Capital Gazette shooting

Image result for Annapolis attack: Deadliest day for journalismAnnapolis attack: Deadliest day for journalism in US since 9/11

“What happened here was very calculated,” Capital Gazette reporter Selene San Felice said on “Anderson Cooper 360.” She was in the newsroom when the shots rang out. “I think this person was going after editors,” she said.

This is a seriously consequences of misusing the Super conscious force that lead to destructive forces at work, clearly, we’re approach in the processing of New shift Negative Tail of the Dragon in Capricorn because Capricorn rules career, reputation, status, political, government that affect a cold extremes calculated/reptilius infected goes after editor (or political preference).

Technically, Trump killed 5 journalists is based on his history of encouraging violence that how our own President is reptilius infected who lead Jarrod Ramos rejoice infected souls turn to against them.

His subconsciously feeding EVIL lead his idiosyncrasies to the public he know nothing about himself and cosmic God.

His subconsciously feeding evil is not way to enlightened direction but achieve a dark vision of the past and the future which it mean your children (or your son, Jarrod Ramos) living in a corrupted system manipulated by the reptilius infected.

Everyone should be important enough to start re-learning about God’s cosmic will and free themselves from forces they know nothing about.

Trump and Jarrod Ramos both seem in very common prejudice in media. Trump attacking the press in past speeches and rallies, including calling media “fake news and now Trump tones down attacks on media after shooting.

Trump born in June. Jarrod Ramos born in December, clearly, Polar opposites Gemini and Sagittarius have just the same cosmic vibe speed and both same share their mutable.

Sagittarius is attracted to Gemini’s outgoing personality and what’s more Trump born with Negative Tail of the Dragon in Sagittarius Blunt speech. Jarrod’s admired his courage against media. There is no accident for his subconsciously attract Trump’s approach.

The suspect was identified as Jarrod Ramos, born Dec. 21, 1979, according to three senior law enforcement. What happened to him? Filed a defamation lawsuit against the paper in 2012; he lost in the court.

The reason why he want to remove his name in newspapers that exposed his criminal action because He have FOUR planets in Virgo in 10th house of reputation/ status / public life which it mean Virgo (puritanical/ critical / complaints /cold extremes calculated ) desire towards his personal cleanliness and the cleanliness his reputation.

While opposite sign of Tail of the Dragon in Pisces always very secret, private, shy, complaints rather not exposed in public life through newspapers. Pisces is representative of the illusions and false beliefs he follow Trump’s blunt speech against Media.

That’s how it triggered him…but What’s behind the anger triggered at the moment?

Currently Mars (angry/ temper/ red planet) is transiting of Aquarius (shocking) enters his 3rd house of mind/ communication. Mental stress is to be experienced from yesterday. He is strong advised to take time off work especially if his strong Mercurial karmic (communication/ transportation/ speaking) resides his natal chart.


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