June 1 to 9 Guidance and Forecast

FRI, SAT, SUN, MON, TUE, WED, THU – JUNE 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7:

RULERS: Moon in Scorpio (Drama) Moon in Sagittarius (From abroad) and Moon in Capricorn (Bureaucracy):

Sagittarius’s positive energy will rising your faith and new adventures in your life. You could use this direction to gather your thoughts and get close to God or in nature and enjoy the wildness. Keep your mind clean from bad influences or other negative attitudes. Many of those restores health, strength, or well-being but surely a healing process will take a time. With the New Moon upon us you may begin to see the light in ahead of time. Be ready for the beginning or ending of important parts of your life. You man begin to work with a new business partner and share your new idea and brainstorm in ahead of time. Follow your intuition before start anything else and better start with your creative power in you. A foreigner or strangers could also enter your life and enjoy your moment, but avoid tensions this weekend and everything happens for a reason. There is nothing you can do about it if you mean business. Keep a positive attitude. Friends will be active and many will be requesting your attendance. Make sure you bring your friends to the events. With the New Moon upon us a great friends can still grant many of your wishes. You may plan to host your own party with some good friends this weekend. Be happy. Don’t let other people’s negative attitudes upset you, and all will be fine. You will feel great away from home with the people around you. you will enjoy their company and one of your wishes may come true. Avoid drama where romance is concerned and drive carefully on your way back home during the late hours.Many will plan to travel far this weekend, and some just around town to meet their old friends. Be aware of early celebrations as people could drink too much and drive dangerously. Stay safe and watch the roads.

Universal Precaution: A political person may make surprising news. Be ready for astonishing news from the Middle East soon. The Middle East, Mexico or a Spanish-speaking country Spanish speaking countries, and include local organizations that address community needs such as helping street children help.

Seattle manhunt launched after deadly shootings – Death/dramatic News
A lethal tradition -Famous Death News
Pentecostal serpent handler Mack Wolford died last week from a snakebite, just like his dad. So why does the tradition continue?
13 die in clashes in Lebanon – Death News
Richard Dawson of ‘Family Feud’ dies – Famous Death
Porn-actor suspect sought in Paris – Porn
5 bodies found in burned-out SUV in Arizona desert – Death News
1 dead, 7 hurt in Toronto mall shooting – Death News

Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak sentenced to life in prison – Wake Up Call
Loose lips and Obama national security – SECRETS/CIA/FBI news
Hero who hit gunman identified – Secret
Bear eats convicted killer’s corpse – Death News
Gruesome facts of death – Scorpio power at its worse…
Religion taken out of graduation – Wake Up Call
NFL great begs to differ – Insurance
U.N. to investigate Syrian massacre – Death news
Weak jobs report shocks economists – Finances
Zimmerman’s bond revoked – Wake Up Call
Death toll from Italy earthquake rises – Death News

FRI., SAT. — JUNE 8, 9:
RULERS — Moon in Aquarius (explosions) Moon in Pisces (deception) and Moon in Aries (aggressive):

Do not expect to make much progress for a while; many of your plans will fall apart. Listen to other people’s stories; the stars affect everybody and they may come up with interesting, even surprising news. Be ready to invest in some appliances or equipment. Saturn will help you make some great adjustments after careful planning. Wait for the next New Moon for more progress. With Aquarius in charge, anything and everything surprised can happen and with a waning Moon (negative) upon us, do not expect great news. Restaurants will be busy; better make reservations if you don’t want to be turned down. However, any changes should be accepted with faith in yourself and the new future. Be patient with everyone, as Aquarius may make them eccentric and Capricorn depressed. Avoid drinking at night. An opportunity to meet with some family members you have not seen for a while will be given to you by this lunation. The past will come alive again and an old friend will reappear soon. A person who owes you money sincerely wants to repay, but may be in such a difficult set of circumstances that he can’t. Be patient as he may repay you in a different way. A friend who has invited himself and who has been a house guest for a while may need a little push to get him out of your domicile. Providing help is great, but let people know your limits. Be ready for the shocking to happen; if you are in a relationship, changes are totally needed. Friends may fall in love with your circle of friends or love for mistake friendship. An old relationship or an old enemy long gone will reappear in your life soon. A business trip or an invitation may lead you to many good contacts from the past. However, you might have problems getting to the given address and may get lost a few times. Be patient, as you will still have plenty of time to play and enjoy yourself with various unusual people. Shocking behaviour at tourist attractions

Universal Precaution — Aquarius loves accidents and explosions; under his power expect surprising news such as earthquakes, tornadoes, volcano eruptions or an incredible weather development. Under his Lord of surprise, it will throw you a full of surprise.

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