The February 10 2017 Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Image result for Lunar EclipseThe February 10 2017 Lunar Eclipse in Leo within constellation of Aquarius

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The next Lunar Eclipse will be on February 10, and this lunation guarantee to unleash of a surprising nature as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or lightning.

With the Sun (life) and Mercury (communication) together in originality sign of Aquarius, and a powerful Mars-Uranus conjunction in assertive, warrior and explosive sign of  Aries, This manifestation will be aggressive action that leaves many victims in its wake in Ukraine or other countries like Germany. UPDATED! –Eastern Ukraine fighting flares with pro-Russian rebels

The eclipse happens to land right on the sign of Leo. Expect happened in France, Italy or Japan that could make the news soon.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs on February 10, 2017, at 22 degrees and 28 minutes of Leo, opposing the Sun at 22 degrees and 28 minutes of Aquarius, and affecting people who born in February and August. This is month of shocking news, high technology and be cautions with children or famous people and events by February and August.

With Neptune, rulers of the Dragon Tail presently in Pisces till May 2017, you are strongly advised to think twice before letting yourself with depression by controlling your imagination. Let it go your past, do not produce guilt and best for you is focus on your life priority.

Jupiter in Libra:  With the entrance of philosophical Jupiter in the contracts, partners, others relationship and the perfect balance sign of Libra on September 9, 2016, traditional education will get another boost till this planet moves into sex, secret, money and power sign of Scorpio on October 9, 2017. These are the keys to your greatest opportunities to develop new personal relationships tend to offer bright future through negotiating, compromising, partnering, teaming up, and counseling that bring new experience the fulfillment in relationship.

Saturn in Sagittarius:  Saturn “the teacher” is still going through a foreigners, religions and law sign of Sagittarius and will stay in this sign till December 20, 2017. Karmic Saturn is also called the “Great Malefic” and it’s gloomy power brings depression by the sign and house he resides in. In the sign of Sagittarius, he may make overly concerned with his moral, ethic, beliefs and principles that don’t accurately reflect ourselves. But in positive note, Sagittarius aims to increase understanding, awareness and focuses on the big picture and gains confidence as a result, your plans make clearly solid and stick to them and respect the Universal Law in all your endeavors.

Uranus in Aries: Uranus is known as the revolutionary planet in Aries(individual) upon the “warrior” civil rights movement. Uranus rules future of mankind, the new age, astrology, television, electronics, the incredible, UFO phenomenon the web etc, shattering old thinkers these are the things that energize you and take priority in your life. Uniqueness and originality set you apart that will provide Aries (Mars’ enterprising spirit) competitive sides of themselves and much progress will will be accomplished for those involved competition, aggressive and and will use their inner leadership ability to gain a position of power. Aries is a cardinal sign and bring a different energy to this world.

Neptune in Pisces:  With Neptune “Lord of Sea/Deception/Religions”, rulers of sign of Pisces (water) and this celestial manifestation is exerting tremendous forces on large bodies of water (oceans). Currently Universal transit of Dragon Tail in Pisces caused many drowning victim, alcohol/substance abuses and plus many radical islamic terrorism happened over the country in Europe and US. But on the positive note, many new spiritual and psychic seek new truth or new connection with universal/god as truth to surrendering to divine plan, fate, karma, and God’s powers greater.

Pluto in Capricorn This is a lot of challenge in political to change for better future. Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2023). Pluto represents power and the need to strengthen the true inner power to meet the situations in the outside world but Pluto will throw you a deadly news, scandal sex, police news drama etc. Pluto rules rebirth and death. Capricorn rules old people, snob, wealthy class, England,political world.

Robert Jeffress, Jr., Donald Trump and Christian’s doctrines of deception

Image result for ‘God is not against building walls!’ The sermon Trump heard from Robert Jeffress before his inauguration.‘God is not against building walls!’ The sermon Trump heard from …

Robert Jeffress, Jr. (born November 29, 1955) is Evangelical pastor. He is cosmic unconscious Scorpio (power)/Sagittarius (foreigners/ religions) He had a very close relationship to a God he knew nothing about. He compared Donald Trump to the biblical character of Nehemiah as such delusional ignorance response.

This is sign of a false prophet is his quoting from the Old testament. A false God has often used evil leaders to judge a disobedient, wayward, and arrogant nation and people!

Robert Jeffress, Jr as a Virgo, his 10th house of career/public standing is in the sign of Virgo (Health/perfectionism/chastity/ purification/chastity) He is SET by the stars to experience “Virgin Mary” religious and impose dogmatic doctrines to the God fearing masses.

He should learn more about Donald Trump’s birth stars character of Gemini and born with Dragon Tail (negative) Sagittarius (foreign powers) and find out what would to do his relationship with foreign powers. Noting He is no lucky with foreigners. He will be disasters.

Evangelist Billy Graham, like others religious lunatics will use the bible’s quotes or worse “the bible secret code” to denunciate the upcoming apocalyptic time not know all Popes of the past were taught Astrology by the Vatican council.

The Bible states that God made the heavenly bodies to show us “signs” of his intentions. These signs can be read by anyone who knows how to interpret them.

NOT the biblical character of Nehemiah. It’s all just ancient fairy tales. His god is powerless. Because his lord has no identity and it’s all about religions deception  teaching.

Divine Astrology is about interpreting these signs in the motions of the sun, moon, planets, and stars as “Our Father of the Heaven” in order for cosmic God chose who have capable to build a better relationship with neighborhoods/foreigners that can prevent the wars.

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“Courteous Reader, Astrology is one of the most ancient Sciences, held in high esteem of old, by the wise and the great. formerly, no prince would make war or peace, nor any general fight in battle, in short, no important affair was undertaken without first consulting an Astrologer.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

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“There are specific Universal Laws written through the signs – Cosmic Consciousness – is the awareness of God’s celestial divinity and use it wisely to read the future and build emotional, financial and spiritual stability!” – Drturi

Venus Love Signs Tablet of Ammisaduqa

Image result for "Venus Tablet of Ammisaduqa", a cuneiform clay tablet of astrological forecasts from the Neo-Assyrian period

“Venus Tablet of Ammisaduqa”, a cuneiform clay tablet of astrological forecasts from the Neo-Assyrian period.

Ancient Indian, Greek, Egyptian, Babylonian and Chinese astrologers knew of Venus and recorded the planet’s motions and help the people find a true love. For woman, Venus is the type of love a woman is able to offer to a man. For man, Venus position (by house and sign) and strength shows the type of woman you need to make you truly happy.

In Greek mythology, Venus was the goddess of love and beauty. Venus has dual rulership over Libra and Taurus. Venus represents two main areas of our life: love and money.

Venus in Aries or 1st house…Aries goes after what he/she wants as impulsive, impatient and passionate so suggest you use your head not your heart in dealing with love.

Venus in Taurus or 2nd house…Taurus loves own creature comforts, massage, hand-holding and getting physical in the bedroom, but don’t possessive of your partners

Venus in Gemini or 3rd house…Gemini talks flirt, adapt in witty conversation, capable to make a wide variety of subjects but make sure you committed in a relationship, not playful.

Venus in Cancer or 4th house…Cancer loves, crave security, comfort that means valuing the emotional bond that’s created if you feel insecure then do not commit to love

Venus in Leo or 5th house…Leo goes take pride in love, high expectations and need to feel special. Leo rules the heart as much expressing their love playfully but do not expect too much or you will easily hurt.

The science of Astrology is a language of symbols which offers a profound representation of human experience if you understand these stars of language, then cosmic god speaks to you. In ancient time, the cosmic gods were also believed to present themselves in the celestial images of the planets or stars with whom they were associated.

That’s only way to communication between those who consult with astrologers and use astrology as guidance from the movement of the planets and stars, omens of significance to the king and the state in order to judge their influence on human actions. Ancient early civilizations knew and used the stars and signs as God divine manifestation.

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Tuesday, February 14 – Valentine’s Day 2017 during waning negative moon in Libra (sweetheart) that close to deadly moon in Scorpio so I suggest your loved ones to stay home and be safe. If you want to take out, make sure you find a quiet place not crowded place.

Dragon Pisces/Virgo axis is still operational till May 2017 which it’s mean love is In the air in 5th house of love and check the position of Venus and Mars to connect your new love.

After May 2017 Dragon Aquarius/Leo expect new experiences, new passion and expect romantic partners to push for new living arrangements in 7th house of marriage / partnership or you will forced to re evaluate in relationship and 5th house of love can found in your natal chart if you want to know about your secret crush on someone.

Image result for Ancient Mayan pyramid destroyed for road fillAncient Mayan pyramid destroyed for road fill

One of the oldest and most famous Mayan pyramids hast has has stood for 2,300 years and now been destroyed by a construction company in Belize, while digging for crushed rock for a road they were building.

Many discovered related to the secret of the stars practiced teaching and developing the Moon Calendar at work and ancient cosmic wisdom bygone civilization such as the Incas, the Sumerians, Mayan and the Atantians raised Temples in honor of the Moon and celebrated her every eclipse phased.

and now What are we telling our children with these actions? Realized reptilius infected mind is very real. This is very serious cosmic consciousness crisis in our Beautiful Mother Earth. Greed and ignorance are destroying and erase the past so they can manipulate the now with lies. Truly sickening! It’s mind-boggling that such stupid people exists!

The only way to change the education system is teach the stars through transformational astrological teaching in the information age is to reach the children and parents.

The new Aquarian Age will be dominated by Astrology, Universal, stars, networks, awareness, information and energy is slowing take over the dying age of Pisces.

Gunman Esteban Santiago: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know about Astropsychology

Image result for Fort Lauderdale airport shooting: 5 dead, suspect had gun in bagFort Lauderdale airport: 5 dead, shooting suspect had gun in checked bag

Esteban Santiago, a U.S. citizen and Iraq War combat veteran, told the FBI voices were urging him to fight for ISIS before he allegedly gunned down 11 people, killing five, at a Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport baggage claim carousel.

If you pay attention to his words, he said hearing voices in his head telling him to commit acts of violence and urging him to fight for ISIS. That is a form of hallucination in psychology term as such, it was viewed as a curse by the stars that found in his birth natal chart.

Hallucinations are related to dreaming, which does not involve wakefulness; illusion, which involves distorted or misinterpreted real perception or delusional perception. And also It can be associated with drug use, sleep deprivation, psychosis, neurological disorders, and delirium tremens.

1) In Medical aspect of Astropsychology, Neptune (Poseidon the Lord of deception) is responsible for the hallucinations. He’s clearly possessed by demonic hallucination forces at work that haven’t solved his mental illnesses from receiving psychological treatment at his home in Alaska.

In November 2016, FBI Anchorage Field Office Special Agent urged Santiago to seek mental health treatment and notified the local police who detained him and took him to a medical facility for a mental health evaluation. His handgun was taken from him due to the incident, however was returned in December after the ***authorities found no wrongdoing on his part***.

Unfortunately, FBI agents often blamed for ignored Esteban Santiago killer’s cosmic God’s warning signs that haven’t solved with his mental illness *demonic hallucination lead to mass shooting occurred at Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport in Broward County on January 6, 2017.

Not the first time FBI agents failed to see the unseen powers of stars and how the Universal mind affects individual’s mental processing / motivate since…so time to change the education system that allow FBI agents, police, psychiatry, psychologist, mental health support groups to study the stars related to emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

Obviously, we’re not going to change the educational system overnight, but conservative Christians in Political like Trump, the ones who have power over the education system, don’t want to see or make a differences and non essential changes happening all the local schools. This is how they manage to see results after changing the education system, but it’s same old same old.

The only way to change the education system is teach the stars through transformational astrological teaching in the information age is to reach the children and parents.

The new Aquarian Age will be dominated by Astrology, Universal, stars, networks, awareness, information and energy is slowing take over the dying age of Pisces.

Esteban Santiago (March16 1990) Gunman Identified in Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting.

2) He’s victimized by his own demonic hallucination because he born with deception / religions in the month of March but unfortunately not many can see the unseen powers of stars in the heaven which currently the negative Tail of the Dragon is afflicting the sign of Pisces and Universal transit of Mars (war/desire) in Pisces (demonic hallucination/ISIS) touch his 1st house of self – mental health broken down.

3) Born with Moon (emotion response) conjunct Pluto (power) in Scorpio (destructive) is located in his chart that will be effected his way. He is a Scorpio in his 9th house of religion and codification of thoughts or books (Koran / Bible) and will use terrorism or deadly force to impose his religious will to the world or fight for ISIS.

Mercury, the planet of communication in hallucination, illusion, dream sign of Pisces that cause confused him like hearing voices in his head telling him to fight for ISIS.

Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, always rewards those who work hard. Capricorn rules the government, engineering, structure and honor. He joined the Puerto Rico National Guard and served in the Iraq War as a combat engineer.

But Santiago’ stars do not endorse involving or leading a country as soldiers. Like a month ago, it was like he lost his mind,” she added. “He said he saw things.” His family say he returned from Iraq acting strangely.

4) During Moon in Aries (violent outbursts verbal aggression) that cause the Fort Lauderdale ‘air rage’ gunman who ‘argued with passengers’ on his flight before he retrieved his handgun from checked luggage and then executed five people in baggage claim!

5) He born with Dragon Aquarius (aeronautics) conjunct Mars (war/rage) in Aquarius (airlines/airport/shocking news) cause his “air rage” at Fort Lauderdale airport is the opposite sign negative Tail in Dragon Leo rules EGO.

I hope this help you understand why it did happen in Fort Lauderdale airport with his “air rage” and his history of mental health problems.

An AstroForensic Analysis of Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin says Russia should appoint Vladimir Putin as royal emperor

Image result for Russia should reinstate the monarchy and appoint PUTIN as royal emperor, says influential Moscow churchmanMoscow church man says Russia should appoint Vladimir Putin as royal emperor

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin said Russia should restore / return to the power of monarchy and nominate Putin as royal emperor is only option would be to bring back the Romanov dynasty, which was overthrown exactly a century ago in 1917 because of a Mercury rules communication and when in a retrograde motion go backward / returning to Russian studies or for relearning or refreshing knowledge about History of the Russian Monarchy related with Tsar(Old Church Slavonic).

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin’s “bible archaic teachings” is not offer anyone the golden key of true wisdom in Orthodox Church. His teaching is impose by Neptune the Lord of religions and deception and a politically oriented power hungry church.

He born in March 31, 1968 in the constellation of Pisces (deception / religions) with his Sun in the sign of Aries (leader of the mind/Hitler) He also praised Putin saying he ‘successfully protects the interests of his country’. Clearly, he want to restore and fully trusting in Vladimir Putin as royal emperor as status quo. He thinks God has blessed Vladimir Putin with perfect judgment.

He demanded the recognition of the status quo in the holy place. He always fears change. He feels security in Vladimir Putin’s status quo. I found his birth location of Saturn (the great malefic) in Aries (self) fear of uncovering oneself outside of conventional wisdom and afraid of failure and rejection. His frustration with his own inner conflicts so rather nominate somebody else or Putin to rule as royal emperor in Russia.

Chaplin born with Dragon’s Tail (negative/challenging) in the sign of Libra (other committed relationships) that he feel he have no real strengths with religions / political groups.

The current Russian president Vladimir Putin is known to be quite a controversial person in view of the fact that his rule is associated with the reduction of democracy and liberalism in Russia. The ruling political party submits to Putin and his policy.

Vladimir Putin should be called rise of a new dictator instead of a President who has restarted the Cold War and caused numerous local conflicts in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, etc. His rule can be described as a combination of autocracy, fascism and oligarchy. He born in October, facing the world as Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars and Mars is called in Greek Mythology “The Lord of Wars”.


Mercury Retrogrades rules the people and affairs of the past because he mention the term Tsar. The title Tsar is derived from the Latin title for the Roman emperors, Caesar. Archpriest  Vsevolod Chaplin would like to see Vladimir Romanov as emperor like Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia was the last tsar of Russia under Romanov rule in the past.

Last Czar of Russia Nicholas II (born May 18, 1868) was a harsh, yet weak ruler. He born with negative Tail of the Dragon in Pisces (deception) He spend life in his own dream world, did not resolve complaints of peasants and workers. He was avoid accepting responsibility.

His reign saw the fall of the Russian Empire from being one of the foremost great powers of the world to economic and military collapse. Due to Russo-Japanese War’s effect on Russia, Failure of the Duma, Bloody Sunday Economic, Political and Social Causes of the Russian Revolution

‘While we don’t have formal monarchy, we have monarchic understanding that Russia cannot be without a tsar. ‘But this tsar must take advice from people, which is why having a nation is so important.’ In the imperial era, the tsar or emperor was also head of the Orthodox church.

But his quote “this tsar must take advice from people”? Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin have no clue about it! Chaplin is religiously poison and subconsciously NOT allowed to dig unto the stars. This makes you wonder how ignorant of the power of the stars those in power really are.

Vladimir Puttin was born with a Dragon’s Tail (Negative) in Leo (ego) and fated to kill millions of children by the jurisdiction of the stars. The Russian President, like our own President; is cosmic unconscious and any direct confrontation from other power could mean his EGO, of course, He will not take advice from his own people as Russian people.

This Dragon affects us all and what is simply terrible is that our scientific, religious and political leaders have NO clue about it.