The (Love) Life of Melania Trump’s Fate and Stars

Former Slovenian supermodel Melania, 45, married Donald Trump in 2005. Mrs Trump is the mistress of some of the most lavish homes in America. 24 years younger than Trump, she’s been accused of marrying for money. This week she said it was her husband’s ‘mind’ she was first attracted to. And that mind may propel Melania and Donald Trump to the White House

Melania Trump (born April 26, 1970) – Using the arts and science of Astro-psychology in marriage, love and relationship. I will expose her fate and stars. So the question why she said it was her husband’s ‘mind’ she was first attracted to and married Donald Trump in 2005.


If you would support someone as hateful, sexist, racist and ignorant as Donald Trump, that would be her wife, Meliania

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Melania Trump (born April 26, 1970) April women are attracted to dangerous sports, speed, strong leadership, engineering abilities, the military and Adolf Hitler also born in April. – Melania Trump in Wisconsin: My husband is ‘a fighter’

Sun     05Tau50  (2)  (self-esteem) Her soul purpose is a beauty, arts, love, MONEY, SELF-ESSTEM sign of Taurus. Taurus rules financial corporation, wall street and banks.

Moon     06Cap44  (10) (public standing/career) Moon rules emotion response in snob, cold and calculated of Capricorn. Capricorn rules older people, high status quo, public standing. She is 24 years younger than Trump. Capricorn rules all that related to structured power, high class of super achievers and indeed politics.  Currently, She is fully support with Donald Trump presidential campaign. Melania Trump has kept a lower public profile through much of the campaign. In the past she has said she’s urged her husband to be “more presidential.”

Mercury     22Tau18  (2)  (money) Mercury rules mind / critical thinking in money , security, stubborn, practical sign of Taurus.

Venus     28Tau21  (2)  (money) The 2nd house is ruled by Taurus, Venus in astrology is traditionally seen as the house of money, resources, arts, beauty and love with Trump. Her subconsciously attract to Trump wealth.

Mars     05Gem16  (3) (mind) Note, Trump born with Sun Gemini is exactly same position in her wife’s Mars (desire/impulse) in Gemini (mind, varies, curious, communication, mind stimulated). Sun conjunct Mars synastry is what mean to be attractive to and this real physical connection between the two that generally presents itself as sexual attraction and physical chemistry in each other.

Jupiter     00Sco29  (8) (other people’s resources) Jupiter rules higher education, university, books, desire to elevate or grow in secret, mysteries, sacred things, metaphysics, science and research or police sign of Scorpio. She loves to listen/learn Trump stories, news and tabloid.

Saturn   11Tau18  (2) (money) Saturn in Taurus, Melania has a deep need to feel secure; both emotionally and financially. She does well in politics or business.

Uranus     05Lib33  (7) (relationship/married) Uranus is a original, different and weird in a partnerships, arts, law, business, and relationship sign in Libra. Libra rules beauty, arts, and love.

Neptune     00Sag10  (9) (foreign travel/legal affairs) Neptune rules religions/deception in foreign travel/legal affairs/higher education sign of Sagittarius.

Pluto     25Vir04  (6) (health and work) Pluto rules power in cynical, perfectionist attitude, puritanical cleansing, islamophobia, racist and is another example of generation of  OCD  born scientists are still looking for genes / skins than look up the spirit science of spirt.

Ascendant     01Leo49  (5) Melania is ascendent Leo (ego/pride/love/art/romantic) and display cosmic winds in public and in her attracts attention and personal magnetism. She is Leo Rising is good interact with Trump’s Mars (desire) conjunct Pluto (power) in Leo. Leo rules love, art, romantic and pride

Midheaven     06Tau24  (2) Taurus rules the arts, beauty, money and love.

MNNode     09Pis10  (12) Pisces rules 12th house of subconscious, dream, visionary, intuition than logic thinking.

MSNode     09Vir10  (6) Virgo is a cold, snob, cynical, perfectionist attitude, puritanical cleansing, islamophobia, racist and is another example of generation of  OCD  born scientists are still looking for genes / skins than look up the spirit science of spirt.

Currently Unviersal Pisces/Virgo is right on her DH/DT in Pisces/Virgo indeed change / impact /stimulated to her life’s challenges, change and evolution in Donald Trump presidential campaign, 2016

BlackMoon     15Leo31  (5) speaks of cosmic mistakes linked to egoism and false pride. The color of “Gold” is ruled by Leo.

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Why Kesha lost in court to Dr. Luke, and what’s next

Kesha (born March 1, 1987) artist
Dr. Luke (born September 26, 1973) record producer

Why Kesha can’t escape her contract with producer Dr. Luke? Why Kesha lost in court to Dr. Luke? I will explain why both not work out in business interests and has to do with his power, possessive, obsessive behavior and hot passion? yet concerns remain about jury ignorance, biases, and prejudices have a long history to act with justice and fairness from harming the legal battle like this is reflects their educated ignorance in spirit science and metaphysical however Kesha should have recorded any alleged sexual abuse in the first place, but using the force of Astro Forensics to uncover the cosmic truth between Kesha and Dr. Luke and explain more…

First of all, you can not blame their or your children own being ignorance of the stars what’s store in the future or being in wrong time and wrong place or wrong person because nobody will be there to teach you and his/her natal chart at her/his church, home and school or University in the first place as result of obviously, you read this “full disaster” relationship in fame and fortune and now you wonder why Kesha lost in court to Dr. Luke?

Here is a real cosmic explain if you cant not related to my work without fully cosmic consciousness, then you can not explain to Albert Einstein how it work. And there is no way for religious fears, dry atheism can explain or understand why it has to do his power, possessive, obsessive behavior on her. sexual assault her.

Keep in your mind, their celebrity status will always be used their hidden subconscious motivation for business interest but worse, when you rising fame, it will be risky her/his career due to damaged own business reputation or not make a science safer for women if not taught about the soul of cosmos in home or school like it did happened in University of California, Berkeley.

Sexual harassment: How to make science safer for women

 “An astronomer without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself an astronomer”  Dr. Turi (Modern  prophet 2015.)

How to make science of astrology safer for women

Be sure you click this link, read and follow up this related sexual harassment. I mean get the facts straight, This is a must bring back astrology as science first before find out what’s going on in your children’s head! Shameful waste of US children This is becoming the norm’ — but will anything change? NEVER Unless… Your mind is a must connect the spirit in stars in order to regenerate your spiritual to lift up. Building new cosmic conscious. Education is a key. Rising your vibes before become cosmic conscious with the power of stars! The only way to stay healthy is staying connect in the spirit of stars!

Don’t listen to religion leaders, political, modern scientists or American astronomer because none of those scientists own cosmic consciousness and never will.

“A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician” Hippocrates (ca. 400 BC).

Sad enough today’s traditionally “educated” psychologists and the astronomers still ridicule the incredible values to uncover the truth by using the spiritual cosmic education – art and science of Astrology that could save many kids’ life!

Indeed, the Power of Dragon is a real connected with human’s character to discover or investigate the plain truth about the dynamics involving the working of the psyche. This astrological work must explain and clarify their relationship between Kesha and Dr. Luke.

Kesha born March is the month ruled by Neptune the planet of the Music. She born with a negative Dragon’s Tail (karma) in Libra (partnerships / contracts) she can only attract the wrong people in all affairs involving business or love including all her “contracts” this is where she is “karmically” hurting from Dr Luke is Sun Libra.

Dr. Luke is Libra ruled by Venus the planet of the artistic sign emphasizing him to need for creativity and performance. He born with Sun (ego) conjunct Pluto (power) in Libra (partnerships / contracts) indeed triggered the relationship with Kesha, soft and gentle Pisces. Pluto rules power, intense passion, and has a reputation for ruthlessness and assaulting the singer.

Both venus conjunct pluto synastry is clearly explained and interpreted how both drawn by a passionate sexual attraction and re-attraction, yes, Venus conjunct Pluto in Scorpio is crystal clear behind his/her action but Dr. Luke is too far on her.

Currently this year expect start with music is only way to move on from legal battle in court and positive note Taylor Swift supports Kesha with $250,000 donation. This is no accident only stars has spoken through the sign of Pisces – Kesha born in March is the month ruled by Neptune the planet of the Music. $250,000 donation is a sacrifice sign of Pisces to support her mental health. Pisces rules water, island, ocean, oil, gas, chemical, drugs, alcohol.

Pisces rules depression, suicide – Dave Mirra: BMX star dies aged 41 in apparent suicide … Pisces” rules ***suicides*** is now currently Universal Pisces transits stimulated to him in ***12th house of subconscious / unconscious, secrets, depression, suicide – forcing deep psychological changes in him . Hollywood makeup artist Jake Bailey dead of apparent suicide (born March 16, 1978) Yes, I’m Pisces

“A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician” Hippocrates (ca. 400 BC).

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.” ~ Dalai Lama and Dr. Turi

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