Gemini Tornadoes In Nebraska and Updated Mercury Retrograde

Pilger, Nebraska (CNN) — Becky Hauf had always been told her little town of Pilger, Nebraska, would never see a tornado. Too close to the Elkhorn River, the folklore went. Instead, Pilger got two. At the same time.

Predication came to pass! or Perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it, and having seen it, to find one in himself; That’s what the Philosopher Plato said!

Gigantic twisters side by side  Gigantic twisters side by side – Chaser: Double tornado violent  Chaser: Double tornado violent

This is purpose to document with cosmic weather in astrology, in order to indicate the findings in currently universal natal charts such manifestation of duality natural phenomena produced are under the power of the Uranus(Moon in Aquarius)

June 14/15/16- Moon in Aquarius is phenomena witness come true.

The cosmic weather you see below is also produced by Mercury retrogrades and cosmic interpretation of applying to Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini rules duality create a double tornadoes that the stars has clearly spoken in front of your eyes. That’s why this is very important to keep track with cosmic weather with documents and specific date with cosmic signs. Gemini and Aquarius rules air elements, strong winds blowing, cold and wet. Air is often seen as an universal power as a dual tornadoes. Aquarius rules tornadoes and hurricanes with duality natural phenomena produced is clearly seen that followed by the symbols, signs, keywords of astrological energies, including specific dates.

So my question, How can atheist, agnostic and religious to follow up with the duality natural phenomena produced under the cosmic weather? Never. Ever. Atheist, Agnostic and Religious are constantly trolling each other to prove themselves below the powerful stars. Sad fact, they don’t really pay attention what’s around them spiritually with signs everywhere, what I have seen a cosmic phenomena witness come true with astrological knowledge. Many noncosmic consciousness people need some spiritual foods in order to embrace essence the stars in order to understand how cosmic has affected around the world including the people, the weather, the nature, the events, and so on.

Knowledge is a power while an ignorance fall for mishaps. Important warning is a must repetition to avoid being a victim.  Its’s all about power of cosmic consciousness to make life easier.

June 14/15/16- Moon in Aquarius

Civil War re-enactment cannon explosion sends children to the hospital– Explosion?  

IRS says it’s unable to recover subpoenaed Lerner e-mails in computer crash– Technology? 

Official: 49 die in downed Ukrainian military plane– Aeronautics?

Russian bombers fly near California–  Aeronautics?

‘Miracle’ pooch survives 15-story fall in Florida high-rise– Shocking?

Inside Virgin Galactic’s newest passenger spaceship– Aeronautics?

Quake hits Indian Ocean, Australia issues tsunami warning – The Times of India– Earthquake? 

JetBlue diverts flight to Detroit after passenger freaks out Aeronautics? 

Classy Move from Japanese Fans– Humanitarian?

Twins born 39 days apart– Weird?

Joke delays plane landing– Aeronautics? 

Tornadoes pummel Nebraska, one fatality reported amid damage– Tornadoes?

Photographer of 1965 Palm Sunday twin tornadoes recalls deadly day

On this day 49 years ago, Indiana experienced the deadliest tornado outbreak in its history. Paul Huffman told us the story of capturing an iconic image of twin tornadoes that tragic day.

If you go back to the year of 1965, Twin tornadoes sweep along U.S. 33 near Dunlap, Ind., on April 11, 1965. Mercury Retrogrades enters the month April 1 to April 30, 1965 and Gemini Dragon enters that time. Gemini rules duality such manifestation of duality natural phenomena produced are under the Moon in Leo(opposite Aquarius).

 The 1980 Grand Island tornado outbreak, also known as The Night of the Twisters, was a tornado outbreak that produced a series of destructive tornadoes that affected the city of Grand Island, Nebraska on June 3, 1980. Seven tornadoes touched down in or near the city that night, killing 5 and injuring 200

if you go back to the year of 1980, Mercury Retrogrades and Aquarius Dragon enters that time. Sun in Gemini rules duality such manifestation of duality natural phenomena produced are under the Aquarius Dragon. Aquarius rules air element and tornadoes.

Severe weather expert Dr. Greg Forbes has a hypothesis: incomplete cycling. OMG…Forbes know nothing about cosmic weather with mercury retrogrades. He’s just making up stories that “incomplete cycling”


June Snow: Winter Storm in Montana, Utah, Wyoming As Summer Approaches

Snow is falling over the higher elevations, as an upper-level low swirls over the Northern Rockies.  Alta, Utah reported nine inches of snow on Tuesday, which makes it their third highest one-day snowfall total in June.  Lake-effect rain and snow has also developed off the Great Salt Lake, with snow above 7,000 feet.

June 1- July 9, 2014- Upcoming Mercury retrograde *negative mercury energy on the consequences of traffic crashes that also would possibly mess up with the aircrafts, trains, road transportation, ship transportation, cable transportation, pipeline transportation and space flight, all of the “mercury” to be affected by this time-framed energy of 3 weeks.

Mercury rules transportation, communication, movement and electronic equipment that may impact with delays, strikes, flight cancellations, electricity shutdowns/cutoffs, also affect through the communications through the computers, telephones, transportations (aircraft, ship, helicopter, train, subway). The same energy that produce weather destructive nature including the hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.


Engineers blamed as France orders 1,860 trains the wroNG

Baseball-size hail pelts Nebraska; forecasters warn of floOD

walmart rally benet holmesWal-Mart workers & union activists plan strikes

Actor Tracy Morgan is in critical condition after a six-vehicle accident in New Jersey early Saturday, June 7, authorities said. The former "Saturday Night Live" cast member and "30 Rock" star was riding in a limo bus when the accident occurred.


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