Holland Taylor And Sarah Paulson Are Dating, According To The Stars Explained

Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson, the two actress, who are 32 years apart, have yet to admit they are dating. Taylor told WNYC that this is her first serious relationship with a woman and they have been talking marriage.

Holland Taylor, born January 14, 1943 and Sarah Paulson, born December 17, 1974 – The Stars will explain how and why they attract each other.  This is nothing to do with gender identity or age, but soulmate of cosmos or synastry relationship only.

I must emphasize this fact, Synastry is the art and science of relationship astrology. It is a illuminating study case of how individuals interact with one another like you can only perceive someone’s view through your vibrations speed, your own senses, your own stars. This will help you start to learn the basics of the methodology as you get more into the structure of the technique.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, Holland born with the Chinese sign of the Horse. These individuals are demand to simulated intelligence communicate.  Sarah born with the sign of Tiger. She is a very passionate, courage and quick-tempered nature. Horse and Tiger is similar with Gemini and Aquarius as same speed.

But most expert educated like Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger or Oprah Winfrey producers or Reality television dating game show should have me on the national TV, so it will allow me to read marriage / relationship omens or the stars that become so fascinating in spiritual purpose of marriage or synastry relationship to be used as signs via the divine superconscious in time and space than use their own rational 5 limited human senses on national TV, indeed impossible to explain why born to be gay or attract to lesbians like Sarah Paulson.

My cosmic interpretation or perception of anything will not be the same as yours because of most of you, limited human senses is a based on the very dry education in every school / university especially US department of education indeed responsible for Gay Bullying.

Reality television dating game show will never offer a complete answer to the gay / lesbians questions in working of the human mind until they take the time to master the Universal Mind’ secrets where all cosmic synastry answers are locked since the dark ages was a period of religious conflicting perspectives  or falsified doctrines between Orthodox Christians and Catholics as result to invaded and conquered lands and devastated kingdoms that leads to reduction in literature, arts and cultural / science developments in the secret of the stars.

Back to cosmic synastry answers to those two beautiful women who happened to attract each other. Sarah Paulson, born December, facing to the world as Gemini. Gemini rules dual life like attract man and woman both, indeed her sexuality is ‘fluid’.

Sarah Paulson born with Venus is right on her Holland’s Sun in Capricorn. Sarah’s looking for love -Venus (love) in Capricorn (older woman / career-conscious / public image) It seems to me the capricorn men like older women so her Venus is the type of love she is able to offer to Holland. Sun-Venus is a mutual attraction and feels more loving and beautiful.

Holland Taylor born with Mars is right on her Sarah’s Sun in Sagittarius. Sarah feels sexually stimulated by the Mars person (Holland). Holland attract to appreciate Sarah’s strengths, sexual attraction and drive to get things done.

Holland born with Dragon Tail (past life) in Aquarius (freedom) is right on Sarah’s Moon’s emotion response this represents a past life connection. Sarah is emotionally indebted to Holland’s past life relationship is a part of significant emotional bond. Holland is very rebellious with a strong need to travel the world and most of her relationships have been with women.

Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson, the two actress, who are 32 years apart who don’t meet people by accident. They are mean to cross their path for a cosmic synastry reason.

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