Good and Bad Scientist!

Why is he so successful and so genius? Let me introduce and explain why and how… Note Raymond “Ray” Kurzweil (born February 12, 1948) is an American author, scientist, inventor and futurist. Aside from futurology, he is involved in fields such as optical character recognition (OCR), text-to-speech synthesis, speech recognition technology, and electronic keyboard instruments. He is the author of several books on health, artificial intelligence (AI), transhumanism, the technological singularity, and futurism.

Futurist: We’ll someday accept computers as human

(CNN) — Any author or filmmaker seeking ideas for a sci-fi yarn about the implications of artificial intelligence — good or bad — would be smart to talk to Ray Kurzweil. Kurzweil, the acclaimed inventor and futurist, believes that humans and technology are blurring — note the smartphone appendages in almost everyone’s hand — and will eventually merge.

His future/technology of planet in Gemini making him to think, talk and write about Intelligent Machines and Computer Technology. His Dragon’s Tail (past live) in his earthy Capricorn (engineering/scientists) where he developing the music technology and electronic keyboard instruments, of course Moon (emotion) and Mercury (mind) in Pisces *Music He born with Sun rulers as Aquarius where he always embrace the future, techology, computer etc…

“We are a human-machine civilization. Everybody has been enhanced with computer technology,” he told a capacity crowd of more than 3,000 tech-savvy listeners Monday at the South by Southwest Interactive conference. “They’re really part of who we are.

His celestial’s manifestation produced Kurzweil’s psyche which is a mixture of Aquarius (the future/technology) and Saturn (the engineer/the builder)

Love key to brain development in children

Editor’s note: Dr. Charles Raison, CNNhealth’s mental health expert, is an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Arizona in Tucson.Ever noticed how scientific opinions swing from one extreme to the other?Take the importance of mothers in the development of children. In the early days of psychiatry almost every mental illness, from depression to schizophrenia to autism was blamed on bad mothering. Then in the 1960’s and 70’s the discovery of medications that helped these illnesses allowed psychiatry to reframe them as biological conditions, no different from cancer or heart disease. Parents were fully absolved for the mental illnesses of their children, except to the degree that they passed along bad genes that caused chemical imbalances in the brain.

BAD SCIENCE! This is the biggest problem with all of these bad scientific studies where it’s nothing to do with based on genetic factors and brain development. The Venus Planet of Love is in action and serve to the people all the time and even in the public school. There are 12 different ways to express love, for examples, mine is Venus (love) in Pisces (universal), I don’t care about very poor people. I willing to give up my thousand dollars car worth to invest in you. Understanding My express love is different than your sign.

You must understand Venus represents Love. Venus is the Greece Mythology of love and beauty. Does Dr. Charles Raison know more about the Venus Planet of love? None. Zero. Nada. Your ability to express love and affection (Venus) that helped these illnesses and different of kind disease. Venus is such divine energy and consciousness, and where a healing/awakening your soul.

Akrit Jaswal (born April 23, 1993) is an Indian adolescent who has been hailed as a child prodigy who has gained fame in his native India as a physician, despite never having attended medical school. He gained fame for performing surgery at the age of seven. He is a Hindu Rajput of Jaswal clan from Punjab.

Why this young soul is so gifted and why is he so successful at such an early age? The earthy young Taurus guy who has the amazing abilities but born in April under the constellation of Aries (the ram). Arie rules Head, challenge and very competitive. He born with Pluto’s location (magical secret/deep investigation) in Scorpio (surgery/metaphysical) and Dragon’s Head (growth/luck) in Sagittarius(books/higher education/exploration) with Uranus (brilliant mind) in Capricorn making his serious minded, with a strong sense of responsibility with anatomy and Saturn(career) in Aquarius (genius scientist)

According to his mother Raksha Kumari Jaswal, Akrit was an early starter, skipped the toddler stage and started walking. He started speaking in his 10th month and was reading Shakespeare at the age of 5. At 7, he performed an operation on a 8 year old girl whose fingers were fused together after being burnt. Akrit developed a passion for science and anatomy at an early age. Doctors at local hospitals took notice and started allowing him to observe surgeries when he was 6 years old. Inspired by what he saw, Akrit read everything he could on the topic. When an impoverished family heard about his amazing abilities, they asked if he would operate on their daughter for free. Her surgery was a celebrated success.

Ruler of Chart: Saturn:

His heavy earthly element chart is ard working and driven to success, money, position and authority

Planetary Hour Lord:

Mercury rules learning processes, writing, communication and common sense when he started speaking in his 10th month and reading Sharkespeare at the age of 5.

His mother Raksha Kumari Jaswal have no clue how the fate is responsible influence for his life and his beginning of life is written by the stars which Mercury and Saturn both took the life of Akrit Jaswal, not only that but Uranus is also involved in his life.

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