Emmanuel Macron Be The Next President Of France?

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Independent Emmanuel Macron is likely to be next President of France. Sagittarius rules philosophical values, expansion, protection, foreigners like Jews, Muslim or others.

Independent Emmanuel Macron born December 21 1977 – ongoing 2016/2017 Universal Dragon Pisces/Virgo axis enter 4th house of home and 10th house of career which he could win French presidential election however the dragon will move to Aquarius/Leo axis that will be difference next month. There are more explain for each planet and universal transit for now …Please stand by…

Sun 29Sag31 (1) The soul’s purpose is on his 1st house (using himself) and to aim philosophical values, expansion, protection, foreigners, publishing, promoting, foreign lands will always bring him good fortune to protest the foreigners like Jews, Muslim or others. These aren’t easy times for Jews or Muslims in France for Le Pen.

Moon 15Tau39 (6) (Health/work) Both Ex-President Obama and Ex-President Clinton was born with his moon (infrastructure of the country/families/security/food/real estate) into the sign of Taurus (wealth / solidity / security). Under his jurisdiction as President, France/America benefited and experienced a serious financial growth and more security Taurus rules the 2nd house of money and Switzerland (where all banks are located!) however he will work and service what


Mercury 29Sag43 (1) detriment
Venus 21Sag55 (1)
Mars 11Leo07 (9)
Jupiter 01Can17 (8) exalted
Saturn 00Vir29 (10)
Uranus 14Sco50 (12) exalted
Neptune 16Sag22 (1)
Pluto 16Lib28 (11) detriment (modern)
Ascendant 29Pis56 (4)
Midheaven 29Sag57 (1)
MNNode 11Lib07 (11)
MSNode 11Ari07 (5)
BlackMoon 27Gem00 (7)

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