Missile downed jet, U.S. says Find out what cosmic reason behind attack

Ukraine adviser: Plane shot down by ‘terrorists’

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down by pro-Russia rebels (by the ground) Let me give you all the astrological reasons… First the moon is waning (negative) and the civilian plane is not yet aware of the chances to accidentally downed civilian plane and to attract evil deception during Moon was in Pisces (deception/illusion/confusion) making pro-Russia rebels to deceive or use new deceptive/illusion missile technological something made for a purpose that confused direction in to that “suspect” plane. In fact, Ukraine/Russia is at the geographical of battlefield location or the essence of the Arian Draconis(Germany) disruptive explosive power making this plane to “explode.” Never ever take flight unless you purchase your flight ticket during the new moon or fly during a rising moon.

Nationalities aboard MH17
154 Dutch
43 Malaysian (including 15 crew)
27 Australian
12 Indonesian
9 British
4 German
4 Belgian
3 Filipino
1 Canadian
41 Unverified

Russian air defense missile system Buk M2 seen at a military show at the international forum "Technologies in machine building 2010" in Zhukovsky outside Moscow, Wednesday, June 30, 2010. (AP Photo/Mikhail Metzel)

Where is an air traffic controller and his supervisor’s cosmic responsible? They should know better than that. Realized that Ukraine/Russia is at the geographical of battlefield location and the fact remain the war is ON! How we are suppose to know when we travel elsewhere on this planet without being in that kind of situation- war zone? That’s scary you never know when you aboard on the plane then you are being shot down is to avoid war zone geographical location like Ukraine/Russia/Middle East. Fly to different navigation location-guidance of airplanes from place to place so won’t happened like that. As always purchase your ticket during the new moon. I won’t fly over middle East -geographical of battlefield- Israel to launch ground offensive or Shelling kills 4 boys playing on beach on the exact same day.

What’s next? ISIS to Christians: Convert, pay or die

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Chael Patrick Sonnen (born April 3, 1977) CHAEL SONNEN ANNOUNCES RETIREMENT

L’Wren Scott (born April 28, 1964 – March 17, 2014) She born under constellation Aries- Month of April. Arian Dragon forced change her suicide decision making. DESIGNER L’WREN SCOTTMICK JAGGER’S GIRLFRIENDFOUND DEAD

Donald Sterling born April 26, 1933 “Clippers owner Donald Sterling in firestorm over alleged racist remarks”.
David Letterman  born April 12, 1947 The Late Show” host David Letterman announces his retirement from the CBS show during a taping of his program

Hilary Clinton born in October- Why Hillary won’t run and UPDATED! Hillary Clinton dodges a shoe on stage

Valdimir Putin born in October- NATO: Russican aggressive ‘grave threat”– Ukraine says Russia aims to occupy country ‘militarily and politically’– PM says Moscow wants World War III

Alex Hribal, was  born in October – Teen charged as adult in stabbings at Pa. school

Yvan Lopez was born in October-  4 dead, including shooter, at Fort Hood 

Gwyneth Paltrow was born in October– She recently announced her divorce.

David and Jason Benham born October 12, 1975- Benham brothers lose HGTV show after ‘anti-gay’ remarks

David “Dave” Legeno Born 12 October 1963 – July 2014)- ‘Harry Potter’ actor dead in desert

Aries rules machinery/engines, firefighters and army/navy including knifes and weapons. Many self-concerned sports organizations will get to experience these dramatic impacts to come ahead. Sport figures will appear with more bad news, revolting against their management, promoting the war over the money, like the mad dogs dragging themselves to create more drama. Expect more troubles with sports owners/players as well. This is a seriously cosmic warning for everyone, including the fans, the coach, the owners, in need to recognize the acts of currently Scorpius Dragon and an upcoming Martian Dragon to take place, as an astrological symbol of Martian that has a such huge impact on the unconscious children of the underworld.

UPDATED- June 3, 2013: CNN- Backlash greets Cheerios ad with interracial family
UPDATED- June 24, 2013: CNN- Supreme Court sidesteps big ruling on Texas affirmative action
UPDATED- July 16, 2013: CNN- War games in Russia
UPDATED- July 16, 2013: CNN- Panama’s search of North Korean ship triggers ‘violent’ confrontation
UPDATED- July 18, 2013: CNN- Juror pushes for new laws following Zimmerman trial
UPDATED- July 20, 2013: CNN- Riot on a tiny island highlights Australia shutting a door on asylum
UPDATED- August 3, 2013: CNN- Germany ends information sharing pact with Britain, United States
UPDATED- August 14, 2013: CNN- Ukrainians Metalist thrown out of UEFA competition on match-fixing charges
UPDATED- August 17, 2013: CNN- Aeromexico: Sorry for casting call telling dark-skinned people to not apply
UPDATED- September 7, 2013: CNN- White nationalists aim to take over tiny North Dakota town
UPDATED- September 16, 2013: CNN- Australian soccer hit by ‘disturbing’ match-fixing scandal
UPDATED- September 26, 2013: CNN- Man Stabbed to Death Nearby AT&T Park Following Giants-Dodgers Game
UPDATED- October 8, 2013: CNN- North Korea Puts Troops on War Footing and Warns of “Horrible Disaster”
UPDATED- October 23, 2013- Gun sales booming on Instagram
UPDATED- October 30, 2013 – CNN- Trayvon costume stuns the Internet
UPDATED- February 8, 2014- CNN- Report: Iran sending warships toward U.S. maritime borders
UPDATED- March 21, 2014 – CNN- Racial disparity even in preschool
UPDATED- March 31, 2014- CNN North, South Korea exchange fire
UPDATED- April 10, 2014- CNN- US Navy ready to deploy laser for first time        UPDATED- April 12, 2014 – The Netherlands Tells Immigrants to Learn Dutch or Get Out    UPDATED- April 13, 2014- CNN- GOP has racist ‘elements,’ rep says                 UPDATED- April 24, 2014- CNN- Politicians hit rancher’s racist remarks
UPDATED- April 25, 2014- CNN- Twitter Reacts to Racist Rant Allegedly from LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling                                                                                                  UPDATED- May 2, 2014- CNN- Bruins condemn racist fan tweets
UPDATED- May 3, 2014- CNN- Brazilian Fan Killed by Thrown Toilet in World Cup Host City                                                                                                                              UPDATED- May 5, 2014- CNN- N. K. insults Obama with racist barbs                    UPDATED- May 12, 2014- CNN- Ex-LB badly beaten; QB arrested                     UPDATED- May 26, 2014-CNN- Far-right parties sweep EU polls


Watch this videoBoston blaze kills 2 firefighters

Watch this video
4 firefighters killed after hotel collapse during Houston blaze

Wildfire destroys 500 homes

Russian Wildfires Blaze on an Area Larger than Los Angeles

A wildfire in the Texas panhandle forced hundreds to evacuate.Hundreds flee from Texas wildfire

S. California wildfires spur major evacuations as wind whips flames



Firefighters, cops in all-out brawl

Watch this videoPredicted- Aries rules machinery/engines plus currently the planet Uranus – the power of technology/change/innovation AND Arian Dragon forced to updated the new driving experience

The USS Zumwalt, the U.S. Navy's newest warship, floats out of dry dock Monday, October 28, in Bath, Maine. The first of the new <a href='http://security.blogs.cnn.com/2013/10/29/bigger-faster-deadlier-navy-launches-new-stealth-destroyer/'>DDG-1000 class of destroyers</a>, it will be the Navy's largest stealthy ship when it begins missions.

Navy’s future: Electric guns, lasers, water as fuel for first time- Predicted- Aries rules machinery/engines/Navy/Army plus currently the planet Uranus – the power of technology/change/innovation AND Arian Dragon forced to updated the new laser weapon aboard a warship for first time.

ARIES – The Aggressive

July 8, 2014 – Aussie football player apparently choked

Jan 3, 2014-Female ‘Bama fan goes WWE on OU fan


Aries rules Boxing/Martial Arts

UPDATED- October 25, 2013 CNN- Rams-Panthers draws $47,250 in fines from NFL
UPDATED- November 4, 2013 CNN- Miami Dolphins Suspend Richie Incognito Over Racial Slurs, Threats
UPDATED-November 5, 2013 CNN- HS Football Player Arrested for Allegedly Carrying Knife in Uniform During Game
UPDATED- November 15, 2013 CNN- VA State players beat Winston-Salem State quarterback, game is canceled
UPDATED- November 20, 2013 CNN- Massachusetts high school cancels football games after racial slur spraypainted on player’s home
UPDATED- November 23, 2013 CNN- Swindon Town Fan Invades Pitch, Assaults Leyton Orient Goalkeeper
UPDATED- Feb. 6, 2014 CNN- Real Madrid’s Marcelo and Son Reportedly Racially Abused by Atletico Madrid Fans
UPDATED Apr- il 3, 2014 CNN- Coaches start baseball brawl                                 UPDATED- April 11, 2014- CNN- AaronHernandez a ssocates indicteid on murder charges
UPDATED- April 12, 2014- CNN- Ryan Malone Arrested on DUI, Cocaine Possession Charges                                                                                                                   UPDATED- May 21, 2014- CNN- Ear bitten off’ in baseball fight‘Ear bitten off’ in baseball fight                                                                                                                               UPDATED- JULY 8, 2014- CNN- Football player choked during game  Football player choked during game

Martian Dragon targeted for young “gang generation”, the white supremacist skinhead, wannabe Nazi, Nazi regime, Anti-White Hate Crime, Racist and young revolting spirits.

UPDATED- October 15th, 2013 CNN- Nazi war criminal to get church funeral
UPDATED TED- October 24, 2013 CNN- Italian Club Rioveggio Paint Faces Black to Protest Racism
UPDATED- October 25, 2013 CNN- Racist Comments Cost Job- GOP leader Don Yelton resigns after comments on “Daily Show”
UPDATED- October 26, 2013 CNN- Another young shopper claims racial profiling by NYPD
UPDATED- October 26, 2013 CNN- Manchester United Apologise for Swastika-Style Logo on Official Release
UPDATED- November 4, 2013 CNN- Mom defends son’s KKK costume
UPDATED- November 9, 2013- CNN- NY launches probe on claims of anti-Semitic bullying
UPDATED- December 15, 2013 CNN- Neo-Nazis attack anti-racism demonstrators in Sweden
UPDATED- Jan 3, 2014 CNN- Couple finds racial slur on key chain
UPDATED- Jan 3, 2014 CNN- Anti-Semitism row shines light on fractured French society
UPDATED- Jan 4, 2014 CNN- MSNBC host apologizes after panel makes fun of Romney photo with black grandchild
UPDATED- Jan 26, 2014 CNN- Investor compares U.S. wealth debate to Nazi Germany
UPDATED- Jan 26, 2014 CNN- Romney calls for NH police commissioner to apologize, resign for Obama
 slur                                                                                                                            UPDATED- May 24, 2014- CNN- 3 killed at Belgian Jewish museum 3 killed at Belgian Jewish museum                                                                                                    UPDATED- MAY 24, 2014- ARBY’S FRANCHISE WINS APPROVAL FOR WHITES-ONLY RESTAURANT IN SPRING HILL



Putin Warns of Growing Militant Nationalism, Nazi Ideology in Europe
Putin Warns of Growing Militant Nationalism, Nazi Ideology in Europe

MOSCOW, May 8 (RIA Novosti) – Militant nationalism, which has led to the appeideologarance of Nazi y, is raising its head in Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursda Putin Warns of Gry. owing Militant Nationalism, Nazi Ideolon Mongy in Europe – Oday, Putin signed a bill making attempts to “whitewash Nazism” punishable with hefty fines and prison sentences.”

Greek Supreme Court clears neo-Nazi party for EU vote: laywer

UPDATED- May 12, 2014- Greek Supreme Court clears neo-Nazi party for EU vote: laywer


Arian Dragon- Technical breakthroughs in neuroscience Spinal cord work is unexpected shocker: ‘This is a breakthrough’

Martian Dragon is all about self identity and personal racial identify. Aries/Libra is concerned with personal identity both of self and others.

11/18/13 – Oprah Winfrey “They just will have to die!”

11/17/13 – Rush Limbaugh attacked Oprah over her recent comments about Preside…

Madonna sorry for 'N word' caption about sonJanuary 18, 2014- Madonna says she’s sorry for using the N-word in a recent Instagram photo of her son, Rocco Ritchie. The “Material Girl” posted the photo of her son boxing, with the caption “No one messes with Dirty Soap! Mama said knock you out!” with the hashtag #disni–a.

Surgery to look like Superman111023032705-nr-becoming-superman-00002911-story-body

Man spends $100k to look like BieberOctober 30, 2013 – CNN- Trayvon costume stuns the Internet

November 4, 2013- CNN- Mom defends son’s KKK costume
kkk costume

November 7, 2013- CNN- Group demands California high school change ‘Arab’ team name, mascot

Watch this video

Bikers chase Range Rover driver after rider is hit, viral video shows

Inside the biker gang culture

(CNN) — A terrifying road rage incident involving a gang of bikers on Manhattan’s west side has gone viral on the web after video of the incident surfaced online.

Watch this video

3 soldiers arrested in fellow soldier’s stabbing death

(CNN) – A white U.S. soldier who friends say was celebrating his pending departure from the Army was fatally stabbed by at least one black assailant over the weekend in a racially charged confrontation, police in Washington state saidWatch this video

Tribe seeks to force NFL Redskins name change

Washington (CNN) — President Barack Obama has weighed in. The pro-football commissioner, has too. And now, a Native American tribe hopes recent attention to controversy surrounding the name of Washington’s National Football League team will provide the momentum needed to get it changed.A Washington Redskins helmet sits on the field.

 (CNN) — An international war of words has broken out over a New Zealand pop star’s chart-topping single, after an American blogger labeled the track


Watch this video

Seoul launches ‘Gangnam Style’ tourist police force

(CNN) — Just when you thought South Korea had milked the global success of “Gangnam Style” rapper Psy for every drop, along comes the unveiling of Seoul’s new tourist police force.

Seoul's multi-lingual tourism police force, decked out in Psy-inspired uniforms, attend their inauguration ceremony at Seoul's Gwanghwamun Square. No prizes for those who guess which song was played during the event.

Racist blamed for 22 killings executed

Watch this video

Still looking for post-racial America? Turn on the TV. A racial revolution is being televised, and vampires, zombies and headless horsemen are leading the way. http://cnn.it/1fRCObD

Many restructure will get an impact on Law Enforcement Agency, Foreign Service ( third-world countries), Relations with other countries, Justice department, Justice and injustice. United Nation, Diplomats, Psychology, Mental Heath, Contract agreements, Negotiations Courts, Lawyers, Partnerships, Marriages and Humanitarians (political, social and cultural change) due to Dragon Head in Libra. Libra rules peace and diplomacy but also authoritatively war if pushed too far.

UPDATED- October 24, 2013 CNN- UK’s message to immigrants: Stay out 
UPDATED- JULY 13, 2013 CNN- Australia cracks down on immigrants
UPDATED- January 27, 2014 CNN- Tunisia approves new constitution, appoints new government
UPDATED- February 9, 2014 CNN- Swiss voters narrowly approve immigration limits

Germany (an Aries country), England, France and U.S. will experience directly the extremely impact of Martian (trouble) Dragon and will suffer go through serious trouble, chaos, fires, destruction, and death. Aries (ruled by Mars) is the push for independence. Libra and Aries are Cardinal signs, which means they cause (a process or action) to begin.

UPDATED- JAN 3, 2014 CNN- Suspected World War II-era bomb detonates in Germany, killing one
UPDATED- JAN 24, 2014 CNN- Violence intensifies in Ukraine


Predicted- Tensions high in Ukraine after at least 21 die in fiery clashesWatch this video

After Crimea, will Scotland be next to vote on independence?

Watch this video

89% of Veneto residents vote for independence from Rome

RAW VIDEO: Weekend Independence Rally in Venice

Up to 60% of Catalonians want independence – poll

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