June 14 to 16 Guidance and Universal Precaution

June 14/15/16 – Moon in Taurus(Scorpio)- Dramatic/deadly news/Terrorism/Police/Sex/Secret/Famous Death/FBI/Finanaces


Exposed: Madonna’s on stage flash-Scorpio/DH in Scorpio rules Nude
Sandusky threatened boy, alleged victim testifies- Scorpio rules Sex news
Parents: Sex ed too racy for 5th graders- Scorpio rules Sex news
LiLo’s maybe co-star, porn actor James Deen- Scorpio rules Porn
Homeless man finds, keeps $77,000- Scorpio rules rebirth
Dimon: ‘I can’t publicly defend the trade’- Scorpio rules finances
FBI joins search for serial rapist in Ohio- Scorpio rules Serial Rapist
Unbelieving preachers get help to ‘come out’ as open atheists- Scorpio rules Secret
Reagan’s son opens up about sex abuse- Scorpio rules Sex
Toddler thrown from SUV during police chase- Scorpio rules Police
Pentagon to hold its first Gay Pride event- Scorpio rules CIA
Raising a child just got $8,000 more expensive- Scorpio rules finances
Lance Armstrong banned from world Ironman events over doping probe- Scorpio rules wake up call
FBI recovers rare first-edition of the Book of Mormon- Scorpio rules FBI
Chris Brown suffers ‘brutal attack- Scorpio rules dramanic news
Forced abortion sparks outrage, debate in China – Scorpio rules abortion
Montreal teacher fired for showing 10th graders a killing, dismemberment video- Scorpio rules wake up call
Ex-prostitute: I regret pimping a virgin- Scorpio rules prositiute
Robbery called motive in killing of 3 at Canadian university- Scoprio rules dramatic news
Yvette Wilson of ‘Moesha,’ ‘The Parkers’ dies- Scorpio rules famous death
Moms brawl at pre-school graduation- Scorpio rules dramatic news
Kidnapping by Mexican police caught on video- Scorpio rules Police
Rodney King dead at 47- Scorpio rules Famous Death

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