Lifestyles of the rich and religious, science and atheist educated – SHAME!

Archaeologists discover ancient astronomy lab in northern Peru
Archaeologists discover ancient astronomy lab in northern Peru

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.”~Albert Einstein

Let me explain my translation about this quote and article, to realize the fact that the Astronomy is a by-product of Astrology that deals only with psychical manifestation in the time and space (universal mind). Astrology/psychology is an art, that demands the use of intuition, metaphors and signs. Digging into the details makes one to miss the forecast.  There is a difference between Astronomy and Astrology. Mathematics and details are interested by Astronomers. Real astrologers could analyze the predictions. Astronomers would tell you the movement of the stars, their distance, composition, and position in our solar system with calculations only in physical plane. Only real astrologers will tell you the real visionaries and the prophecy of what time and when to come.

Now the mundane lifestyles of the non-cosmic consciousness rich and religious, science and atheist-educated is  seriously doomed and fueled, lost of man’s cosmic consciousness is the result as depressing with the chaos experienced in many levels and especially with children in the our school systems- List of school shootings in the United States– SHAME!

I’m telling you right now everyone’s passion for self-discovery is very extreme and if left without legitimate spiritual foods, the worst thing can only happen to many of these children and including political and religious people. so I highly recommend that ALL of those archaeologists work with astromythologyist and astrotheologist and astrologers that would give new perspectives for God’s cosmic divinity and hidden cosmic codes written on the stone. That would change the science community’s perspective and realized that the world really need new spiritual education in order to grow up spiritually for a better change.

I highly recommend that ALL of those archaeologists (like everyone else involved in research) MUST at least be aware of the existence of astrology simply because ALL disappeared civilizations had used astrology in Incas, Mayan, Sumericans, and Atantians raised Temples in Honor of the Moon and celebrated her every phase. Stonehenge, Celtic Sun Worship and Astrological Calculations as well. That would change the archaeologists’s perspective and realize that the world really need new spiritual knowledge and reach the stars’ divination.

Astrology was practiced, taught, and published at the highest levels by priests!

I also highly recommend that ALL of those archaeologists and including Evangelist, Pastors, Priests or Biblical Cult leaders must MUST at least be aware of the existence of astrology simply because Nostradamus prophet practiced astrology in Europe. These famous persons with insightful visionaries were gifted at birth– Edgar Cayce, Dr Turi, Nostradamus, Dane Rudhyar, and Helena Blavatsky.  UPDATED- University Fires Christian Scientist for Discovery Proving Creationism

I highly recommend that ALL of those archaeologists and including Atheist Agnostic Skeptic must MUST at least be aware of the existence of astrology simply. Like the wise Magi, they may have been royal astronomers, advisers to kings. . Look who is on the list of The Non Cosmic Consciousness Richest Atheist Celebrities – TheRichest

I highly recommend that All liberal and conservative political MUST at least be aware of the existence of astrology. The science of Astro-psychology has depths and all liberal and conservative political would learn greatly learning and practicing it! Conservative politician David Tredinnick says Astrology could help to heal the sick. That would change All liberal and conservative in the world’s perspective and realized that in order to understand more about, for instance, Vladimir Putin’s Fate than following un cosmic consciousness article- Inside mind of Hamas’ political leader

Neptune the Lord of the Seas- RELIGION AND DECEPTION

Please read this article-CNN Lifestyles of the rich and religious– Aug 3, 2014 and you can see many photos of the lavish homes of American archbishops and realized that the world really need new spiritual knowledge via the stars in order than following old fashioned deception religious teachings because it won’t work for the children of future!

Child Labor Deaths In Hamas Tunnels Are No Surprise

 Note the passion for self-discovery is best and if left without legitimate spiritual knowledge, the worst can only happen to many of these children and including political and religious people so warned that my prediction of elimination of the world religion will impact next year in Fall 2015 / 2017. Pisces rules the Middle East, so with the Dragon’s Tail in Pisces we will see a lot elimination / destruction / war based on the world religions. Yes, We will see the end of world religious that cause to prohibit, put to death with intentionally or knowingly and at same time, the war is still on…Gaza-Israel crisisCoffee County Commissioner: Muslim challenger opposes American flag, public prayer and Mosque Leaders Accused of Trying to Cut Off Worshiper’s Hand With 2-Foot Machete. This is serious omen for religions has occurred. Bolivia declares Israel a “terrorist state” and bans its citizens from entering the country without a visa and U.N. calls strike near Gaza shelter ‘moral outrage’

The Vatican fired one such “prince” last year: German Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst — who spent $43 million to remodel his home.  Archbishop sells $2.2M mansion


Where is Humility? NOPE. The Pope: Richest man on earth? YES.

Read more – Pope Francis I was born a Neptunian

Where is Humility? NOPE. Wealthy Mormon Church? YES.

Read more- Mormon Thomas Monson I was born a Neptunian

Where is Humility? NOPE. Buddha of Wealth? YES.

Where is Humility? NOPE. Hindu Wealth? Yes.

Seek God’s face, not Hebrew Bible or deceptive archaic teaching. When you seek His “Our Father In The Heavens” and God’ signs, you will see all the stars of heaven. Nothing happens by accident. God is already directing each one of twelve signs of the zodiac by divine celestial nature where he had in store for you. There is simply one reason for you speaking his cosmic language and to be used as signs for simple productivity plan and watch the daily moon schedule instead explore a mysterious of dark matter in our solar system’s neighborhood. There’s nothing out there. Note Dark matter cannot be seen where it’s not necessary to know out there because it doesn’t reflect light. If you want to know fully truth, stay with lights where divine celestial nature had in store for you. Don’t settle for a small view of the stars. you should acknowledge this fact God speak through the stars upon the earth affairs. Do you have a dream? God already planted that mystical Neptune (the lord of dreams and the subconscious) in your heart for a reason. Dare to dream and believe that it will be possible.

The first day you predicted, God heard you. The first time you saw, the stars set the miracle into motion and write up an astrological report from on the incident dates by witness or discovered the effect of the cosmic events which it’s manifestly evident and should be well-document in ahead of time. Find out what’s your can writing effectively and powerfully? God already planted the planet Mercury rules the signs of the intellect Gemini and Virgo in your mind for a reason. Dare to write up and believe that it will be possible. Twelve signs of the zodiac and the planet’s manifest direct to people in our lives on purpose so we can help them succeed and become all He created them to be unless empower yourself with true knowledge of way of interpreting the stars.

Please read more- Heavenly Celestial Power is for Real

Atheist/agnostic/skeptics/religious deceptive archaic teaching just don’t understand how important God’s celestial speaking through the stars upon each and every human being under the stars.

You have to remember that you can lead a horse to water*Cosmic Fuel. You can give someone the opportunity to learn or to do something, but will you drink? The choice is yours. Universe Bottle is pouring a cup of divine to give the celestial answers.

God’s cosmic divinity designed all human beings in His own soul in cosmos images, in the icon of God He created him. INVESTIGATE THE STARS in order to receive a truth in his own cosmic face God. – BL

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