November 2014 – Moon in Aquarius – SOS To The World Windows


Moon in Aquarius – November 26th-27th, 28th 2014– something shocking or explosive– the possibility of a large quake/tsunami

Shocking News, Surprise, Technology, Lightning, Tornado , Earthquake,Volcano, Aeronautic, Nuke, NASA, UFO, Cosmos News, Revolution, Humanitarian, Impossible, Discovery, Unusual


Putin’s tiger attacks goat herd – Unusual

Legend of science will sell his Nobel Prize – Science

 Protests in more than 170 U.S. cities – Crowd tries to block highway  Humanitarianism /  Unrest

3- to 6-hour backups at some airports – Aeronautics

Make $100K as a drone pilot – See laser shoot drone from sky  – Technology

Man shows off double-arm transplant  –  Black Friday deals aren’t really deals  – Shocking

‘CSI’ surprise: George Eads to exit – Surprise


Powerful Earthquake Hits off Eastern Indonesia

Region: MOLUCCA SEA Magnitude:  6.8 – Earthquakes

TSA seizes guns, crossbows – Aeronautics

BlackBerry will buy your iPhone – Technology

Passengers push frozen jetliner free – Aeronautics

7 Hong Kong cops arrested in assault – Humanitarianism /  Unrest


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