Deceptively Educational on the ground (Earth)

Last night Moon in Pisces rules all chemicals (alcohol, all medical prescriptions, all illegal drugs) and religious poisoning so what happen last night at Turner Field during Yankees-Braves, police say…..

Atlanta Braves fan dies after falling from upper deck at Turner Field

The fatal fall was about 85 feet. According to a witness, Murrey fell from the second row and was, “acting belligerently drunk all game.” When Rodriguez came to the plate, he arose suddenly to yell something and then slipped and fell over the guardrail.

Last night FULL moon really trigger strange behavior as result falling at baseball. I am as mad and upset as can be because Gregory DID NOT HAVE TO DIE unless he really pay attention or acknowledge his star control and Moon Power. I don’t have his full dob yet but

I’m sure wherever Pisces resides in his natal chart that need analyzed himself before go the game. Are you next victim? or You think you never find yourself at the wrong time at the wrong place or get into a situation you think, you could never have escaped from the

death? No, you’re wrong! Sport Fans are ALL been misguided, misinformed by others religiously, atheist, skeptics poisoned souls, which in the end produce deadly results! If you born in March / September, Rising Pisces, Moon in Pisces or wherever resides in your

natal chart, it will touch you in personally and universally “cosmic wind” will support or against you in many ways for good example- STEVE SARKISIAN GOES ON DRUNKEN RANT, DROPS F-BOMB (VIDEO) Stephen Ambrose Sarkisian (born March 8, 1974) Yes, He is Pisces but Like all, rich,

famous and cosmic unconscious celebrities, Steve Sarkisian have no clue what “deceptive cosmic wind” happened to him. If Steve asked for astrological reading, i will tell him…avoid alcohol/drugs because Pisces Dragon will enter you life. But not happened to

him because  very dry mentally science people and/or Religion poisoning failed teach the children about his relationship with universal. USC Coach Steve Sarkisian said he mixed alcohol and medication, will seek treatment THEN NOW Alcohol banned from USC football coaches’ locker room.

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