Who is First Church of Neptunian pot head founder Bill Levin?

First Church of Cannabis Neptunian pot head Founder Bill Levin born on November 4, 1955 so now the question is why he use the word “love/heart” for marijuana curing us from illness and depression? And at the same time, his face seem ruining his appearance and look very older, faster. If so much smoke, you will get more sagging of the upper eyelids, baggier lower eyelids and bags under the eyes; more facial wrinkles, including lines between the nose and mouth, wrinkling of the upper and lower lips, and sagging chins like him.

He is totally unconscious/ numb to cosmic vibrations, and ignore his better judgement/ intuition should get a reality check the stars for cosmic health. He is a false teacher in First Church, Of course, his natal Sun in Scorpio – power passion, intense and drama. His teaching will damage your mental and health which its meaning he can not taking care himself as obviously, it ruining his appearance, it is for more power, more deception, more control and more money!

He believe marijuana is a sacrament that “brings us closer to ourselves and others. It is our fountain of health, our love, curing us from illness and depression. We embrace it with our whole heart and spirit, individually and as a group.” http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/07/09/first-church-cannabis-sues-over-marijuana-laws/

Rash of hospitalizations in New York state linked to synthetic marijuana

Third Death in Colorado Linked to Marijuana Edibles | Food …

I can’t help I wonder if he read this article and cant able to answer why it cause of a rash of hospitalization in NY state linked to drug poisoning. He is not aware of upcoming “drug poisoning” wind is on the way till May 2017…..

If marijuana becomes legalized nationally a serious increase /widespread of suicides will curse humanity! 2016 Dragon Tail in Pisces (drugs/suicides/depression) affect disease-producing more which it’s not stable for mental processing / decision making in real life.
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Interesting note, He born with three planet in Leo (love/romantic/love) in the 10th house of public standing that how his responding subconsciously to the power of the stars, Leo (Sun) rules love, romance, children, the arts, and freedom. The 50’s and 60’s were good examples of the love and freedom-oriented attitudes; with hippie music and drugs (Wood stock) that plagued this generation. Pluto rules sex, and Leo children became a free, sexually oriented generation. Jimmy Hendrix’s fate (sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll) is a good example of his natal Pluto in Leo, that ultimately got the best of him.

Very important information you must understand why he’s developing a religion-based ‘marijuana education program’ for his church. According to his natal chart Neptune(drugs/illusion/deception)/Mercury(mind)/Mars(desire) in 12th house of subconscious / secret / marijuana  / church / religions that’s where he want to use of marijuana infringe on his religious beliefs.

Worse part is, Born with Dragon Tail in Gemini – talking head such as ADD, ADHD are directly related to the planet Mercury, seem never listen to others and no opinion of his own thought based on cosmic health tip linked to drug poisoning/depression/suicide, but rather to talk than listen.