Astrology: Inside the mind of the Facebook Killer

Image result for Steve StephensInside the mind of the Facebook Killer – Steve Stephens born December 10, 1979

According to World of Astroforensic Psychiatry, first of all, He born the year of 1979 Dragon Pisces in Tail (negative) is a perfect stimulating by the current transit of Universal Dragon Pisces is very illusive, very deceptive / depression this sign resides somewhere in ones’ natal chart.

Pisces is controlled by planet Neptune and this is where one’s psyche can easily become influenced either negatively or positively, but right now what he did obviously confusion, helplessness, panic and isolation then died alone.

How can I know all this, without having met Stephens? Because his birth chart showed me very clearly what I done studies for years..but since November 2015 that

when 2015 Universal Dragon Pisces entered all soul born in September or March -Virgo/Pisces or with a Moon, Rising, Natal or Hidden Dragon in Virgo or Pisces (Wasserman Schultz / Singer Chaka Khan / Joe Perry / Micah Xavier Johnson / Tony Robbin / Omar Mateen / Christina Grimmy / Mohamed Ali / Sheriff McDonnell / Sheriff Joe Arpaio / Prince / Tyler Summitt / Charlie Sheen / Kesha / Bernie Sanders / Celine Dion / Bobbi Kristina Brown) are the target of this Dragon and will be forced to all full restructure in serious success/bless or serious failures/curse but…

One of them is Steve Stephens haven’t been reached before, during or just after puberty and allowed to investigate/control his extremely powerful cosmic nature he would not have become a monster.

Though both the religious and scientific could never save his life because they are themselves infected and lost the spirit of God’s cosmic divinity a long time ago.

Dr. Keith Ablow is pretending to know everything about something indeed he knows very little thing but he have no cosmic clue what it means to human or have no idea how to

stop criminal behavior or this unstoppable problem because U.S. Department of Education’s elites will never allow him to study Astropsychology (or divine astrology).

This is unique approach to the stars and how its impact on the human psyche than what Dr. Keith Ablow’s analysis and explanation of him.

Born: December 10, 1979, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S
Sun: Sagittarius – Freedom, travel, philosophy, being outdoors

Moon: Virgo – Puritanical, extremely critical of others, fussy but VIRGO STELLIUM (cold/calculated/critical) 4 or more planets in 10th house of career/public standing

especially Mars the red planet of war (blood) is afflicting Stephens’s behavior shows no empathy for another man then fired the shot that left a lifeless body behind.

Mercury (mental process): Scorpio – He talk like a Scorpio producing or his famous sarcasm. He is using that horrific drama as a metaphor for his own psychological and spiritual death.

When a killer asks his victim to repeat the name of his ex-girlfriend, a woman the victim has never met, he is dramatizing the senselessness. Scorpio rules ruthless, unforgiving, relentless and revenge.

With Uranus shocking surprise, sudden releases of energy and technology/Facebook in Scorpio lead to dramatic/death/police that sending shock waves throughout the world. In other Facebook posts, Stephens claimed responsibility for thirteen murders.

Steve Stephens reportedly lost a romantic connection, lost money gambling, lost his place to live, but felt he got no help indeed Universal Dragon Pisces take over his body, mind

and soul to drown in the “poisoned” water. He need to desperately need to survive the universal infestation through with proper cosmic spiritual education, but haven’t chance time to his progressive, positive thoughts with the light of the stars. No one taught him at early age in the first place.

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