Deceptively Educational on the ground (Earth)

Last night Moon in Pisces rules all chemicals (alcohol, all medical prescriptions, all illegal drugs) and religious poisoning so what happen last night at Turner Field during Yankees-Braves, police say…..

Atlanta Braves fan dies after falling from upper deck at Turner Field

The fatal fall was about 85 feet. According to a witness, Murrey fell from the second row and was, “acting belligerently drunk all game.” When Rodriguez came to the plate, he arose suddenly to yell something and then slipped and fell over the guardrail.

Last night FULL moon really trigger strange behavior as result falling at baseball. I am as mad and upset as can be because Gregory DID NOT HAVE TO DIE unless he really pay attention or acknowledge his star control and Moon Power. I don’t have his full dob yet but

I’m sure wherever Pisces resides in his natal chart that need analyzed himself before go the game. Are you next victim? or You think you never find yourself at the wrong time at the wrong place or get into a situation you think, you could never have escaped from the

death? No, you’re wrong! Sport Fans are ALL been misguided, misinformed by others religiously, atheist, skeptics poisoned souls, which in the end produce deadly results! If you born in March / September, Rising Pisces, Moon in Pisces or wherever resides in your

natal chart, it will touch you in personally and universally “cosmic wind” will support or against you in many ways for good example- STEVE SARKISIAN GOES ON DRUNKEN RANT, DROPS F-BOMB (VIDEO) Stephen Ambrose Sarkisian (born March 8, 1974) Yes, He is Pisces but Like all, rich,

famous and cosmic unconscious celebrities, Steve Sarkisian have no clue what “deceptive cosmic wind” happened to him. If Steve asked for astrological reading, i will tell him…avoid alcohol/drugs because Pisces Dragon will enter you life. But not happened to

him because  very dry mentally science people and/or Religion poisoning failed teach the children about his relationship with universal. USC Coach Steve Sarkisian said he mixed alcohol and medication, will seek treatment THEN NOW Alcohol banned from USC football coaches’ locker room.

Why Chelsea ran away from home and was last seen by her family on August 11?

Man found with Rosie O’Donnell’s missing daughter arrested

Why Chelsea ran away from home and was last seen by her family on August 11? Why Chelsea O’Donnell attract to Steven Sheerer, a 25-year-old convicted drug dealer? Like all, rich, famous and cosmic unconscious celebrities, Rosie O’Donnell have no clue what

happened to adopted daughters “mental illness”. Note Chelsea O’Donnell born with Dragon Tail (negative) in Pisces (drugs/deception/illusion/depression) She was born: September 20, 1997 – Are you Next Virgo?

Be aware of your toxic or clean environment in public places. You’re likely to have, or suffer to ****poisoning**** and strongly advised to keep away from alcohol and drugs. Infected, depressed, poisoned by the Planet Neptune *Lord of Drugs – Cause negative reaction to legal/illegal drugs mixtures.

caused heart failure. Currently Universal Dragon Tail in Pisces (poisoned) touch her fate and might untimely death and warned an oblivious humanity in two occasions most of you born in March/September. There is no accident only stars has spoken via Next Universal

shift Dragon Virgo/Pisces axis touch Chelsea O’Donnell’s natal Sun Virgo/DT in Pisces. That’s why every parent must know children’s cosmic identity in order to help stop or prevent the situation than becoming a nightmare. Remembered, Knowledge is power.

Ignorance is evil. The sad reality is: science and archaic religious teachings don’t teach parents and kids about their relationship (Human mind) with Universal mind that will result lead to disasters. Now My question is Why Chelsea ran away from home and was last seen by

her family on August 11? Note, during Moon in Cancer in August 11, The Moon rules changing cycle which it meaning her emotion was very high these days, out of control her imagination. The Moon is very close to the earth and her magnetic pull could be strong enough to force into a new start / meet his “boyfriend” due to cosmic change imposed on her.


Sun     27Vir33  (1) Born in September, governed by witty Mercury and by the intellectual, picky and critical sign of Virgo.

Moon     19Tau06  (9)   This is 9th house of religion, traveling, learning, teaching, publishing and relationships with foreigners that where her emotion response is need go out for herself. Taurus is ruled by Venus, or in Greek mythology “The Goddess of Love.” Because Taurus rules money/security/self-esteem, any effort put on education/learning or dealing with foreigners will bring financial/security/companionship rewards to her.

Mercury     10Vir26  (1)  Mercury rules mind in intellectual, details, and structured learning environment sign of Virgo.

Venus     09Sco44  (3)  This is 3rd house of mind processing and communication where it involved sex, romantic, intense and deep naughty conversation. Scorpio rules sex. Venus rules love and pleasure. she’d definitely love the sexual excitement she’s building in the conversation.

Mars     24Sco09  (3)  This is 3rd house of mind processing and communication where it involved sex, romantic, intense and deep naughty conversation. Scorpio rules sex. Mars rules passion and desire. Same conjunct with Venus ruler as sexual excitement.

Jupiter     12Aqu37  (6) She have the freedom to choose what to do and how to do it. Aquarius rules independent and freedom.

Saturn     18Ari25  (8) Saturn rules restriction principle in self sign of Aries. She fear of uncovering oneself.

Uranus     04Aqu58  (6)  With Uranus as Planetary Ruler of Aquarius, independent and freedom.

Neptune     27Cap17  (5)  Neptune rules deception and illusion in the 5th house of love affair and speculation.

Pluto     03Sag14  (4) She born with Pluto in Sagittarius have a need for exploration where she need more new experience.

Ascendant     29Sag28  (1) She attract new friends wishes, computer, and social network
Midheaven     29Vir22  (10) intellectual, picky and critical

MNNode     19Vir09  (1)  real master communication and at same time, extremely rational even skeptical to anything not true. 
MSNode     19Pis09  (7) In the 7th House of relationships, she becomes a soft loving and emotional Pisces. Chelsea O’Donnell will attract strong and controlling or deceiving Neptunian partner like a 25-year-old convicted drug dealer. Pisces is a water sign and has no such grounding.

BlackMoon     20Vir33  (1) sarcasm involving Black Moon will be felt through her speech.

College renames itself after banking billionaire’s wife gave $20 million – should you support billionaire’s wife?

College renames itself after banking billionaire’s wife gave $20 million

What you are witnessing is BILLIONAIRE”S WIFE is giving $20 million to Paul Smith’s College. In exchange, the school wants to be renamed Joan Weill-Paul Smith’s College. Those greedy abusive family are more concerned about her full name as reputation than

your children of the future where it need promote humanity’s psychical welfare. Rich, Famous and dangerously cosmic unconscious! $20 million is a totally waste the money, attention, rewards, financial support is given to the wrong people and the wrong causes.

About 3,300 people including current students, faculty and alumni have signed an online petition asking that the name not be changed. if the scientific (atheists) and the religious (Christians) traditional educational keep rejecting the cosmic spiritual education or the soul

of the cosmos could offering all children of the world to regenerate spiritually then traditional science educational will not make difference for future of the children.

 Vikings Lead NFL Teams with Most Player Arrests in Last 5 years.

The insane and hilarious ways ballers spend their millions …

 “Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they understand not the voice of heaven.” – Matthew 13.13

IF I WERE HER, I would donate $20 million for Astropsychology school NOT my full name where it must regenerate spiritually to reach the stars (light) for children of the future. But again what you are witnessing is BILLIONAIRE”S WIFE is giving $20 million to Paul Smith’s

College or donating other universities will not make difference unless invest in the stars or the glory of the Heavens first. If they are truly interested in improving education, perhaps they should invest in a spirits foundation to find a new method of cosmic spiritual education that produces more

practical results, rather than invest to wrong people like archaic religious teachings or traditional educational. Look at the statistics above in the image, obviously, all the players really disconnecting the spirit in the stars which it’s didn’t build emotional with financial

stability in the first place, the NFL standings for most arrests in the last 5 years. Religions and science are maintained by infected leaders and groups which it must maintain famous infected sport, religious, scientific entertainment figures vulgar and in troubles with the law as a role

model to the young vulnerable, influenceable young souls to stop them asking questions about life and the soul of the cosmos or God cosmic divinity in order to a better person or evolved spiritual person and use it wisely to build emotional, financial and spiritual stability!

Over the years, the sport entertainment figures has grown drastically with violence/drugs but not in spirit. There are cosmic reasons for them and their public victims to invite an accident or trouble! Astro-psychology must be taught at the University/NFL Scouting Combines for evaluate the optimal performance potential of athletes.

walker bankrupt

Ex-NBA star went from $108 million to bankruptcy – Jul. 24 …

Cars, jewelry and homes: As with many other sports stars, instant wealth meant instant luxury for Walker. Instead of thinking about the future, he spent lavishly on cars, jewelry and homes. “I created a very expensive lifestyle. That’s how you lose your wealth real bad at the beginning,” Walker said.

Stupid choices of spending and mismanagement on his money. Seriously 109 Million dollars pissing away not smart move. The US Department of education are causing Ex-NBA star’s natal chart went from $108 million to bankruptcy! Science and society has lost its connection with the spirit of the stars. Ex-NBA star did not know his weakness in natal chart or dont know who he is as result of bankruptcy! 

He born with Dragon Tail (negative) in Taurus – bad attitude with money, he would do anything against the law to get it. He cant stop shopping no matter what. He abused with credit card a few time. Taurus rules bank and wealth where he loose all his possessions.

Megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar seeks donations for $65M jet

Same story with Magachurch pastor Creflo Dollar, do not feed evil with fears. There is a big difference between man made doctrine and God’s cosmic divinity or Universal’s language above in the heaven. Megachurch paster Creflo Dollars is non cosmic consciousness but religious deceptive teaching. Yes, Religion is a business and it would seem work for mental poisoning people who would donate for his new jet!

How any intelligent person, can believe this charlatan and con man influence any part of their lives, is in need of mental help. Believing in this fraud and his silly superstition to give meaning to your life, shows lack of intellect and self respect.

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom.” ~ Paracelsus 

The Hunt for Margaret Lorrain Smith – Using the science of Astroforensics

Wife allegedly paid man to beat husband to death over real estate

The Hunt for Margaret Lorrain Smith – Date of Birth: 01/12/1959

Why wife paid man to beat husband to death over real estate (MONEY)?

POLICE, FBI, CIA, NSA DETECTIVES and LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY can learn/understand/involved in studying the complexity of the human mind by using the science of Astroforensics / Astropsychology to help the crime solution! But It’s sad to see astrology thrown out as a pseudoscience or meaningless trash. You must realize You are a child of the universe, therefore you have the right to know the truth. Creator designed the solar system for a major reason to create a Life on earth with all these energies / subtle interaction with the human psyche and there are reasons for you to be, you are from the stars.

If you are a criminology, take a chance, study all spiritual planetary aspects of crime as a cosmic phenomenon thus its affects on society as a whole. This will benefit all the children of the future as students of cosmic criminal justice / Astrocriminology / Astroforensics, on the other hand, focus on the system in which crime is discover or investigate, prosecuted and punished.



Sun 21Cap33 (1) The soul’s purpose to establish a solid career where respect and recognition and power but manipulations and abuse over her power on his husband.

Moon 02Pis20 (3) (mind) Moon rules emotion response in 3rd house of mind while secret, deceptive, drink, drugs and ESCAPE sign of Pisces. After she moved out of the family home and found herself a younger boyfriend and plus using the drugs. Margaret Lorrain Smith often dyes her naturally dark curly hair or wears wigs.

Mercury 02Cap31 (1) Mercury rules mind, communication and transportation. Capricorn rules organizing and horrible planning, after (allegedly) arranging George’s brutal murder obviously, Lorrain had tried to hire him to make a man “disappear”. During deadly window (waning moon) on August 6, 2007, Lorrain invited George to dinner at their favorite Mexican restaurant. He accepted. The next morning, his brutally beaten corpse was discovered on nearby Follett’s Beach in Surfside, At first, Lorrain denied any knowledge of his death, saying that the night before, George had gotten drunk, and they argued. She claimed he had kicked her out of his car on the way home.

Venus 06Aqu28 (2) (self-esteem) Venus rules love / beauty in 2nd house of money and self esteem. Aquarius rules shocking and independent. Her children were shocked as dyed her hair, began wearing provocative clothing, and hung out with a young crowd of drug-dealing partyers.

Mars 19Tau46 (5) detriment (traditional) Mars rules aggressive, desire and violence in 5th house of love and speculation where she go against his husband over the money. Taurus rules money and wealth.

Jupiter 26Sco00 (11) (friends/wishes) She made too many enemies and hired someone help kill his husband.

Saturn 00Cap48 (1) Saturn rules fear principle, ambitious and hungry for power in same sign of Capricorn.

Uranus 15Leo15 (8) detriment Uranus (sudden release of energy) is in 8th house of death and drama where it located in love and speculation sign of Leo.

Neptune 06Sco46 (11) (friend/wishes) Neptune rules imagination, deception, all forms of poisoning of the body, mind and soul in 11th house of friend and wishes. She hung out with a young crowd of alleged drug-dealing partyers. Scorpio rules secret, sex, drama and death (his husband)!

Pluto 03Vir53 (9) Pluto (power/passion) in 9th house of foreign lands and foreign travel where she want go out than stay in the relationship. She may be moving back and forth between Mexico and the U.S.

Ascendant 22Ari57 (1) master in communication, but not listen too well to other people.
Midheaven 19Cap37 (10) manipulations and abuse

MNNode 17Lib27 (10) the public, known enemies, partners, opponents, others. 
MSNode 17Ari27 (4) Negative aggressive , impatience and demanding

BlackMoon 06Tau19 (5) She killed him because of money, Taurus rules business deal and money, Note also 5th house of love and speculation, she could only attract the wrong people

If you’ve seen Margaret Lorrain Smith or have any information regarding her whereabouts, call us at 1-866-THE-HUNT or go to our website, You can remain anonymous. We’ll pass your tip to the proper authorities, and if requested, will not reveal your name.

See more of Smith’s case on “The Hunt with John Walsh,” at 9 p.m. ET/PT Sunday, August 16.


Jupiter in Virgo – Big changes in store for you till 2016


August 11 2015 – September 8 2016 – Jupiter (Lord of Luck, the Lord of expansion) has entered Virgo today, staying a year, The biggest planet, magnifies organizing, perfection, health, pets, diet, details sign of Virgo which it’s required to clean up your act, detox and making order out of chaos. It not only rules those who take care of others such as hard-worker, but helpful, practical, orderly and pay attention to all the details. They do well in service to others, nutrition, and health; it rules the small intestines, ‘assimilation and digestion of food and information’. Virgo is the sign of workaholics behind the scenes, often the dirty work, in self-less service, forgetting self, do they find themselves. They are known to be perfectionism, purity, critical but are hardest work on themselves.

I will explain for each of 12 Zodiac Signs how can Jupiter in Virgo only bless the sign or house he rules.

Born September – First House The soul’s purpose of your friends born in the month of September is to aim for organization, perfection, and service to others in all areas of life. Lucky Jupiter in Virgo is detail oriented in 1st house of self-interest and true-self, the advanced Virgo will teach the world to improve high health standards and can help others to improve their lives and live better. Next predictions on the Dragons Head into Virgo and Dragons Tail in Pisces that begin on November 2015. Big changes in store for you.

Born August – Second House This House represents the money and self-esteem for those born in August. In dealing with money into your personal bank account and material possessions. Remember Virgo rules health, detail, and perfection. Leo always has a subconscious fear of the process of decline, as in health and beauty so many will have to spend money on their health to get herbal products in order to healthy forever. Virgo rules plants, and homeopathic medicine. Leo rules life, love and art therefore it must keep up with healthy beauty and skin care.

Born July -Third House This House represents mental processing, critical thinking, communications. Virgo is a sign controlled by planet Mercurysouls born in month of July will be intellectually inclined related to health, cleanses, paper work and organizes. The lucky planet of Jupiter means growth, expansion and opportunity which it will be promoting a serious mental expansion in the form of a new study for education / travel or write a great book.

Born June – Four House This House represents home area. The lucky planet of Jupiter means growth, expansion and opportunity which it will be expanding on your home or remodel or expanding new plants and greenery is a best way for you to regenerate. It’s not only that also can growth and opportunity with photography or a write a book or new technology in computer.

Born May – Five House The House represent love, romantic, creative, art, and children. Those born in May are in luck in the romance department when it involved with lots of travel. Chance to speculate, fall in love, get married, move to a better job, study have fortunate speculations or take the love of your life to nice restaurants.

Born April – Six House This House represent work, health and service. The lucky planet of Jupiter means growth, expansion and opportunity which it will be expansion of awareness to include the healthy body, workout routine, environment to study the mother nature or opportunity to show your volunteerism or a form of service to the world.

Born March – Seven House The House represent relationship, partnership and marriage. You may be finding new business partners / new friendship / new relationship or some contracts or agreements that are of a different culture or in a foreign territory such as Middle east, African, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean or Southern Ocean or any place is related to the sea. Next predictions on the Dragons Head into Virgo and Dragons Tail in Pisces that begin on November 2015. Big changes in store for you.

Born February – Eight House This House represent life and death, legacy, metaphysics, sex and money. The lucky planet of Jupiter means growth, expansion and opportunity which it will be impose serious future business responsibilities, do plan well and will succeed in your endeavors for personal or business reasons if you invest in health research and new education.

Born January – Nine House The House represent higher learning, mental exploration, teaching, publishing and relationships with foreigners. The lucky planet of Jupiter means growth, expansion and opportunity which it will be opportunities for new higher learning or serious mental expansion in the form of a new study for education / travel or write a great book. This can be done by traveling to Arizona, Mexico, Spain, Australia or Native American Indians reservation.

Born December – Ten House The House represent career and the public standing. The sign of Virgo rules work, health, service, organization, paperwork, the medical field that lead to work hard to raise money or will participate in volunteer work. The lucky planet of Jupiter means growth, expansion and opportunity which it will be opportunities to travel, teaching, publishing or photography. This may gain recognition your accomplish. 

Born November – Eleventh House This House represent friends, wishes and group organization. Virgo rules health and organization that will lead to nurture a wish for servicing the world at large. Virgo loves to clean and reorganize the body while lucky planet of Jupiter means growth, expansion and opportunity which it will be opportunities to travel, teaching, or publishing at work through a group organization (friends and wishes).

Born October – Twelfth House This House represent subconscious. Virgo is a Mercurial sign and loves to talk, but the subconscious is a private area due to concerned with health and a perfectionist. Force you to realize own imposed limitation so lead to undergone, deep, spiritual change and awakening (study more truth). The lucky planet of Jupiter means growth, expansion and opportunity which It’s a time to explore your inner and outer worlds. 


‘Serial killer’ Neal Falls – Using Astroforensics At Work

‘Serial killer’ Neal Falls shot dead by prostitute

Police believe that a man killed last week by a sex worker in Charleston, West Virginia, may have been a serial killer. The man, identified as 45-year-old Neal Falls, was killed by a woman he met in the escort section of, according to NBC News. 

DNA experts at the West Virginia State Police forensic laboratory are in the preliminary stages of analyzing evidence that could link a man killed in Charleston, West Virginia to a series of murders across the country.

Indeed, Significance, purpose, or value in the stars above the heaven that religious and science don’t teach you about the soul of cosmos. Analyzing the evidence rationally using the five limited human senses mean ignoring the significance, purpose, or value in the secret of the stars and even don’t know themselves too. How can they work with physical complexity at work without check their spirit first? That’s a serious problem with psychical welfare where it’s missing in a general education. West Virginia State Police forensic laboratory need to come back to the spirit to uncover the answer of the human mind connection to the Universal mind.

Lemons says the lab is in the process of working on Falls’ DNA, but couldn’t give a timeframe on when the results would be finished. Typically, it takes a week for experts to process DNA, but Lemons says they are backlogged with other cases by several months.

Take a week to process DNA?!, but Unique Celestial Identity will take less 5 minutes to recognize the sins and virtues through the stars! It has resulted in billions in wasted tax dollars!

The most common DNA samples the lab processes are from hair, blood and saliva. Once the DNA has been processed, the lab will submit the results to CODIS, a national DNA database containing 14 million profiles on a national level, Lemons said.

First You must be realized You are a child of universe there is reason to be which it meaning you are more than blood, flesh and bones, you’re received the cosmic spiritual identifies above the Super-conscious in time and space. It’s time for Police forensic science to exit the codification of thoughts and start thinking outside of the box and challenge themselves. DNA is physical complexity where it’s so tiny to go through the telescope.

The West Virginia database alone contains about 25,000 DNA samples from convicted criminals, Lemons said. Once DNA is submitted to CODIS, Lemons said analysts will know almost immediately if there is a match. If the lab finds Falls is somehow connected to crime scenes in Nevada and Ohio, Lemons says they will notify all involved investigators.

There is no connection whatsoever to crime scenes at work. Indeed, The science of Astroforensics will know almost immediately if there is a match is based on the full date of birth and shares the same unlucky/negative Dragon placement. If found in Falls is somehow connected to crime scenes and it can applied in the future of criminal minds.



Sun     01Lib16 (2) fall (money/possession) His soul purpose of a Libra is to aim for mental / emotional balance, establish a sense of balance in all area of life, justice and harmony. This 2nd house of money and possession where it must with deal with contacts and investigates another’s resources and money that lead to using and/or abusing others.

Moon 13Pis32 (7) (partners/open enemies) Like Paul Jennings Hills (killer/abortion activist) was born with the Moon in Pisces, this show the strong moral religious code lead him to horrible acts of killing. Pisces rules hospital, mental institution, asylums, church and prisons due to lack of regeneration his spiritual. This 7th house rules open enemies / opponents / others which it lead to his position facing the public as act of deception.

Mercury 11Lib14 (2) (money/possession) Mercury rules the mind and critical thinking  in 2nd house of money / possession / personal belongings which it used the machete, axes, knives, a shovel, a sledgehammer, bleach, plastic trash bags, bulletproof vests, four sets of handcuffs. Mercury rules communication and transportation and he used knifes, guns and his car to kill people through all the woman were escorts, most of whom adversities online. Mercury (critical thinking) is located in Libra (marriage/partners) and added to his need for appreciation and respect but negative note, Libra is demanding, controlling and bossy. Need approval from others which it’s obvious reason he seem frustrated in the past that’s how he got a lot of escort services.

Venus 01Vir39 (1) fall Venus rules love and beauty but the judgment, Virgo cynical, perfectionist attitude toward to all the women as prostitutes as low class. He was reserved loner and insecure. In fact, Virgo is most discriminating sign than all zodiac signs. He don’t like people who habits he dislike, and only appreciate someone who is punctual. He’s not very romantic and doesn’t take a lot of please them.

Mars   02Cap00 (5) exalted Mars (The Lord of War) rules weaponry and aggressive in 5th house of love and speculation while Capricorn is very cold and very dictatorial. This is placement is a sure steadiness and planning power of Capricorn with weaponry and aggressive toward to all the women.

Jupiter 13Lib05 (2) (money/possession) Jupiter’s protection and expansion has worked for travel to foreign land and have a strong sense of justice with others (prostitutes).

Saturn   07Tau56 (9) (higher learning/foreigner) Neal Falls was born with Saturn (fear/politics) in Taurus (insecurity complex). Fear of never having money, food etc. This house of religion and education lead him to fear of foreigners and traveling which it has some trouble with unconditional love (Venus) to meet women.

Uranus 04Lib12 (2) (money/possession) Uranus rules technology and computer is found in Neal’s 2nd house of money and self-esteem, thus for him to be everywhere and being “shocking/eccentric” attacking the weapon against the women.   

Neptune 26Sco33 (3) (mind) Neptune is religious and deceptive in the 3rd house of critical thinking where he can sex with all the women and kill them too. Scorpio rules death, drama and sex.            

Pluto   25Vir10 (1) Pluto rules power and passion. Puritanical Virgo (cleansing / perfectionist) did the terrible job to act as a cleaner, a justice bringer and a sacrificed warrior.

Ascendant      02Cap53 (1) cold/calculated/planning politically/manipulated      

Midheaven     03Lib26 (10) sense of justice / psychology / law / non consciously

MNNode        20Pis30 (7) Partnership/facing the world – dreamer / illusive / deceptive

MSNode         20Vir30 (1) He share the same dragon Pisces/Virgo with Jared Lee Laugher, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer and many other serial killers that loaded with religious endeavors where he (she) was forced into a belief system that perceived prostitutes as evil. Puritanical / critical / religious / cleaning as act of a nun – past lives pull his dragon action toward to all the woman.

BlackMoon    21Can40 (11) He had many enemies, family secrets, abandoned children, suffering woman, dying a childbirth and problematic child