FEBRUARY 25 to 29 Moon Guidance and Forecast

SAT, SUN, MON, TUE, WED – FEBRUARY 25, 26, 27, 28, 29
RULERS- Pisces (hopes) and Aries (War/action)

This weekend will have good lucky during waxing moon but the aggressive of planet could upset your plans. Use your manner with others at work; Be smart and don’t let your boss act “automatically respond” under Mars’ impatience and aggressive. Think opportunities this weekend that when you will get it soon. Neptune may make you unclear for you to not concentrate these days. Try to be serious and more discipline in your endeavors, important Invite money into your life think and think about it. Keep communication with your coworker at work and watch the Moon. You should tell your partner about Moon Guide and explain what going on with the stars. Using your power of intuitive to solve the situation, but forget about complaining and Keep mind action is speaking loud than words. Be ware of the destruction of planet and be cool and clam down. During waxing moon, Neptune rules sleep and it’s possible for people have some problems sleeping. Playing with the children in nice way; Mars want to keep contiune them up late. Enjoy your love and delicious food with excellent service provided by family and friends who really care for you. Grab your spend time with the kids; teach them love and respect but Mars may make them play rough. Remember dangerous Mars dont care about us and with Neptune nearby, watch out for water damage or downing. Keep away from intense Marstain anywhere you go with lover; support, love and respect will take you miles. Use Neptune’s soft values to apologize to someone you deeply care for and control your imagination. Offer a present or some flowers; this always works.

Universal Travel and Communication: Be aware of your speedy nature. Mars don’t care about your affect to others. Be responsibilities on your own and watch out what you’re driving on the road. Others dangerous drivers may crash your truck. Don’t drink and driving, under Neptune’s Power.

18-wheeler flips on a Dallas freeway

Universe Precaution: You may see some Mars’ accident and Neptune’s blanking, expect sad news from religious, water and oil. Watch out for Mars’ destructive from outside and in the water.

Nations want ‘tsunami wave’ of pressure on al-Assad

Fire at Antarctica station kills 2 Brazilian sailors

Oil tank explosion causes huge fireball

Universal Personalities: Move on with your Life that will be always the process of change, and like many of us, famous figures must also accept the sad reality of death due to problem with alcohol.

Comedian Tom Arnold’s secret addiction

Former NBA player recounts struggle with drug addiction

Universal Precaution: No matter what happened on waxing positive Moon, because the power of Mars rules fires, destruction, violence, war and nature’s devastating forces at work are on the agenda. Watch out for Horrible weather including explosions, tornadoes or flooding may affect some of the states.

Official: Assailants attack buses in Pakistan, kill 18

Tanker truck explodes in fiery crash

Death of 10-year-old involved in school fight declared a homicide

Cops: Hubby killed wife with AK-47

North Korea: Ready to go to war with U.S., South Korea

Student shot at Ohio high school dies, police say

78-year-old shoots teen intruder

5.9-magnitude earthquake strikes southern Taiwan

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