An AstroForensic Analysis of Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin says Russia should appoint Vladimir Putin as royal emperor

Image result for Russia should reinstate the monarchy and appoint PUTIN as royal emperor, says influential Moscow churchmanMoscow church man says Russia should appoint Vladimir Putin as royal emperor

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin said Russia should restore / return to the power of monarchy and nominate Putin as royal emperor is only option would be to bring back the Romanov dynasty, which was overthrown exactly a century ago in 1917 because of a Mercury rules communication and when in a retrograde motion go backward / returning to Russian studies or for relearning or refreshing knowledge about History of the Russian Monarchy related with Tsar(Old Church Slavonic).

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin’s “bible archaic teachings” is not offer anyone the golden key of true wisdom in Orthodox Church. His teaching is impose by Neptune the Lord of religions and deception and a politically oriented power hungry church.

He born in March 31, 1968 in the constellation of Pisces (deception / religions) with his Sun in the sign of Aries (leader of the mind/Hitler) He also praised Putin saying he ‘successfully protects the interests of his country’. Clearly, he want to restore and fully trusting in Vladimir Putin as royal emperor as status quo. He thinks God has blessed Vladimir Putin with perfect judgment.

He demanded the recognition of the status quo in the holy place. He always fears change. He feels security in Vladimir Putin’s status quo. I found his birth location of Saturn (the great malefic) in Aries (self) fear of uncovering oneself outside of conventional wisdom and afraid of failure and rejection. His frustration with his own inner conflicts so rather nominate somebody else or Putin to rule as royal emperor in Russia.

Chaplin born with Dragon’s Tail (negative/challenging) in the sign of Libra (other committed relationships) that he feel he have no real strengths with religions / political groups.

The current Russian president Vladimir Putin is known to be quite a controversial person in view of the fact that his rule is associated with the reduction of democracy and liberalism in Russia. The ruling political party submits to Putin and his policy.

Vladimir Putin should be called rise of a new dictator instead of a President who has restarted the Cold War and caused numerous local conflicts in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, etc. His rule can be described as a combination of autocracy, fascism and oligarchy. He born in October, facing the world as Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars and Mars is called in Greek Mythology “The Lord of Wars”.


Mercury Retrogrades rules the people and affairs of the past because he mention the term Tsar. The title Tsar is derived from the Latin title for the Roman emperors, Caesar. Archpriest  Vsevolod Chaplin would like to see Vladimir Romanov as emperor like Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia was the last tsar of Russia under Romanov rule in the past.

Last Czar of Russia Nicholas II (born May 18, 1868) was a harsh, yet weak ruler. He born with negative Tail of the Dragon in Pisces (deception) He spend life in his own dream world, did not resolve complaints of peasants and workers. He was avoid accepting responsibility.

His reign saw the fall of the Russian Empire from being one of the foremost great powers of the world to economic and military collapse. Due to Russo-Japanese War’s effect on Russia, Failure of the Duma, Bloody Sunday Economic, Political and Social Causes of the Russian Revolution

‘While we don’t have formal monarchy, we have monarchic understanding that Russia cannot be without a tsar. ‘But this tsar must take advice from people, which is why having a nation is so important.’ In the imperial era, the tsar or emperor was also head of the Orthodox church.

But his quote “this tsar must take advice from people”? Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin have no clue about it! Chaplin is religiously poison and subconsciously NOT allowed to dig unto the stars. This makes you wonder how ignorant of the power of the stars those in power really are.

Vladimir Puttin was born with a Dragon’s Tail (Negative) in Leo (ego) and fated to kill millions of children by the jurisdiction of the stars. The Russian President, like our own President; is cosmic unconscious and any direct confrontation from other power could mean his EGO, of course, He will not take advice from his own people as Russian people.

This Dragon affects us all and what is simply terrible is that our scientific, religious and political leaders have NO clue about it.

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