An Astrology Analysis of CEO behind Dakota Access to protesters

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CEO behind Dakota Access to protesters: ‘We’re building the pipeline

I read many articles and videos on social media but humans totally ignore the seasons of the universe because religion tells them that there is something evil about the zodiac and the signs, even though the very Bible that they claim is Gods Holy Word tells us, let there be lights in the heavens and let them be for signs.

Yes, social media is the lost essence of translation in the stars that something is very important to comprehend and explain the reasons behind Dakota Access to protesters.

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Native Americans believe that each person was born under a different animal sign, which can reveal a lot about one’s personality. Ancient Art of Astrology played in an important role in early Native American cultures, serving as the basis for governance, agricultural practices and more. And studying the stars also caused tribes to theorize about the beginning of life in the universe.

12 Zodiac Sign is a very cosmic codes, you must find out why it has happened right now. My subconscious forces at work that lead to understand and read the language of the stars as opposite signs in the zodiac – the water / oil pipeline sign of Pisces and duty/ job / service / health / responsibilities sign of Virgo.

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Currently transit of Universal Dragon Pisces/Virgo axis is still operating on a dense physical world (Earth) and humanity. People on the scene have posted videos to social media that appear to show police using tear gas and water cannons. Pisces rules secret, deception, chemical, water, gas, oil pipeline, using smoke tear gas..

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Pipeline 150 miles from Dakota Access protests leaks 176000 gallons

Tear gas is a chemical weapon (negative Tail of Dragon Pisces) is very against earth and humanity. The uneducated cosmic consciousness Police is very deception in wrong side of the world instead investigative the science of stars to find out why born become police. are they crooked? true leadership? Know the truth? religions? spiritual?

The cosmic code / purpose is in the stars behind Dakota Access to protesters is to help you understand why it has happened right now. Realized reptilius infected mind is very real. This is very serious cosmic consciousness crisis in our Beautiful Mother Earth.

Currently transit of Universal HEAD (positive) Dragon of Virgo’s power planetary ruler is Mercury, the messenger -protesters communication with law officers, tribal officials and protesters including a numerous of videos posted on social media show protesters being doused with continuous streams of water.

Virgo is generally health-conscious, possess an instinctive naturally to connect with Mother Nature and enjoy practical applications for her offerings, such as medicinal plants. By constantly watching their own land and property, natural resources, national parks, plants and animals in Dakota. There are many awakened soul to speak up / duty / service / health / responsibilities sign of Virgo. Water is Life. Gas is Death.

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A reptilius infected mind of Kelcy Lee Warren is CEO behind Dakota Access to protesters.

Kelcy Lee Warren (born November 9, 1955) is an American businessman, the chairman and chief executive officer of Energy Transfer Partners. He born the planet Pluto and the intense sign of Scorpio govern the month of November making all Scorpio. Scorpio rules money / secret / police / drama etc ..

He is master with mental manipulator around because his 3rd House rules the thinking process. In this House He born in November becomes a shrewd Capricorn. Capricorn rules large organizations, the government, structure, engineering, architecture and control over the working class.

PLUTO IN CAPRICORN (2008-2023) – Currently Universal transit of Pluto (power) is in Capricorn (government) enters his 3rd house of communications, transportation, and critical thinking. Warren has more than 25 years of business experience in the energy industry which he serves as chairman of the general partner of Energy Transfer Equity and president, chief operating officer and a director of Cornerstone Natural Gas, Inc in different years apart.

Born with Saturn (fear/insecurity) in Scorpio (finance/sex/secret) Saturn ruler of Capricorn is the engineer of the Zodiac but also known as the  Great Malefic. While Capricorn is a rational politician. Scorpio rules corporate endeavor and wealth(your paycheck). Usually wealth is made within the affairs ruled by the 8th house or Scorpio. This sign rules the mafia, sex, power, supreme wealth and death.

Kelcy Lee Warren can be ruthless and dangerous to himself and society. He is a very intense person and may not necessarily spare his feelings about his financial security. He don’t care about environment, water and natural resource in Dakota.

Scorpio’s 2nd House of money is located in the Sign of Sagittarius. This fire sign rules the law, ***foreign land***, Spain, Portugal, Australia, education, ***traveling***, publishing and the codification of thoughts. He’s almost anywhere where learning, teaching, dedication, organization, research and health is concerned. Because Sagittarius rules ***foreign lands*** and publishing worldwide, many Scorpio’s establish financial security.

Sign of Sagittarius rules Indian Reservation in North Dakota in 2nd house of money how he use it, values, resources, personal belongings, sense of self-worth, income, priorities.

Dragon Tail in Gemini (dualism) in 8th house of other people’s money, taxes, debts, loss, and death. He’s not trust everyone but himself, money and resources that personal belonging to him.

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Protesters Gain Victory in Fight Over Dakota Access Oil Pipeline

UPDATED- 12/04/2016 – Today is Moon in Aquarius – The community-minded Aquarius Moon invites us to participate in group activities or get involved in a social cause.

Known as the Warrior planet, Mars rules courage, passion, pure strength and stamina. Currently Universal Transit of Mars in Aquarius. Aquarius rules brotherhood to fight to stop the pipelines.

Aquarius rules “Surprise Shock” Victory for Native tribes but Standing Rock protesters win battle, not war.