June 26 to 28 Guidance and Universal Precaution

June 26, 27, 28 Moon in Scorpio – Dramatic/deadly news/Terrorism/Police/Sex/Secret/Famous Death/FBI/Finances

Dancer: Church dirtier than strip club – Scorpio rules sex/Wake Up Call
Doping charges filed against Armstrong -Scorpio rules Wake Up Call
Snoop Dogg fined for pot in Norway – Scorpio rules Wake up call
Students who bullied bus monitor suspended for a year – Scorpio rules Wake up call
Madoff’s brother pleads guilty – Scorpio rules Finances
Romney raises $4.6M after ruling – Scorpio rules Finances
‘Breakthrough’ deal for European banks – Scorpio rules Finances
Stocks soar on eurozone news – Scorpio rules Finances
Gorgeous $4M mansion torn down Gorgeous $4M mansion torn down – Scorpio rules Finances
Blaze claims hundreds of homes in Colorado Springs – Scorpio rules Dramatic news
Soldier dead, 2 hurt in Ft. Bragg shooting – Scorpio rules Drama/death news
31 victims ID’d in Air Force sex scandal – Scorpio rules Secrets/sex
Reporter stripped, sexually attacked Reporter stripped, sexually attacked – Scorpio rules Drama/Secrets/sex
Police canvas L.A. for ‘teardrop rapist’ – Scorpio rules Police/sex news

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