Tea Party Blogger Scandal, Political Dirty Tricks and Suicide

(CNN) — A tea party leader tied to alleged political dirty tricks that rattled Republicans in Mississippi and beyond is dead — shot once in the head in an apparent suicide, according to police.

I don’t have Mark Mayfield, a tea party leader fully DOB to show his cosmic identify, however Republican dirty tricks are very a clever or skillful action or movement, but it’s not work at all because the stars don’t care about your political and your religious beliefs. The planet Pluto has important things work to do, offers serious wake up and will bring your secret to a light. McDaniel says ‘hundreds’ of irregularities found in Mississippi race is also part of the currently transit of planet Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn rules traditionalism , politics, the structure of organized religions and the government. Capricorn rules snobbery, wealthy and politicians. Capricorn wants to make money and gain recognition within the state voter populations- This is the single nastiest campaign fight in Mississippi.

According to Wikipedia, Thad Cochran was first elected to the Senate with a plurality of the vote in a three-way race in 1978. He has been re-elected with at least 61% of the vote ever since, in 1984, 1990, 1996, 2002 and 2008. He is being challenged by State Senator Chris McDaniel, a Tea Party supporter, for the Republican nomination. During the primary election, Senator Cochran and State Senator McDaniel received 49% and 49.5% of the vote respectively. Since no candidate received over 50%, there was be a runoff to determine the Republican nominee on June 24, 2014. Cochran defeated McDaniel in the run-off election.

William Thad Cochran (born December 7, 1937) is Sagittarius Sun Sign. Sagittarius rules the planet Jupiter is the planet of luck and good fortune. What’s more, He born with Jupiter (lucky) in Capricorn (public standing, career, political), that’s why he never lost the election ever and he has strong desire for a power of position for a long time since 1978.

Chris McDaniel (born June 28, 1972) is under constellation Gemini and He born with Jupiter (lucky) in Capricorn (public standing, career, political) is clearly that He won in first election however McDaniel received 49.6% and incumbent U.S. Senator Cochran received 48.9%, forcing a June 24, 2014, run-off election BUT McDaniel lost the run-off taking 49.1% of the vote to Cochran’s 50.9.

(CNN) — The arrest of a man who allegedly obtained an image of a senator’s bedridden wife has shaken up an already intense Republican primary battle in Mississippi. Political blogger Clayton Kelly was arrested Thursday, accused of exploiting a vulnerable adult and illegally and improperly obtaining a photo of her without her consent for his own benefit, according to the Madison Police Department.

Clayton Kelly was born on August 11, 1985

Using Astro-psychology, I can able to expose his intention, motivation behind secretly photographed residents of a nursing home in order to use this photo as dirty tricks or truth-telling which it’s meaning his “political strategy” is intending to blow up the rumor that Cochran is having affairs while his wife was receiving care.

Kelly born with Moon (emotion response) in Gemini (communication) needs a lot of intellectually stimulation to keep his interest in political where it located in 11th house of friends, wishes, internet blog, social issues and republican candidates social media. The planet Mercury rules the sign of Gemini rules fast, nervous, talkative, communication, and double form of personality which it’s obviously, he have a power of communication; radio, language, sales and strong connection to photography where he decided to pursue the Republican Senator Thad Cochran’s past life story.

With Saturn the great malefic planet rules fear and in Scorpio (power) He’s so frightened that long-time power of political is unable to move or quit, Republican Senator Thad Cochran, who has served in the position since 1978, is running for re-election to a seventh term. He feel must uncover the truth to what happened to Thad Cochran was having an affair” with a longtime staffer, at which time he decided to pursue the story.

Of course, With Dragon Tail (hidden motivation) in Scorpio (drama/secret/sex) lead him to to seek the mysteries of life and leaking secret information and obsession with life’s dark side and digging into a Republican Senator Thad Cochran’s past.

However His natal Sun (light), Mercury (mind) and Mars (desire) in Leo (fame/ego/stage/attention) is opposite direct to the planet Jupiter rules publishing, travel, broadcasting and telecommunications which Kelly used the photo to publish his blog and radio show and to “further his journalistic career” where it located in shocking, rebellious, freedom, breaking the rules sign of Aquarius in 7th house of public, open enemies, partners, opponents, and others- He shakes up Mississippi Republican primary- the bizarre scandal that could tear apart the tea party’s best hope for a primary win.

The Leo/Aquarius axis defines several types of creative individual expression, craves appreciation, attention and concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare. Kelly clearly should have talked with a lawyer before taking the pictures, or at least before posting them online However, It would be easier if someone in Kelly’s position could resolve the legal issues quickly and with finality without risk of felony charges.

Sad facts, Republican don’t know much about themselves as the soul of the cosmos as result of make a stupid mistake and committed suicide.

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John David LaDue “Born Killer?”

(CNN) — John David LaDue readily admits he came from a good home and says he was never bullied. But something in him drove the 17-year-old Minnesotan toward an obsessively detailed plot — one in which, he said, he wanted to kill his family, set off bombs at a school and then shoot students.

First of all, the lack of spiritual education has very much to do with his current issues in higher education which it’s mean 17-year-old kid don’t know much about himself as the soul of the cosmos. Most people don’t realized about how spiritual education could impact the higher education system in America and he would not have become a monster! Sad facts, People are continually talking about how great education from K through 12 education all the time and still repeat missing a whole point here as totally not conscious of the reality of stars divination or the soul of the cosmos. And when you read this spiritual crisis in education, it’s very important to pay attention what exactly the spiritual crisis I’m talking about. Note we don’t have an achievement spiritual education in America due to increased security, school shooting continue since Columbine High massacre. However, Astro-psychology must launch those school before the numbers going up till then it will stop this madness or more and more those desperate children will kill each other.

When will the educated religious experts, educated atheists, educated agnostic ever realize that those stars above have a powerful spiritual purpose? U.S. Department of Education are solely responsible for our children’s death where it needed spiritual regeneration in children live what they need to learn about what his/her soul purpose and and accept themselves as children of the universe or the soul of the cosmos.

  • But he said he was going to kill his family first, just to have a higher death toll
  • He allegedly kept a journal detailing his preparations for the attack
  • LaDue told police that he is mentally ill and asked to see a psychiatrist

First of all, We must look up his natal chart to find out why he want to kill his family first before bombs at school and then shoots students.

John David LaDue was born August 23, 1996

John David LaDue born under the constellation Leo (children) He admits he came from a good home and says he was never bullied, clearly, he own the powerful and charming however His natal Sun sign in Virgo *purity brought a stronger need for purity slowly building a subconscious fear of dirt and diseases. Plus his planet Mercury (mental process) in Virgo (detail-oriented), clearly over-concerned on with cleanliness and perfection that lead to think too much. Virgo rules mental stimulation, written communication and also rules the planet Mercury, he allegedly kept a journal detailing his preparations for the attack. He don’t see anything good deliver an exceptional work or considered lazy or irresponsible by others. He may repeatedly recheck or revise their health or work.

John David LaDue was born with an animal instincts as aggression, and anger red planet Mars in 12th house of subconscious house where it’s located in family, home, and security sign of Cancer. His subconscious secrets and deep emotions are controlled the planet Mars the Lord of War is obviously plain to see using Astro-psychology approaches on his hidden natal chart.

Again, there is no doubt that his Dragon Tail (past lives/hidden motives) in Aries overruled John David LaDue is controlled by the planet Mars the Lord of War, guns, Germany, this facts dictate a very strong inborn “white supremacist” tendencies, if you go back last two month ago, on April 14, this is great examples of another white supremacist gunman occurred at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City and Village Shalom, a Jewish retirement community, both located in Overland Park, Kansas. Indeed the stars clearly show the exact same sharing the cosmic circumstance!

Note Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr. (born 23 November 1940) His natal Dragon’s Tail (past lives) is located in the sign of Aries (Hitler/Germany).

Indeed the stars clearly show the exact same sharing the cosmic circumstance!

Note, the teen idolized and studied the shooters responsible for the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado, He allegedly told police that he wanted to carry out his attack on April 20, the anniversary of the massacre, but that April 20 this year was Easter and school was not in session.

LaDue born under the constellation Leo is opposite direct to the planet Uranus (shocking) in 7th house of public, open enemies, partners, opponents, and others. Uranus rules subversive behavior, sudden change, high explosives, bomb arms but lucky, it did not happen at his school and the students before he got caught by the cops.

Non-Conscious of the world, whether we call ourselves Christians, Atheists, Agnostics, Hindus, Buddhists or Bahai, whoever we are, and wherever we come from, we must UNITE their relationship with a universal cosmic God in order to embrace the essence those of stars divination or the soul of the cosmos and it will stop this madness or more and more those desperate children will kill each other.

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All Eyes On ISIS ‘Jihadi Spring’

Our society needs to take a good look at what we have become today. We cannot allow a religion poisoning in daily life to destroy our democracy, destroy this Earth and her creatures due to low mental stimulation or extremely low psychic vibrations. We can not just sit back and hope for best  – you’ve got to go out there and start think differently. It starts with you or you allow it to happen over and over. Sad fact, this world of minds are loaded of misinformation and false belief systems or the heavy energies of Neptunian Planets override the Middle East for centuries, having mega everything such addiction and attraction which doesn’t help to grow spiritually upwards to a cosmic consciousness, yet in opposite of holding back and trapping in the same pattern that would not help to grow better for the new generation of future.

We elect politics that are puppets or connected with their false belief systems or their religions. We have become spiritually numb and ignorant, allowing hate and violence to take over our lives. We have become as toxic and destructive as the toxins spread by the old fashioned religion. Everything is crashing and burning around us. We have jailed ourselves into a cage for two thousand years but what do we do, most of us must start differently add fuel to the fire with high mental stimulation until we truly embrace empathy, compassion and respect for this Earth and all life we will rebirth again and refresh new life with new cosmic consciousness or stars divination knowledge that will bring  respect, harmony and brotherhood turning into the transition of New Age of Aquarius, this is your chance to win the battle for the better outcome.

Non-Muslims of the world, whether we call ourselves Christians, Atheists, Agnostics, Hindus, Buddhists or Bahai, whoever we are, and wherever we come from, we must UNITE their relationship with a universal cosmic God and RISE against Islam- ISIS “Jihadi Spring”.

When will the western leaders wake up and realize that the real problem of this region is not the dictatorship but is that evil religion called Neptunian?! That rules Middle Area Geographic.

Neptune the Lord of the Seas- RELIGION AND DECEPTION

 Update – 6/19/14 – Returning jihadis a threat to Europe

 Update- 6/19/14- Iraq crisis: jihadists planning UK attacks, warns David Cameron – Telegraph

The money that they used for all “Jihadi Spring” military factors involve in this craziness by production of the religions to spread the disease of mind like cancer to run their world- it’s called the Dark Ages= Age of Pisces. Jihadi Spring is now beginning to threat the world and currently seeking world domination. Jihadi Spring could attack against Europe and America in a matter of time- transiting planet’s natal when a planet changes the direction or transiting dragon in current activities.

On April 8, 2013, the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) – Al-Qaeda in Iraq – released a recorded audio message by its leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, in which he announced that the Syria jihadi group Jabhat Al-Nusra (JN) has been merely an extension of ISI in Syria. Al-Baghdadi confirms that Jabhat Al-Nusra has been receiving monthly funds from ISI.

“Jihadi Spring” was rebirth on April 8, 2013- Sun(self), Venus(creative response), Mars(desire), Uranus(shocking/nukes) together conjunction in Aries in 1st house of self that turn to be independent, aggressive, assertive, fearless warrior.

Moon(emotion response), Mercury(mental process) and Neptune(religion) in 12th house of subconscious, enemies and secrets- Neptune the Lord of the Seas- RELIGION AND DECEPTION

ISIS “Jihadi Spring” will never give up their fight to establish their pedo-prophet’s sickening religion and it’s Sharia all over the globe. This never ending act of demanding in imposing Islam and Sharia on the world must be crushed utterly and permanently, for any mercy shown will surely backfire with deadly consequences due to Arian Dragon or Neptunian Dragon in next 2 or three years.

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Gemini Tornadoes In Nebraska and Updated Mercury Retrograde

Pilger, Nebraska (CNN) — Becky Hauf had always been told her little town of Pilger, Nebraska, would never see a tornado. Too close to the Elkhorn River, the folklore went. Instead, Pilger got two. At the same time.

Predication came to pass! or Perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it, and having seen it, to find one in himself; That’s what the Philosopher Plato said!

Gigantic twisters side by side  Gigantic twisters side by side – Chaser: Double tornado violent  Chaser: Double tornado violent

This is purpose to document with cosmic weather in astrology, in order to indicate the findings in currently universal natal charts such manifestation of duality natural phenomena produced are under the power of the Uranus(Moon in Aquarius)

June 14/15/16- Moon in Aquarius is phenomena witness come true.

The cosmic weather you see below is also produced by Mercury retrogrades and cosmic interpretation of applying to Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini rules duality create a double tornadoes that the stars has clearly spoken in front of your eyes. That’s why this is very important to keep track with cosmic weather with documents and specific date with cosmic signs. Gemini and Aquarius rules air elements, strong winds blowing, cold and wet. Air is often seen as an universal power as a dual tornadoes. Aquarius rules tornadoes and hurricanes with duality natural phenomena produced is clearly seen that followed by the symbols, signs, keywords of astrological energies, including specific dates.

So my question, How can atheist, agnostic and religious to follow up with the duality natural phenomena produced under the cosmic weather? Never. Ever. Atheist, Agnostic and Religious are constantly trolling each other to prove themselves below the powerful stars. Sad fact, they don’t really pay attention what’s around them spiritually with signs everywhere, what I have seen a cosmic phenomena witness come true with astrological knowledge. Many noncosmic consciousness people need some spiritual foods in order to embrace essence the stars in order to understand how cosmic has affected around the world including the people, the weather, the nature, the events, and so on.

Knowledge is a power while an ignorance fall for mishaps. Important warning is a must repetition to avoid being a victim.  Its’s all about power of cosmic consciousness to make life easier.

June 14/15/16- Moon in Aquarius

Civil War re-enactment cannon explosion sends children to the hospital– Explosion?  

IRS says it’s unable to recover subpoenaed Lerner e-mails in computer crash– Technology? 

Official: 49 die in downed Ukrainian military plane– Aeronautics?

Russian bombers fly near California–  Aeronautics?

‘Miracle’ pooch survives 15-story fall in Florida high-rise– Shocking?

Inside Virgin Galactic’s newest passenger spaceship– Aeronautics?

Quake hits Indian Ocean, Australia issues tsunami warning – The Times of India– Earthquake? 

JetBlue diverts flight to Detroit after passenger freaks out Aeronautics? 

Classy Move from Japanese Fans– Humanitarian?

Twins born 39 days apart– Weird?

Joke delays plane landing– Aeronautics? 

Tornadoes pummel Nebraska, one fatality reported amid damage– Tornadoes?

Photographer of 1965 Palm Sunday twin tornadoes recalls deadly day

On this day 49 years ago, Indiana experienced the deadliest tornado outbreak in its history. Paul Huffman told us the story of capturing an iconic image of twin tornadoes that tragic day.

If you go back to the year of 1965, Twin tornadoes sweep along U.S. 33 near Dunlap, Ind., on April 11, 1965. Mercury Retrogrades enters the month April 1 to April 30, 1965 and Gemini Dragon enters that time. Gemini rules duality such manifestation of duality natural phenomena produced are under the Moon in Leo(opposite Aquarius).

 The 1980 Grand Island tornado outbreak, also known as The Night of the Twisters, was a tornado outbreak that produced a series of destructive tornadoes that affected the city of Grand Island, Nebraska on June 3, 1980. Seven tornadoes touched down in or near the city that night, killing 5 and injuring 200

if you go back to the year of 1980, Mercury Retrogrades and Aquarius Dragon enters that time. Sun in Gemini rules duality such manifestation of duality natural phenomena produced are under the Aquarius Dragon. Aquarius rules air element and tornadoes.

Severe weather expert Dr. Greg Forbes has a hypothesis: incomplete cycling. OMG…Forbes know nothing about cosmic weather with mercury retrogrades. He’s just making up stories that “incomplete cycling”


June Snow: Winter Storm in Montana, Utah, Wyoming As Summer Approaches

Snow is falling over the higher elevations, as an upper-level low swirls over the Northern Rockies.  Alta, Utah reported nine inches of snow on Tuesday, which makes it their third highest one-day snowfall total in June.  Lake-effect rain and snow has also developed off the Great Salt Lake, with snow above 7,000 feet.

June 1- July 9, 2014- Upcoming Mercury retrograde *negative mercury energy on the consequences of traffic crashes that also would possibly mess up with the aircrafts, trains, road transportation, ship transportation, cable transportation, pipeline transportation and space flight, all of the “mercury” to be affected by this time-framed energy of 3 weeks.

Mercury rules transportation, communication, movement and electronic equipment that may impact with delays, strikes, flight cancellations, electricity shutdowns/cutoffs, also affect through the communications through the computers, telephones, transportations (aircraft, ship, helicopter, train, subway). The same energy that produce weather destructive nature including the hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.


Engineers blamed as France orders 1,860 trains the wroNG

Baseball-size hail pelts Nebraska; forecasters warn of floOD

walmart rally benet holmesWal-Mart workers & union activists plan strikes

Actor Tracy Morgan is in critical condition after a six-vehicle accident in New Jersey early Saturday, June 7, authorities said. The former "Saturday Night Live" cast member and "30 Rock" star was riding in a limo bus when the accident occurred.


Michael Alan Sam,Jr / Rick Perry- Comparison between alcoholism and homosexuality?

Rick Perry compares homosexuality to alcoholism

(CNN) – A comparison between alcoholism and homosexuality by Texas Gov. Rick Perry is raising eyebrows. “I may have the genetic coding that I’m inclined to be an alcoholic, but I have the desire not to do that – and I look at the homosexual issue the same way,” Perry said.

Perry is incredibly stupid. Homosexuality is not an addiction as alcoholism, How uneducated can he be? It’s not about genetic code, It’s all written in the cosmic code- the planet Neptune rules alcohol and drugs. That’s his choice to drink whenever he feels like to drink, not just a genetic code. However, homosexuality is not choice. Homosexuals are born that way, therefore it is natural.

Perry’s comments also came just days after Texas Republicans, meeting at their state convention, approved language in their party platform that includes support for voluntary psychological “therapy” targeted at converting homosexuals to heterosexuals. That stance stands in contrast to both California and New Jersey, which have banned such therapy.

The answer is simple. These people are ignorant, truth-denying believers in fairy tales and have a lot to learn about spiritual essence of the stars. This is excellent example of a failure in understanding what homosexuality really mean, due to his deceiving verses in religions, a belief system from a society or a false “God”.

Let me explain about this very simple cosmic information. All the signs of the Zodiac, the twelve houses, and numerous astrological aspects are based upon Divine’s higher order in the established cycle. Never compare yourself with anyone else. Every each one of you is unique based on the universal cosmic design in the houses, signs and dragon since birth. Understanding, you can compare yourself with members in your family due to genetic via physical plane that goes through the DNA where the appearance may look like your parents, yet here is more focus on spiritual plane in depth to the core via astrological apsects, than a physical plane.

The twelve zodiac signs are each divided into two groups- Masculine and Feminine(Yin and Yang)

Six Signs are masculine (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)  and the six others are feminine (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer Scorpio, Pisces)  A concentration of those Signs in one’s astrological chart will make up for a “masculine or feminine” expressions. The location of the Moon(emotion response to life) in a masculine or feminine sign will also play an important part of your masculine or feminine make-up. For instance, a Moon in a feminine signs will make a woman very domestic and, a Moon in masculine sign will make a woman prone to poor domestic qualities with little love of cooking or cleaning. The position of the planet Venus in a man’s natal chart will show what type of love a man desires from a woman.  The position of the planet Venus in a woman’s natal chart show what type of love that she is able to offer to a man. In a masculine sign, less love and attention are needed and more freedom is required. In feminine sign, more stability, emotion, sensitivity, and care is needed and offered.

According to Dr turi in his one of his books, Ten planets are located all around the chart “wheel” and a concentrate of those luminaries in a masculine or feminine sign will make for a more “feminine or masculine nature”, regardless of the sex you were born with. Those stars (masculine or feminine) will be constantly bombarding you from the very first day, you take your very first breath. Bottom line, most homosexuals are born this way because of the strong and constant pull of those (feminine or masculine) stars, as an instance, some of them go to extreme by enlarging their hormones to avoid the growth of hair on their bodies. Not being understood by the majority, they will be automatically rejected by the society, by the church and by the straight ignorant parents and friends or anyone. Many gay people commit suicide each year because of these total rejection experiences with the lack of support or understanding.  for that matter,  so confused, depressed and feeling cheated by nature, the majority of them turn to the use of alcohol, drugs and narcotics to escape the sad reality of their difficult lives.

Mom who believed son was gay found guilty of murder

                     NOBODY TOLD ME THAT MY SON IS GAY as NORMAL,                      BUT IT’S AGAINST MY RELIGION!

(CNN) — Michael Sam, an All-American defensive lineman who played for the University of Missouri, made history Saturday as the first openly gay player to be drafted by a National Football League team.

This is new cosmic purpose for real live openly gay player to be drafted by NFL due to dawning of the Age of Aquarius or new face of God is written in the heaven which it speaks aloud in front of national TV. Aquarius rules futuristic, freedom and oriented humanitarian. Thanks to President Obama who was also born with a humanitarian sign of Aquarius Dragon for a cosmic reason by according to the time and space. Guess what? Times change. Society change. People change. Lots of things change. The Plutonic generation right now has a different expression, so we have to approach differently to them but mostly because of unconsciousness of the stars-divination that are serious consequences in ahead of time. They might be so used to having everything handed to them, or something done quicker than it might be.  However, we must to learn or acknowledge the importance of spiritual education in our evolving world. How can children comprehend a world that has evolved years before them? Why and what evolved come from?
So your chance is to learn more about time and space via stars speaking before a world that has evolved before them. My mission continues to educate this cosmic message with their stars and prophecy in order to gain a wisdom. Of course it is normal for people to compare different generations “we used to do this back then in the day” “the old way was much better, “why did it change” “It’s not the same as it is now”, but still must catch up with your new spiritual education for your benefit as the universe keeps revolving.

 Michael Alan Sam, Jr. (born January 7, 1990)

First of all, his size- Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m) and Weight: 261 lb (118 kg) is a huge advantage to play football field,  however inside of his soul has more feminine energy within.

He was born with five planets in feminine signs as a stellium in Capricorn in 1st house of self. Capricorn rules public standing, public image, career and status quo. During a planetary transit of the Pluto(rebirth/death) in Capricorn conjunct with his own natal five planets in Capricorn and also with Uranus(revolution) in Aries(self) square Pluto cause breakdown, shape shifting, transformation and rebirth with his new identity as gay or becoming the first publicly gay player to be drafted in the league.

According to Wikipedia, Sam is the seventh of eight children born to JoAnn and Michael Sam, Sr. His parents separated when he was young. As a child, Sam watched one of his older brothers die from a gunshot wound. Another older brother has been missing since 1998, and his other two brothers are both imprisoned. A sister who was born before him died in infancy. At one point in his childhood, Sam lived in his mother’s car. He was once accidentally maced by police who were arresting one of his brothers. Sam argued with his mother over playing football, as she did not agree with those pursuits. Sam often stayed with friends while in high school; the parents of a classmate gave him a bedroom in their house and had him complete household chores. Sam is the first member of his family to attend college. That seem obviously his natal lucky planet Jupiter in Cancer(home/food/security) makes him to follow by his intuition and good at healing, protect and take care of himself very well.

The Mars “lord of war” in translation to his powerful competitive spirit that produce him a best football player where it locates in his restless and adventurous sign of Sagittarius. He is very confident, optimistic and takes risks without thinking of the consequences. Sagittarius rules fire action.

With his natal Venus, the planet love is all about pleasure, especially a pleasure shared with someone else where it is located in Aquarius, plus the conjunction with DragonHead in Aquarius Aquarius ruled by Uranus, the planet of original, revolution, it could include “different” types of experiment. Aquarius rules personal freedom, self-expression, rebellious and straight-forward approach to everything.

With his natal Pluto in Scorpio(secret/sex) square Dragon Head in Aquarius leads him to understand how others feel as well.  Aquarius rule friends and wishes. He’s drawn to secret motives of those around us that will involve his emotionally. He’s sensitive to his environment, is emotionally intense, is intrigued by the mysterious however He doesn’t take it personally when given a shocking announcement to the football world that he is gay. Again, it’s nothing to do with “gay gene”  or “gay agenda”  in the social media, causing significant controversy, but only according to natal chart based on the time and space.

Schizophrenic in Astrology

Mental illness often makes headlines after tragedies like last week’s deadly shooting at Seattle Pacific University. A number of mental illnesses, including schizophrenia, can cause auditory hallucinations. It’s important to know that only a tiny number of people who hear voices engage in violence of any kind. Anderson took part in an experiment to help people understand how others live with mental illness experience everyday. Anderson wore headphones that simulate hearing voices while trying to do everything from puzzles to simply interacting with people in the street.

Clinical psychologist Pat Deegan designed the experiment. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a teenager.

In the wake of the shooting at Seattle Pacific University – in which the suspect heard voices in his head telling him to kill people. Yet, lacking his full DOB, I’m unable to expose his natal chart. However, I decided to write up about John Forbes Nash, Jr as a good example of schizophrenia. I wish Pat Deegan, psychologist and Anderson Cooper could read my cosmic article to able help them to understand with those who live with “mental illness” affected by their natal charts. If you’re not familiar about John Nash’s true life story or a person with “schizophrenia”, I suggest you to watch the movie, “A Beautiful Mind,” directed by Ron Howard and starred Russell Crowe, nominated for the best film of 2001.

John Forbes Nash, Jr. (born on June 13, 1928), an American mathematician whose works in game theory, differential geometry, and partial differential equations have provided insight into the factors that govern chance and events inside complex systems in daily life.

 Gemini rules the planet Mercury and controlled the month of June.

This is purpose to document with common disorders in astrology,  in order to indicate the findings in natal charts such as “schizophrenic disorder”. This is Astro-Psychology method of a  different way of approach that provides you direct answers.

John Forbes Nash, Jr was designed as a Gemini exposed by the stars divination. Gemini rules natural intelligent, curiosity and communication, ruled by the planet of Mercury. “Used headphones that simulate hearing voices” is exactly the same description as the Planet Mercury because it rules mental stimulation and communication which easily is distracted and instability because it also rules the nervous system in the body. This is common examples of mental exercises by doing crossword puzzles and playing chess or mathematics to develop the power of the mental stimulation. these are one examples of the cosmic energies within have led John Nash to these make-believe, destructive, unconscious, delusions thought processes- Neptune (confusion) is the planet of deception, dream, paranoia, often plays part of all mental disorders.

Note his Planet Neptune resides in natal chart where it is located in 3rd house of mental process. His wife later described his behavior as erratic, as he began speaking of fictional characters like ‘Charles Herman’ and ‘William Parcher’ who were putting him in danger. Nash seemed to believe that all men who wore red ties were part of a communist conspiracy against him. Nash mailed letters to embassies in Washington, D.C., declaring that they were establishing a government.

‘Charles Herman and William Parcher’- Two imaginary persons in his mind reflects as a dual mind(gemini). The planet Neptune in 3rd house rules the planet Mercury and dual constellation of Gemini. Dual means double life. He mailed letters to embassies in DC(Gemini rules writing/letter/communication) is exactly the opposite as direct to the planet Saturn (fear/career/government) in Sagittarius (publishing/higher education)

His natal Sun in Gemini is opposite as direct to the planet Saturn(fear/career/government) in Sagittarius(books/bible/publishing/higher education) and Dragon Tail in Sagittarius( books/bible/publishing/higher education). that’s why his home was filled of books, including a series of  encyclopedia in which he was more interested than playing with other kids. His mom encouraged his studies, but his teachers labeled him as “backwards” due to his lack of social skills.

His natal Mercury(mind) conjuncts Pluto(power) in Cancer (watery signs). One of the introverted signs that is ruled by the water element. Cancer rules residence, domestic affairs, home, family and private life. He was called by his family, was a solitary and introverted little boy, though his parents were loving and attentive.  However, his original mind, aka “beautiful mind” found in his natal chart with emotional response planet Moon, plus the driven passion planet Mars conjunct the scientific genius planet Uranus in Aries. Note,  Aries also rules mind which it manifests him being so progressive, and determined, and original in advanced mathematics.

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Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith Split: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

(CNN) — Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas are ushering in a new phrase for divorce: the “thoughtful and consensual” breakup after Banderas was allegedly caught kissing another woman at a Cancun nightclub on top of several other incidents, the Spanish hunk has struggled to woo his wife back, reports RadarOnline.

Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith Split: 5 fast facts you need to know about cosmic love.

1. Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas “have thoughtfully and consensually” brought an end to their 20-year marriage. Interesting note, When both got married in 1996 during Dragon Libra/Aries axis and then Today Dragon Libra/Aries enters their marriage life and end their marriage in 2014.

2. Following by Astro-Psychology method or Nostradamus occult practices, the 3rd house rules thinking process so both born in August becomes a Libra.

Libra rules married, partners, relationship, balance and harmony so new dragon energy enters both life and forced to a full personal decision making to restructure or change new life due to DUE TO LIBRA/ARIES in HEAD/TAIL in order to new establish self consciousness or Aries rules head and this is sign is ruled by Mars, or in Greek mythology “The Lord of War”.  As Aries rules mind and self. Aries rules independent sign. Leo want to educated him/herself as better person and explore out of the country. They are now experience with a big change in new balance and new harmony. That’s part renew life. Life is constant processing change due to time and space via stars.

3. Melanie Griffith (born August 9, 1957) and Antonio Banderas (born August 10, 1960), born under the under the constellation Leo are simply known as “Lion” in Divine Astrology. For examples, Famous Leo sign, President Clinton and Monica Lindsey both caught in love secret affairs. Leo rules fire, love, romantic and children.

4. Selectively Highly Critical, Purity and Perfectionism

But their first meeting wasn’t as romantic for Griffith. “The first thing he asked me was my age. I said, ‘That’s the rudest thing anyone has asked me first.’ But there was just something about him. Still is. I just love him.”

This is good examples for any human being who resides the highly critical, purity and perfectionism signs of Virgo can found both of their natal chart however both a strong conflict of wills between them. Why? Griffith’s Mars conjunct Banderas’s the planet Pluto. They both strongly resists any attempt at show of authority from others. This aspect will cause seriously irritations and arguments.

5. The Lord of Deception and Drugs Neptune

In the past, Banderas has been reported as cheating on Griffith. Most recently, last month allegations came out as well. Celeb Dirty Laundry writes:

Melanie’s still in Los Angeles while Antonio has been having cozy dinner dates with random brunettes on the French Riviera. A source tells the National Enquirer, “Melanie saw the pictures, and she’s both furious and heartbroken.” This ‘cozy’ dinner reportedly came three days after Antonio’s and Melanie’s 18th wedding anniversary, which probably just adds to the insult.

As Banderas faced numerous cheating allegations over the years, wife Griffith struggled with drug addiction and alcoholism.

Banderas born with the planet Mars(drive/passion) in Gemini(varies/restless/curious) is exactly opposite direct to the planet Jupiter(lucky/higher education/travel) in Sagittarius(impatience/restless) and plus his Dragon Tail(negative) in Pisces(drugs/alcohol/deception) in 8th house of sex. The 8th house is ruled by Scorpio and Pluto. Banderas tend to take things for granted and he believe that he know everything and what he are doing is right but quite often, he end up making a lot of mistakes, owing to his overconfidence.

His wife struggled with drug addiction and alcoholism is found her natal chart where the Lord of Deception and Drugs Neptune is also located with Dragon Tail in Scorpio(passion/destructive/drama).

5 fast facts you need to know about cosmic love and cosmic break up.