Moon Phases & Prediction for December 2013

RULERS –Scorpio (Death/drama) and Sagittarius (religious)

Not a time to deal with money matters. Keep it cool. Expect a serious wakeup call will bring a light upon abusers as heavy serious of karma. Better stay on the law, not use sting. Keep in mind that Jupiter rules wisdom and teacher so better listen to your boss. Be careful what your tone and intense that has nowhere to go. Dark alleys are wrong place to go and stay clear from it. You must listens your partnership and learn a big lesson where the ugly secret life of this person will wake you up call.  Death, secret, power and manipulation sex are his favorite. Follow your intuition and stay with the one you trust. Be aware of everything and everybody around you. You may feel some intense in the air. Watch out the children, Pluto takes their life very seriously. Be patience with family and friends; avoid the gossiping habits. Keep it cool down. Best talk about my work related to Mood Guide and talk about how it impact people’s psyche. With Jupiter around, you will know when foreigner’s high expect toward to the subject of love. Pluto rules sexual and magnetic is sure possible lead to dramatic but you need avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Stay away from crowded places loaded with intense. Use Venus’s diplomacy in all your conversation and listen careful, you will be shock about secret. Not good time to take a long trip or even to travel faraway places. Pluto is a part of the celestial family and has a specific work to do. Be ready for some serious mess with the worst of our society to shock the news and social media. Many wakeup calls at financial or sexual secrets that will reach the news and social media. Some sent to jail for sex scandals and murder.

Universal Precaution: Expect the Russian government to make important announcements and nasty action for due the politics in conflict.  More Terrorism/Police/Sex will be seen more of this kind of news.

WED, THU, FRI, SAT – DECEMBER 4, 5, 6, 7

RULERS – Aquarius (Shocking/surprises) Capricorn (Government/rebuilding)

With the waxing crescent upon us you will meet interesting people and incredible situations, especially if you decide to take trip for business. Many of us will be forced into new situation involving a career move or a job. All bosses could stand next to you and further your wishes don’t be afraid to start a conversation with an older person. Keep busy with bosses, CEOs, Managers and talk about life in general.  Be yourself. Be ready for a wave of surprised news coming your way. Karmic souls will not benefit from surprised news and some will be forced to accept the reality of life. An older or significant person will play an important part in your emotions life and may give you good advice. The Lord of surprise could also bring about boating misadventures. Family matters may be undergoing some changes be confident in the new situation as it may affect your security and your finances. Keep an eye on the children they will be overactive and you do not want anything wrong to happen to them. Many will support your decision.  Do not turn down invitation and you may invite a long-standing friend to spend valuable time in your company. Some of those friends will bring your wishes come true. Start with club promoting and a party planning at Saturday night. You will feel positive away from real responsibilities. Go flow and let love find you. Don’t looking for love. Let it happened for you. Progressive changes are ahead; take chance now. Socialize with some old friends or new friends. Avoid impatience where romance is expected during late night. Take easy with Aquarius eccentricity with flying and travel faraway places this weekend. Expect some driver unexpected behavior or rage road. Keep your thought clean and avoid negative your processing.

Universal Precaution: Be ready for earthquakes, tornadoes, volcano eruptions or dramatic weather. Under his Aquarius, it will throw you a full of surprise.

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