Scorpius Dragon news

99.09% of the unconsciousness sportswriters have no clue what had happened after an increased bad behavior in the fans, attacking on the players. The Dutch Teen soccer players are charged for a deadly beating on a referee. All the while, in this current transiting of a Scorpius Dragon that rules the criminal activities/criminal minds/sweet revenges.

Note this, in the generation Pluto in Scorpio (1983/4 to 1995)- who were born under Pluto in Scorpio, contain very strong plutonic energies such as intense emotions/criminals/sex activities/secrets/fearless, while the older generation of Pluto in Libra (1972-1983), had more guts/gangs/group relationships against the another. Now you see, this is not a new ‘dark age’ for English football with that violent behavior- nor a ‘new dawn’, Who cares? Football is just a plain boring game that lacks of intellectual knowledge to use, and not even a newsworthy. Its more of an outlet emotion in thrill as an entertainment.
Only cosmic circumstance is not yet understood that needs some serious reformed spiritual educational values in England, otherwise, in the future, that would make it all worse in this country ruled under the Queen of England, since after the death of a nurse for the young royal couple, which is a very serious negative prophetic sign in the situation to come its way to UK.

(CNN) — Racist abuse, fan violence, attacks on players — on the face of it, English football seems to be experiencing a return to the dark days that led to its clubs being banned from Europe in the 1980s.

Truly, the word of a racism itself has been a calling card to get pity being victimized and recorded, that doesn’t mean anything to any human anymore. It’s all the stars, but the consciousness knowledge is missing in sportswriters and broadcasters’ heads.

(CNN) — Members of Ukraine’s newly elected parliament came to blows Wednesday amid accusations of changing political views, and the mayhem prevented the election of a new prime minister and speaker.

When Adolf Hitler was being elected for Germany, an extremely deathly mistake to make a vote  by the gullible voters due to lack of God’s celestial guidance to identify his cosmic fate from his natal chart. So, anyone can use the those astrological signs to avoid any dangerous mistakes. In the future, Elected future President’s cosmic fate is a must to identify for anyone to know what is in universal natal chart with his/her motivation, intention, and action to recognize. If you don’t, then his/her fate could become your life as destructive and so is the rest of the people by its impacts.

For many centuries now, Astrology has been removed by the societies and religions, like I have mentioned…God’s Celestial stars have all the answers, so we can develop to use our cosmic language knowledge as a tool to have a better understanding from the present, past and future for everyone to access to read easily to choose for the better results. These children do not have to die at risk. Worse, ALL unconsciousness egoistic in political leaders walking around on Earth are totally deaf while God’s Celestial speaks through them in daily life while the politics, police, and borderlines that were created by men as a result of the fighting to have the power or the fate of dysfunctional political could process further with useless violence in Ukraine.

Atheist/agnostic/skeptics/religious deceptive archaic teachings don’t understand how important God’s celestial has power through the stars upon each and every human being under the stars.

You have to remember that there’s a saying, you can lead a horse to a barrel of *Cosmic water or turn away. You can give someone the opportunity to learn or do something, but will you drink it? The choice is yours. Universe Bottle pours a cup of divine water to give the celestial cosmic answers.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.”

~Albert Einstein

In the wake of President Obama’s re-election

First of all.. Congratulations to president Obama for re-elected as a president. Feeling surprised or shocked and other words for, emotional disturbance during Moon(emotion response) in Leo(Surprised King Obama) and not only that also surprised/shocked of Mitt Romney’s fan and followers who got upset and disappointment. Obviously, pretty depressed about it.

This is EXACT the same energy of “shocked/surprised news” by TODAY due to **2 states legalize pot and **large earthquake (CNN) — A 7.4-magnitude earthquake hit Wednesday off the coast of Guatemala, near its border with Mexico, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Keep in mind, I’m not here to support President Obama or Mitt Romney. I’m here to translate the star’s will and combines both universal natal chart only. I guess my prediction is wrong and I’m pretty sure that election are totally slippery due to mercury retrograde cause the people change mind to vote president Obama. Mercury rules mind/communication/thinking if you add “retrograde” here. you will have to go backward motion from four years ago when President Obama was in white house.

Note Mexico’s heavy dependency on foreign influence that can have more money from wealthy tax and Lots of people depending on everyone’s paycheck due to Obama’s Aquarius humanitarian Tail of the Dragon and allow the illegal immigrants come from Latin America into Wealth humanitarian here that seem not favor upon Mitt Romney’s Sagittarius foreign affairs Tail of the Dragon here But Aquarius humanitarian in Negative area can attract to wrong people/friend/foreign affairs where it can harmful unless watch the moon first. I doubt President Obama’s awareness with daily moon schedule and universal transiting above the stars.

And also I said before If President Barack Obama wins re-election, it must be steal/slippery/misjudgment/retrograde the election and Obama will be assassinated or shocking deadly or anything happen to him during Scorpius Dragon(wake up/death/police/secret). Because President Barack Obama has same share the fate of Princess Diana(shocking deadly), Martin Luther King, Jr(shocking deadly) and Steve Irwin “The Crocodile Hunter”(shocking deadly).

Changing faces of American *Aquarius Movement processing is quite fast and furious and in the case you don’t realized that. We won marriage equality in Maine, Maryland and Washington. And Minnesota rejected a proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage! Tammy Baldwin made history Tuesday night**twice. She became the first openly gay politician, and first Wisconsin woman, elected to the U.S. Senate. Marijuana legalization passes in Colorado, Washington that meaning I predict this will change or make different the tax base of these states. They will see a reduction in criminal activity as well as pay less for jails, and courts. For those that do not know, Puerto Rico have voted to become 51st state. So now, Congress will have to approve it and President Obama to support it before it will then become official as 51st State.

Universe Life is a totally constant process of changes and totally transformation experience from last night/today and now from on.

Gillard: Australia must embrace ‘Asian Century’

We’re moving into the Age of Aquarius that need to remove myself from the old ‘Neptunian political thinkers’ and embrace the new ‘Aquarius political thinkers.’ Aquarius rules social and political engineering, such as free from discrimination because of race, creed, color, national origin, genders etc. Prime Minister Juila Gillard’s goals are that every child learn an Asian language, in particular Mandarin, Japanese, Indonesian, and that they leave school having studied Asian culture by 2025. Of course, Japan rules Aquarius/Uranus, the planet that rules advanced technology, electronics etc.

(CNN) — Every Australian child should learn Mandarin, Hindi or other regional language as the nation’s future is tied to the rise of the “Asian Century,” Prime Minister Julia Gillard said in a policy speech on Sunday.

We long saw Asia as a threat to all this- racially, militarily, and economically. Indeed this was precisely the moral paradox of the working man’s paradise. A hundred years ago, high wages meant white man’s wages. No more,” she said. Prime Minister Juila Gillard’ born with Sun in Libra manifestly concerned with the mental or social world and the harmony with ‘Asian Century” because Libra rules politics/law/partners and also born with Dragon Head(positive) in Leo(children/love/fame/light) will positively affect a multitude of children to require every student to study an Asian language and drive educational and investment reforms. New Aquarius will have to have a brotherhood to survival for economic purpose of future of children.

(CNN) — More than 20,000 people have been displaced by fighting between Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims in western Myanmar that saw Islamic organizations canceling the religious holiday of Eid al-Adha, a U.N. official said Sunday.

There are many serious problems in Asia where Muslims are forced to follow the religious and the more I see of Jews people the more are enemies of the believers, and they cannot approve of Muslims as the biggest threat to everywhere that kind of thing is really increasingly dangerous religious poisoning of the world and Sad enough, their religions continue battling each other’s “mastery of the seas” or supreme power such as Neptunian poison where spread toxins and poisons into your mind and body. When the transformation and power of Pluto enters in Aquarius in 2023, it will force to transform the power of thought, breakthrough such as social and political engineering for a better humanitarian future. I’m not surprised the future of children will work with Asian countries through education, social and career that is under Uranus’s command.

London (CNN) — Pakistani police are searching for two youths suspected of shooting a teenage activist for girls’ education and the man they believe drove them to the scene, the country’s interior minister said Sunday.

This is good example for who believes in the equality of all people and deserves to have the same quality education. Wherever Uranus resides by house and sign in your chart, that area is manifestly humanitarian concerns. The 15-year-old Malala initially gained international attention in 2009, writing a blog about her life as the Taliban gained a foothold in her home region. With her power of mind/communication, Mercury in proud Leo make her gain confidence in her and intelligence Uranus and the greater benefic Jupiter in humanitarian Aquarius is manifestly promoting by belief in equal political, social, and civil rights for all Pakistani people.