Judge Roy Moore & the Ten Commandments

Mercury Retrograde has caused him to “come back” in politics. Roy Moore, the former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice made famous by a Ten Commandments monument, is one step closer to getting his old job back. He’s truly religiously poisoned, yet he don’t realized, he born under “Our Father in the Heavens” the power of celestial creation is a part of “Mercury Retrograde” indeed took him to “come back” into polices.

Remember Roy Moore? You know, the guy that decided to put a huge 10 Commandments rock in the State Supreme Court building back to the year of 2001. It led me to investigate his astrological chart which is it demand to investigate the following up why he did ordered it then installed in the central rotunda. Note his natal Mercury in Pisces. Mercury rules communication and providing fast, quality, information gathering services in the sign of Pisces rules religious, archaic dogmatic, middle east, deception, drugs and alcohol. What more, his natal Venus in Capricorn. Venus rules beauty, Art and sculpture in the sign in Capricorn rules old-fashioned, tradition and conservative that making him ordered a huge 10 Commandments rock. He is conservative and a deeply committed religious person which is it’s manifested unconsciously acting out their natal stars. What worse, the (negative) Tail of the Dragon in Sagittarius forced his to fight back and think himself above the law.

In November 2003, the 9-member Alabama judicial ethics panel voted unanimously to remove Moore from office. The ethics panel said they made their decision because Moore had put himself above the law by “willfully and publicly” flouting the order to remove the monument from the state judicial building’s rotunda

Now currently the Dragon Head’s Sagittarius*luck is on his side and also “Mercury Retrograde” forcing him to “come back” into polices which is currently making religious headline news.

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