The CNN announcers revealed their ignorance by not acknowledging that essence of those stars upon human beings. Vesta is not special to me which it is totally astrophysics news, but I wish science would spend equal time and energy finding more about the spirit of astrology and astrophysics. This is more focus on object and physical but doesn’t any one have an intelligence thing to say about interaction of human mind and universal mind. When it comes to religious poisoning, most of us spent talking about Jesus, Buddha and Allah but never talk about your personality according to the analysis of human character and behavior. Same thing to NASA/Astronomy with lack of information and lack of cosmic consciousness related to this subject.

Vesta, the second-largest object in our solar system’s asteroid belt, is a protoplanet, according to research released Thursday. Scientists reviewed data from the Dawn spacecraft orbiting Vesta and concluded that Vesta is protoplanet that survived numerous collisions with other space rocks since it formed more than 4.5 billion years ago.

I prefer science would focus both physical and spiritual(astrology) that something give you new kind of thinking that prompts a change in perspective. NASA/Astronomy is totally earthly chart inside of them where lack of perspective or lack of cosmic consciousness- same thing with religious poisoning.. Who care about “test” physical evidence (astrophysics) that something they can see, touch and test it or whatever actually essence of those stars would offered the answer what’s mean to be human being instead talking about “rock/dead planets”. How dumb can these scientist be. They removed Pluto which had a body larger than any of these here and now they’re saying that these smaller than Pluto asteroids are almost planets. What a bunch of idiots.

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