Lisa Ling’s Stars and Fate- ADD, attention-deficit disorder

Lisa Ling: What I learned as an average student

Lisa J. Ling (born August 30, 1973)

I was lucky that I found something at a young age about which I became deeply passionate: telling stories. I became a reporter for a news outlet seen in middle schools and high schools when I was 18, a job that sent me around the world many times over and allowed me to get immersed in other cultures. I would later, as an adult, learn that I had been living with ADD, attention-deficit disorder. It’s never pleasant to learn that one has a learning disability, but the diagnosis certainly came as no surprise, even at 40 years of age.

My mind likes to race; it’s what’s made me who I am. And reporting stories — something I would come to cherish — has allowed me to hyper-focus. I’ve always loved learning, I just realized that I couldn’t do it in a confined and rigid, classroom setting.

Conservative politician David Tredinnick says Astrology could help to heal the sick who has difficulty remaining to be seated when required to do so. Lisa J. Ling was born August 30, 1973 in the constellation of Leo (fame) with her Sun sign in Virgo. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo (traditional ruler). Mercury produces Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) It is NOT a neurological disorder. It’s gift from God (stars).

Note Ling aspired to become a journalist and idolized Connie Chung (born August 20, 1946). Both shared the same powerful mercury is indeed the planet of communication. Connie Chung (a Gemini Dragon’s head by birth) is  a Newscast presenter, a reporter, and a journalist.

Sun rules light, fame, creativity that controlled by the month of August. Both share the same  month of August in the constellation of Leo (fame) is the opposite direct to 6th house of work and service where it locates in the television/technology/original sign of Aquarius that manifested the traveling all over the world.

The planet Mercury is called In Greek Mythology, “Messenger of the Gods” He has wings on the back of his feet, and he delivers messages to all the Gods in Universe. Mercury rules communication via radio, television, writing and reading. Mercury (Virgo/Gemini) also rules critical thinking and common sense.

if a teacher is aware of a child’s very powerful Mercury in the chart, they can enhance and direct to the child’s study habits, not too much on deadlines and give the child some plenty of time to use natural quick mental processing. Give more artwork that gears a lesson towards creative and artistic modes, but the skeptics and traditional educated psychologists have so much to learn about this phenomenon  of the stars and should invest in medical Astropsychology.

All the non cosmic consciousness teachers will find them as annoyance in the classroom setting. Keep in mind, these children were born to talk and born as writers, even translators and photographers. They are gifted in communication.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.” ~Albert Einstein*

(CNN) — At first glance, they could almost pass for masterpieces by Monet or Renoir. But these impressionist-style paintings — which are changing hands for thousands of dollars — were painted by a five-year-old girl who is unable to speak. Meet Iris Halmshaw, an autistic child from Leicestershire, UK, who has been producing these striking artworks since she was three.

Using Astropsychology to find her astonishing talent of autistic- She was born on September 4, 2009. She was born with Dragon Tail (negative/karma) in Cancer (home) that conjuncts the planet Mars in Cancer (home) that explains why she rather to stay home than to have social interaction at school. Mars wants to go and do, Cancer wants to feel and react through her emotion response to life at her home as security. Cancer rules home and family. This could be a positive influence for having parents who help during “mental illness” also, doing constructive work around the home.

She is Virgo-Sun conjunct the planet Saturn in 1st house of head/self. Note Aries also rules the first House: the House of Self, the Head and Brain in Medical Astro psychology.

Mercury (mind) and Saturn (freeze) together that tends to freeze the mental in  slow process. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the communication and information planet. Saturn represents restrictions, limitations, delays or freezing code in her mental process, but at this point, her masterpieces at artwork that show her astonishing talent is found in her Moon(emotion response to life) conjunct Uranus(original/shocking/unique) in Pisces (creativity/imagination and the world of dream). She could produce an interest in such thing as cinematography movie, movie theater, high-tech and electronics in the future. That’s only her communication through her artworks (Moon in Pisces). Pisces is a Mutable sign and is the twelveth sign of the Zodiac. Neptune rules creativity, painting, film and photography.

if you have a child with autistic or your friend or family has one, please pass it on and share this important information including “Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)”.

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