Lindsay Lohan: ‘No woman can be hit like this and stay with her man’, Love Horoscopes Explained

Lindsay Lohan: ‘No woman can be hit like this and stay with her man’

Lindsay Dee Lohan (born July 2, 1986) born with Dragon Tail (negative/karma) in Libra (attract to wrong partners / marriage) she can only attract the wrong people in all affairs involving business or love including all her “contracts.” Whoever received in this same share fate of the stars, all somehow “cursed” in some parts of our lives, and this is where she is “karmically” hurting!

She already had bad experience – addicted to alcohol and ‘chaos in Hollywood so now She want a private life in London, England and she can focus on her work but she just sad this has all happened again because she’ve worked hard to get my life flowing again.

‘All I wanted was to get married and settle down. I’ve always wanted four kids and Egor and I talked about having a family.”

But the point is she/he did not have the opportunity to learn about her/his Cosmic Nature early enough and no one taught her/his how to apply her/his will against her/his over emotional destructive / sensitive celestial nature or they will learn the hard way.

The children are a victims of today incomplete education! That’s why Must bring back Astrology as reliable science in old time. That’s mean Astrology must rebirth again to educate others.

Be Acknowledge or building cosmic consciousness with own natal birth chart is a must!

 “A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician” Hippocrates (ca. 400 BC). 

She should use her HEAD instead of heart. She born with Dragon HEAD (lucky/growth) in Aries (HEAD). Aries rules independent and action. Aries has to decide her own HEAD not depend / misusing with Tail Dragon in Libra (partners/marriage) in a wrong way. she is not exactly lucky with the system and her educated doctors do not / cannot understand what she is going through. Dangerous medical prescriptions can only make her situation much worse as she is seriously prone to depressions and addictions.

Born with Neptune (deception/alcohol/drugs/religions) right in her 7th house of marriage/contracts/partnerships/facing the public) she can ONLY ATTRACT deceptive Neptunian business partners or Russian business / playboy ex who OWNS her life and her career via signed contracts.

Note also as a Cancer the current Dragon’s Tail in Pisces (subconscious / deception / alcohol / drugs) resides in her 5th house of affairs of love and also heart / broken heart in Medical astrology, forcing her to undergo serious and deep psychological changes in love affairs.

Russian playboy ex born May (?), 1993, I can’t find the specific dates for a day however he born in the month of May, Venus rules the sign of Taurus, facing to the world as Scorpio is right on Lohan’s 5th house. Scorpio rules Russia country in Astrogeology, power, sex, drama, secret, and passion will enter your life.

He born with the year of 1993 – born with Dragon Tail in Gemini (double life / dual / easily bored / lord of thieves / unrest / varies) – Gemini rules communication transportation / mobile phone. Miss Lohan threw his mobile phone out of their car and sprinted away towards the beach close to man flying a kite But the 23-year-old businessman caught up with her and was photographed violently grabbing hold of his fiance. Why? Lindsay Lohan slam her fiance for lying about being at home.

Note also as a May the current Dragon’s Tail in Pisces (subconscious / deception / alcohol / drugs) resides in her 11th house of friends / wishes / nightclub, forcing his to undergo serious and deep psychological changes in love affairs or friends wishes.

But what scares me the most, is the millions of cosmic unconscious parents trying to live their famous dreams thought their children not knowing this child may not be designed by God to lead such a life. In the name of religious convictions (Christians) or the ridicule (atheists) those young souls are totally oblivious of God cosmic divinity forging their natal chart and fate of all human beings through the signs, they natal and hidden dragons… In the name of science and religions humanity has lost so much of God cosmic divinity! But This is purpose to must be acknowledge with the fate of stars and including ancient (Nostradamus predictions 16th century) cosmic health tips to avoid the victim of the stars.

Lindsay Dee Lohan (born July 2, 1986) – So Now Let’s look at how a Cancer behaves or feels about love, romance and children of 5th house in the Section Housing System. In the love area, you are becomes a very intense Scorpio. Where ever Scorpio or resides in your chart death and drama can enter your life, like recent happened in Greek island of Mykonos after the Mean Girls star celebrated her 30th birthday, For examples, another born in July / Sun in Cancer -Princess Diana died in the name of her children and a jealous lover. And also This extreme deadly cosmic cocktail was located in Nancy Reagan’s 5th house of love, romance and children which become the main reason her scared of husband’s death due to attempted assassination of United States President Ronald Reagan, Must understand; where ever Scorpio is located in your chart, death, drama, the police and secret will enter your life. Pluto rules Scorpio and this planet is extremely intense and climactic. Thus, those born in July might have to experience drama in the affairs of love, romance and children. Because Scorpio is the sign of life and death, your male or female friend born in July might have had a dramatic upbringing, lost a child, or suffered dramatic heartaches.

Wherever Scorpio’s House or Pluto is located in a chart, a regeneration principle is offered to the soul; thus, Cancer regenerates with the children with love and romance. Scorpio is also a very metaphysically oriented sign. Thus, your male or female friend born in July is a born investigator of Astro psychology, astrology, metaphysics, psychic work and all matters related to life and death. Nancy Reagan is openly said that her faith is one of the few things in her life that she’s been able to keep private, and it’s something that she desired to, she wanted to keep private. Scorpio rules private, secret and security. your success depends on the awareness and practical use of it.