Lost soul prisoners

This doesn’t deserve a respect for that kind of treatment towards the innocent people with deceptive abuse,  however, it’s necessary to use the signs to know the strength/weakness manifestation to empower yourself and protect yourself  in order to achieve success in life but why mess up?

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Laredo, Texas (CNN) — On a dusty, remote ranch across the Rio Grande from this Texas border town, an intimidating drug lord stood over 13-year-old Rosalio Reta and handed him a gun. Reta didn’t know who the man was, but it was clear he instilled fear and commanded respect among everyone standing around watching the dramatic scene unfold. The American teen had never before met anyone who carried a pistol adorned with such an unforgettable decoration: the number “40” encrusted in diamonds on the handle. The cartel leader looked at Reta and ordered him to shoot and kill a man tied up on the ground. If he refused to murder the stranger, Reta recalls, the drug lord would have killed him. Rosalio Reta’s career as a teen drug cartel assassin had begun. “I knew that my life had just changed forever,” Reta told CNN this week, 11 years later. “That’s a day that I’m never going to be able to forget. After that, I didn’t have no life.”

This made me feel sick to my stomach and it hurts to see this gullible victim due to lack of educational and conscience values of divine moral cosmic consciousness passed down from the parents/environment/education at the lower level. That’s how it happens, but know what? it doesn’t have to happen if we could change the world with the astrology knowledge to educate the children with the divine truth above the stars. Cosmic education basics is necessary for spiritual fundamental rights for every children in the world.

“I’m really a good person,” he said. “It just happened.”  How twisted one’s logic can be?
How does a child end up like this?  that reminds me of an instance in the era of unconscious German crowd easily fell in Hitler’s words. He manipulated the voters to promise them when he is elected he would give them the hope for a better change.  It is similar with what Pope did to his own people the same thing over and over for hundreds of years until today.

To learn from the stars and the cycles of universe, we can eliminate this typical nonsense violence. Eliminate the evil activity for a profit through the gangs, then we will have good cosmic education system for these cold blooded killers to learn about themselves, so they can learn more about how divine creator’s manifestation spoken through the stars.

The best solution is just to learn about the power of stars to empower yourself as an  universal priority. The next solution is to remove traditional education/religious doctrines to replace and upgrade to a new spiritual level in education.  so it would reduce creating ‘lost’ children into monsters.

Look at these insanely overcrowded prison population as being consumed up on our taxpayer dollars that will never help to improve the society better or for the children of the future. Look at the role of traditional psychosocial support of emphasized self-knowledge, self-improvement but still not know the answers what really cause these convicts with criminal minds.  Many contain those weakness/faults within their universal natal charts with their identities since birth. Look at these social welfares in struggle and frustration not meeting their needs for solutions.  Fix the problems by universal scanning through the natal charts for everyone. Once people realize and recongize of their own, so they can handle with their fate for the better. He may have been a good person if he understands himself spiritually with an advanced curiosity via natal chart of his life journey.  I think he was led to be “made” with a fear by a psychopath of the cartel leader,  being forced to kill or be killed, surrounding himself with others to get involved in criminal behavior by the cartel’s orders. Education/Religion/law enforcement have failed in our generation including this lost soul 13-year-old Rosalio Reta, that adds up to an overcrowded prison population. Seriously, the older generations of religious also has been a failure in our society, yet we believe in the greatness of America built by our first founding fathers who always put religions poisoning in the first place, instead of using the signs to find the strength/weakness manifestations.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan – A devout Muslim man and U.S. Army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people at Fort Hood last week liked to indulge in lap dances during visits to a local strip joint, the club’s manager told FoxNews.com. In a blog posting early Monday titled “Nidal Hassan Did the Right Thing,” Awlaki calls Hasan a “hero” and a “man of conscience who could not bear living the contradiction of being a Muslim and serving in an army that is fighting against his own people.”

Again,  He  graduated from an accredited traditional colleges where his Army job position is specialized with emphasized self-improvement as a psychiatrist, yet still not know what caused himself as instantly cold blood killer that got himself to fall in Neptune,  Lord Of Deception: in the world of religions, drugs addiction, imagination. Out of blue, this lost soul monster killed 13 people at Fort Hood. Seriously, He must acknowledge to separate the reality and illusion at work, between professionalism and personal belief involvement. This guy lost his mind as a result of not being able to analyze his own mentality to think twice. That is only way to make sense to learn what you see about your natal chart that makes you wonder how the universe works that exist. that’s how Divine speaks stars through the signs. If you’re not aware of your universal-given destiny to identify yourself via natal chart, you won’t have peace on the inside, like him who suffered, which means always stay with natal chart as your own guidebook as an universal priority for life.

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