Moon in Scorpio

Who cares about Vulcan? Indeed it’s waste time to explore, understand and explain the Vulcan of life in the universe. The lack of life. Even worse, lack of spiritual astrological perspective. Lack of spiritual evidence to use the signs and symbols to identify.
Pluto is the King of the underworld. Scorpio is a part of the celestial family with its specific duty. Pluto rules big business, wealth and police work including such as sex abuse and rape.

Since the signs and symbols that rule the world(children of the stars). Not the word nor the law. This is good example of UNCONSCIOUS “Trek” stars William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy where it is spoken under the Scorpio in Moon to expose the news on that day. This is one of examples I’m capable as a true astrologer to capture every motion that applies to the stars and its energies, it is my purpose in raising the human consciousness through celestial that rules everything under the stars.

130222195340-shatner-nimoy-dragoncon-story-topWhen two new moons were found near the dwarf planet Pluto, the SETI Institute asked the Internet to put it to a vote: What should they be named? One of those names was Vulcan, best known in pop culture as the planet and alien species of Spock on “Star Trek.”

Why should they be named? They should recognize the planet Pluto, as an astrological planet/symbol that has such a huge impact on unconscious children of the underworld.


New Delhi, India (CNN) — Police in the Indian city of New Delhi were probing an alleged rape of a 7-year-old girl, a case that sparked angry protests Friday.

RULERS – Scorpio (death/drama) and Sagittarius (new faith):

Best to check in my work related to Mood Guide about how it impacts people’s psyche.
Here are precautions. Not a time to deal with money matters. Just be cautious. Expect the serious hidden motive that will bring the light upon the abusers with a serious heavy fine of karma. Better stay with the law to respect, not to sting. Keep in mind that Jupiter rules wisdom and teaching. Listen to your boss. Be careful with your tone and tension that may go for worst . Dark alleys are to be avoided. You must listen to your partnership. Do learn the lesson, or the ugly secret life of this person will get a wakeup call. Death, secret, power and manipulation sex are Pluto’s favorite. Follow your intuition and stay with the ones you trust. Be aware of everything and everybody around you. You may feel some intense in the air. Watch out for the children, or Pluto takes their life seriously. Be patience with family and friends; avoid the gossip habit. Just be cool and be yourself. With Jupiter around, you will know when foreigner’s high expectations toward to the subject of love. Scorpio rules sexual and magnetic may possibly lead to drama but do avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Stay away from crowded places where it is loaded with intense. Use Venus’s diplomacy in your conversations and listen careful. you may receive shock news of secrets. Not a good time to take a long trip or even to travel to faraway places. Be ready for some serious mess with the worst of the society to shock through the social media. Many wake up calls through financial or sexual secrets that will reach to the news and social media. Some will be sent to jail for sex scandals and murder.

Universal Precaution: Under Scorpio line, dramatic news will reach the news and social media. Expect news related to the police force, sex, scandals, earthquakes, abortion and AIDS.

Alleged ‘smoking gun’ e-mail revealed in Michael Jackson death suit– Secret
Company removes ‘rape’ shirt listed on Amazon– Sex News
U.S. releases $250 million in aid to Egypt– Finances news
Blast kills 42, wounds dozens in Pakistani seaport city of Karachi-Death News
Crash kills expectant parents; baby lives-Death News
Man dies during California triathlon-Death News
Miracles singer Bobby Rogers dead at 73-Death News

The great Chinese philosopher Confucius (551-479 BC) said: ‘Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.’

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