Brangelina Divorce : How Universal Dragon Brought Them Together (and Tore Them Apart)

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Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt

There are several cosmic reason why Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from husband of two years (and partner for 12-plus years)

We have twelve months, reflecting the 12 hours of the day, the 12 months of the year, the 12 sins, the 12 virtues. This cycle takes place every 7 and 12 years relationship suffered a devastating divorce.

On September 9, 2016, Universal Dragon made its once-every-12-years, transit into 5th house of love, romantic and children.

Starting in 2005 Universal Dragon Aries/Libra axis enter their 5th House of love and romance and children, Pitt’s relationship with Angelina Jolie became one of the most reported celebrity stories worldwide. In July 2005, Pitt accompanied Jolie to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where she adopted her second child, Zahara Marley.

ending an old life – and beginning a new pattern – astrological / dragon cycle.

Ending of 2017 Universal Dragon Aquarius/Leo enter their 5th House of love and romance and children, Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from husband but ACTUALLY ending of 2016 Universal Dragon Pisces/Virgo axis, Jolie became ‘fed up’ with Pitt’s consumption of ‘weed and possibly alcohol’ mixed with his ‘anger problem’. Pisces rules illegal/legal drug and alcohol.

Currently 2016 Universal Dragon Pisces/Virgo axis enter Jolie’s 4th house area is to be expected. She will be forced to move to a different location – sell or buy a new home. UPDATED! Angelina Jolie is ‘to move to England in order to become peer in House of Lords’. The 4th house of home is on as axis with the 10th house of career (the exact opposite house) which it mean her career area has promoted Pisces’s public standing and offered great opportunities to full-time work to traveling the globe for her humanitarian work.

Angelina will soon have a new love affair, since Dragon enter in her fifth house of romance for Next Shift of 2017 Universal Dragon Aquarius/Leo axis till Nov 2018, it will sharp new flame in her 5th house of love and romantic after divorce his third husband, Brad Pitt.

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Both experiencing drastic changes blame it all on the TAIL Dragon and Astro-psychology is a much safer, cheaper and accurate way to understand this negative cosmic – any difficult or perplexing situation or problem / situation that requires a choice between options that are or seem equally unfavorable or unsatisfactory instead of ingesting dangerous anti-depressants which will never fix you permanently.

Angelina Jolie (Born June 4, 1975) and Brad Pitt (Born December 18, 1963)

Where is true and productive Cosmic, educational, spiritual reality shows that glorify God’s Universal Divinity and offer answers how to find your Soul Match and Cosmic Love, does not appeal to any of today’s Hollywood producers….

This material will allow you to uncover the secrets of the Universal Mind and know all you need to know about anyone born in June and December.


Love and Relationship Astrological Compatibility between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

On the 7th House of Marriage and Business Partnerships, souls born in June will attract those born in December, or foreigners. That’s how Jolie had fallen in love with Pitt (born in December) during filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005). Gemini and Sagittarius will have a strong attraction factor and will be great friends. Both love change and embrace it with open arms.

What’s benefit for Jolie to stay more a longer in marriage, Jolie born with Head of the Dragon in Sagittarius conjunct (new flame / strong bond ) Sun sign in Sagittarius (Former Husband Pitt).

1. Both been fighting due to issues over Jolie’s alleged “insane jealousy.” In May, Radar Online ran a headline that Pitt was “caught kissing” actress Lizzy Caplan on the set of their latest film, Allied.

I found Pitt born with Neptune (legal/illegal drugs/ alcohol / secret / deception) in Scorpio (secret / sex) in 12th house of subconscious.

Jolie born with Pluto (power) in Libra (relationship / marriage) in 5th house (love / romantic / children) Pluto is a force for change that can be destructive in its power. Pluto rules Scorpio. She demand the relationship in good manner.

Jolie born with Moon (emotion response / lunatic) conjunct Mars (aggressive) in Aries (anger /outrage) against him. That’s something Pitt can’t stand her. He want her to be adult. Aries rules impulsive and impatience.

2. Angelina Jolie ‘extremely upset over Brad Pitt’s strict parenting skills’. She born with Saturn (fear / insecurity) in Cancer (family/ home). She has become increasingly worried about the actor’s strict parenting skills / style. The move came after sources close to the actress claimed she had been left furious by the way “Brad was parenting the children,” adding “she was extremely upset with his methods.”

Angelina became “fed up” with Brad’s consumption of marijuana and possibly alcohol, and that she believes he also has “an anger problem” that has become dangerous for the children.

On the negative aspect, as Sagittarius rules the codification of thoughts, books and traditional religious education Pitt (born in December) had spoken about the different styles of parenting adopted by the couple saying he was heavily influenced by his “strict” childhood. The star, who was raised in a Southern Baptist household described his father as “very, very tough” and that he and his siblings were raised “with all the Christian guilt about what you should and shouldn’t do.”

3. Pitt born with Dragon Tail in Capricorn (Head of Evil/the manipulator) right in his second house of money and self esteem. He must realize the problem is all about his money and ego! Saturn rules mathematics, arithmetics and logic, This is indeed the worse place for cold and practical Saturn to be freezing the soul to evolve while inducing serious depressions.

Capricorn is an Earth sign that rules structure and tradition. Banks, corporations, government, ARCHITECTURE and tradition all fall under Capricorn’s reign.

Pitt, who dabbles in architecture — he designed more than 100 homes in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina — had also signed papers to start work on a $1.5 billion resort project in Croatia. ‘He’s a huge part of the planning. He can’t wait to get started,’ said the friend.

The Croatia project allowed him to meet some of the world’s leading architects and learn from them, said the friend. Pitt traveled to Zablace on the Dalmatian coast earlier this month.

He should focus on his family first than spend on his money on Architecture in Croatia (Capricorn represents the climb to the top of the mountain.) Pitt born with HEAD (positive / growth) of the Dragon in Cancer (family / home)

4. The older she gets, the more serious she becomes, and she is sick of the Hollywood thing. Jolie has increasingly wanted to quit Hollywood in favor of devoting herself full-time to traveling the globe for her humanitarian work, while Pitt prefers stay in Hollywood and parties.

Gemini, House Number 10 – the area of career and of public standing for those born in June. Pisces also rules the medical field and many of those born in June have a serious commitment to heal others and many become nurses. Sometimes the desire to provide for others is so strong that many work in raising money or participate in volunteer work in civilian hospital (Pisces rules hospitals)

Pitt is Sagittarius Sun. Sagittarius’ symbol is half man and half horse. The horse simply represents the constant desire to travel the world. BUT, yet, he has a stellium in Capricorn (Mercury, Moon, Venus, Mars) make him an extremely down-to-earth person and rather to be continuing to make movies in Hollywood. She doesn’t. Brads got a lot of grounding elements with Capricorn placements where relationships are concerned. It’s a fundamental difference..

irreconcilable differences but Will Brangelina reconcile? The Dragon say they could…but the human will (or the part of God in all of us) is much stronger than the stars! He will must be used correctly in promoting faith and positivity. Pitt born with HEAD (positive / growth) of the Dragon in Cancer (family / home) touch Jolie’s Venus (love) in Cancer (security / family). Emotional and sensitive, this sign is responsible and protective for the security of the family circle. He could save his marriage.


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