Anthony Weiner’s another bust of sexting scandal

Neglecting the ruling in the power of stars, Scorpius Dragon or higher order results of a heavy price for his ignorance twice due to his repeated misbehavior while his wife has no idea what’s going on with his husband. People wonder, Now, Who is he? That’s where ‘Political Sex Scandal’ come from.  Let me explain…

Your local political run your lives, use your tax dollars and make the laws!

New York mayoral candidate and former Rep. Anthony Weiner confirmed as authentic some newly emerged, sexually tinged online exchanges he had with an unnamed woman and What’s causing crime in Cleveland? What's causing crime in Cleveland? Plus At least seven women have now come forward accusing San Diego Mayor Bob Filner of sexual harassment.

When interacting with the intense energies of Scorpius Dragon, you may see how obvious the sex scandal has exposed on Weiner and all things around hidden that would be exposed in the city of Cleveland.  Why do most people like Weiner and Fliner not being aware to be caught of how obvious the stars has busted them down with truth.

At the same time, hundreds of thousands of unconscious crowd at copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, waiting for Pope Francis to lead a worship service. The mission of Pope Francis and religious dogmatic teachings have long oppressed the forbidden teachings of Astrology due to the political control on the society/community/family that has continued over many generations in centuries with these controlled religious organizations. What’s more, Francis said in a wide-ranging news conference aboard the papal plane.” If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” and he obviously has no idea how to explain about gays and lesbians – including gay priests .

Also there is no way to explain why the politicians are behaving badly refusing to step down. Nobody seems to know why the politicians acted the way. The problem is our mental function with the culture of sex that needs to be changed to a new level of spiritual perspective and grow spiritually through the natal charts, the transits and the moon phases accordingly by the universal work. All you can do is ask and you shall receive the lights from Divine order to have a better understanding in the human nature that applied by the energies of the stars.

This is exactly what we need to expand more on spiritual education resources related to get an opportunity for everyone including the wives using the stars to  get direct answers immediately after the investigation based on the natal charts where it shows the cosmic motives behind, such as his poor act of sexting with women and career in his political world.

Anthony David Weiner ( born September 4, 1964), is an American politician and former U.S. representative who served New York’s 9th congressional district from January 1999 until June 2011. A member of the Democratic party, he won seven terms, never received less than 59% of the vote. Weiner resigned from Congress in June 2011, due to the  sexting scandal

Note, He is born with a placement of duality shown on his chart, for instance, Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich and Eliot Spitzer, apparently also have the nature of a dual life. Weiner may have both private life and public life for the better or for worse. He can have a secretive life that would destroy his personal relations or forever shame by the public when it has currently located in the worse transit under the exposure at the wrong time. He was born with Dragon‘s Head /Tail Gemini/Sagittarius axis. Repeated pattern and expression due to an elemental Mercurial Dragon that can result as second, fourth, sixth, eighth times.. etc.. Gemini rules the hands, which means using two hands through a communication with his iphone involving somebody while in an opposite sign that is shown his attraction to the foreign women as a negative karmic(action) in his own stars.

Sun in Virgo has appeared him as an incredible observant, with a great attention to detail and an extremely hard-worker to serve since he won seven terms. Saturn(career/public standing/fears) in Pisces(secret/deception) in 7th house, is shown with highly motive with work in the field of government/career/public standing for a long run, and at the same time,  good at deceptive/secretive speaking in public to deny his sexual scandals, his own wife, his voters and the media too.

Moon in Leo in 12th house, subconsciously acting out his courage/leadership/fame/power fated on a political stage and at same time, subconsciously romanticizing with woman for love/pleasure/romantic/children.

Venus(love) and Mars(aggressive) in Cancer, an intense, attached emotion with a sense of strong security and the root of tradition family related to his upbringing the subject. Also he gets easily emotionally connect to other women’s feminine energies that are obviously attached.

Jupiter in Taurus brings him many opportunities for financial or material gain through candidate political.

Mercury in Virgo rules sames energies, ruled by Mercury, the Lord of communication, obviously got a strong critical mental, analytical power and a sense of cleanliness. But the negative aspect, Mercury(thoughts) conjuncted Uranus(shock) means that he has an erratic mind to lead with an erratic behavior in two sexual scandals related to sexting as inappropriate, shocking behavior. On other positive note, He’s interested in science, truth, freedom, and global or humanitarian issues. And his Mercury conjuncted Pluto, got a strong investigative and obsessive mind. So, that would indicate of a sexual obsession such as  OCD.

The fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman

The result of jury’s verdict on George Zimmerman’s killing of Trayvon Martin suddenly got the social media outburst in rage. The big problem in the Judicial system is that agreement over the verdict without a benefit of an exploration in the stars via natal chart to detect Zimmerman’s inner fears, fates, emotional and subconscious that has to do with Trayvon Martin shooting.

This is not about ‘stand-your-ground’ laws, it needs to focus on the subject of Zimmerman and Martin’s behaviors in depth that denotes quick explanation based on both natal charts where it shows the cosmic motives behind this deadly incident of a murdered victim, Trayvon Martin that led to a dynamic lethal death.

Sad fact, the six jurors with cosmic unconscious mind who found him not guilty. This judicial system has too much focus on a physical perspective rather without a spiritual explanation. Stars guidance is exactly what it needs to reinforce, covering the facts to question on suspicious behaviors.

Speaking of Zimmerman’s aggressive approach to Trayvon,  Zimmerman with his authoritative tone and aggressive behavior towards the teenager that initiated a discriminating intense.  Wherever the powerful planet Pluto that resides in Zimmerman’s natal chart, has shown with ‘drama and death’ as his true character.

George Michael Zimmerman
October 5, 1983

Zimmerman’s natal chart Pluto in Libra in 1st house(self action drive) is  part of the ‘death wish’ generation. This Libran can appear as approachable. Yet, the Pluto in him could no longer control himself unless he recognizes himself with the help of natal chart to gain better conscious of his flaws and weakness. The fact is that his astrological subconscious fear has been instilled within him that carries on throughout his life, located with his Saturn (fear) in Scorpio (death) that could bring out his inner fear in his daily life.

What’s more in his natal chart, his Moon (emotion response), Mercury (mind) and Mars (danger/aggression) in Virgo has shown him as a heavily critical person, a perfectionist, with pure and cleanliness. He got skeptical spotting Trayvon Martin in distance being in his domain resident area, reported to the police, “This guy looks like he is up to no good or he is on drugs or something.” His Virgoan mentality gets to spot ‘dirt’ easily in his radar, his sight, that also applies to criminal activities where it repels him with his Dragon Tail(negative) in Sagittarius(foreign resident/justice) shown as excessively exaggerated with his criminal justice perspective(Libra), behaves in authority with his deep fear.

Unfortunately, Trayvon Martin was in the wrong place at the wrong time during a  progressed Moon in Aries, acting out a fight with Zimmerman. Knowing that Trayvon was born with Moon in Aries that possesses an inner passion and aggression. The effects of the Moon was no accident on that fatal night.

Trayvon was born with Dragon’s Head in deadly sign of Scorpio, right on 10th house of public image that shifted an awareness into a social media  I meant everywhere you see / hear / rant about Trayvon Martin’s killing via the social media, not yet shift their cosmic conscious awareness, only to follow society via social media to gather more and more chaos of information without the divine truth where it’s already written in the light. Where is universal priority?  Where is spiritual vibration?  Then you do not know Trayvon Martin’s spiritual vibration via body mind and soul.

His Sun in Aquarius was clearly expressed as a friendly, original soul, yet his troublesome situation in 4th house of home where it led him into negative tail of the Dragon in Taurus where it needs extra attention in his home environment. Also his Moon in Aries(impulsive), he takes everything personally through the Moon because it rules emotion outbursts in life. That simply explains everything about him covering the facts with  Plutonic behavior, both sides attracting like a magnet that clashes each other, negativity attracts negativity.

Seriously, don’t you think having an education in astrology in this modern society may prevent like this to happen, especially be aware with the moon phase effects? and a need of  a better understanding with their own celestial identity. It’s easier for everyone blame on, rather than blame the traditional society where it lacks the teachings of the Universal Laws and Cosmic stars.

New Moon in Cancer

PREDICTION -– JULY 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 2013
RULERS – Moon in Cancer (forced to relocate) and Moon in Leo (children)

Some coworker and boss will see the end and the beginning of a business situation. New hires will start to work due to replacements or leave the job for some reason. Be ready for any changes and have a faith in your work as a career. It’s good time to terminate a wrong friend or a bad business partnership, as a must to end it. take a chance for a new positive attitude with a new plan. Again, do accept the changes with confidence and good attitude, the stars will take care for you in ahead of time.  Many will experience to see the new beginning, however under the star guides, there is no lame excuse.  just do it, eventually they will see the bright side later.

Leo rules love, romance and children with positive moon, do expect some surprise news. It’s a time to spend time with children, such as nephews and nieces, or spend with the children’s entertainment.  Anything for children to invest in toys to play with.  Provide some safety and security for the family and friends for reassurance. Venus rules romantic and passion. If you can’t find a true love, you should keep going with your faith and keep looking for a special person.  It may happen anytime and anywhere you can find with the New Moon on your side.  Many will experience the happy start , find new true love or lose the relationship.  Leo also rules creativity and life, so take the children with you anywhere to explore.  Watch out for rage drivers on the road. Be responsible with adventure life. Do enjoy the surprise ahead of time.

Universal Precaution: Expect terrible tragedies such as earthquake and volcanic eruptions where will force thousands of people of the house and roads due to nature’s destructive forces. Leo rules fires and children so better be careful with match or gas before you start it. Not good time to play the fires. It could be explosive front of you and affect others.

‎ 5.9  Offshore El Salvador ‎ Yesterday         ‎ 6.6  New Britain region, Papua New Guinea  ‎ Yesterday         ‎ 7.2   New Ireland region, Papua New Guinea Yestruday

Watch this video

Brazil referee beheaded after stabbing player

Sports are immature as barbaric as stupid, based on the arguments over the sports is simply stupid. Its all entertainment that has taken way too seriously. The fact is that the argument over the game is all about “winning”, again it is just plain dumb. Seriously, this is low IQ in sportmanship. Kicking a ball back and forth, that’s it, something the little kids do. This seems logical enough to understand that. Same thing that happens in all sports, the brawls during NBA games, then after the game, more MLB brawls, and the riots after the championship games, but this behavior is way outrageous, no better than animals. The referee pulls a knife and stabs the player to death after the argument over a red card due to a harsh penalty.

What do I know about 20-year-old referee Octavio Jordan Silva related to his date of birth(born in 1993) via natal chart, Note this, He was born in the generation Pluto in Scorpio (1983/4 to 1995)- these folks who were born under Pluto in Scorpio, contain within a very strong plutonic energies, such as intense emotions/criminal/sex activity/secret/fearless.

What do the players and referee not know about truth of the stars via currently deadly Scorpius Dragon pulls them into a dangerous incident, and not only that, the upcoming release of Martian Dragon 2014/2015 to appear with the  direct impact of the destructive, aggressive, selfish Aries Dragon’s Tail.  Many self-concerned sports organizations will get to experience these dramatic impacts to come ahead. Sport figures will appear with more bad news, revolting against their management, promoting the war over the money, like the mad dogs dragging themselves to create more drama. Expect more troubles with baseball owners/players as well. This is a seriously cosmic warning for everyone, including the fans, the coach, the owners, in need to recognize the acts of currently Scorpius Dragon and an upcoming Martian Dragon to take place, as an astrological symbol of Martian that has a such huge impact on the unconscious children of the underworld. So please read this article.

Story(CNN) — The argument started over a red card. It escalated when the referee fatally stabbed the player. It ended when the player’s enraged family members stoned the referee to death and dismembered his body. Even for soccer, where violent outbreaks are all-too-common, what happened last week in a northern Brazil village was extraordinary. Referee Jordan Silva called a foul during a soccer match. He showed player Josenir Santo Abreu a red card, the highest penalty, which translates into expulsion from the game. Abreu, 30, wasn’t going to take it, police said, and confronted the referee, who was 10 years younger. The altercation grew ugly. Silva pulled a knife, and plunged it into Abreu’s chest, Maranhao state police said in a statement. While the player was rushed to a hospital, members of his family nabbed the referee and tied him up with the help of fans, CNN affiliate Band News reported. And they tortured him. The player didn’t make it to the hospital alive, police said. When the news reached his family back at the soccer field, the mob took retribution on Silva. They stoned him to death. And they cut his body into pieces. Police later identified the suspects, easily. They could be seen clearly in video images of the gory incident recorded with a cell phone.

Zhang Xin- Secrets of Self-Made Billionaire

From poverty to self-made billionaire. How and where can she find herself as a self-made billionaire? Indeed, the stars favor ‘nobody’ to become a self-made billionaire unless you direct your own the power within via natal chart using your cosmic journey to set with your own happiness / highly motivation / highly passion. The stars can easily reward a self-made billionaire or reward a poverty. Note, the planet of Pluto rules a big business and the stock exchange… or may it be a Great depression due to a destructive and regeneration in various of times through the historical economic events. Uranus rules social revolution, social group and civil rights movement, that is when she was born under the Uranus-Pluto conjunction which happened in 1965. She grew up in poverty during China’s Cultural Revolution, I can sense her from the past influences that shaped her life until today based on the astrological events.

Let’s talk more details about her. She is RICHER than Trump or Oprah. Would you like to know why? She got a gift from God’s sign(DOB). I may explain about her DOB that made her life so big.
130702111448-leading-women-zhang-xin-00014119-story-topBeijing (CNN) — Zhang Xin grew up in poverty and at the age of 14 began a laboring job in a factory. Today, she is richer than Donald Trump, Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey.  Zhang, a Chinese real estate developer, is the seventh richest self-made woman in the world, worth $3.6 billion, according to Forbes. She’s worth $800 million more than Oprah Winfrey, the world’s best known self-made female billionaire.

Born on 24 August 1965 in Beijing, China, her Virgo DOB simply shows a true hidden  power Plutonic soul where the corporate / finance / wealth ruled her life, meant to have a  real power within.

Her Sun in Virgo makes her to expect everything in order to get all organized in her work all the time and constantly seek to improve or to perfect herself as a natural critic. This sign of Virgo is one of the best workers in Zodiac. Virgo rules practical, health, work and service as the ruler of the planet Mercury where it rules the nervous system, it shows that she  works extra super hard.

Mercury in Leo gives her warmth and confidence in the mental attitude. Leo rules the magnetic energy and a leadership where her intelligence and creativity ability are recognized in her career.

Zhang’s Mars conjuncts Neptune in Scorpio (aggressive/passion) are highly extremely investigative where she manages very well with the corporate / finance/ economy. She earns a master degree in economies and owns business as a real estates developer. Scorpio rules by the Pluto, as a wealth/corporate, that rules her career for a long time.

Jupiter in Gemini makes her want to learn, teach, communicate in general. She can speak two or more different foreign languages. She lives in two or more different cities in different countries. Jupiter rules the university, schools, books, higher learning, and codification of thoughts that conjuncts Dragon Head in Gemini(restless mentally) is a master with the communication skills with intelligence and mental abilities. Gemini rules curiosity, outgoing and social.

Zhang’s Uranus(surprise/shock) conjuncts Pluto(wealth/corporate) is right on the 1st house as self-made billionaire, in Virgo. That is extremely unique or revolutionary individual who will seek to find solutions for the corporate / finance/ economies problems she faces today in China. As a true Virgoan, she’s  deeply involved in the reformation of health, work and service to the world as well.

The Stars of the Royal Baby

(CNN) — Maybe Henry VIII should have been watching what his many wives ate if he wanted to improve the odds of having sons.  The question of a child’s sex may not carry the same weight in today’s British monarchy, but the world is watching to find out whether Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, are expecting a baby boy or girl this month.
Boy? Girl? Who Cares? Most importantly to be concerned with her/his soul purpose by according to his/her natal chart via the stars and fates where I will give a great detail about his/her cosmic journey. what do the stars have to say about the royal baby this month?

Science of Astrology knows exactly how babies are received by God’s sign. CNN needs to write another article about the royals related to the spiritual side rather than focus on gender/sexism subject, that is something new to make it interesting. Let’s try with a little common sense, instead of junk science lacking of spirit and divine’s manifestation that may be seen and heard through the glory of the stars.

Catherine will be giving birth to either a boy or a girl this month of July, once a spirit enters his/her body after cutting the umbilical cord, gets automatically loaded with gifts, talents and abilities somewhere within his/her with a cosmic purpose, a cosmic journey through God’s cosmic tool that strengthens him/her! What’s God’s cosmic tool? Where? All you need to do to check the month of July. The ‘lunatic’ Moon rules emotion, feeling and instinct in the sign of Cancer, controlled by the month of July. Cancer people are very protective, sympathetic, and the family matters will always play an important part of their lives. They are classified as ‘nurturer’ of Astrology. Strongly affected by the Moon fluctuations produced by the lunation, must learn to control the hyper-sensitivity to let it go where it rules the human mind and emotion that resides within. To discover what your natal chart is all about.

This year of the universal Scorpio/Taurus natal Dragon axis offers the royal baby’s own hidden karmic such as growth/blessing tool, the nature of the past life wealth and abundance which is no accident. This royal baby’s fate may be unconscious of the mysterious plan in the cosmic Universe that has offered an original and unique characteristic traits in his/her hidden karmic that needs to be aware, or could end up with self-destructive / get lost in fear/ negativity that affects the subconscious related to financial attitude.. You never have to compare yourself with anyone else. Every each one of you is unique based on the universal cosmic design in the houses, the signs and the dragon since birth. Understanding, Prince William and Catherine can compare themselves with the members of their family due to genetic via physical plane that goes through the DNA where the appearances, may look like the parents, yet here is more focus on a spiritual plane in-depth to the core, than a physical plane.

What doesn’t Prince William and Catherine know about God that created us with his brilliantly engineered designs through the cosmic stars that installed within us since birth for mysterious multiplied purposes. Sad reality, You can’t find any news, organizations in the UK that answer with big cosmic questions about this baby due to non cosmic conscious and even the BBC haven’t interviewed a true Astrophile on this subject.