LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling’s Racist Rant

(CNN) — The sports gossip website Deadspin released an additional audio recording Sunday from a conversation full of racist comments attributed to Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. The recording is five more minutes of a conversation that purports to be Sterling talking with girlfriend V. Stiviano earlier this month about her Instagram photo feed. The photos include images of her with African-Americans, including NBA great Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

This is a huge problem with American(racist basketball fans, sport humanitarian fan and Michael Jordan: I was racist ‘against all white people’ as a kid) for not being cosmically-conscious and not wiling to explore spiritual related to cosmic science in order to understand what it means to be human as knowing thyself first and a basic way of cosmic life. Who cares about how much you have money, how much fame you have, how much power, owned or controlled by the franchisor. What’s the cosmic penalty(wrong time/wrong place) is to ignore the stars-divination that are serious consequences.  He was cosmically ignorance being thrown at unexpected suddenly by the public. This extreme impulsive incident in a specific area of his life during the transit of the new Dragon into Libra/Aries axis which are the manifestations of these unexpected changes or urges. These stars(Dragon Tail in Aries) can “eliminate” the areas of your life in range from job loss to ending/beginning of close relationships, starting your own business, or refusing/letting go of status quo, and to name a few.

Just want to remind you that this current Martian Dragon is mostly about self identity and personal racial identity. Aries/Libra is concerned with personal identity in both of self and others by those who were born in October and April that will be forced or impact upon the partnership restructure due to Libra/Aries in Head/Tail. This is one of examples as a result of what happened to LA Clippers players protesting against their owner Donald Sterling before the game.

Clippers Players Hold Protest by Wearing Team Shirts Inside out for Warm-Ups  UPDATED- Clippers players protest

Donald Tokowitz Sterling (born on April 26, 1934) is an American business magnate and former attorney. He is the owner of the National Basketball Association’s Los Angeles Clippers. is it another accident for Donald Sterling as April-born?

This is not only breaking news related to Arian Dragon about  Clippers owner Donald Sterling. There are also Arian Dragon incidents that is targeting the soldiers(Arian energy) of the Army and the Navy, or any violent tendencies, or related to racism that impact in this month of April.

Now most people have heard the racist rant by Donald Sterling to his then girlfriend V Stiviano. Her real name is Maria Vanessa Perez born October 21, 1982. is it another accident for V Stiviano as October-born?

She born with Dragon Tail(negative) in Capricorn(snob/cold/calculated) who attract to older man- Donald Sterling’s 80 years of age. Capricorn rules public standing where got negative news from social media, radio and newspapers. Subconsciously, Goats love to climb to the top of the mountain, where she want to get to the top of her chosen field so that she can use and abuse others or hoped for benefits of success namely fame, prestige and money in wrong place and wrong time.

Interesting note, On April 29, 2014, Silver banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling from the NBA for life in response to racist comments made by Sterling, during a private conversation with Sterling’s girlfriend. Sliver is also April-born and He is not concerned with other people’s opinions, judgments, needs, or ideas. Aries rules fast decisions. Adam SIiver and President Obama share the same local stars- Dragon Aquarius rules brotherhood, humanitarian and freedom.

But sad fact, People don’t bother to learn anything about universal’s signs in time and space. No one understands my astro translation neither. They look down on me when I spread the cosmic words related to the cosmic science of paranormal via star divination, yet they scratch their heads like “What’s he trying to say?” Just because you aren’t willing to learn to be open minded about the stars, unable to translate or read the stars properly, doesn’t mean nothing has happened until you understand completely how the stars operate of its magnetic energies of the universe.  so do learn my cosmic language, seriously in order to reach the cosmic wisdom of pure knowledge which is beyond all knowledge or you will get cosmic karma like Donald Sterling.

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