Miley Cyrus’ shock value in poor taste


‘The devil has got to her’: Residents of Miley Cyrus’ conservative hometown recall sweet-as-can-be cheerleader who they believe has been corrupted by fame!

Outraged parents: Why Miley

Well, it looks like a big fuss through social media about how Miley Cyrus’ raunchy performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards, that will never stop so many people tweeting / sharing through virally in facebook, twitter to each other with their thoughts and opinions. That’s just one reason behind this powerful magnetic(Pluto) young 20-year old woman with her twerking movement that drew the world’s attention on the stage, knowing that she was born under the planet of Pluto(drama/sex) in her own “porn star” sign of Scorpio generation. Scorpio rules life, death, drama, sex, money, financial endeavors is found in her hidden dragon tail of her natal chart.

At 20, Miley Cyrus has been working in show business for more than a decade. The singer/actress has gone from being a fresh-faced preteen to a platinum blonde vixen -- one who could be headed down the aisle soon with fiance Liam Hemsworth.

The Rebirth of Miley Cyrus- DOB 11/23/92

In fact, she is a young, fame, brilliant and talented in music, what is up with the new image that she instantly changed ? Apparently, it is because she was born in the month of November, the traditional astrology still recognize it as a Scorpio personality sign, rules transformation / sexual / magnetic principle. This is no accident for Miley Cyrus with her new image, her music and her shocking” twerking” act due to the effect of the transit in the Universal Scorpius because her life (her music) is constant of processing change and that’s part of her transformation from a “good girl’ into a “bad girl” with a wild-child sensation. That’s manifested coming from her fate or destructive oriented itself that impact her life.

As always, I am amazed by such a waste of time with outraged commentators trying to expose what’s so wrong with her nasty performance on stage, using as a lure or calling her trashy. Many not realized that She was born in a different generation(Pluto in Scorpio), had a bad rap on the other night that went too far, not only that her Moon(emotion response)  in Scorpio(sexual) and her Mercury (mind) in Scorpio(sarcasm/manipulative/ money) are all in a conjunction together – giving her a true emotional depth and intensity that need an expression out of her soul, or choose to end up herself with self-destructive for better or worst.

Cyrus’ 3rd house of critical thinking is controlled with the planet of Uranus (shocking/ weird), Venus (love/money) , Neptune (deceptive/drugs) in manipulated/public standing of the sign of Capricorn which means that her subconscious shows her shock value is a way to get ahead in pop culture and wants to be shocking on the stage to pull attention to her ‘twerking’ movement as a result leading to spark the controversy to get fame.

Pepper Schwartz, Professor of sociology at the University of Washington possesses  Cosmic Consciousness? Absolutely not!
This was no accident. She did every porn star move in the book, and the only thing different was that there wasn’t actual genital connection, and her seemingly sprayed on rubber undies and bra did cover her private parts.

Her comment are manifesting the perception of restriction through her own five limited senses because only based on her physical perception, not go into spiritual education to explain behind the source of energy with the planets and stars via Cyrus’ shocking performance. She born to be “porn star”? My third eye immediately can see through the glass, completely clear to notice through her natal chart from my software program on my laptop, it currently shows the effect of transit of an universal sexual oriented dragon on her fate and stars to spark the controversy on social media.

Knowing that History do repeat itself all the way from the time of Madonna, Brittney Spears, Christina Aguilar, Lady Gaga, and now  Miles Cyrus. It’s not new to me. Back then in the 80’s, everyone was talking about Madonna, the singer, with her shocking ‘Like A Virgin’ wedding dress on the stage, then Britney came along, same old controversy about her being sexy student, and a striptease on the stage and videos. Guess what? Both singers went on global hit and sold out in a week or so. It was also a shock when Madonna was kissing Britney spears on the stage. It’s all about the shock value for the same reason.

Wherever Scorpio resides in your natal chart, sexual/drama/transform will enter your life for some reason because everything has happened for cosmic reasons by according to the fate and stars.


The Sportswriter Who Blogged His Own Suicide

There is no such thing as an accident especially when transiting in deadly Scorpius Dragon that took his life away due to his 2 divorces with no kids. No passion for food, sex, exercise, or much of anything that led into hopelessness. One thing I know for sure what was wrong, when interpreting the signs through the heaven that showed me the real reason why he blogged his own suicide plan that manifests himself from intense dark psychological change.

Watch this video
Obviously, Lawrence Calhoun, a professor of psychology cannot remotely understand himself on this suicidal situation being unaware according to the secret of the stars and other censored celestial signs due to lack of in-depth analysis.  Wherever the worse sign in celestial identities revealed in Manley’s natal chart and others who are suicidal, it is difficult or impossible for them to explain, not knowing where he came from as a result of self censorship is classifying one’s own worse speculative work which isn’t credible enough without an independent investigation properly because he can only think inside of the box of his expertise in traditional psychology.
Here’s the sample list of violence and suicide

Florida gunman kills 2, himself
Police: 4 dead after man opens fire in 2 Dallas-area homes
Police: Boy shoots, kills 90-year-old
Police: Australian baseball player killed by Oklahoma teens — just because
Teens beat WWII Veteran to death
Gun opens fire in elementary school

What does Lawrence Calhoun think? Knowing that scientific or academic theories in the culture of violence in general have existed for over centuries. Every year, hundreds of thousands of young students in the United States graduated in university or college would receive the same academic education in psychology and related fields, yet would get the same results on those cases over and over. These professions couldn’t prevent the monstrous society of evil, for instance, people using the weapons without investigation into the universal mind deeply that results a lost soul society, also affected with religious poison-minded, atheist, rage lost souls.  All you can think of 4th Amendment Rights or waiting for a second coming of Jesus to prevent all of this? That’s simply wrong. Because many don’t have open-minded curiosity with intelligence, yet only the fear take over their lives with no chance to discover why they struggle with inner issues based on their natal chart they’re born with.. Worse, “Talking head” social media are still featuring the debates over the culture of violence that gives you no answer. I’m simply explaining why this has  happened…

Back to this point, Martin Manley seems to be normal, average guy, who just didn’t seem to get much pleasure from life or to connect with anyone. His natal chart is manifestly visible shown to a depression, but at first, His Jupiter was universally blessed with expansion in the sign of communication and writing of Gemini. Jupiter always exaggerate, as you can see his exaggeration in speech or writing as exciting and interesting to many subjects in his blog, unfortunately suffered in his love life in the power sign of Leo Dragon’s Tail, including five planets in the sign of Leo due to his subconsciously egomaniac with a desire to show about his suicide publicly. Leo rules fame which it’s more likely to reach to a lot of people because his Aquarius, that rules friends, wishes and social media. He was born with a Aquarius/Leo natal Dragon axis, so you can see how Leo’s opposite sign of Aquarius,  has the key to reach the public to shock.
Speaking of connecting with anyone, the depressive planet, Saturn, and deceptive Neptune in relationship  with a sign of Libra seems not to work because of his burnt out with previous two marriages due to his fear principle of being criticized, rejected or fear of being in relationship. that negative energy was pulling him to addiction to use the legal/ illegal drugs to escape his reality/ harsh life.
This is simply short essay that uses an interpretation of the signs through the cosmic heaven to  explain and clarify visually what it causes him to reach the public with his suicide rather than to explain many different reasons due to lack of in-depth analysis with the help of cosmic translation.  Astrology is an art that allow yourself with a better understanding to use for visual learning with the source of energetic planets and stars, a direct relationship with the cosmic heaven to avoid being a victim of the stars.

Full Moon August 2013

PREDICTION – AUGUST 19, 20, 21, 22 – RULERS – Moon in Aquarius (Explosive news) and Moon in Pisces (ocean)

Some people may feel a bit shocking/surprised/emotional or depressed during a waning moon, where it’s not comfort to be around with people who you work with. Avoid the dream, you may make an error or forget to do write up and make important contact so keep focus on work. New moon will come up in few days. Grab meditation and renewing your faith with your partnership. Don’t worry or stress by anything. Let universe take care of itself Uranus rules surprised that will meet your wish but it may be crazy going on by right now and might have disturbing result this weekend. Uranus rules rebel and freedom. Beware with teenagers may get themselves in trouble. Some of your friend will call you for some advices or ask your some spiritual questions. Neptune rules confused and you may be wandering alone. Don’t go to bar get depressed. Keep head up. Laugh is best medicine but you may not find it till New Moon for happiness. Note, a deceiving aspect Neptune promote secret love affair and sexually. Use your power of Uranus’s intelligence as common sense and simply walk away from deceiving alcohol with strangers. You can better than that. Avoid any form of guilt in your decision. Be practical and think twice before you speak up. Aquarius and Pisces both now in charge so be careful what you’re doing out there during weekend. Don’t drink and drive. Mars will go crazy aggressive when you drive with high speed. I don’t recommend that, Neptune rules sleepy during driving. you better call taxi and get home safely. Watch out the thunder and lightning; Aquarius will shock many people due to quake, a tornado or blow up a volcano soon so stay away from Uranus’ bad surprised. Crazy stupid drunk picture will exposed in public by famous people may make sad news and it will expose via twitter will spread faster and expose due to desire to freedom.

Universal Precaution: Uranus rules earthquake, explosive, volcanic and sudden energy and it can happen, as worse/bad storm is possible breaking news

Sakurajima Volcano Erupts in Japan- Volcanic
Disney actor Lee Thompson Young dead of apparent suicide- shocking
Man dies from gunshot at Olivia Newton John home- Shocking

Funding cuts hit 57,000 preschoolers- Shocking
Air Force bomber crashes in Montana- Aeronautics
Multiple Injured In Mercer Co. Plant Explosion- Explosive
Navy: 8 injured, 1 seriously, in explosion at N.J. base’s boathouse- Explosive


PREDICTION – AUGUST 23, 24, 25, 26, 27
RULERS- Aries (action) and Taurus (money)

Don’t need to be challenge your boss or coworker. Just try to concentrate at work. Listen to your heart, not head. You will be fine in few days. Don’t talk back to co-worker, just go work and do your best. Act normal when you know anything negative from anybody. Be yourself. Talk smooth with her/his approach. You will see many victims of Mars without common sense. So use your inside soft of the planet of love to make diplomatic power, not create drama. Control your tone and tense, especially your loves ones at home. Mars will tempt you more aggressive to face your friends and family members. Use your Venus energy with them and be chill. Be cautions with fire while you cooking outside or inside. Love is in the Air, Venus, the planet of sweetheart and charm, possible to attract each other. You see your secret crush; you can try a little flirting with him or her. Venus passions will rules the nights that will lead to sex and thinking about your future. Take easy for during a waning Moon period (negative) because as a Scorpio you will possess the power to do whatever you choose to do. Don’t drink and drive. Scorpio likes to create drama such road rage and if you have depression, and drugs where you need to head up and talk in positive thought. Drive safe and follow the rules on the road. You need help your depression friend and get light up and give a good humor. Be creative. During a waning Moon period, you will see a lot of dramatic and death news that were often making many accidents if you go out during after full moon and you have to pay for your mistakes. Expect polices may make announced plans to watch more crimes this weekend. Scorpio will bring to death news and famous secret love affairs. Actress Demi Moore sent to hospital for seek professional help after smoking at home last year. Many wakeup calls at financial or sexual secrets that will reach the news and social media. Some sent to jail for sex scandals and dramatic news

What caused this doctor making up his mind about weed

Dr. Sanjay Gupta came out with realization, admitting, “I was wrong”, pretty sure not an  accident at all. His response is unconscious by the effect of transit in the planet of Neptune that enters, the marijuana, medical care and hospital is in the sign of Pisces, an impact of an influence since the approval of legalized marijuana to be allowed legally to sell or purchase in the states of Colorado and Washington state..

There are many “pot heads” found in their natal charts, and many unconscious curious ones do respond to this subject. Note, Neptune rules subconscious, unconscious, illusion, dream, and deceive, but to clarify that Neptune is basically an  escapism from the reality/harsh world. Marijuana manifestly is only way to escape from the pain and at the same time, helping  the world to open up and see the benefits of marijuana for medical reasons and at the same time Legalized pot would mean more addiction.

Watch this video

(CNN) — Over the last year, I have been working on a new documentary called “Weed.” The title “Weed” may sound cavalier, but the content is not. I traveled around the world to interview medical leaders, experts, growers and patients. I spoke candidly to them, asking tough questions. What I found was stunning

Before I started investigating on his natal chart based on his interests in research related to his new documentary. what has made him to end up with CNN as a chief medical correspondent, hosting the network’s weekend health program after regularly appeared on the television shows with famous people about health-related issues. Sun (power) conjuncts Jupiter (higher learning/educated) is found in his natal chart where his subconscious desire to learn and teach the world about what he knows all about health-related issues. His aggressive Mars in Capricorn must do something with organization, productive to get things done as possible. Of course, his Sun in Libra primarily concerns with mental or social world for harmonious relations,  may be a victim of religious dogma because Libra rules marriage and relationship, instead using the stars as an universal priority to learn how it affects him.

Sanjay Gupta ( born October 23, 1969) is an American neurosurgeon and an assistant professor of neurosurgery at Emory University School of Medicine and associate chief of the neurosurgery service at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia

He was born with a Pisces/Virgo natal Dragon axis, including Pluto in Virgo generation that rules an extreme health conscious, constantly works all the time, and a bit of obsession with cleanness/perfectionism in his work, especially in his 6th house of work/health where it’s located in the sign of Pisces from his natal Sun as first house, alcohol/drug addiction, religious and hospital. No wonder why he wants to work in medical field and that got him to interest in medical marijuana. It’s amazing to watch him without analyzing himself what he did for the patients in the past, present and future,  is a part of the karmic role of  his natal chart,  accordingly via the stars. Also, his unconscious response to life related to marijuana issues when the transit of Neptune in Pisces enters in his 6th house of work and health.

One-way ticket to the Stars, not Mars

This is where I wish I could reach to more than 100,000 cosmic unconscious people who eagerly signed up to make themselves at a new home on another planet. They’re missing out on the education of astrology, in this article of different incidents that there are reasons behind the events, such as death/sex/drama/abduction/finance.

Sad fact, Mars mission is a  “deceiving NASA” in pulling the reports what the company would offer them to spend the rest of their lives on the planet Mars. It means throwing away billions of hard earned working American tax dollars for this fantasy. why American are so stupidly blindly by supporting NASA’s corporations that have none whatsoever to offer the cautions for them  in the future about Universe precaution,  such as deadly Scorpius Dragon at this time?

Really, all the money has wasted away for decades for NASA and space travel that should have been used to provide solutions, improvements to reduce the number of criminals on this planet, improving cosmic relations with the society / education / family values to reduce producing more monster children.

Watch this video

More than 100,000 want to go to Mars and not return, project says

Mars is very cold place with an upper atmosphere ozone for humans, clearly airless which  means you can not walk outside to smell the air or grass outdoor, definitely not a really comfortable environment to live in. More seriously, where are their real sense of perspectives? More than 100,000 have no sense of  practical impossibilities in accomplishing any of this, so unlike on Earth there is no available resources on the red planet. What would Pope say about this? ‘Who am I to judge’ on one-way trip to Mars’? yet still do nothing for this Neptune damage, deceiving to keep secretive plans to search for other extra-terrestrial life, spreading those lies on astrology to avoid  how important the science of astrology would change the affect in the world and society to have better harmony and respect for each other through the divine celestial messages manifestation spoken through the stars.

. so now back to my point, they don’t have to die or get deadly drama in real life without suffering the cosmic consequences according to universal temperature intensity. Understanding, all human will is stronger than the stars unless you know how to handle your fate and karma.

Watch this videoFlorida man allegedly kills wife, posts confession, photo of body on Facebook

Bloody disgusting scariest dragon forced him to kill his wife

Watch this videoAuthorities find car matching one used by Amber Alert suspect

Lost Soul Plutonic was taken by ugliest Scorpius Dragon

Canadian teenager Rehtaeh Parsons, who was allegedly gang-raped and bullied, was hospitalized after she tried to hang herself on Thursday, April 4. The high school student from Halifax, Nova Scotia, was taken off life support three days later. Two 18-year-old men face child pornography charges in connection with the case.

Two arrested in cyberbullying case and 2 face charges in case of Canadian girl who hanged self after alleged rape

Lost Soul Plutonic was taken by ugliest Scorpius Dragon

All about evil greedy, money and deceiving
Who is to blame? Many of these players were not college material.
These photos are celestial censored due to lack of celestial identities themselves,  not knowing where they come from as a result of being victim as a universal tragedy. It still remains to see plain clear that  so young and innocent children in need to develop an understanding / awareness of the universal needs of children to recognize themselves  since birth living on earth where it need an updated spiritual education material to be ready to serve them very well. If you’re not aware of your universal-given destiny to identify yourself via natal chart, you won’t have peace on the inside, like those who suffered, which means always stay within and review your natal chart repeatedly as your own guidebook as an universal priority for life.

Lost soul prisoners

This doesn’t deserve a respect for that kind of treatment towards the innocent people with deceptive abuse,  however, it’s necessary to use the signs to know the strength/weakness manifestation to empower yourself and protect yourself  in order to achieve success in life but why mess up?

Watch this video

Laredo, Texas (CNN) — On a dusty, remote ranch across the Rio Grande from this Texas border town, an intimidating drug lord stood over 13-year-old Rosalio Reta and handed him a gun. Reta didn’t know who the man was, but it was clear he instilled fear and commanded respect among everyone standing around watching the dramatic scene unfold. The American teen had never before met anyone who carried a pistol adorned with such an unforgettable decoration: the number “40” encrusted in diamonds on the handle. The cartel leader looked at Reta and ordered him to shoot and kill a man tied up on the ground. If he refused to murder the stranger, Reta recalls, the drug lord would have killed him. Rosalio Reta’s career as a teen drug cartel assassin had begun. “I knew that my life had just changed forever,” Reta told CNN this week, 11 years later. “That’s a day that I’m never going to be able to forget. After that, I didn’t have no life.”

This made me feel sick to my stomach and it hurts to see this gullible victim due to lack of educational and conscience values of divine moral cosmic consciousness passed down from the parents/environment/education at the lower level. That’s how it happens, but know what? it doesn’t have to happen if we could change the world with the astrology knowledge to educate the children with the divine truth above the stars. Cosmic education basics is necessary for spiritual fundamental rights for every children in the world.

“I’m really a good person,” he said. “It just happened.”  How twisted one’s logic can be?
How does a child end up like this?  that reminds me of an instance in the era of unconscious German crowd easily fell in Hitler’s words. He manipulated the voters to promise them when he is elected he would give them the hope for a better change.  It is similar with what Pope did to his own people the same thing over and over for hundreds of years until today.

To learn from the stars and the cycles of universe, we can eliminate this typical nonsense violence. Eliminate the evil activity for a profit through the gangs, then we will have good cosmic education system for these cold blooded killers to learn about themselves, so they can learn more about how divine creator’s manifestation spoken through the stars.

The best solution is just to learn about the power of stars to empower yourself as an  universal priority. The next solution is to remove traditional education/religious doctrines to replace and upgrade to a new spiritual level in education.  so it would reduce creating ‘lost’ children into monsters.

Look at these insanely overcrowded prison population as being consumed up on our taxpayer dollars that will never help to improve the society better or for the children of the future. Look at the role of traditional psychosocial support of emphasized self-knowledge, self-improvement but still not know the answers what really cause these convicts with criminal minds.  Many contain those weakness/faults within their universal natal charts with their identities since birth. Look at these social welfares in struggle and frustration not meeting their needs for solutions.  Fix the problems by universal scanning through the natal charts for everyone. Once people realize and recongize of their own, so they can handle with their fate for the better. He may have been a good person if he understands himself spiritually with an advanced curiosity via natal chart of his life journey.  I think he was led to be “made” with a fear by a psychopath of the cartel leader,  being forced to kill or be killed, surrounding himself with others to get involved in criminal behavior by the cartel’s orders. Education/Religion/law enforcement have failed in our generation including this lost soul 13-year-old Rosalio Reta, that adds up to an overcrowded prison population. Seriously, the older generations of religious also has been a failure in our society, yet we believe in the greatness of America built by our first founding fathers who always put religions poisoning in the first place, instead of using the signs to find the strength/weakness manifestations.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan – A devout Muslim man and U.S. Army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people at Fort Hood last week liked to indulge in lap dances during visits to a local strip joint, the club’s manager told In a blog posting early Monday titled “Nidal Hassan Did the Right Thing,” Awlaki calls Hasan a “hero” and a “man of conscience who could not bear living the contradiction of being a Muslim and serving in an army that is fighting against his own people.”

Again,  He  graduated from an accredited traditional colleges where his Army job position is specialized with emphasized self-improvement as a psychiatrist, yet still not know what caused himself as instantly cold blood killer that got himself to fall in Neptune,  Lord Of Deception: in the world of religions, drugs addiction, imagination. Out of blue, this lost soul monster killed 13 people at Fort Hood. Seriously, He must acknowledge to separate the reality and illusion at work, between professionalism and personal belief involvement. This guy lost his mind as a result of not being able to analyze his own mentality to think twice. That is only way to make sense to learn what you see about your natal chart that makes you wonder how the universe works that exist. that’s how Divine speaks stars through the signs. If you’re not aware of your universal-given destiny to identify yourself via natal chart, you won’t have peace on the inside, like him who suffered, which means always stay with natal chart as your own guidebook as an universal priority for life.

New Moon August 2013

THUR, FRI, SAT, SUN – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, AUGUST-2013
RULERS – Gemini (writing) and Cancer (relocation)

Gemini moves into a change in your business endeavors. During this waxing moon, you’re restless looking for new changes in your daily life when you’re done with a situation or person.  Expect a new job offer and an interview. You can influence people in this time with your upbeat attitude. Be confidence and spread the good news. Be aware of the changes affecting with your relationships. The process will impose many changes, you will wonder why others don’t see what you earn new experiences and knowledge. Be accepting with God’s will that would lead you with a  destiny. Nothing will stop you, only the stars with you all the way. You can create positive changes through your ideas. Make sure you book an online reservation, otherwise the local restaurants will be crowded. You will have a good time to enjoy with the family circle and children. Expect some news from siblings or parents. Don’t talk too much about yourself, be a good listener. Use your positive thoughts about life in general. Grab a good time with your partner at some place to eat, drink and play. Expect good news  from your email or text. You will get invited to a party, be yourself and be happy, enjoy with your friends. Don’t let them affect your relationships unless your wishes come true, good chance to impress others. Your joy will bring you to a trip if you are well-participated more with others.

Universal Precaution: This Moon may force thousands of people to relocate during this type of celestial plan that impacts people’s lives as you expect to see or hear the news about the quakes, volcanoes, floods at high risk. Be safe and watch out on the road under the destructive weather.


MON, TUES, WED, THUR, FRI– AUGUST 6, 7, 8, 9, 2013
RULERS – Leo (surprise) and Virgo (clean)

Expect some surprises from your co-workers or boss. Do not expect to get reward from them. Keep going with your motivation at work. Hard work progress will get you there, but be ready for a bumpy time. Mercury will keep you busy on computer network and paperwork. Don’t try to impress others. You will naturally connect with your Mercury’s creative power to handle a business situation. Be clarify and understand with the legal papers before you sign unless better if it is needed to get rid of an unhealthy situation. Whoever you come in contact with, do handle your situation. A Good time to hang out with close friends and family, but don’t expect to make new friends. Expect some accident to happen especially with fire weapons and explosives. Some friends may deliver surprise news and could affect you emotionally. Take it easy with disturbing surprises coming your way and learn to walk away from ignorants. Be sociable with good  friends you. Make a good use of the waning moon, learn to relax, enjoy the nature and the sea, and look for your inner peace. If you’re single, a chance to find the ‘right one’ that will be given to you at a later date.  Keep your eyes open to see a new love signal without a notice, however use your head, not your heart on that weekend. Not a good time to take a ride on helicopter or fly in the air. Expect something that is capable of causing death, yet be cautious. Annoying or angry emails from friends in trouble, do provide a help, and learn your limits.Not a good time to play with any hazard explosives or fire during activities.Be ready and cautious of  many activities that may harm. This Moon may force thousands of people to relocate during this type of celestial plan that impacts people’s lives as you expect to see or hear the news about the quakes, volcanoes, floods at high risk. Be safe and watch out on the road under the destructive weather.

Universal Precaution: Expect high tech scientific news or NASA news due to power  in weather conditions or an electronic malfunction. Earthquake or Tornado may be possible. Expect unusual news about oceanic and earth that should be concerned for the environment.