Criminals of Organized Religion

Dragon Scorpius is stingy speaking out and demanding the removal of the priests, bishops, and other hidden workers for them. The Church is trying to hush it up, but it is becoming more and more public. You can not have never ever covered up any thing. With the help of Dragon Scorpius doing its job busting around in this time frame. This Scorpius is currently in transit to expose/target on hidden, dark secrets that everything must get out. This is the Scorpio we’re talking about since August 2012. scorpio sign rules sex/cops/Fbi/secret/financial/scandal and such like that.

Since the signs and symbols that rule the world(Scandal in the Vatican). Not the word nor the law. This is good example of UNCONSCIOUS priests, bishops and Pope Benedict XVI where it is spoken through the stars to expose the news.

Rome, Italy (CNN) — Scotland’s Roman Catholic archbishop, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, has resigned amid allegations that he abused four men studying to be priests in the 1980s.

In history, The synagogue church of Plutonic is the biggest child sacrifice and molestation place. It is not new,latest crime, it has been going on ever since catholic churches were founded through the Roman Empire cultural custom ways to pass on, hundreds of years. Historically, the roman empire invaded the foreign lands, were far large by numbers in the ancient years, the churches became out of control with more power and control over the illiterate public, many children were vanished and kidnapped. It goes on and on. so until to this day, many victims decided to get even through the deception against the Catholic Church. At last, with this Scorpius energy is stinging to corrupt that powerful system with these hidden abusive dark secrets.

The treaty, which became effective on 7 June 1929, established the independent state of Vatican City and reaffirmed the special status of Catholicism in Italy.

Sun in Gemini, Moon(emotion) in Gemini and Mercury(mind) in Gemini found in the stars in the fate of the independent state of Vatican City and catholic church that has always been automated by communication, newsletters, writing, transportation, news media, agents, stories and traveling to deliver the gospels all over the world to keep the power ongoing, but on the negative side, gay-bashing closet cases, sociopaths, pedophiles, thieves, con-artists, and a variety of other hypocrites and criminals.

Jupiter in Taurus, Venus in Taurus and Dragon Head(lucky/growth) in Taurus (wealthy) with an international criminal organization whose mission is to rob the gullible public to take over the Europe Romania Vatican real estate, homes and condos for sale or rent where Vatican Properties rules everything with religion, publishing and higher education that goes through the Vatican Bank into Switzerland.

Mars in Leo, Neptune in Leo is reflected to the Pope as the leader of Vatican City, an independent (though very small) nation as a sunshine and famous where some unconscious lunatics worship and go after the Pope, treat him as “God” as an inspiring man to bless the whole mass of the people to have not one, but many of the finest pastors. Note this, Leo rules powerful sun with strong egotistical and authoritative nature of religious(Neptune)

Dragon Tail in Scorpio in 6th house of health and service where corruption and pedophilia are the real reasons why this pope is stepping down. his other reasons are all lies, but not only that, also produced the Vatican Mafia in action, Vatican bank, a secretive financial institution that will lost money that goes to victims of childhood sexual abuse.

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