Truth Explained Behind Winter Storm Chaos

At least Nine people have died, and 23 people have been injured because of Wednesday ‘s wintry weather in southeast.
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Nearly 700 crew and passengers fell ill aboard the Explorer of the Seas, the highest number of sick people reported on any cruise ship in two decades, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data show.
Mercury retrograde already alerted that something serious could happen ahead of time. Actually, the residents of Georgia and Alabama had NO cosmic advanced notice. How many days of notice did they have? None. Did meteorologists know about Mercury Retrograde. None. It is wise to have the knowledge what’s happening with cosmic effects to have preparedness, as instance, for this traffic safety to avoid the chaos on the road than being victimized by the power of Mercury retrograde mishaps. Sad fact, All I’m seeing many unconscious Mercury Rx victims for the reason they weren’t prepared to expect something to happen. Your five limited human senses aren’t going to save you from a risky disaster. This should be a wake-up call to anyone that realize to better pay attention to the dates of celestial events, or you will suffer with ignorance and pay the price of ignorance. If you couldn’t handle a winter storm, you are not going to survive a major disaster. So be prepare with Moon schedule via Mercury retrograde and yet another a warning release that most will fail to learn. Note anyone you know that is in the serious mess that this was a moment to use to start thinking more seriously to rely on celestial transits about their future and their loved ones.

More than 1,500 flights canceled

IT DIDN’T HAVE TO HAPPEN if they Know about Mercury Retrograde in the first place.

New Age “Talking Heads” from all over are sharing their wisdom in various of events, yet know nothing about Mercury Retrograde!

Did Pope Francis offer the warning from the Bible? Absolutely not!

Did educated skeptics, atheists, agnostics offer the warning about predictable weather crisis? Absolutely not!

Did meteorologists warn ahead of time due to Mercury Retrograde other than meteorology predictions? Absolutely not!

CLAIM: Atlanta needs a city government more like New York’s

Former Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, who coordinated relief efforts along the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina, said things would have gone more smoothly this week if Atlanta’s city government was more like New York’s. “They need to have in Atlanta the same type of government you have in New York City, where the mayor controls the city and everything around that city, and the mayor can make decisions on road closures; he has emergency powers as when schools close,” he said.

“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they under*stand the voice of heaven.”– Matthew 13:13

REALITY:The metro area has many leaders

Metro Atlanta comprises 140 cities and towns — most of which have their own leaders making their own decisions. And even within the city of Atlanta, Reed doesn’t call all the shots, like New York’s mayor. Reed said he doesn’t have the ultimate say on some issues. For example, Atlanta Public Schools was responsible for deciding when to send students home. And the state is responsible for clearing interstate freeways. But the mayor also said he would have done some things differently.

Mostly their own leaders making their own decision based on their five limited educated senses can perceive and do same thing over and over. What are they thinking? Obviously they didn’t ask an astrologer. My prediction is an open source on my website that manifest when Mercury Retrograde already warning about what could happen in the Atlanta area more than one year before the storm unless Atlanta & New work leaders have possess strong cosmic conscious that can done some things differently.

I posted the exact dates that Mercury Retrograde as we must use this precaution on the road/in the air/in the sea before Mercury Retrograde enters your life. My “predictions” of the forecast offers much ahead of time before it happened in southeast. You should stayed home and stayed off the highways in such severe winter conditions plus pre-Mercury Retrograde. If you have to drive or go to work,  use common sense with extra caution. Be prepared using these cosmic transit schedule.

Watch the Moon schedule via Mercury Retrograde, trust me, you won’t be mislead again.

Justin Bieber arrested in DUI, drag racing incident

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Justin Bieber arrested on drunken driving, resisting arrest charges

Pot, beer and a yellow Lamborghini

3 Florida police officers suspended in Justin Bieber caravan-escort probe.


Jan 22/23/24/25/26 Moon in Libra, Moon in Scorpio and Moon in Sagittarius

 Be careful with rage drivers on the road. Don’t talk on the phone. Just hang up.

Expect a serious wakeup call that may bring a light upon the abusers as a heavy karma. Better stay with the law.  Dark alleys are wrong places to be in, stay clear from it. You must listen to your partnership and learn a big lesson where the ugly secret of this person as a wakeup call.

Be aware of everything and everybody around you. You may feel some intense in the air. Watch out for the children, Scorpio takes them at risk.

Stargazing event not miss in 2014. Order Ebook Star Guide 2014!

Read more- Justin Bieber’s reckless week- 2013

Let me translate that language of the stars via his natal chart for you….

Sun in Pisces (1)- He was an incredibly talented songwriter, artistic and performer, but on the negative note, being born under Neptune’s deceiving influence religion. He would sacrifice his life if he wants to or fall into alcohol, legal/illegal drugs where he needs to be cautious with this weakness area.

Moon in Libra (8)- The moon governs the emotion and Libra rules relationship contacts where he has involved into the music industry with his best networking and the fans. He also shared his stage with some extremely talented musicians and the fans whom he respected both professional and friendship,  but his Moon in 8th house of death, sex, drama, intense emotion, destruction where he needs to be caution before getting himself into unconscious attack acts onto other people or relationship.

Mercury in Aquarius (12)- Mercury’s location in the sign of Aquarius, means giving more force to the voice, direct and outspoken. He may attract to astrology / metaphysics / Ufo, learn about the stars unless he picks up a book and learn something new. His mental processing is usually very original and his ideas may be ahead of his time. For example, He just gave his fans very unsettling Christmas surprise – the pop star announced a retirement in a tweet but in reality he is not. Aquarius rules breakthrough, shock and rebellious.

Venus in Pisces (1)- Venus commands love. Pisces rules very artistic and romantic as well as an understanding and compassionate. Pisces rules secrets and subconscious, not many know his hidden motive romances with women behind his life scene.

Mars in Aquarius (12) – Mars is the warrior, was known the Lord of war in Greek mythology, in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius rules freedom and group oriented that applied to social networking site, twitter/ instagram  has become flooded with both positive and negative tweets about Justin Bieber’s dramatic incidents, but found his hidden Pisces where he easily gets the legal/illegal drugs through the friends, but he will be involved with humanitarian projects successful.

Jupiter in Scorpio (9)- Jupiter rules truth seeker and the religion values in Justin Bieber. Scorpio rules the sign of death and regeneration where his intense and uncompromising religious beliefs, but he may be curious such as exploring or investigating about everything related to suspension, and mysterious of life. He may be narrow-minded, and impose his view on others’ opinion.

Saturn in Pisces (1)- Saturn rules depression and may be take over his spiritual freedom. He needs to swim up to the light of the sea to see much more clear upwards than stuck with reality in a murky blurry water.

Uranus in Capricorn (11)- Uranus rules computers and high technology, unique ways to build, organize, or do business. He may be genius with numbers, practicality, and organization.

Neptune in Capricorn (11)- Neptune rules music industry while Capricorn rules practical, down to earth, hard working and promote himself to successful position in life. He was not only an incredibly talented songwriter and performer, but he had to work for the success (including supporting himself as a young adult with jobs outside the music industry).

Pluto in Scorpio (9) –  Pluto rules power and seems like he’s having a lot of trouble lately. He wasn’t mature enough to handle that overnight. Scorpio rules the night and the dark side, therefore all the nightclubs, drugs and sex in international foreign land.

Dragon Head(lucky/growth) in Scorpio in 9th house of international foreign land when Universal Dragon is currently empowering his 9th house regulating the exposure in London.

Dragon Tail (negative) in Taurus in 3th house of transportation/speed where it needs to be cautious with paparazzi incidents. Bieber’s reckless driving reportedly at the speed of over 100 miles per hour.  Bieber claimed he had attempted to lose a team of photographers who followed him. Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine called the incident a “very dangerous, chaotic situation”, and called Bieber’s driving “careless” and “reckless”. It may cost him fortunate in possessions and finances if that continues breaking the law.

Sochi Olympics and Terrorism Predictions

Sochi Olympics and Terrorism Predictions

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(CNN) — A video surfaces threatening the Winter Olympics. Russia’s President vows the Games will be safe. Some U.S. lawmakers warn that they won’t be. One thing was clear as debate over the situation surged on Sunday: security is a top concern, less than three weeks away from the competition.

Deadly blasts in Russian city

Sochi Winter Olympic Terrorism is possible threat from the stars and the power of the moon. The Winter Olympics begins Friday, 7 February and ends Sunday, 23 February, 2014. This should remind us why we do not hold events like this in Muslim countries as many as around 2,000,000 Muslim immigrants in Moscow. They are taking over Europe through reproduction and immigration. US is now headed down this country. Note, unconscious Olympic organizers chose this worst possible dates in Next month of February. The high probability dates are serious window precaution- Feb 9/10/11 and 20/21.

The truth about full moon effect on human psyche

Full Moon2 One of Plato’s quotes : “Perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it, and having seen it, to find one in himself. ” We have to first acknowledge that there are specific cosmic law written in the light so you can see/read through the signs manifestly.

Did you follow up these breaking stories when I posted the dates which turned out fully lunatic, moody, in crabby behavior with conjunction of tragedy’s horror that have exposed the events through the media? On a negative note, the sign of Cancer is ruled by the moody lunatic Moon and a natural desire for their need. And more articles of events that are still under controversies/debates while not aware of astrological energy effects. I will write up next after this, but this significant of few cosmic stories for you to read here in order to understand how the power of moon operates.

Jan 13/14/15, 2014- Moon in Cancer? Do you think it’s another accident out-of-control emotions? This is how the full moon affected you. Now I must mention a few of things you must be aware of it. Every time you read “upcoming full moon” with every precaution that has to be taken some attention whether you consciously follow it up or not…the sad fact, the out-of-control emotions responses like these, one man was shot dead after an argument over texting in a Wesley Chapel, Florida, movie theater, a shooting at school in New Mexico and open fire at a grocery store manifestly unleashed the emotion responses by lunatic moon phases.

Watch this video(CNN) — Those who know Curtis Reeves are stunned by news the former police captain is accused of fatally shooting a man after an argument over texting in a Wesley Chapel, Florida, movie theater. The Reeves they know is a friendly fellow, they told CNN affiliates.

This is an another example lacking control of one’s emotions; triggered by unpredictable behavior. How can 71-year-old Curtis Reeves, a retired cop even think that the texting-guy deserved this? I don’t have this victim’s date of birth to read his hidden mind/behavior behind his natal chart, besides one part I found in his that has a critical/judgmental/emotional Dragon axis in the sign of Virgo/Pisces. That’s how his energies of his Dragon’s Tail had attracted that to trigger Curtis’ mental and emotional mind to killed him instantly.

Neptune, Lord of the Sea, is the ruler of Pisces, that can be seen working in our lives, for example, religions, churches, chemical, movies. On that day, Curtis was at the theater, so any-time you are riding with the affairs of your dragon’s tail you are in great risk for bad experiences.

Realize that Pisces is also very emotional with conjunction of Full Moon in Cancer where he “exploded”, unable to control his emotions.  We all heard of people becoming “lunatic/moody/crabby during any new and full moons, period. Curtis’ example simply manifest a warning of the power upon the human psyche.

Watch this video(CNN) — The 12-year-old had all these when he entered a Roswell, New Mexico, middle school gymnasium and opened fire, State Police Chief Pete Kassetas said Wednesday.

This is an another example lacking control of one’s emotions; triggered by unpredictable behavior. State Police Chief Pete Kassetas know nothing about cosmic phenomenon related to deadly natal chart affecting a 12 year old mentally and emotionally. There are many bullies or with a psychologically manipulated by a group of people that struggle to explain and lacking of Moon phases warning. Many people like group of educated skeptics, atheists, agnostics morons are not aware of this moon phenomenon, part of the problem lacking of knowledge of astrology. It is a great benefit to have astrology knowledge. The first step in this is to acknowledge that we are programmed by the stars as result of impulsive behavior.

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(CNN) — Two women shot to death by a man at an Elkhardt, Indiana, grocery store may have known their attacker, police said Thursday. Police shot and killed Shawn Walter Bair, 22, Wednesday to end the rampage at Martin’s Super Market.

Why subconsciously chose Martin’s Super Market? that’s a manifestation of Cancer that have a strong connection with food and local grocery store. Moon rules your emotions and your daily moods. This is an another example lacking control of one’s emotions; triggered by unpredictable behavior This is no accident for open fired shooting at Super Market, based by his subconsciously emotion response. We’ve got to get the guns out of the hands of the criminals and even sane owners who could react insanely.  we must be acknowledge that additional gun control laws would not work, only additional spiritual education to provide Astrology course in every schools. To learn about natal chart identity that guarantee will bring universal understanding, peace, harmony to one another. I would like to see some those in restructure of spiritual education that gives more safe and demand to be acknowledge and anything else that could help toward keeping the crimes low.


Shots were fired and two students were wounded at Delaware Valley Charter School in Philadelphia.

Racist behavior continues / precaution during moon

The transiting Dragon currently (already in action until November 11th, 2015) demands that the offensive word must removed from all universal forms, effective this year, Hackel said New York courts plan to do exactly that. The government forms to recommend that the word must be removed, “Nergo” on forms that has crossed a “red line” with its use of racial labeling as a verbal abuse with racial slurs in order towards the universal respect of others being different. Aries/Libra is concerned with personal identity on both self and the others.

Subconsciously, the Legal System like the Law Enforcement agency, Foreign Service ( third-world countries), Relations with other countries, Judicial System, Mental Heath, Contracts, Partnerships, Marriages and Humanitarians (political, social and cultural change) due to Dragon Head in Libra. Libra rules peace and diplomacy, but also can lead to war authoritatively if pushed to the limits.

Universal Dragon is newly impacting in the axis of Aries / Libra that will be extreme in effect.  Note, New Dragon Head in Libra rules the Law, the contracts, the agreements, deals that make the relations possible and easier in creating harmony while Aries will cause more conflict/war. Here are three examples:

Raeana Roberson posted this image of her New York juror information card on her Facebook page.

New York (CNN) — “Yes, I identify as black or African-American, but I am not a Negro,” said a 25-year-old teacher from New York City

Devyani Khobragade was was arrested, handcuffed and stripped searched by police last month after being accused of visa fraud and underpaying the maid she had brought from India

US diplomat kicked out of India accused of ‘racism’

A diplomat and his wife in tit for tat expulsion expressed dismay on Facebook about sanitation and other issues

Actress: Been called ‘white man’s whore’

Tamera Mowry grew emotional when she spoke about the racist insults she is receiving because of her interracial marriage.

So now just want to mention that the Moon in Cancer offers a new beginning/ending of unexpected/unfortunate phases of life. Here is other example list how it appears on news media.

Southwest Airlines plane lands at wrong Missouri airportWatch this video(CNN) — (CNN) — A day after Southwest Airlines landed a jet with 124 passengers at the wrong airport, many are asking: How in the world could that happen?

This is extremely significant moon as a result as an education in order for you to learn of those examples, be precaution and use the moon schedule to progress in your life. You must pay attention. This is now in transportation/changeable Gemini-Cancer cusp in Moon at the same time as the planet Mercury(mental processing) enters in Aquarius(aeronautics/airlines) that will release pieces of news and affect the unexpected plan, earthquake and aeronautics news.

There are many unanswered questions that the Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board will not guarantee an answer. Both agencies will provide you the logic investigation,  not lacking astrological investigation. they’ll only draw your attention to benefit their own gain in reputation. I wish they could launch new Astro-psychology education in benefit for the universal transportation safety or aeronautics.  I guess I would continue my battle against with group of educated skeptics, atheists, agnostics morons who dont learn anything spiritually enough yet. My passion is to give you my astrological knowledge about cosmic truth.

This is no accident for this unknown circumstance for them to react surprisingly in the planet Uranus effect and the energy from Mercury in Aquarius.

Strong earthquake strikes north of Puerto Rico– Earthquake
Potential bomb found at evacuated Texas high school, officials say– Forced to relocated/Unexpected Plan
Southwest Airlines jet with 124 passengers landed at the wrong airport– Forced to relocated/Unexpected Plan
Police: Texting in movie theater sparks fatal shooting, retired officer arrested– Forced to relocated/Unexpected Plan
Jury has verdict for two ex-cops charged in beating death of homeless man– New beginning
DirecTV drops Weather Channel amid contract dispute– End of life
State judge OKs assisted suicide– New beginning
$1 trillion compromise in Congress– New beginning
(Come back here to see for further predictions to be soon posted… Please stand by.)

Similar moon schedules via incidents

In November, a mammoth cargo plane landed at the wrong airport in Wichita, Kansas — one that typically does not accommodate such beasts and with a runway half a mile shorter than such an aircraft usually uses.

PREDICTION -JANUARY 9, 10, 11, 12, 13:
RULERS – Moon in Taurus (beauty) and Gemini (changeable)

Mercury moves into a change with your business endeavors. During a waxing moon, you’re restless, as a talking head and looking for new changes in your daily routine when you are done with situation or a person.  Expect new job or an interview for job. You can influence people with your upbeat attitude. Venus moves into a new change with your style in life,  foods and arts. Gemini rules transportation, but it will change when Moon in Cancer comes along that offer a new beginning/ending of unexpected/unfortunate phases of life.

PREDICTION– JANUARY 14, 15, 16, 17, 18:
RULERS – Moon in Cancer (security) and Leo (fame)

Sun rules fire.  better be careful with anything with fire hazards. It could be explosive in front of you and affect others. You could see some weird or surprise behavior in the entertainment news. Many will face drama and difficulty with their karma stars. Great movie will release to the public. Many relocate to new home and deserve more security due to new beginning/end of life of phase in life.

Universal Precaution: Expect terrible tragedies such as weather destructive, earthquake and volcanic eruptions where it will force thousands of people to relocate.

Marijuana and Atheist church

Before I start with Atheist church, first, focus on this hot debate related to the legalization of marijuana and explain two powerful Neptunians(Howard Samuels and Ethan Nadelmann) and in addition about Moon in Pisces under the effect.
You’re spinning!: Pot debate gets heated

Do you know that during Moon in Pisces that guarantees being influenced and produced by this type of Neptunian on marijuana news? Thousands of people cheerfully stood in lines for hours to buy legal marijuana. Now, you see this Pot debate gets heated on CNN. What amazes me is that Howard Samuels and Ethan Nadelmann who debated on the legalization of marijuana, both were born in the month of March, shared the same sign of Pisces easily addicted to the marijuana in their past.

Subconsciously, both Howard Samuels and Ethan Nadelman want to help and make the world a better place, but Ethan’s natal Mercury (critical thinking) is in Pisces that makes him sensitively emotional, easily addicted, illusive yet not much grounded.  That explains why he is an advocate for legalization marijuana. Note, Ethan is the founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, a New York City-based non-profit organization working to end the War on Drugs.  What is more, he also was born with Dragon Head9(luck/Growth) in Scorpio(politic/finance/ investigation),  Scorpio rules law enforcement and act governs the political and at same time,  Howard decided to devote his life helping others with suffering from alcoholism/addiction after Howard’s experience with drug rehabilitation treatment. Now, you see, Howard’s natal Mercury (critical thinking) is in Aries that makes him more quickly responsive and aggressive, with his Dragon Head (luck/Growth) which is located in the sign of Pisces offering him to be compassionate and creative,  always looking to inspire others. Yet these Pisces men have no absolutely idea what Neptune is all about.

With Moon in Pisces, this is no accident for this unknown circumstance for them to react in Neptune effect and energy. That includes all “talking heads” debating on CNN on the subject of Marijuana. Lacking full understanding of the dynamics in the stars/moon is no way for any clinical psychology/therapist to understand or even accept the  incredible stars powerfully way above and beyond of the hidden cosmic knowledge.

My research and findings that would drastically change their perception and benefit the education with precious astrological resources in a long run.

The moon now is in emotional Pisces and this Moon will impulse emotional pieces outbursts and affects the “watery” weather in a very difficult way.

Pisces rules drugs, weeds, hospitals, ocean to produce this type of Neptunian news;

“Harris-Perry became emotional as she went on to apologize to all “other families formed through transracial adoption,” saying, “I am deeply sorry that we suggested that interracial families are in any way funny or deserving of ridicule.”

More than a dozen die in stampede at religious event in China- Religious/Hospital

U.S. vessel heads to break ice around Russian, Chinese ships off Antarctica- Ocean News
Hawaii girl, 3, dies after dental procedure- Hospitals
They sold $10K of pot in just hours- Drugs/pot
Madonna posts pic of 13-yr-old son with ..debate gets heated- Alcohol
Dennis Rodman apologizes for North Korea outburst, says he’d been drinking

After a schism, a question: Can atheist churches last?

LONDON (CNN) – The Sunday Assembly was riding high. The world’s most voguish – though not its only – atheist church opened last year in London, to global attention and abundant acclaim. So popular was the premise, so bright the promise, that soon the Sunday Assembly was ready to franchise, branching out into cities such as New York, Dublin and Melbourne.

The very idea of an “Atheist Church” is a contradiction in terms. Atheism is no original foundation of the faith in the future, but create any sort of church. This is simply moron and totally ridiculous. It’s just a label for those who answer “no” to a single question, and more importantly, Atheism is a label for what you DON’T believe. There is no guide to the future for hard core atheist and non-believers to try to load atheism up with a bunch of empty head and claim it as a religion or atheism science, but this is nothing more than a unintelligent juvenile attempt at “Okay so I’m atheist but you are too, so be there!”. Atheist idiots are a brainwashed, weak-minded, illogical, ignorant, gullible, irrational thinking to society and the cause of most of the conflict in the world.

To attract with something desirable of being a part of a community of curious where people network, meet regularly, work on projects together, provide moral and emotional support for each other, and so on. I’m constantly surprised by how many unconscious atheist people have about what it means to be human being and yet don’t get it what ‘s mean by according to heaven true cosmic identity.

Everything that exist is prove that there is a Creator that created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to men for interpretation so you may live a safer more productive life. The existence of the universe itself is a prove that one must ask and receive the light. Be search for God in this life he will find it here and will face it in real life and if one reject and ignore the existence of God(stars) that would be atheist science. That’s explain why modern science failed explaining all details of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza and atheist church don’t offered all details related to natural phenomena via universe.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein

Explaining Why MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry broke down on-air

Just want to remind you that every time you read the current news to notice how the Dragon axis has triggering on some placements of natal/birth charts linked to  this current Dragon’s Head/Tail in Libra/Aries that is happening in the Universe.

All human beings being born in April and October are under the effect in the year of 2014/15. Aries rules innate abilities and Libra rules 7th house of marriage, business partners and contracts,  facing the world.  Also, Martian Dragon is all about self identity and even a personal racial identify. Aries/Libra is most concerned with personal identity on both of self and others.

Jan 3, 2014-Female ‘Bama fan goes WWE on OU fan

A female Alabama fan throws several punches and kicks towards an Oklahoma fan in the stands at the Sugar Bowl. Red is clearly seen as the symbolic color for Mars – the color of blood, fire, action and passion in sport. Astrologically, Mars is the ruler of Aries influencing leadership and drive in sport.

Couple finds racial slur on key chain

An interracial couple is upset when they find a derogatory note from a valet on their key chain.

MSNBC host offers tearful apology to Romneys

(CNN) – MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry made a tearful apology to Mitt Romney’s family on her show Saturday, after she and a panel poked fun at a photo of the former Republican presidential candidate with his wife and 21 grandchildren by zeroing in on his adopted African-American grandson.

Bad enough as Melissa is the latest victim of the Dragon and as an African-American politics, She is Libra sun sign, facing the world as Aries that rules egotistical, aggression that leads to racism is a serious issue.

Born on October 2, 1973, Melissa consisted a lucky Capricorn (political/career/status in the world) in Dragon Head (luck)  that drives her to fame. Sad fact, her negative approach resides in her Dragon Tail in Cancer (Mitt Romney’s family and their African-american grandson) . Cancer is the sign of home and family life where her past life was linked to African/British heritage in family. If she is aware of upcoming new dragon axis that will affect her life, it may help her to be conscious. The problem is who would notify her about how the stars are translated or even the moon phases in effect.  This is no accident for her reaction under the dark moon which was a waning( *negative). Then the moon is now in emotional Pisces and the Moon will throw very emotional pieces of news. she now regret for saying it. She is another non cosmic conscious political career and made a tearful apology to Mitt Romney’s family on her TV show.

So many successful career and famous people got fired with their previous jobs due to same mistakes. Cosmic Conscious is a key to be awareness what’s going on before her unleash emotion response on those day.. It seems my prediction about the racism becoming a target for color on those days makes my work look very reliable cosmic information.

Last, just want to note about Upcoming Mercury retrograde *negative on next month of February so be prepared with new mercury energy on the consequences of traffic crashes that also will mess up with the air-crafts, trains, road transportation, ship transportation, cable transportation, pipeline transportation and space flight, all of the “mercury” to be affected by this energy.

Mercury rules transportation, communication, movement and electronic equipment that may impact with delays, strikes, flight cancellations, electricity shutdowns/cutoffs, also affect through the communications through the computers, telephones, transpositions (aircraft, ship, helicopter, train, subway). The same energy that produce weather destructive nature including the hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.

February 1- March 2, 2014


Ken Langone vs. Pope Francis

Before I begin to discuss about Ken Langone, a billionaire Roman Catholic, and Pope Francis and others. Let’s look the month of Jan 1 to 3- Moon in Aquarius and to follow up the manifestation of Uranus in this sign and read the signs clearly.

Jan 2, 2013 – Facebook Sued for Scanning Private Messages- Technology
Jan 2 2013 – Ford to debut solar car- Technology
Jan 2, 2013- Wal-Mart recalls contaminated donkey meat in China- Surprises    
Jan 2, 2014– Airbus unveils first passenger-ready A350 XWB plane- Aeronautics
Jan 2, 2013– Police: Illegal weapons found in house of Palestinian diplomat who died after blast- Explosions
Jan 3, 2014– Man tries to sell stolen brains on eBay, police say – Weird
Jan 3, 2014- Suspected World War II-era bomb detonates in Germany, killing one- Explosions
Jan 3, 2014-Thousands of flights canceled as weather snarls travelers – Aeronautics
Jan 4, 2014- Small plane makes forced landing on Bronx highway- Aeronautics
Jan 4, 2014- Malware attack hits thousands of Yahoo users – Technology

(Come back here to see more predictions to be soon posted… Please stand by.) null (CNN) – At least one wealthy donor in New York City is skittish about Pope Francis’ comments about capitalism. Ken Langone, the billionaire Roman Catholic who helped found Home Depot, told CNBC he has heard grumbling about the Pope’s comments about the wealthy. Langone is helping to run the New York Archdiocese’s $180 million fundraising effort to restore St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan. This Pope, the leader of Catholicism, a bishop of Rome and a head of state within the wealthy Vatican City, claims to disagree with Capitalism that does not make any sense. Without capitalists and their money, that excludes having beautiful churches, hospitals, charities or the Vatican itself. Please keep in mind, Vatican’s numbered Swiss bank accounts. nearly 100 tons of Nazi gold were laundered through Swiss banks. He has no idea what’s he talking about. Did Pope know that US was born on July 4th 1776 under the precise stars with specific Moon(emotion response) in Aquarius(freedom/independent) and Pluto(financial power) in Capricorn(the system/bureaucracy/ Capitalism). Absolutely not. Pope Francis is manipulating and adapting the rules, using those funds— to educate about nothing, and take advantage of  less fortunate– In another way, it’s all talk and posturing. Nothing more. All I can say is check Pope Francis’ natal chart to find out what made him to speak up in public. That will help you understand about Pope Francis and his purpose.

Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) was born on December 17, 1936- He may be riding his dragon head(religion), but his dragon tail concerns me. His dragon tail in Gemini talks too much information where it locates in 7th house of relations with other countries, facing the world and open enemies. So, it will be interesting to see how that may play out. The power of his Dragon Head in Sagittarius and Sun in Sagittarius is the Jupiter, means mostly common as religious and philosophical, with a strong sense of law and truth, but Gemini rules freedom of speech that may influence the world. So now you can see Ken Langone, a billionaire Roman Catholic warns the cardinals to better watch out with what he has to say.  Ken was born in the month of September, extremely critical and perfectionist sign of Virgo. It also rules practicing in purity as a priesthood. This will lead to bad news for the year of 2016/17 with Neptunian Dragon. The planet Neptune, of course, rules by the sign of Pisces, religion, illusion, and deception. Pope Francis will remain to scare away the rich people especially the religious people. Read more about Dynasty’ star’s advice: Marry young and Suspect named for CA priest’s murder and Police: Son of Obama’s spiritual adviser committed suicide This is a perfect example for religious mind poisoning to non-thinking people/followers due to unknown truth. That is pretty dangerous. Meanwhile, there is another real battle in between the dumb-down religion and social media spirituality/curiosity where goes through the media, doesn’t exist to tell the truth, but attention-whoring around to make them rich. What’s worse is that there is  Racism and anti-Semitic attacks going on which is now spotlighted  in France society. A  French footballer Nicolas Anelka has caused a storm by using the “quenelle” gesture as a goal celebration The "quenelle" gesture has been popularized by the anti-establishment French comedian Dieudonne, who has been condemned in France for anti-Semitism. Here people perform the "quenelle" in front of Dieudonne's theater, while protesting against French interior minister Manuel Valls who has called for Dieudonne's performances to be banned. (CNN) — What’s in a gesture? A gesture of support for a friend, a gesture that is “anti-system,” says French footballer Nicolas Anelka, who chose to celebrate his goal-scoring performance in an English Premier League game last weekend with a movement that has sparked controversy not just in the sporting world but also the political. Upcoming Aries Dragon is also sportsmanship where it shows the manifestation of assertion, egotistical, aggression that leads to racism is a real danger. Read about MSNBC host apologizes after panel makes fun of Romney photo with black grandchild. This is another racism issue. Germany (an Aries country), England and France will experience extremely impact of Martian (trouble) Dragon and will suffer to go through serious trouble, violence, chaos, fires, destruction, and death. UPDATED- JAN 3, 2013 Suspected World War II-era bomb detonates in Germany, killing one

What will the dragon bring to you and the world?

Be prepare for upcoming Arian Dragon

Chinese President Orders PLA To Prepare For War

The intelligence Age of Aquarius has taken the long process, but in a long, long way to get there where it all get figured out. Universal communication via internet already has a wide variety of learning/listening/conversing/questioning opportunities outside of our traditional and religious classrooms, but facing the biggest battle between the poisoned- mind(faith) and instinct intelligence(truth) because there is no cosmic leak to reveal the universal truth in their classroom that leads people into deception of the dark truth while others continuously expose the truth over and over. “And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:” – Genesis 1:14 in King James Version of The Bible Those with astrology knowledge within as higher spiritual souls that can automatically understand  cosmic universal secrets from the darkness to the light. Really, do your own research is what you are supposed to do when you lack the whole truth.  Indeed, researching is a time-consuming, hard work to gain knowledge, rather than being mentally lazy who isn’t willing to learn, yet does nothing, sit on the couch, watch television, and go to church every Sunday. In fact , Star Knowledge is power.

January 2014 Predictions

RULERS – Moon in Capricorn (government) and Aquarius (surprises)

Progressive changes are ahead; take chance now. Socialize with some old friends or new friends. Avoid impatience where romance is expected during late night. Take easy with Aquarius eccentricity with flying and travel faraway places this weekend. Expect some driver unexpected behavior or rage road. Keep your thought clean and avoid negative your processing. Government will announced new law and extra security in international foreign.

Universal Precaution: Be ready for earthquakes, tornadoes, volcano eruptions or dramatic weather. Under his Aquarius, it will bring you a full of surprise.

RULERS – Moon in Pisces (religious) and Aries (warrior)

Don’t drink and drive only in Colorado. Watch out the rage road and realize that Pisces (drugs/alcohol) and Aries (impatience) are a dangerous combination on the road. If during the last hours, don’t drive and better save till bright day. Think straight to the point. Be smart. News of accident related to sea, oil or chemical spills were often ignored the planet Neptune’s power because a lack of discipline and lack of informed. Neptune (Pisces) rules Middle East, oil and drug/alcohol that will bring to news and famous secret love affairs.

Universal Precaution: Mars’ aggressive nature may decide to stir nature’s destructive and man-made explosion or earthquake as these examples.

January 12, 2014- Mercury enters Aquarius: The planet of communication and transportation will enter from down to earth sign of Capricorn to the genius sign of Aquarius. Start thinking out of box, getting curiously about technology, electronics, aeronautics, inventions, microchips and working with computers and don’t afraid talk about future. Good start to discuss about UFO topics, investigation, health and metaphysics. If you have mercury located in this specific sign, you are independent thinker and fresh perspectives.

PREDICTION -JANUARY 9, 10, 11, 12, 13:
RULERS – Moon in Taurus (beauty) and Gemini (changeable)

Mercury moves into a change in your business endeavors. During a waxing moon, you’re restless, act of talking head and looking for new changes in your daily routine if you done with situation or a person.  Expect new job and new interview for job. You can influence people now with your upbeat attitude. Venus moves into a new change in your style life such foods and arts.

January 15th 2013 Full Moon in Cancer

PREDICTION– JANUARY 14, 15, 16, 17, 18:
RULERS – Moon in Cancer (security) and Leo (fame)

Sun rules fires and better be careful with match or gas before you start it. Not good time to play the fires. It could be explosive front of you and affect others. You could see some weird or surprised behavior on the entertainment news. Many will face drama and difficult their karma stars. Great movie will release to the public. Many relocated to new home and deserve more security due to new beginning/end of life of phase in life.

Universal Precaution: Expect terrible tragedies such as weather destructive, earthquake and volcanic eruptions where will force thousands of people of the house and roads due to nature’s destructive forces.

PREDICTION– JANUARY 19, 20, 21, 22, 23:
RULERS – Moon in Virgo(organized)  and Libra(balance)

Use your power of Mercury; keep write up and make a lot document with enough information as goal this year. Make impression your boss or coworker; take a chance on your recognized as hard worker. It’s time to let go of wrong friend or people that really drag you down into depressing situation; take a chance on your new positive attitude with new plan. Again, be accept the change with confidence, the star will take care for you ahead of time.

PREDICTION– JANUARY 24, 25, 26, 27:
RULERS – Moon in Scorpio (intense) and Sagittarius (wild)

You know how Scorpio at work. Stay clam and be patience. Expect bad news about children sexual abuse, cops, drama on news. Don’t talk too much about yourself. Just be listening. Use your positive thought about life in general Watch out that those dates. Earthquake is possible under Scorpio’s lines and be ready with that nasty. Breaking news is expected hear more from infamous or famous’ death under Scorpio’s power.

Universal Precaution: Expect the Russian government to make important announcements and nasty action for due the politics in conflict. More Terrorism will be seen more of this kind of news.

January 31, 2014 New Moon in Aquarius

PREDICTION– JANUARY 28, 29, 30, 31:
RULERS – Capricorn (government) Aquarius (surprises)

Progressive changes are ahead; take chance now. Socialize with some old friends or new friends. Avoid impatience where romance is expected during late night. Take easy with Aquarius eccentricity with flying and travel faraway places this weekend. Expect some driver unexpected behavior or rage road. Keep your thought clean and avoid negative your processing.

Universal Precaution: Be ready for earthquakes, tornadoes, volcano eruptions or dramatic weather. Under his Aquarius, it will throw you a full of surprise.

January 31, 2014- Mercury enters Pisces: The planet of communication and transportation will enter from down to air sign of Aquarius to the intuitive sign of Pisces. Start thinking with prophecy dream, curious phenomenon, poetic, divinely inspired, adaptable, empathic, and working with theater, visual arts or photography. Good start to discuss about spiritual, metaphysics and art healing. If you have mercury located in this specific sign, you are psychic thinker and creative self-expression.