Murder of Malcolm X’s Grandson

The stars of tragedies seems to follow this family of generations, Firstly, Malcolm X’s father was killed by the white supremacists, then Malcolm X was assassinated by racism group, again, Malcolm X’s grandson was tragically killed at the wrong place and time through the  rage fight. This is a young man who did not realize of his full potential risk in his future of misfortune.

Malcolm Shabazz, a grandson of Malcolm X, who was born with a very deadly poisonous natal chart where it follows his deadly fate that ends with a doomed-life. Yes, His life was doomed, like many other young men, for example, Tsarnaev brothers who were willing to die in the name of  Islam. The effects of the Age of Pisces have been poisoning the children’s minds,  raising the matter with their own religious deception parents have failed(Malcolm X generation).  As a result, the organized religions don’t give it a chance in raising the awareness of  the Divine’s celestial rules to help in recognizing oneself, feel immediately connected with highly spiritual cosmic language with 12 signs in zodiac of the universe,  in order to gain a better understanding with the human mind/behavior clearly as crystal.

A $1,200 bar tab bill ? What were they drinking? Wait a minute. Muslims don’t drink alcohol. Yes, the deadly Neptune took his life without realizing how serious it can affect his life. Can you see the spirit, the signs and the stars all over? And of course, you would really like to know what was happening with the money issue that was supposed to be paid for his drinks. They could have been saying things about him, around him, smiling in his face, but at the same time plotting against him – not a conspiracy theory,  folks – a cosmic reality due to dangerous cosmic behavior.

Malcolm Lateef Shabazz(October 8, 1984 – May 9, 2013) was the son of Qubilah Shabazz, the second daughter of Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz. He was the first male descendant of Malcolm X. In 1997, when he was 12 years old, Shabazz set fire to the apartment of his grandmother, Betty Shabazz, caused her death.

You know how it is going of a dark side in Mexico City where it’s filled of strip clubs, brothels. Walked into a place, helped himself to plenty of boozes, drugs and prostitutes.  Then the bill came. $1200, por favor. Resisted to pay,  ran his mouth to the wrong people got beaten up, and killed by the gangs. What he doesn’t know about himself is that he was born with Moon in an illusion/deception/drugs/jail sign of Pisces. He had no control himself without natal chat guide to avoid the “addictive illness”-  harmful as drugs or alcohol, they too can be abused or ended up becoming deadly religious extremists. Worse part is that he was born with Pluto generation in deadly Scorpio where a conjunction with Saturn(fear), Venus(vain), and Dragon Tail(karma) in deadly Scorpio right into 2nd house of money in his natal chart. That’s weakest cosmic in him when it comes to with money issues. Keep in mind, Scorpio is famous for destructive, drama and death where he got  snapped out at the wrong place and wrong time.


(CNN) — Two bartenders have been arrested in connection with the killing of the grandson of civil rights activist Malcolm X, according to the office of the Mexico City attorney general.

Prosecutor Rodolfo Fernando Rios Garza said the men work at a bar called The Palace Club where Malcolm Shabazz and three people had drinks early Thursday.

An argument ensued when the staff said the bill was $1,200. Shabazz was beaten while another man was threatened and stripped of his belongings, Rios said.

Shabazz, 29, was transported to Balbuena General Hospital, where he died of his injuries later Thursday morning, police spokesman Octavio Campos said Friday. The attorney general’s office said his injuries were caused by a blunt object and included brain trauma and several broken bones.

Prosecutors said there was no video of the killing because several cameras had been moved and others appeared to have been turned to face a wall.

Police are looking into the actions of other people that night, the attorney general’s office said.

The incident took place at Plaza Garibaldi, a rough but famous patch of Mexico City known for its mariachis.

“To all who knew him, he offered kindness, encouragement and hope for a better tomorrow,” the Shabazz family said in a statement Friday. “Although his bright light and boundless potential are gone from this life, we are grateful that he now rests in peace in the arms of his grandparents and the safety of God.”

A U.S. State Department spokeswoman was aware that a U.S. citizen had died in Mexico but declined to comment further.

“I was saddened, stunned, shocked, to read about the murder of young Malcolm,” former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney said. The former lawmaker had taken Shabazz under her wing, and he had traveled with her to Libya.

“Many of my closest associates have personal memories of their time with him and of his efforts to reach out to them for help,” McKinney said. “He was writing a book.”

In 1997, Shabazz — then 12 years old — was convicted of the juvenile equivalent of second-degree manslaughter and second-degree arson for setting the fire that killed his grandmother, Betty Shabazz, in June of that year. During his sentencing, a psychologist described him as a chronic fire-starter and a paranoid schizophrenic.

Mayan pyramid destroyed in Belize

Mayan pyramid destroyed in Belize?  How incredibly unconscious! To them, it means nothing and not worthy of preservation for history with the ancient writings as a source of temple of the sun and moon based on Mayans calendar calculations. They were the masters in studying of the sun, moon and planets and most other resources related to the nature as a cycle of life.

Some private company operating in Belize, is clearly ignorant and lost in touch of spiritual  history,  like most of the atheists, agnostics and skeptics. They don’t give the chance in raising the awareness with celestial rules or 12 signs of zodiac of the universe. Ancient Mayan is a part of cosmic consciousness in their ancient history. Unfortunately, the importance of these sacred ruins are not respected. Much of its history was destroyed as a result of pillaging wars. As a result, the valuable information on the origins was lost due to power greedy souls.

These structures are protected by the government but as result of the law violation. Completely ignorant & arrogant in the name of money, it is a shame. Lack of policing and support to protect the ruins, but the greedy businessmen will continue to destroy for a personal profit. What Belize doesn’t realize is that the country can make long-term profit from the heritage tourism than they ever could get from a simple road project. It’s a shame that the developers in Belize choose to destroy the ancient structures, instead of research more about Mayan Pyramid/culture related to a variation of astrology. If you don’t know your ancient history/writing (applies to ancient cultures), you won’t know how your ancient origins get to where you are today nor in the future.

130514115710-noh-mul-story-top(CNN) — A Mayan pyramid that has stood for 2,300 years in Belize has been reduced to rubble, apparently to make fill for roads. Local media in the Central American country of 334,000 people report the temple at the Noh Mul site in northern Belize was largely torn down by backhoes and bulldozers last week.

“This is one of the worst that I have seen in my entire 25 years of archaeology in Belize,” John Morris, an archaeologist with the country’s Institute of Archaeology, told local channel 7NewsBelize. “We can’t salvage what has happened out here — it is an incredible display of ignorance.”

The institute’s director, Jaime Awe, called the destruction “one of the worse set of blows I have felt philosophically and professionally.” “What happened there is both deplorable and unforgivable,” Awe told News5 in Belize. Though the pyramid was grown over with trees and brush, there could be no mistaking what it was, Morris said.

“There is no way that one can say that they did not know. Even for you guys as laypeople can look and you’ll see the building,” 7NewsBelize quoted Morris as saying.

The pyramid was the center of a settlement of about 40,000 people and 81 buildings over 12 square miles, according to 7NewsBelize. It stood about 65 feet tall and was built around 250 B.C. with hand-cut limestone bricks, archaeologists said.

The limestone is quality material used to upgrade local roads, and it’s prized by contractors, local opposition legislator John Briceno told CTV3 News.

“The Mayas use good material to build their temples, and these temples are close to (the village of) Douglas so that means that they have to use less diesel, less wear and tear; they can do more trips per day, and at the end of the day they can make more money,” CTV3 quotes Briceno as saying. And there was plenty of the material in Noh Mul.

“Like a huge palace or building or a huge temple, it would have had many rooms in there, multilayered rooms so you have rooms for people living, and you would also had several tombs in there of the people who lived in this area here,” Morris told 7NewsBelize.

Awe said archaeologists would try to go through the rubble for artifacts. “I’m hoping that there will be bits and pieces that we can acquire from any kind of work that we do there. But to say that we can try to preserve the building anymore; that is impossible,” he told News5.

The mound sits on private land, and archaeologists said they would ask police to take action against both the landowner and contractor, according to reports.

“It is against the law; it is against the nature act to willfully destroy an ancient monument,” Awe told News5. “Any willful destruction of an ancient site or monument has penalties of 10 years’ imprisonment or $10,000 for this kind of destruction.”

Work at the site stopped when the archaeologists were alerted to it, but the site’s scientific value has been severely compromised, they said.

Its value will now be as something else, Moore told 7NewsBelize. “It’s a monument of ignorance, and unfortunately that’s the way it is,” he told the station. “Now we will probably have to look at this and say that it is a good example of what not to do.”

Ariel Castro Cold Blooded: Cleveland Kidnapping

What Ariel Castro did to these three young girls in his house, is really beyond disgusting, sick man with a disturbing behavior. This perverted monster that ‘robbed’ the souls of these beautiful young girls, their horror experience of their lives for the past 10 years would be too painful to hear.

There is a connection with these criminal acts hidden of ‘bad stars’ based on astrological explanation, clearly according as an example with Greek mythology with the dynamics at universe work with this major character, Plutonic. I truly wish my explanation here will go towards to FBI, Cleveland Police Detective Jennifer Ciaccia, psychiatrist and victim’s parents that science of astrology will seek the meaning and interpretation of the stars that applies to his “monster” Plutonic behavior under influences of the stars.

In Greek mythology, Hades (the “unseen”) the King of the Underworld. The sculpture Pluto and Prosperina, are better known as ” The Abduction of Proserpina”.  In this original Greek mythology sculpture,  Plutonic grabs Persephone’s thigh, this is the same act of abduction of Ariel Castor to these three young women(Persephone). This is another Hades act of cosmic inside of Ariel acting out. Not all Cancer signs go bad, unless wherever “Hades” resides in your natal chart, the incidents of drama, death, police and sex could enter your life that touches your scorpio to sting. This is similar with these criminal Cancers,Casey Anthony, OJ Simpson and Jodi Arias‘s DOB with that kind of “Hades” energies according to Greek literature/mythology where it locates to the house of love, romantic and children.
e-bernini_proserpinaBut, keeping the jury ignorant outside of God’s celestial rules, believing the lies and twists without the cosmic evidences with the “hidden stars”. Obivously, too much of  circumstantial chaos in evidence to convict for any criminal activities like this situation. Once you understood the work of astrology, it makes the case easier to process into the universal level than to investigate on surface. This example of a story from an ancient Greek mythology where it has ancient greek myth stories were mostly based on astrology in an abstract way.  People are not aware about Greek mythology, where this cosmic education is right in there. People need to realize this “Hades” type of behavior exists in our society of the past, present and future. We need to try to understand how something like this could happen again and again in “Hades” children of future. We can improve or prevent our crime statistics to reduction. The main problem is that the systems of academic, science, governmental, judicial, law enforcement, psychological needs a serious reform to clear up the chaos.
castro_house_suspect_130508_620x350(CNN) — Ariel Castro maintained his home as a prison for three young women, holding them in seclusion and sexually assaulting them for his own pleasure, a Cuyahoga County, Ohio, prosecutor told a judge Thursday.

ariel castroIf you truly try to understand the mind of a man like Ariel Castro, Here is the example…

Sun 17Can44 (1) House of self- That position gives him a nurturing concerned with issues of security and survival area that seem feeding them a long time.
Moon 04Aqu35 (8) House of sex/secret/drama where he becomes the power of controlling their emotions. Moon rules home, domestic activities and emotion response to life where it’s located the weird/odd/abnormal sign of Aquarius hidden in the house of sex/secret that I previously clearly explained about the sculpture of Pluto and Prosperina in the picture above. Note, that picture speaks itself where it is much needed for a spiritual insight of the hidden stars in  literature, according to the written in the stars to explain how it has happened like this and why did he becomes “Monster”?
Mercury 28Can41 (1) House of self- feeling somewhat mentally insecure and interested in domestic activities with young women of sex instinct/addiction through triggers(Pluto in 3rd house).
Venus 22Can31 (1) House of self- Venus rules love while enjoys dining and wining and a cozy evening at home with close young women.
Mars 14Tau06 (11) House of friends- Mars rules aggression, action and desire. Taurus, the sign of practical, stable, resourceful, and reliable. His excellent stabilizing influence giving him much creativity and ability to control woman’s mentally and emotionally in order to obey his sexual physically where his possession skills or confidence simply use his wishes to come true.
Jupiter 18Sag26 (6) work/service to others- His subconsciously moral reasoning is not kill these three young women. Jupiter rules moral values, ethical and religion where it is  located in the higher education of Sagittarius. His subconsciously teachings in disciplining them to listen to his manipulating words, not to escape from him, sort of preaching them.
Saturn 56Cap14 (7) partners- When Saturn is in its own sign Capricorn, Saturn rules limitation, fear, restriction, structure where  he becomes coldblooded in performance and manipulation. He feels no love about himself. He need partners for a relationship.
Uranus 19Leo18 (2)- house of self esteem- Uranus rules weird/odd/abnormal while Leo rules love, romantic and children. He spends his money, especially if his love is going to be at risk as a result of get exposed to light upon children and love.
Neptune 23Sco06 (5) House of love- He’s fascinated by sex, death, and occult subjects, and sex experiments of the young girls. Neptune rules deception and addiction where it is located in the sex/secret sign of Scorpio.
Pluto 19Vir04 (3) House of mental processing- He seeks woman of purity, naive feminine, and perfection and will go to extreme measures to reach it.

DH in 18Vir37 (9)- religions/higher education- Purity/Cleanness Dragon and Pluto- the interaction between these two energies influences him to attract young women with fresh healthy skin and body. Keep in mind, Pluto rules kidnapping/secret/sex while in his  3rd house of dual mind. He can bounce around from one woman to another with woman then go on and go on. He often get a restless nature and want to move.
DT in 18Pis37 (3)- Mind  He clearly distances from everyone and his own family. That explains how deep was the ocean where his mind sunk of Neptune. Pretty long term sinking deep sea where he is stuck with young women. Neptune rules addiction, drugs and chemical.

At the point, simply saying that this is useful information on those cosmic knowledge to see the true colors. That could apply to Jodi Arias Trial and the past of Casey Anthony, OJ Simpson and more.

Unlocking crime using biological keys?

This worse CNN article ever gets a zero-star rating, it is pretty much UN-intelligent and disinformation piece in the opinion section of CNN of all time. Neurological and genetic factors alone may be out of question. Using the astrological keys to unlock the brain dysfunction of the  “bad stars” is much advanced. “Bad stars” are just as much as any crimes to determine what functions within the twelve celestial bodies in the heaven. Please do realize that you are more than just bones, blood, brain and flesh. These studies do NOT prove alone that the kids are just born that way, except the only way to prove through the written stars directly. Universal’s written by the lights have already planned for your child’s life predictably.

Testing with the first three years of a child’s life without ‘astrological contract’ does not verify completely. All Neurological experts can do is to find the conditions to provide the explanations by scanning and using the biological keys on the brains with only surface physically, but just a deception information. Scanning the natal universal chart is the best way to detect directly, than researching to the bones. I will explain how to use the stars keys, mapping the ‘universe astrological brain’.

130502174024-the-anatomy-of-violence-adrian-raine-sanjay-gupta-sgmd-00013012-story-topEditor’s note: Adrian Raine is the Richard Perry University Professor of criminology, psychiatry and psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and a leading authority on the biology of violence. He left his financial career and spent four years as a prison psychologist to understand why some individuals become violent psychopaths while others do not.

Most violent crimes are common under the influences of planets in Mars and Pluto. Mars already resides in everyone’s natal charts, just the same concept as the animal instinct for aggression, survival and sexual driven since birth. Humans’ behavior are like animals caused by negative triggers through the astrological energies in response that increases their chances of higher risk.

Using drugs is a motivated social behavior with the chemical effects through the planet of Neptune, tend fall into alcohol or drugs. Some people are born with the “criminal genes” or “drug addict genes” based on their aspects in the natal charts.  Ignorant people with “crime-phobic” prevent them from a better understanding in astrological human nature with ‘bad cosmic energies’. It is essential to learn about how to unlock the astrological keys for more direct information in the brain dysfunction that cause crimes, not the genes alone.  If you want an advanced spiritual transformation beyond the science,  then do study and invest in this ancient metaphysical of astrology to gain this essential knowledge that helps to raise the awareness all around you for life. Once you understood the work of astrology, makes it easier to process into the universal level than to investigate on surface. Yet, the government and religion automatically find  ” this is just a jumble of pseudo-scientific garbage” about astrology.  Those devoted religious people are not ready to face the divine truth unless they use free-thinking to research to find the truth about astrology in history, to realize that there are so much to recognize through the astrological energies in people, animals, nature, weather and beyond. As for the government,it has been ignored , most focused on profit and power.

(CNN) — The killings we’ve seen at a Connecticut elementary school, and more recently at the Boston Marathon, are fortunately rare events.Mass killings have remained at a stable level for the past two decades. But they are just the tip of a chilling violence iceberg that has titanic financial and social costs to society. More such occurrences are always around the corner. So why, despite our best social efforts, have we systematically failed to melt that malevolent iceberg? In my book “The Anatomy of Violence,” I argue that the answer goes well beyond gun control and is hidden away below most people’s radar screen. The true culprit is bad biology.Bad brains result in bad behavior.

astrological brain


My main concern about spiritual transformation in need as fulfillment for educated “experts” to use the universal background check in the research. To realize that the psychology field alone is so complex, lack of metaphysical teaching of astrology, that takes a long way in research to the max where it eventually would be not worth to dig further for solutions or find cheap shortcut to toxic mental medications. Even the author of his book, acknowledges that the study of  brain scan is a remarkably discovery of a serial killer that too applies to poor cosmic aspects in the brain. Brutally, he has lowest level knowledge in spiritual,  not capable to go beyond the advanced universal knowledge.  His research has nowhere to explain in one direction while his work would not help to verify the truth. It is a very complex mix of factors. Do check my article about how the bombers who blasted up the standby innocent people at the Boston Marathon where I can pinpoint and explain more depth in those brothers and the energies in the universe better than this author’s work.

At the point, simply saying that this is a wasteful of time and money on those social issues and solutions in psychology fields without having cosmic knowledge to see the true colors. From a criminal perspective astrologically, the  astrological software simply shows to predict on persons who are more likely to be criminals. To understand what “forces” them to be criminal, is it the brain itself? The bottom line,  it all starts with the stars, planets, houses, natal dragon, NOT DNA.

Note knowing that during Age of Aquarius will push to revive the ancient astrology back in this modern civilization.  The systems of religion, science, psychology, education, law enforcement, judicial would absolutely benefit to rise more awareness with cosmic sources. Cosmic astrological education in the system will definitely make a big difference in humanity and for the children of future in the next generation and beyond.

Brenda Heist- The Return of the Living Dead

(CNN) — A Pennsylvania woman who mysteriously disappeared 11 years ago has resurfaced in Florida, saying that she just walked out on her family, her life and her problems. Brenda Heist, 54, turned herself in to authorities in Key Largo, Florida, on Friday, informing them that she thought she might be wanted in another county.

This is a true story of return of the living dead (Missing woman) from previous life in central Pennsylvania to new life in Florida when she finally approached by the police in Florida last week to explain that she got snapped of the moment, abandoning her two children due to emotional nervous breakdown  during the process of divorce and a personal debt that she could not handle to accomplish her financial goals. She expressed her shame and apologized for what she did to her family. Brenda Heist left as a free woman with no strings attached for 11 years.  Now, she got a cosmic justice of Scorpio/Taurus Dragon that busted her in this current time frame. Notice the difference of her face, refresh, happy and an exhausted face. Her face shows lifeless. She had gone through an experience with “universal return” of almost full cycle of 12 years. Universal return is the return of the Dragon to its natal Scorpio/Taurus position from 2002/2003. This is not about Depression and mental illness. This is about her unconscious cosmic decision-making through her natal dragon’s security position, not wanting to be part of the children’s lives and debt obligations. She dare walked away from her family for almost 12 years. However, I don’t have her full DOB, but she was born in the year of 1958- Scorpio/Taurus axle related to the finance, debt, money and security issues. She ran away from the debt finances that made her life a nightmare. She felt lack of security that affects her daily life.

Her natal Scorpio/Taurus position resides in her with karma and fate. It clearly explains that her subconscious with a bad attitude related with money, insecure, career, rather to marry a wealthy man or would do anything to exchange of sex for money, have no desire to work for anyone. Pluto/Venus rules wealth and power, if you don’t have the power or wealth as security, you will be led yourself to rebirth, transformation or destructive, that forces to make a choice in order to renew life. There are no accidents due to cosmic conclusions from this unconscious runaway mother in decision-making that pulled her back for an universal return to straight up herself after what had happened to her drastically.

Same situation with Bernie Madoff ( born April 29, 1938), an American former stockbroker, investment adviser, financier, and a white collar criminal. Note this, Barnie Madoff and Brenda Heist both had exact same energy related with karma and fate,and even both with same subconscious and bad attitude in money/security.

In the wake of Bangladesh factory collapse is an excellent example with this current universal Scorpio/Taurus, cant hide the dirt under the rug for too long where it has to expose everywhere.  On the international news, that the trading businesses must compete with very cheap foreign labors, ‘sweat shops’ to earn outstanding profits to sell in this country. What’s more, Bangladesh’s garment industry starts at the age of 12, just making $3 a month. Some laborers sleep on the shop floor, washing themselves in the factory restroom, drinking unsafe water, being slapped by the supervisor. The third world countries are lacking of laws to protect the workers from cheap labor, dirty work, and rights.

UPDATED: 10 Years Later… 3 Hostages Liberated by The Scorpius Draconis


Cleveland (CNN) — When three women missing for about a decade turn up in your neighbor’s house, little quirks look a little different.

Why FBI often miss the warning signs of attacks?

When the government and religion often fail to recognize the warning sign of the attacks. This situation is much needed for a spiritual insight of the stars that surely would explain, according to the written in the stars of how it has happened like this and why did the Tsarnaev Brothers became sudden terrorists?

As always, there are unsolved questions in need to be answered for what caused those two young men with an act of a horrible crime. This terrorist attack could have been shown in the cosmic signs of a warning where it could be prevented or secured with caution. Yet, Department of Homeland Security has no cosmic consciousness knowledge to use. Those professionals had graduated and trained with standard education/training in security, but many of them are clueless that the astrology is the key, not knowing that those planets do affect constantly. To have this vital knowledge in astrology enables better to determine the situations and persons with astrological answers much faster than going through the lengthy investigations.

That’s why this common question has continue to raise without the truth of cosmic light. For people with such little faith in their own mystical potential who can learn more about their natal charts that the universe has written, all planned out in the fate through the stars before the arrival of birth. To learn and read the warning signs in astrological charts/planets to protect yourself and others. As for those closed minded religious, skeptical ones in fear who automatically think there are terrorists everywhere to seek evil against other religions, believing their ‘religion” is better than the other. Wrong. There are so much depth explanatory behind those deadly religious wars going on this planet for thousands of years.

Again, there is a reason in depth explained behind Boston Marathon bombing. FBI and Police may lack of explainable between two suspecting brothers. FBI did not perform thoroughly pretty well as an astrologer could screen and detect, where those could not be able to provide any answers. Note, the trouble with Tsarnaev Brothers, that there is no answer from those investigators, but skeptical with psychological motives. The problem of the lack of answers to questions that will remain with same questions over and over.

There are so many hidden answers with insights in the stars that provide straight answers. Of course, there are hundreds of atheists, agnostics, skeptical ones and those closed-minded religious people seek to question the reason for this case, and even worse, they assume that everything is according to the  conspiracy theories, or blame on other religions. They have no idea there are warning signs in astrology work.

That truly turns me off by those small minded, ignorant people. Common universal ignorance. If Astrology is allowed within the academic, science, governmental, judicial, law enforcement, psychological systems to  get the bill  approved or recognized to use and have astrological knowledge to evolve with better understanding in humanity.

Man-made warning signs


There are plenty of open questions surrounding the Tsarnaev brothers’ alleged terrorist plot, but this one is glaring: How did Katherine Russell miss signs that her husband was poised to dive off the deep end?

What’s worse- How could loved ones not know? The creator of heavens has the force and truth within all  twelve zodiac stars to be used as signs for interpretation. There are also warning signs shown in the sky above. That will provide you the answers unless you ask for cosmic light.

God’s Warning Sign


When a mother got pregnant or already has children, the parents need to study the basics of astrology and learn all 12 zodiacs, planets, houses. That is the best thing to introduce astrology to your children for a better understanding with how the Universe works. The more they learn, the more they understand each others’ zodiac identities. Parents could  learn to deal with the stars daily pertaining with their children and their traits. this is the original key who could honor the purposes with the universe’s plans, especially with your children for better goals. It is wise to review your children’s natal charts and your own chart to understand yourself and others, or you might spend time struggling with issues most of  entire life being lost at sea, or finding your children or yourself going off the track.

When we think “double life,” we think about affairs, tax evasion, even pedophilia and rape, says Dr. Gail Saltz, the author of “Anatomy of a Secret Life: The Psychology of Living a Lie,” but in the United States a terror plot seems relatively far-fetched.

Dr Gail Saltz doesn’t possess the astrological consciousness himself.  His suggestion to an answer is a pure speculate. “Double life” in cosmic effect often comes from Gemini somewhere in the chart. Gemini rules duality in life and nervous system that applies having double life in private and public life. Wherever those duality traits are found in the natal chart, it would reveal the character based with Gemini trait. The sign of Gemini, rules lively, energetic, curiously intelligence, communicative, also has the dark side, as a thief, a  lair and a two faced, depends on what houses and planets the Gemini that resides in  the charts.

Psychology experts say that while the signs vary depending on the nature of the “secret life,” there are clear markers to look for in a loved one who might be harboring violent or harmful tendencies. These include, but are not limited to: moody outbursts, paranoia, hidden financial transactions, increasing extremism, emotional abandonment and complaints of feeling victimized.Bernie Madoff and Jerry Sandusky may have hidden their predictions well. But even when a loved one poses a clear and present danger to society, relatives don’t always intervene effectively.

Psychology experts don’t have best answers for the reason behind the Boston Marathon bombing. Mental experts did explain multiple times over and over  as a result lacking of cosmic code resources behind the secret life such as Bernie Madoff and Jerry Sandusky. I can explain more better than those psychologists could provide with surface physically. The problem is the education system needs to get revamped and restored with the new spiritual education materials related to astrological education according to the universe laws of the fate.

I have already mentioned in my previous posts that the planet of Mars, as an active, aggression, war,  and the planet of Pluto, as a passionate, transformation, death/rebirth planet –  more likely to be involved in driving with the passion, hatred or blood-lust that reflects those two brothers’ performance accordingly behind the Boston Marathon bombing. That’s the type of prophecy that is written under the stars where the universe speak through the stars ahead of time.

Do you want to see cosmic consciousness movement in action? Then religious, science, psychological, educational, law enforcement, judicial systems need to transform to advocate with cosmic astrological education to make a difference in humanity. That’s bottom line. Wake up  and smell the ‘stars’ to pay attention, because people deserve to be civilized with the knowledge in astrology.

And God said , Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: Genesis 1:14