Kim Kardashian’s game makes $700,000 a day and I work for Free!

kardashian appKim Kardashian game makes $700,000 a day

Kim Kardashian is famous for doing nothing. Now she’s got a game pulling in $700,000 a day where players have to spend real money on materialistic things like virtual clothes, virtual hairstyles and energy boosts for their avatars. And who pays for Kardashian’s garbage game? Imagine if everyone give me $5.00 buck for doing my articles, but I’m doing this for free because I love to teach and share my cosmic wisdom.

My next subject –  Police: Toddler dies after getting trapped in hot car? for a small donation? so now I want to ask you a question. Are all of fans of Kardashian’s smart shoppers, or deceived by marketing game maker-Glu Mobile? Of course, Glu Mobile don’t care or know nothing about the truth of science from above the stars but only interest in money and themselves. Glu Mobile’s Business Marketing is crazy-money hungriest on Kardashian Fan’s money spent on it. They knew they are so unconsciously shallow craving to follow Kim.

She was born with fortune Dragon Head in Leo (fame/light/stage). She owns her stage of public life. It’s quite common to see a Leo on stage or in Hollywood while many unconsciously fans still wonder why and how fortunate she is.

Libra is the sign of the Scales, and when there are two forces opposing each other. Libra is concerned with beauty, art and balance in life and relationships.

WOMAN REPORTEDLY SPENDS $30K TO LOOK LIKE KIM KARDASHIAN. – CNN.COM. That unconscious wanna-be want to reach Kim’s physical surface is not helping her spiritually, but physically vain purpose. She tried to clone her physical beauty, but she can NOT steal her soul purpose with Dragon Head in Leo (fame/light). The stars already set by God’s higher order.

Sad fact, Glu Mobile, Kim Kardashian and fans know nothing about God’s cosmic divinity via time and space like I write everyday while many moron fans checked TMZ everyday with negative and drama where it doesn’t offer you a cosmic solution behind human nature behavior. Also, the news media-poisoning does not provide spiritual sources, mostly are controlled and biased – lack of astrological knowledge to recognize in actions, in order with new conscious but created more monsters, haters and killers- Rice indicted on assault charge and ESPN SUSPENDS STEPHEN A. SMITH AFTER DOMESTIC ABUSE REMARKS and Crazy Fans Run on the Field ~ Real Madrid vs Roma 0-1 2014 All Goals International Champions Cup and Rapper Andre Johnson explains why he severed his penis- ‘Holy moon eclipse madness’ that when there are two forces opposing each others and fight each other. Arian Dragon is manifested to see as ” act of God” in Aries.

God’s cosmic divinity designed all human beings in His own soul in cosmos images, in the icon of God He created the beings. To investigate the stars in order to receive the truth in his cosmic face of God – BL

I wish that $700,000 would spend on new education of Astrology for schools- TORY MP SAYS ASTROLOGY COULD HELP TO HEAL THE SICK SAYING IT HAS A ‘PROVEN TRACK RECORD’ IN HELPING PEOPLE RECOVER FROM ILLNESS. Conservative politician David Tredinnick is very concerned with people’s “mental illness” as metaphor examples show how to use the stars as signs. Uncover your inner healing powers and unveil a better future with emotional, mental and spiritual stability.

NASA maps out geysers, finds evidence of liquid water on surface of Saturn moon

This is NOT awesome discovery. This is not the soul of cosmos discovery. NASA scientists indicate that the water can reach the Saturnian moon’s surface is not soul of cosmos at all. NASA’s action is the foundation key to reach physical surface, not helping our spiritual education. In fact, modern scientific community have no clue about energies and vibrational function including divine purpose that need to reach the higher level of spirituality because I don’t see anything about soul of cosmos discovery on NASA website and seem not ready to explore the soul of cosmos in Zodiacs. Science educated experts who make a large amount of money doesn’t mean he is more intelligent than you. Hey readers, don’t be so gullible. Again, I’m doing this for free because I care about ‘Universal HealthCare’ too, anything related to metaphysical and medical aspects.

The planet Saturn have specific divine purpose. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn’s purpose is to climb the mountain of success. Capricorn rules 10th house of Authority, Career, Power, Political World, Status Quo, Government, but David Tredinnick is bit little different than other Conservative politicians.

In Greek mythology the Great Malefic, Saturn is karmic sign and wherever the planet Saturn, the sign, the house resides in your natal chart, it affects your karma and in some ways related to past life. You will work through your struggles, up and down. you will have experiences, sufferings, losses and collapses. At the same time, Saturn loads the heavy work and concentrated effort that leads to earn a great deal of respect and reward in later life.

So focus on the medical aspects and the planet Saturn that rules the skins, bones and the knees. Including illness, depression, negativity, lack of survival instincts and the refusal to the opportunity to pursue to regenerate with spirituality is a seriously doomed. Because the fish tail in capricorn goat symbol, represents our sensitivity side. Sensitivity is susceptible to the attitudes, feelings, or cosmic circumstances of others unless Capricorn follow the basic of waxing and waning of the moon in Universal Law as functional benefits that influence on the medical aspects for Saturn children. I wish that $700,000 and $30,000 spend on Universal HealthCare’ too, anything related to metaphysical and medical aspects.

“For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

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