Extroversion or Introversion in Cosmic Social Science

Extroversion or Introversion in Cosmic Social Science

Are you an extrovert or introvert? Extroverts and introverts have a variety of behavioral differences found in their Natal Charts that consists of “blueprint” cosmic dimension of a human personality. Please don’t decide that someone who is an ‘introvert’ by only one planet sign or a sun sign. You are a reflection of some signs within the zodiac where it must interpret correctly with cosmic identities to indicate. For example, Angela Merkel born on 17 July 1954(Germany’s first female chancellor and a pivotal figure in the European Union), the grounded German introvert. Note She is a Cancer and held in reserve; kept back or set aside. Her introversion character could be found in (Sun / Uranus / Jupiter / Mercury in Cancer) in one area (house) of life, in the 1st house of self, while the opposite of its direction from the line to Dragon Head in Capricorn in 7th house that becomes a public standing and career. She’s willing to work hard with determination to succeed, yet she is cautious, responsible and always play fair. With her warrior and aggressive planet Mars in a fire sign Sagittarius in the 6th house of work and service to the world. Sagittarius rules religion, law and order, justice, the court system, morality, higher education that where she seeks the truth in all circumstances. Sagittarius rules fire signs. That’s why She got involved in the growing democracy movement after the fall of the Berlin Wall, joining the new party Democratic Awakening. Angela Merkel would likely to be very passive in his career, but strongly motivated by emotional manipulation often happened with her career and work arena.  She could be much more private, however, while working in groups, the people under her would get the benefits as she could show more of her extroverted side and get socially involved while gathering with people. She is proud with her status, also likes to be on public standing for the people.

Heidi Klum- born June 1, 1973 and Johnny Depp- June 9, 1963







Geminis are all about transportation and communication, is also a dominant extroverted Air sign.  What is the difference between the introversion/extroversion?  Here’s an example of two Geminis: Heidi Klum is bubbly, always talking quickly with a really high-pitched voice. Johnny Depp is a Gemini as well, but he doesn’t talk that much at all! If he isn’t acting, he’s usually a bit of a resistant talker and doesn’t seem to enjoy himself that much at the public events. Astrologically, you have to look at natal chart when determining whether or why someone is an introvert or an extrovert is the dominant polarity of the signs your planets are in.

Extroverted Signs = Positive
All signs of the fiery element and the air element.
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Introverted Signs = Negative
All signs of the earth element and the water element.
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

As for two Gemini examples: Heidi’s dominant signs are Gemini and Leo, both of Extroverted Signs. Johnny’s dominant signs, on the other hand, are Taurus and Virgo, both Introverted Signs

Susan Cain: Many of the world’s great advances have been made by introverts. Susan Cain is the author of “Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking.”


She knows nothing about Universal Cosmic Social Science which speaks through the stars as the signs. She is rationally speaking her opinion and perception based on her experience instead of not knowing or acknowledge much about divine cosmic celestial family that we (humanity) are cosmically difference between extraversion and introversion in the first place. Note, She is an author of a book called the ‘Power of Introverts’ which argues that the modern Western culture misunderstands with ignorance about the traits and capabilities of introverted people. Yes, She is very correct about world’s great advance technology that created by the introverts, but the problem is that her book is lacking of spiritual education which means she hasn’t experienced in exploring with the 12 zodiac of signs like I do practice everyday. She is an great example for Western culture, yet she is still clueless there are more depth than that. She pretended to discover the answer, knowing it all, still she has not achieved to that point in depth especially with the secret of 12 zodiac signs. Note, the Internet was invented by Uranuian introverts for the Planet Uranus(innovation/technology/discovery) while Mercurial Extroverts prefer to be in person to person meetings. I can use Steve jobs as good example to identify, and I will explain bit later.

Note, the words of astronomy and astrology have recognizably different meanings in the modern science. Astronomy is the scientific study of the physical universe, astrology is more related with the psychic universe or stars divination, the split between the two is a feature of the modern science. In sad fact, many scientists don’t practice with science of the light or stars divination on what they preach. There is no excuse for failing to learn a new cosmic language or God’s celestial language, yet keep coming up with many great excuses. What’s worse is the idea of what we’re going to colonize the space is laughable. It would be a thousand times easier for us to be interested/committed in working with parents and teachers of extroverted/introverted kids and to re-shape the workplace, education and geopolitical in the areas of Earth than it would be to colonize Venus, Mars, the Moon, or any other environment outside of our atmosphere. I can see or sense the universal or united of all things or human nature through cosmic stars. Where is insatiably curious about human nature? Only few rare advanced scientists or advanced souls who can translate correctly as the ‘cause’, ‘belief’, ‘action’, ‘fact’, ‘event’, of the stars, so in this physical world, their meanings are overlapped or a total lack of organization or order.

(CNN) — The theory of evolution. The theory of relativity. The Cat in the Hat. All were brought to you by introverts. Our culture is biased against quiet and reserved people, but introverts are responsible for some of humanity’s greatest achievements — from Steve Wozniak’s invention of the Apple computer to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. And these introverts did what they did not in spite of their temperaments — but because of them.

Stephen Gary “Steve” Wozniak (born on August 11, 1950), known as “Woz”, is an American inventor, electronics engineer, and computer programmer who co-founded Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.) with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne. Wozniak single-handedly designed both the Apple I and Apple II computers in the late 1970s. These computers contributed significantly to the microcomputer revolution.

Sun in Leo, He is naturally bright shine, self-confident, kind-hearted and strong-willed. With the planet Venus, Moon and Uranus in domestic, introverts sign of Cancer where he can stay at home and work on the computer program and as an engineer.

His Mercury(mental processing) in Virgo makes him concerned of details with perfectionism, numbers and reasons. He has seriously critical mind and do well with the computers or typewriters with every little details of moving parts, speech such as computer programmers.

Joanne “Jo” Rowling, (born 31 July 1965), pen names J. K. Rowling and Robert Galbraith, is a British novelist, best known as the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series.

Sun in Leo, She is naturally creative and self-confident, With five planets in domestic, introverts sign of Virgo in 3rd house of thinking, writing, communicating and stories plus the planet Jupiter(publishing the books) conjunct Dragon Head(lucky/growth) in Gemini, of course, thinking, writing, communicating and stories, but the planet Saturn is seem part of her dominant planet because of her serious concentration on her work.

Extroverts and introverts have a variety of behavioral differences found in their Natal Charts that consists of “blueprint” cosmic dimension of a human personality.

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