Battle with eating disorders

(CNN) — Kirsten Haglund was 19 when she became Miss America in 2008, one of the youngest beauty queens ever to win the national title. She used that platform to speak about what for her was a very sensitive subject: eating disorders.

Kirsten Lora Haglund (born September 14, 1988) is a beauty queen from Farmington Hills, Michigan who was Miss America 2008.

I read this articles about her battle with eating disorder and anorexia yet it is still amazing me that she isn’t realized She indeed Virgo that rules Health Conscious freak and Eating disorders and her food preferences. what worse, her natal Dragon’s Tail in Virgo conjunct Sun in Virgo making her overwhelmed by panic and a fear of not achieving perfection if she’s not making it as Miss American. I wish I could sit down with her and explain why and how she do that I spent a certain amount of time to investigate her DOB like I did to other people over the world.

“I realized what’s making an impact on other people’s lives is not this perfect image of the American ideal,” she said. “It’s a true human story of struggle and triumph.”Unlike many of her fellow contestants, Haglund didn’t spend her childhood competing in pageants. Instead, the Michigan native dreamed of performing as a professional ballerina. The pressures of trying to live out that dream led her into the nightmare of anorexia nervosa at age 12.

That’s where she feel conflict with her Venus(love) in Leo(fame/art/light/children) and her natal Dragon Head in Pisces(music/dance/artist) making her to pursuit to become a professional ballerina. Note her natal Moon(emotion response) in 2nd house of self esteem, security and power. She’s losing herself or her identity to undeveloped or crushed by life. Because the second house is related to the phrase “I want” as values, assets and finances. Venus rules inspired the people based on beauty, value and love but her Dragon’s Tail was really dragging her down into the nightmare of anorexia nervosa by some invisible force because In the case of medicine, Virgo rules the planet of Mercury rules nervous system, intestines and stomach.

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