Why am I here on Earth for?


Why am I here on Earth?

You chose to come here. You decide to come here. No accident for you to be here. I can only suggest you to learn about God’s celestial divinity – above the stars- light / stars / signs / astrology. Your soul purpose- Who am I? Where should I go? Who to trust? Discover your celestial identity is always the best to start within you. Why? because the truth is not to be found in your limited, mundane world, but outside of oneself reaching to the Light of the Universe – building cosmic conscious  every day. That’s your cosmic journey and as always start with self-analysis on yourself. Be curious, be critical, keep an open mind and don’t let your induced religious fear to stop you from gaining the knowledge of the divine stars.  Simply ‘ask, and you shall receive” for a better understanding of God’s celestial manifestation.
Looking down will not bring the answer, they are so desperately looking for. It is above and in the Universal Mind that one will find the golden keys to what it means to be human.
For those born on the cusp of any zodiac sign, simply refer the month of your birth, which reflects the exact constellation of your nativity.  that’s how you stay connected to your destiny, your mission and your soul purpose in your life, by setting the goals, using the skills, taking the risks, exploring the wonders of the world going on. Every human has a purpose on Earth, you just have to be willing to expand your new cosmic conscious and find that purpose by according the cosmic codes (God’s true church/home).
This is what I will answer for you, there won’t be nothing I will not discuss or teach you!
For example, I was born in February, under the constellation of Aquarius with Sun in Pisces, Aquarius as 1st house. Uranus (God of Sky) in Greek mythology which rules Aquarius.  The advanced Aquarius soul is always for the future, in time and space, and reincarnated to advance the human spirit.
 Pisces – 2nd house of self esteem / investments – Using my self esteem is to provide the  spiritual help and  Pisces rules subconscious and psychic work, and the arts.
 Aries – 3rd house of thinking processing and communication.  Very competitive and impatient Aries. Note that Aries rules competition and innovation. Aquarius is extremely spiritual, independent and aggressive intellectually, so it manifests a thinking process in a high-speed as fast as a lightning.
 Taurus – 4th house of home area. Taurus rules solidity, wealth and arts where the power and wealth must be expressed. I enjoyed rest and things to have at home.
 Gemini – 5th house of creativity, love, romance and children.  will attract foreigners, strive for knowledge and wisdom and become a speaker and writer. With my natal Jupiter (lucky) in Gemini (New endeavors with New Age matters, Astrology, self discovery, enterprise). Come visit my newsletters / articles / updates news in this website. Gemini rules new Information Age, communication and writing. My best gift is getting insights of the future, that ruled by (Uranus).
Cancer – 6th house of health and work. very sensitive and responsible soul. Cancer rules food, hotels, restaurants. I used to work for National Children’s Center in Washington, D.C and I worked with 10 clients (intellectually disabled) at two large houses for three years. Very interesting experience.
 Leo – 7th house of partnership area, Become a shining Leo. Leo is a fire oriented sign. This solar rules fame, the stage, children, light, the arts and all the means life itself.  Attract to type of unique partners with special gifts or spiritual talents. I am now with my girlfriend, Carla Mystic, who is also born with Aquarius/Leo Dragon axis is an attraction to each other for this specific karma reason.
 Virgo – 8th house of life and death, metaphysical, including Indian past life. Virgo is a sign of health and will always be interested  in the after-life and affairs of the dead. This house also deals with legacy and Virgo is very conscious of what will happen to his family or the children of the world after his demise. With natal Moon in Virgo rules discipline, service and perfection. Much work will be done making sure my valuable possession are shared equally for the humankind.
Libra – 9th house of religion, traveling, learning, teaching, publishing and relationship with foreigners. Libra rules the law, psychology and the more advance science of Astro psychology. This is why I’m here to teach/share with my students about the light of science and taught in several cities and, via the Internet, students from the world (included Italy /switzerland / Finland / Canada)
 Scorpio – 10th house of accomplishments, career and public standing. “The Lord of Hades” in Greek mythology, that rules Scorpio. My strength is exploration, investigation, power metaphysics, the medical field, high science and corporate money. In Astrology, I know all about your mind, body and soul.  Scorpio rules police. I’m basically a cosmic cop with Astrology, detecting, exposing, empowering with the stars and fates in solution.
 Sagittarius – 11th house of friends and wishes. This house Aquarius becomes a spiritual Sagittarius. Jupiter of “The Lord of Luck” in Greek mythology rules the signs of Sagittarius. I won’t be short of friends around the world. Aquarius loves to communicate via Skype/social media networking with friends who are nearby and faraway. Sagittarius rules  publishing, teaching and traveling. My strong wish is for education and writing about Astrology.
 Capricorn – 12th house of subconscious, fear and hidden enemies. Capricorn rules Uncle Sam, Government and Political statue. My subconscious – When political statue have no clue about the stars, a major of unconscious human repeats their cosmic expression, no wonder, no one understands or agrees with anyone BUT yourself following to a limited 5 senses by politics, conspiracy or religious nonsense. My subconscious tells me in need to improve the purpose of the mankind and the children of the future.
The truth is not to be found inside your limited world, but outside of oneself reaching to the Light – building cosmic conscious every day to understand what is around you and within you. Time to expose and accept the truth about the cosmic stars. That leads to self-acceptance and self-love to know who you are as your own. Yes, you come from the Universe with soul purpose. you are a child of this Universe. Knowledge is power..then don’t feed evil.. just feed the light to shine your soul.
To live the life you were given to the fullest and discover more interesting, unusual or phenomenal experience than to follow the fanatic religious leaders like David Koresh, Rev. Jones and Osama Bin Laden, those deceived souls dying in the name of ignorance and religious convictions. This is a religious madness that will never stop unless you stop feeding the evil. Yes, That’s what happened in this American society.
“Who am I? Where should I go? Who to trust?” Another Lost soul!
“Who am I? Where should I go? Who to trust?” another Lost soul!
“Who am I? Where should I go? Who to trust?” another Lost soul?

Mom Allegedly Tries To Drown Son In Puddle Because Jesus Told Her To

“Who am I? Where should i go? Who to trust?” another Lost soul!

Man Allegedly Stabs Grandma, Blames Archangel Michael

“Who am I? Where should I go? Who to trust?” another Lost soul!

Nurse Thinks Grandmother Was Possessed by a demon, Beats Her To Death: Cops

Who am i? Where should i go? Who to trust? another Lost soul!

Suspect: “Jesus And Mary Told Me To Kill Him Because He Is Satan’s Spawn!”

Who am i? Where should i go? Who to trust? another Lost soul?


Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  – Albert Einstein

The cosmic spiritual education for God’s celestial divinity is the most important matter done on earth. It is easier to build strong children with valuable spiritual knowledge within home-BL

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