Female kicker: ‘It’s not a gender issue’

Mo Isom did not make the LSU football team, but her pursuit to become the second female player in major college. “I’m just fearless,” she’s tells HLN’s Vinnie Politan. “I’m just a powerful female and I want to go give it a shot.” Of course, Sun(fame) and Pluto (power) in Scorpio(passion) making her passion and fearless to play for LSU Football. Three Planets Conjunct in Capricorn making her desires to achieve and accomplish. Note She born with Dragon Head/Tail’s Aquarius/Leo- she want to be famous or a leader. She is the one who try to breaks through the crust of a male dominated sport on her own merrit.

Mo Isom (born 10/25/1989)

Venus is the planet of devotion and it’s located in Sagittarius make her adventure, learning, and growth in sports where she need a sense of freedom. She want to make clear that “It’s not a gender issue”. She making a blog post about gender and masculinity issues in sport and she hope LSU decision to put her on the team is based on her skill, not her gender. Sagittarius rules wild horse which it’s mean she love travel, so running, jogging, hiking and try to new things, and new experience, getting out and experiencing something new- football.

Katie Hnida (born May 17, 1981)

Former Colorado and New Mexico kicker Katie Hnida is the only female to ever attempt a kick during a major college football game. Note she’s sharing the same fate Head/Tail’s Aquarius/Leo with Mo Lsom. Amazing. There are no accident!

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