April 1- 6 Guidance and Forecast

PREDICTION – APRIL 1/2/3/4/5/6:
RULERS – Sagittarius (Foreigners) Capricorn (Planning) and Aquarius (Rebel)

The Moon waning (negative) on these days, so be aware of it. Note, the majority of people out there are totally unaware of the stars, that includes the CEOs, bosses and managers and the ones in higher positions. They might blame you for no reason. Don’t take anything personally. Keep your head up and move on. Aquarius rules surprises and friends, disturbing surprises, news may come on your way.
Use your power of Saturn, for instance, when planning to reserve the seat, restaurants will be busy, do not expect great news. Aquarius rules sudden releases and new future. Expect anything and everything can happen and a waning Moon (negative) upon us. Be patience for next few days; New moon is coming soon. Don’t use your Mars’ aggressive and think Venus first. Venus rules beauty, social, love and harmony. A friend or family will visit to surprise you in advance of the arrival. Uranus rules wishes and surprises. Note, An aggressive Mars promotes violence, war and sex. Use your power of Jupiter’s knowledge with common sense and simply walk away from verbal disagreements with strangers. You can win an argument on any topic, against any opponent. Be practical and think twice before you speak. Make sure you drive safe, keep to the speed limit. Why? The Moon waning (negative) these days and you should be aware of it. Too risky not to respect the Moon, so better be safe than sorry. Watch out with your attitude and do think positive.

Universal Precaution: Under power of Aquarius as dramatic news, earthquake, explosive, volcanoes, on this window expect sudden release of energy.

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