field. Pla has been playing football since kindergarten, and for the past two years, the 11-year-old has been holding her own on the gridiron. Her playing time with the Catholic Youth Organization ended after last season when the Archdiocese of Philadelphia enforced its “boys only” policy for football, sidelining the All-Star guard and defensive end.

We must recognized as great shift in consciousness, adapted from the the dying age of Pisces that is no longer served in the current cosmic circumstances we live in. Also, the universal Aquarius is speedily transforming, impacting with our modern way of life. I totally understand the morality to take on equity for the human rights, but realized that the humans are also zodiac animals of signature that downloaded into femininity and masculinity. This universal instinct is established in us, just as we have natural instincts that bond us to our children of the stars. As it would be unfair to take children from unconscious parents, due to the suffering caused by the victimization of education and science in human nature, lacking of spiritual material at school. We must also consider the human nature and weigh the harm going against it, will cause into our decisions. Gender confusion is causing a lot of confusion in our society as it runs counter to our instincts. Seriously note, How many people knew about the planet Mars that actually resides in people’s physical plane, such like this? Many are clueless with cosmic consequence since birth on the earth.

Community_ChristmasAbbot_floater2Christmas Abbott is the first female member of a NASCAR pit crew. Erin Burnett reports

Again, I wish I knew her DOB where I could detect to explain what makes her with a soul purpose to become the first female member of a NASCAER pit crew.

Characteristics For Those Born In April


Mars rules spiritual warrior, aggressive, impatient sign of Aries and controlled by the month of April. Aries souls are born as motivated leaders, competitive, fearless, courageous outlook, athletic. Aries is the fire sign and Masculine. Aries is attracted to dangerous endeavors, sports or work related to Uncle Sam, Navy or Fire Fighter. Many famous sports people are born under this sign. All due to their “daredevil” personality, Aries people are ‘doers’ rather than ‘talkers’. They are turbocharged, act first, not bother to ask or doubt. Leading with head is more recognized than any other sign of Zodiac. That’s why their lives are frequently filled with drama, explosive, accident-prone. You are the zodiac’s most warrior sign, so you need learn to be patience, tolerance with diplomacy if you respect the Universal Law based on the Moon’s fluctuations to avoid the negative lunation. Soul born with the natal Dragon’s head can drive Aries to Leader and Warrior approach, but the location of your natal Dragons Head or Tail will seriously alter the strengths or weakness of Mars in your chart.

I mentioned it two years ago that Mo Isom did not make it for LSU football team, but her pursuit has become the second female player in major college. “I’m just fearless,” she tells HLN’s Vinnie Politan. “I’m just a powerful female and I want to go give it a shot.” Of course, Sun(fame) and Mars (aggresive) in Scorpio(fearless) making her passionate and fearless to play for LSU Football. Three Planets Conjunct in Capricorn making her desirable to achieve and accomplish. Note, She was born with Dragon Head/Tail’s Aquarius/Leo- she wants to be famous or a leader. She is the one who tries to break through the crust of a male dominated sport on her own merrit.

Mo Isom (born 10/25/1989)

Her natal chart resides together under this powerful conjunction between the Sun and Mars is the planet of courage and aggression that make her adventure, learning, and growth in sports where she needs a sense of freedom. She wants to make clear that “It’s not a gender issue”. She made a blog post about gender and masculinity issues in sport, since she hope LSU decision to put her on the team is based on her skills, not her gender. Her Venus in Sagittarius(fire sign) rules as a wild horse which it means she loves to travel, so is running, jogging, hiking and trying to new things, new experiences, getting out and experiencing something new- such as football.

Katie Hnida (born May 17, 1981)

Former Colorado and New Mexico kicker Katie Hnida is the only female to ever attempt a kick during a major college football game. Note, she’s sharing the same fate Sun conjuncted the planet Mars and Dragon Head/Tail’s Aquarius/Leo with Mo Lsom. Amazing. This is no accident!

The New World Pope

This is no accident to elect the new pope this week during the new moon in pisces/aries. We are currently in the month of March- Pisces. Pope Francis bows to the crowd from the central balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican on March 13, 2013. Pisces rules religious/illusion/church/drug/hospital. Pisces ruled/deceived by Neptune, the Lord of the Seas

Was the election of Pope based on public’s choice? No, That’s why the pope election has kept secret while the process in election was under the control religiously…and political purpose. All about the Neptunian energy that vibrates, how can we be drawn to religious energy something you can’t see or smell. Vatican had elected new Pope from Argentina for first time in History that its church has selected a Latino from outside of Europe. Just first one ever, more than 1,200 years which has a reason behind it in needing to change in order to survive the Catholicism, in either new direction for better or worse. Apparently, The Catholic Church knew which population to target and trap the simple minded, gullible and ignorant public to stay devoted to the Church. Most of these are to be found in the Third World countries, where the Catholic Church is making most of its gains through them. Its outdated religious control system has the opposition to effective birth control methods, which means that the Catholic Church is responsible for much of the world’s poverty, overpopulated communities and misery out in worldwide. This controlled policy is not just irresponsible, but a crime against the humanity.

Seriously note, How many people knew about the planet mercury retograde that actually messed up the people’s agenda, such like this? many are clueless. how can it set up for election of Pope, closest energy to mercury retograde in that time frame. it is something that must pay attention or must feel something off. Supposed, it is Pope’s duty to his people, as he would spread some divine message from above the stars(mercury retograde) to avoid the victimization of the stars…None, he won’t share the secret, but trained to get fixed on religion practice dutifully. Ask yourself, where is the Pope’s divine guide? What has made this world so chaotic and dangerous? Why is that, is because you’re following the archaic religious materials, or to choose and follow divine celesital’s signs above the stars? Pope’s divine guide should included a depth astrological divine tools…nothing happened for over 2,000 years to deliver this valuable and ancient spiritual knowledge. This deceptive archaic system altered the teachings into controlled religion practice, oppressed the truth of astrology teaching… Shame on you, Catholic Church…

You won’t be taught this in Sunday school!



This is negative mercury energy during a short time period, that will mess up the communication system, also will affect with driving, delaying, strike, natural disaster, weather disasters, including hurricanes and tornadoes. It would cancel thousands of flights, also some electricity would be cut off, so would the communication system such as computer, internet, telephone and transportation.

Predicted- Feb 17, 2013- March 24, 2013.

1 dead, 600,000 without power from ongoing blizzard

Snowstorm loses steam, but still packs a punch from Missouri to Maine

30-vehicle accident, bad weather cause highway’s closure in Colorado

Heavy snow claims eight lives in northern Japan

Chicago sets snowfall record as mid-Atlantic braces

FAA says 173 air traffic control towers will close on April 7

‘Snowquester’ shuts down Washington, snarls air travel


Vatican Pope

Jorge is one of Neptunian popes that he elected a new pope today. Jorge Bergoglio was born on December 17, 1936- He may be riding his dragon head(religion), but the dragon tail concerns me. Most dragon tail Gemini’s lead a double secret life and don’t often tell the truth. So it will be interesting to see how that may play out. Also Gemini rules the lungs, so it is no surprise that he has only one lung! The power of his Dragon Head in Sagittarius and Sun in Sagittarius is the Jupiter, are often religious and philosophical, with a strong sense of law and truth.

Mercury and Jupiter in Capricorn is very strong earthy element/energy in him where that lacks of intuition and, is more concerned with archaic religious material. Blessing planet gives him the opportunity to climb the ladder of success to get to a higher position(pope). Moon/Venus in Aquarius makes him to embrace the people, but his Saturn rules the fear in the sign of Pisces, he has to follow what his beliefs that gets him to talk about archaic religious material at work where it opposition to Neptune(religious) in sign of religious perfectionist freaks virgo. His Pluto (power) in Cancer generation have great instincts and with a strong sense of family, home and sercuity.

Note The Vatican has the largest secret library of a collection in Astrology/Astronomy books of any place on planet, but Vatican Religion kept denied that for a long time and refused to allow the public to look in the astrology library in the Vatican due to ‘Illuminati’ religion that aren’t trained to the people how to translate or read the stars properly, doesn’t mean nothing has happened until you understand completely how the secret of stars operate of its magnetic energies. Vatican is the largest global organized crime network continuation of the Roman Empire by hijacking and manipulating the religion for their agenda politically.

Moon in Pisces

Pisces rules seas, oil or chemical spills, frequently made many accidents. Supposed you take the cruise during the waning moon, you may have to pay your mistake. so wait until the sight of a new moon.

Hong Kong (CNN) — At least 2,800 dead pigs have been fished from a Shanghai river since Friday, but authorities insist that tap water in the city is still safe to drink.


The Big Island, Hawaii (CNN) — Your first view of Kamilo Beach on Hawaii’s Big Island is of majestic rock, postcard-worthy waves and miles of uninhabited beach. But look closer at the sand and you see specks of blue, yellow and white plastic.







MARCH 10,11,12,13,14:
RULERS – Pisces (imagination), Aries (aggressive/explosive)

Use your Neptune’s creative power upon your work. Don’t think negative and be depressed. Be accepting with the critical feedback from your boss or coworker. Don’t go against your boss. Keep your head up and move on. Don’t be deceiving to someone’s question, pretending to understand. Keep talking and questioning before you start. Only two drinks a max. Don’t bring up the painful past. Watch Titanic movie and enjoy romantic moment. Don’t be deceiving to any strangers and be smart and wary, giving answer to the question and walk away. Don’t feel guilty for no reason and you need to gain self-respect before you start. Don’t drink and drive. Neptune rules drinking, depression, and drugs. you need to keep head up and talk/think positively. Drive safe and follow the rules on the road. You need to help your depressed friend to cheer up with humor. Be creative. Pisces rules seas, oil or chemical spills were frequently made many accidents if you take the cruise during the waning moon, or you have to pay your mistake. so wait until the sight of a new moon. Expect the religion or government that may make announcement plans to sell off oil and gas leases or gain the prices.

Universal Precaution: Aries aggressive nature may decide to stir nature’s destructive and man-made explosion or an earthquake and many accidents out there, one of these examples.

Justin Bieber’s reckless week

Stunned by the ignorance and stupidity apparently found in so many of these journalists who kept talking about Justin Biebers. Please seriously, CNN need to hire some astrological journalists to consult, the unconsciousness writers have no clue what had caused a bad week for Justin experiencing in London, unexpectedly attacking on the paparazzi reporters.

The U.S. is now populated with uneducated, self-absorbed idiots whose primary concerns with what would be next drama story. You may not aware that the Mercury retrograde has already produced these disoriented energies on that week in London. Let me explain that later.

But, seriously, this is very important to have this awareness in astrology to be able to notice in his natal chart of how and why he became incredibly talented songwriter and performer. Note, He born on March 1, 1994. Here is an explanation on what his induced mission was meant to be and what his legacy will be. — Justin Bieber has had a rough week. After celebrating his “worst birthday” on March 1 and angering concertgoers at London’s O2 Arena on Monday when he was late to the stage, the pop singer had to take a break from his concert on Thursday to receive “oxygen and treatment backstage,” his representative said.

Of course, mercury retrograde rules misdirected and/or delayed, along with waning Moon(negative) that was affected on his life during on that rough week. He blamed the lateness on “technical issues” and suffered with his breathing difficulties, worn out to show up to sing and perform in live concert. Feeling frustrated and stressed is where his bodyguard kept him from doing something stupid by beating up the photographer. Bieber can only become a victim if he either ignores or refuses to acknowledge of the current Scorpius Draconus and Pluto in Scorpio sitting in his own chart!
All he can do is ask and receive by the light of the stars for a divine awareness.

Justin Bieber fans outraged by late show in London

Justin Bieber at concert in London took place after Full MOON (negative) which resulted negative. He appeared onto the stage nearly two hours late. Unconscious fans of Justin Bieber got outrage, emotionally devastated because they had no clue about following(respect) the moon phases schedule to avoid the troubles.

Ticketholders are recommended to purchase and show up at the concert during the new moon. that’s why many young fans were taken home by angry parents before Bieber finally appeared late. Realized that the mercury retrograde was controlled everything from above. The problem is that Bieber’s manager,Scooter Braun,and the fans lacked the knowledge of astrology.

If you got the plans withOUT God’s Celestial cautions with awareness, it is a big mistake of ignorance that will cost or risk you emotion, mental, money and life. It may look or sound impossible, but this magnetic energy of mercury retrograde can do anything possible to screws up your original plan.
Come think of this, Look at the ocean tides with the ebbing and flowing, controlled by magnetic energy of the Moon, which means every planets in solar(zodiac) system of its own kind have the energies to affect, trigger, control.

Let me translate that language of the stars via his natal chart for you….

Sun in Pisces (1)- He was an incredibly talented songwriter, artistic and performer, but on the negative note, being born under Neptune’s deceiving influence religious fanatics. He would sacrifice his life if he want to or fall in alcohol, legal/illegal drugs where he need to be cautious this weakness area.

Moon in Libra (8)- The moon governs the emotion and Libra rules relationship contacts where he has involved into the music industry with his best networking such fans. He also shared his stage with some extremely talented people and fans whom he respected both professional and friendship but Moon in 8th house of death, sex, drama, intense emotion, destruction where he needs to be caution before any unconscious attack acts onto other people or relationship.

Mercury in Aquarius (12)- Mercury’s location in the sign of Aquarius that means giving more force to the voice, direct and outspoken. He may attract to astrology / metaphysics / Ufo, learn about the stars unless pick up a book and learn something new. His mental processing are often very original and his ideas may be ahead of his time. For example, He just gave his fans a very unsettling Christmas surprise – the pop star announced retirement in a tweet but in reality he is not. Aquarius rules breakthrough and rebellious.

Venus in Pisces (1)- Venus commands love and Pisces rules very artistic and romantic as well as understanding and compassionate. Pisces rules secret and subconscious, not many know his hidden motive romantic with other women.

Mars in Aquarius (12) – Mars is the warrior, was known the Lord of war in Greek mythology, in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius rules freedom and group oriented that applied to social networking site, twitter/ instagram  has become flooded with both positive and negative tweets about Justin Bieber’s dramatic, but found his hidden Pisces where easily to get legal/illegal drugs through the friends, but he will be involved with humanitarian projects successful.

Jupiter in Scorpio (9)- Jupiter rules truth seeker and the religious values in Justin Bieber. Scorpio rules the sign of death and regeneration where his intense and uncompromising religious beliefs, but he may be curious such as into exploring or investigating about everything related to suspicious, and mysterious of life. He may be narrow-mindedness and impose his view on others’ opinion.

Saturn in Pisces (1)- Saturn rules depression and may be take over his spiritual freedom. He needs to swim up to the light of the sea who can see very clear upwards than stuck with reality in murky blurry area.

Uranus in Capricorn (11)- Uranus rules computers and high technology, unique ways to build, organize, or do business. He may be genius with numbers, practical, and organization.

Neptune in Capricorn (11)- Neptune rules music industry while Capricorn rules practical, down to earth, hard working and promote himself to successful position in life. He was not only an incredibly talented songwriter and performer, but he had to work for the success (including supporting himself as a young adult with jobs outside the music industry).

Pluto in Scorpio (9) –  Pluto rules power and seems like he’s having a lot of trouble lately. He wasn’t mature enough to handle that overnight. Scorpio rules the night and the dark side, therefore all the nightclubs, drugs and sex in international foreign land.

Dragon Head(lucky/growth) in Scorpio in 9th house of international foreign land when Universal Dragon is currently empowering his 9th house regulating the exposure in London.

Dragon Tail (negative) in Taurus in 3th house of transportation/speed where it needs to be cautious with paparazzi incidents. Bieber’s reckless driving reportedly at the speed of over 100 miles per hour.  Bieber claimed he had attempted to lose a team of photographers who followed him. Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine called the incident a “very dangerous, chaotic situation”, and called Bieber’s driving “careless” and “reckless”. It may cost him fortunate in possessions and finances if that continues breaking the law.