Adam Lanza’s motive evidence in Sandy Hook killings

Sandy Hook Shooting case remains unknown?! All I can do is to remind you of his Plutonic motive that is found in his very own natal chart. He was born under the month of April- Aries also rules under Army/Navy/AirForce while the “educated” psychologists/investigators think they know everything, but this case still remains unknown?!  I am literally ahead of this expert investigator’s wonders.

Reporter: Lanza fascinated by military – Video

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(CNN) — In the years leading up to the December 2012 massacre at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School, Adam Lanza went from a merely shy pre-teen to a mentally ill recluse obsessed with school shootings. But during that long descent, Lanza never gave anyone any indication why he did so, or why he targeted Sandy Hook Elementary School,” the report states.

The article shows a bad analysis. Expert investigators, mental health professionals and criminologists simply may never know why Lanza did to others. Worse case, there are thousands of  unconsciousness in liberal and conservative parties that have no clue about how to stop gun violence or a gun control properly? Why cant they make a good use with the stars as a scanning tool for criminal activities/motives? Sad fact, they will NOT believe  or be open-minded about the connection through the spiritual essence of Astrology. All they do is assume everything else that remains the same constantly and automatically assume that the Astrology is such a pseudoscience for a number of reasons. They are NOT problem-solvers. Isn’t it time to pay attention/learn/think outside of the box to prepare to predict in criminal behaviors in ahead of time? To have the knowledge in Astrology makes you curiously refreshed and spiritually renewed to understand this cosmic language. There is a serious problem with atheism and agnostism not having an explanation of how the universe came into existence without lack of understanding and spiritually wonders. .All Evangelicals are a waste of time, religious dogmas have nothing to offer, but to feed the fear with limitation from seeking the truth beyond.

The “educated” geneticists think that the DNA have all the answers. No chance for them to go upstairs to find the answers through the star’s hidden messages,  than go downstairs to search for DNA’s hidden messages in the dark, physical matter instead of seeing the bright light above the head.

The subject of Asperger Syndrome uses the “physical” perspective to label as only physical consciousness based on traditional unconscious education/studies where there is no available research related to old science of astrology. Only focus on “physical” perspective, but not even a chance to detect the flaws in the natal charts. That information on Asperger Syndrome can be collected from many same cases in similarity found in many aspects in the natal charts. It would be a wonderful research to go with astrology findings to provide an explanation that will bring the light.

art353-adam-lanza-300x0Adam Lanza DOB: 4-22-1992


This clearly shows that this mentally unstable shooter had planned his actions, including taking of his own life where his fatal risk was located on his Tail in Dragon of Cancer(family/home environment) since he had issues with his mother and family. That’s why he killed his mother first at home. Her mom was not allowed into his room and even the windows were covered in black plastic of the trash bags. Moon rules lunatic/crabby/moody/emotion that rules the sign of Cancer in opposite of Dragonhead Capricorn.  His subconscious thinks above the head of house/school/education. This is important to know how to read astrological celestial signs to clarify his intentions based on his “death wish” generation, and his self worth/esteem in 2nd house, lacked the support system in him.

Notice above of his natal chart, see the Capricorn that interacts with Mars(outburst anger) and Uranus (shocking/unpredicted) in blend, that caused the result.

Also, there are many earthly signs in him which is not good sign for social setting as well. He was a very cold person since having Capricorn in him, just as a cold and hard winter season,  plus his Saturn(fear/limitation) in Aquarius(social) indicates that he was socially awkward/conservative.

The sad result with his trigger impacting by the intense energies bursting out in the  combination of being born under his Plutonic Generation and Dragon Scorpius(2012-2013), that took his life, including the children.

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